CrackBerry CES 2012: Day 4 Roundup

CrackBerry goes to CES2012
By Joseph Holder on 13 Jan 2012 04:29 am EST

It's the end of Day 4 here at CES and the 1.86 million square feet of exhibit space has left the CrackBerry team exhausted. If the tired looks I saw tonight on the faces of our Mobile Nations family - Android CentraliMoreWebOS Nation, and WPCentral - are any barometer, they're pretty worn out as well. Most of us are leaving Vegas tomorrow for some much-needed rest (though, technically we're leaving today because it's around 2:30 am Vegas time as I write this). All in all, our final day at CES2012 was pretty busy.

JayBird stereo Bluetooth for the extreme lifestyle
Closing the BlackBerry App Gap - Talking to Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations for Research In Motion
Ford talks Focus Electric and its integration with BlackBerry
Hands-On with BlackBerry Balance on the BlackBerry PlayBook - Managing corporate and personal life in harmony on one device!
CrackBerry Team uses PlayBook as camera from CES2012 show floor
CES 2012: A quick look at Powerbag!
BlackBerry Girls Gone Bold
A quick review of Cygnett's new BlackBerry Bold 9900/30 cases - 5 cases up for grabs!
What happened in Vegas: BlackBerry at CES 2012 video 

This was the last day at CES for most of the CrackBerry crew, but the coverage doesn't end here! We have plenty more to share so keep it locked on the blogs for more from CES2012!

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CrackBerry CES 2012: Day 4 Roundup


Yeah RIM needs to end the damn thing with a Bang.

Hang with me a second:

RIM issues an urgent announcement summoning everyone to their booth area... Jim or Mike comes out with their Playbook. They give the usual thanks, etc. etc. They get a phone call in the middle of their speech...

After the call, Jim announces, "Ladies and Gents please check your Playbooks for a software update. Thanks for coming!"

*The mad rush for PB 2.0 ensues*

Only a fantasy folks!

Playbook email flaws discovered is printed on newspapers already....
The bloody os isn't even released yet, and now they already managed to find a glitch...

I genuinely don't know who is worse, RIM who took a year to polish up the product and still screw it up, or the reporters/programmers who are working hard to find things to criticize before something is even released...either way, RIM is still not leaving a good impression

.. Brought more Crack with u guys! Lol. No way should guys be burnt out just fire up some more CrackBerrys and u should be good to go! Anyway from the coverage you all already did you all did a helluva job. I really gotta get to CES, maybe next year. But until then readin the CrackBerry blogs is the next best thing, plus your feet aren't sore after reading them. A contest to attend this or maybe mobile world would be great. Thanks for keepin us update! - #1 Loyal BlackBerry User & Abuser, Bret