CrackBerry @ CES - What's in Kevin's Bag?!!

CrackBerry Kevin's Bag
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Jan 2013 12:19 am EST

Ever wonder what I carry around with me when I'm on location reporting for CrackBerry? If so, hit play on the video above and you can watch me unload the gear I packed for my trip to Las Vegas for CES. We recorded this one right after checking into our room at Encore. 

For the last couple of years I've been carrying around a Tumi Alpha Bravo Day Knox Backpack that I stole off the soon-to-be Mrs. CrackBerry. She bought it for herself, but I borrowed it once and fell in love with it and I never gave it back. For being a slim/small bag that's comfortable to wear, I manage to cram a LOT of gear into it. Laptop, tablets, phones, SLR, video camera... and way more. I don't want to give away all the surprises, so hit play on the video above for the walk through. Or if you're lazy, you can check out the photo below. :)

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CrackBerry @ CES - What's in Kevin's Bag?!!


Kevin confessed, "For the last couple of years I've been carrying around a Tumi backpack that I stole off the soon to be Mrs. CrackBerry. She bought it for herself, but I borrowed it once and fell in love with it and I never gave it back."

Mrs. CrackBerry is alleged to have responded to a reporter's question on the matter, "It's okay. I get the whole house."

Behave in Las Vegas and don't buy any five hundred dollars clocks.

Stop giving him ideas... However, I told him to go buy a Black Porsche P'9981 at the Porsche Design Store.

Are they in stock yet? Maybe they'll come in this week.. can you call every day and let me know? Thanks for Bla1ze. I want one too!

Where's the umbrella ?? and does the medicine go down with a spoon full of sugar with that BlackBerry Porshe lol

Here's the photo of me when I almost died... was at the airport end of last April. Was about to board the plane to fly to New York (literally five minutes from boarding) when the reaction kicked in. Within 30 seconds went from feeling totally normal to being completely effed - temperature shot up, couldn't talk, chest got completely conjested, face swelled up... was crazy. Ran to the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror figured I was going to die so snapped a photo in case that was my last photo... figured I'd go down with a BlackBerry in my hand. There was a pilot next to me by the sink - got his attention and he got help... ambulance/firefighters came. Pretty crazy. Near death experience makes you appreciate and enjoy life a lot.... don't stress over the little things, that's for sure. 

Damn! Glad you were able to get help in time (and snap a pic). BB for << LIFE >>, lol.
Stay safe in Lost Wages Kevin. We need you and the CB crew in tip top shape for the BB10 festivities on the 30th..

looks like it was cleaner related. if it was oral, your mouth would be swollen shut. I allergic to nuts, shellfish, aspirin and kiwi. should carry an epi pen around with you and some benadryl for short quick emergency actions. glad you are ok. Anaphylactic shock is no fun. put me in a coma for 6.5 months when I was 9.

* BlackBerry by choice *
Looks like there is a dude taking a leak back there. I wonder if his face would be more priceless than yours when he realized you were taking a pic while he had his CrackBerrys out lol.

Remind me to NEVER be behind you going through airport security! You'd take 5 minutes to unpack everything then ;)


Nah man, I travel a lot. Super fast at doing airport security. The only thing I pull out is the laptop and the Lamy Pico pen. If you leave the pen in the backpack in its closed form then they always want to search the bag.

... and the iPad and the Playbook and I'm sure they'd want the SLR to be separate too. Not overly knowledgable of your side of the Atlantic (only been a few times), but over here [pretty much] EVERYTHING has to come out to be scanned separately.


Per TSA regulations. Tablets do not need to be taken out of bags.

Laptops do not need to be taken out of those neoprene protective sleeves either.

About 3 years ago I went on a trip and brought my Windows Tablet. I didn't need to pull that out either.

It must be the keyboard the TSA cares about. Not sure.

Yeah simu31, the only thing they would ask us to take out from Kevin's bag is the laptop. And peculiar looking pen's like Kevin said. I never have to take out my tablets or cameras.

