The CrackBerry Christmas Carol... 2013 Edition!

Jingle Bells, Android Smells!

A CrackBerry Christmas Carol!
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Dec 2013 12:21 pm EST

Looking back at 2013, it's really been a year of Vulcan-like logic around CrackBerry and our other Mobile Nations sites. With events like Talk Mobile 2013, we pulled back from the unadulterated fanboyism that we at times like to embrace around these parts in favor of more unbiased analysis and discussion.

And while I love logic, I also have a great appreciation for PASSION, and we all know a little fanboy product love is a byproduct of passion. I hate it when people give fanboys a hard time. I mean, people cheer for their favorite sports teams all the time (and bring on a little hateration for the ones they're playing against) and nobody seems to mind that, so why shouldn't the same be for products? I know I've been cheered on my favorite companies since I was an early teenager, whether it was Team Associated RC cars, Ski-Doo snowmobiles and more recently my favorite mobile tech company, BlackBerry.

So in the spirit of BlackBerry passion and the Christmas season, we've re-jigged the lyrics slightly to our infamous CrackBerry Christmas carol which was first published in 2011 (kudos to Ryan Blundell for original lyrics). Sing it below. Here's to a Merry Christmas to all BlackBerry users, and a happy 2014! 

CrackBerry Jingle Bells

Dashing through the snow
In a BlackBerry 10 sleigh
O'er the BES they go
encrypted all the way
Three bells on phone calls ring
Make my LED bright
What fun it is to email, ping
And tweet ‘til late at night

Oh, jingle bells, Android smells
webOS has gone away
iPhone Yuck and Windows Phones suck
BlackBerry all the way, hey!
Oh, jingle bells, Android smells
webOS has gone away
iPhone Yuck and Windows Phones suck
BlackBerry all the way, hey!

A day or two ago
My friend gave me a ride
for GPS he had
and iPhone by his side
the battery life was rank
and Siri's directions sucked
We got into a drifted bank
and he knew we were f*ck'n stuck!

Oh, jingle bells, Android smells
webOS has gone away
iPhone Yuck and Windows Phones suck
BlackBerry all the way, hey!
Oh, jingle bells, Android smells
webOS has gone away
iPhone Yuck and Windows Phones suck
BlackBerry all the way, hey!

Every day or so,
Someone feels compelled
To tell me to switch phones
I respond with "Go to Hell!"
Some guy was walking by
In some Windows Update 3 craze,
I laughed and hit him with my Z30,
in an OtterBox, just in case.

Oh, jingle bells, Android smells
webOS has gone away
iPhone Yuck and Windows Phones suck
BlackBerry all the way, hey!
Oh, jingle bells, Android smells
webOS has gone away
iPhone Yuck and Windows Phones suck
BlackBerry all the way, hey!

Kevin love his BlackBerrys white
His hopes for John Chen are strong,
Hit the Apple Store tonight
and sing this fanboy song;
For the top stories today
The next two lines take heed
There's way too many sites out there
but CrackBerry takes the lead!

Oh, jingle bells, Android smells
webOS has gone away
iPhone Yuck and Windows Phones suck
BlackBerry all the way, hey!
Oh, jingle bells, Android smells
webOS has gone away
iPhone Yuck and Windows Phones suck
BlackBerry all the way, hey!



that's the first time i've seen something so creative & witty,,, well done...


This is the second time I heard this tune from Crackberry.

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Yes, but longer this year with added verses.


Good job!

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+1 Bravo!

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Including the fact that every single OS listed in the song are way better than BlackBerry®

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Medium Brown

Nice! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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Classic Kevin

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Niceeee..merry Christmas

Posted via CB10 with lovely Z10...


That put a smile on my face. :-)

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You should turn it into a ring tone.

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We need some free Xmas ringtones. Anybody knows where to get them? Thanks.

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Seriously? You can't get enough Holiday music on the radio, at shopping malls, tv ads, or anywhere else you turn, you want it on your phone too? LOL, not on my devices.


Podcast performance by all the CB team, if you please.



Good lol

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Hateration? Kevin, are you still making up your own vocabulary? Lol

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R Field

Beautiful :)

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Kevin Michaluk

If anybody wants to record this into a song and sing it out w/ music.. we'll blog it!

DJ Reyes

I did one two years ago....need to find it

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Not without a giveway attached. LOL

R Field

Get Lil B lol

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By this time tomorrow, you shall have received it. Where should I email it?


I'm waiting for Kevin, Michelle, Bla1ze, Adam and Chris and Alicia and James and DJ to get on a podcast and sing it live!

Alicia Erlich

I'm in. We could all sing a verse :)

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Michelle Haag

Nobody wants to hear me sing. :P

DStLouis front a Christmas tree all decorated with blinking BlackBerry devices (and maybe some CB orange ribbons)


Haha love it and you're right, it's hard being a fan boy these days :-( Don't see what's wrong with it.

Parrillas NY

Great!!! sing!!! everybody in all the world!!! Merry Chritsmas Everyone!!

Your Crackberry friend in Honduras, Central America!!

Best Wishes!! and Greetings!!

Excellent.....great chuckle on way home from London....well done.

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Superb!! Love it like anything... Merry Christmas everyone !! :D

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nick canada

That was great thanks kevin.
Merry Christmas everyone or Happy Holidays

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Warms my heart and brightens my soul :D


A w e s o m e! X)

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Totally awesome. Hehe.


Nice revamp Kev, please perform this on video


What a classic!! Kudos to Ryan for the lyrics.. Merry Christmas!! *star* *hugs*


Love it!

No apologies.

BlackBerry Rules...

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Surprised the moderators haven't made you alter the words of the chorus. I was ticked off the other day for daring to 'dis' our Android and Apple cousins in a comical way.

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Pitch it to Mark Wilson. XD

Z30 FTW - Posted via CB10


Oh wait, you probably are one!!

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Lol,thats cool!

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Haha I like it! Good job guys!

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Hahaha, that was great! :-D

Posted via my Q10. :-D


I'm not a big fan of the platform hate but have to say, this is a pretty quirky fanboy song. Like it.


Hysterical! love it ! Thanks!


Berry Christmas to CB Nation.....

2014 is going to be the "Year of the BlackBerry"......

From CB on the Z30


Good to see they found Kevin.....

His picture can be taken off the Egg Nog Carton....


Awesome MERRY CHRISTMAS Crackberry!!

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Christophe Piquemal


Waiting for the poscast!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Warms the heart like a rum and egg nog!


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Olivia francoi

Perfect song for Christmas...

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And your stock is worth next to nothing... I thank the heavens I was not around here when Blackberry mattered.

jojo beaconsfield

Merry Christmas,to the team and their awesome leader!!


That's my new favourite Christmas song by far. Thanks Kevin & Merry Christmas to CrackBerry Nation!!!


We need a music video with the CrackBerry staff singing this. Bring the CrackBerry community an even more joyous Christmas and make it happen PLEASE!!!!

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Love it!!

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Love it. Happy Holidays Everyone!


Love it to funny

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Sorry Kevin, but that was really poorly written and bordering on awful.

Great effort though, just a poor result.

Hopefully next year BB is still around so you can take another crack at it. ;)


I love it! Blackberry and Christmas spirit!

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Fantastic jingle. Hoping it will Crack the Billboard top 100 for 2013

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John Mas0N

Love this long before those sub-standard OS users mentioned in the song realize that their new credit and debit apps are at risk without BlackBerry encryption :D


Standing Applause...plok...plok...Merry Christmas 2013 CrackBerry Friends

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Marry Christmas to we all.

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Lol that's great made my day.

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It amazes me how many non-blackberry users took the time to comment here and give a bad rap on the said OS. Enough! We love Blackberry. We love Crackberry. So shove your opinion on some other site that may care because the fanbase here in Crackberry for Blackberry OS and devices will noooooot make the switch. Blackberry all the way punk.

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Going to share it around. Fanboy it is


LOL, Awesome....
Merry Christmas
Kαλά Xριστούγεννα


Good one ! Merry Christmas :)


Brilliant stuff. Simply amazing.
+1 if you were singing along in rhythm.

Posted via the ultimate mobile compu...should I even need to mention???


Meri Kurisumasu Minna!
Merry Christmas, Everybody!


Great work - love the lyrics! Merry Christmas all !

Mia Hawkins

Love it! Merry Christmas everyone. Hoping for better BB days to come

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No, just no.

Z10STL100-2/ O2 UK

Stephen Ijango

I am very thrilled with the iPhone's Siri part, "...and he knew we were f*ck'n stuck!". Outstanding!


That sounds like the old Kevin and not the Benedict Arnold/iPhone and Android carrying traitor we see before us now. The Rimpire is no more: the force is gone in that one. Fanboy enough?

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


Great marketing gimmick, keep this sort of thing up. Creates a positive spin.

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LOL. Silly BlackBerry! I like it. Hahaha.