A spare 2nd battery for the blackberry could be a good idea and sure saves me daily while I watch all my iPhone friends go dead or beg to find a charger.

That is a pretty good load of electronics but you almost need to carry a power strip to even be able to hope to have enough plugs to charge all of those devices. :o)

Also something like a USB based external charging system would be a good idea to keep all the phones and tablets going. I have almost pulled the trigger on the NewTrent iCarrier Heavy 12000mAh version as I am told this works with pretty much everything and is large capacity.

But then again with like 5 cell phones I guess you could just pull your sim chip out and find a phone that has a charge.

The kids who use iphones, turn down their displays and resize them smaller so their iphones don't die....I don't know how they do it, but they Bold 9000 screen is big enough I and I don't have to turn down the brightness.

I just checked in at the CCA Flooring Convention in Orlando, sadly I didn't film the unpacking of my laptop case :-)

and here I thought my: Asus 17inch Gamers Republic, 17inch Retina MAcbook, Playbook with keyboard, Torch 9810, point and shoot camera and all the needed chargers were bad, lol.

The phone in your pocket, the one you toke out last with the microsd adapter, what is?

The ones in the backpack where: Bold 9900, Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Dev Alpha.

Contest! Win everything in Kevin's CES backpack + the backpack itself. Please enter me for a chance at this multi-million dollar opportunity :)


Glad to see the flight went well. That allergic reaction is scary stuff. You didn't show the camera that you were using to shoot the unpacking. So many toys and only two hands to use them. It Doesn't seem fair. Lol.

Kevin, you need the All Hazards Prime backpack by 5.11 Tactical. I've got one and it's boss. Tons of pockets for stuff and it will only look bulky if you want it to. Lots of options to add even more pockets with a slot for armour plate even lol. I feel like Batman when I carry the thing around. Highly recommend it. Do it, do it.

Ha Kevin! The tools?? MicroFiber x2 and some Rizla! USB Cables? Mini BT Keyboard.. Portable HardDisk.. PenDrives..

Hey Kevin, take care in Las Vegas, carrying all that kit around with you (after showing it all online to the world), you will be no.1 target for gettting mugged!!!!!

Stay safe :-)

what i find weird is that he didnt pull out a single BB battery. Personally i have two tech bags depends on if im bringing my massive 19" desktop replacement of a laptop with me or not LOL. why carry a USB when you have the cloud? or a laptop when you have the BlackBerry Bluetooth Keyboard Case? there Kev ive cut down on two of your items right there :)

It's not that Beats are for kids... they're just a rip off and not worth the money. I just like the color.. fell for it... so been using them. 

Gotta agree about the Beats. I bought the low-end ones for $100 and they broke on me within 2-3 months. I've used so many headphones over the years, cheap and expensive, and they've all broken down on me. I abuse my headphones so bad, it's not even funny. Still looking for those elusive long-lasting pair of headphones that can take a beating and still keep going!

* BlackBerry by choice *
Sure isn't the Windows Phone. He has always said that BlackBerry grabs connection when traveling faster and more efficient than Android or iPhone though.

1 point for BlackBerry. :)

Isn't he CRACKBERRY Kevin not iMORE Kevin. What with all the Apple Stuff? iPad, just use a PlayBook. iPhone 5, just a Bold 9900. He would probably rather get a iPhone 6 than a BlackBerry 10!

Isn't he CRACKBERRY Kevin not iMORE Kevin. What with all the Apple Stuff? iPad, just use a PlayBook. iPhone 5, just a Bold 9900. He would probably rather get a iPhone 6 than a BlackBerry 10!

Well to us he's CrackBerry Kevin, but I'm pretty sure his official status is Mobile Nations Kevin, he has to have an unbiased opinion on all phones, so there for he keeps all those phones with him... Besides he has so much space in that bag he might as well have ALL THE PHONNEESSS!

I always wonder what devices you have. It's tough just using all BlackBerry so I understand the need for other devices!... I'm on my iPad rights now! :8