CrackBerry CEOcast: RIM Conference call w/ Thorsten Heins, the new CEO leading the BlackBerry way!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jan 2012 07:33 pm EST

As of 21 hours ago we had no plans to record a CrackBerry Podcast today, but with news yesterday evening that Research In Motion has a new CEO we just had to. We got up early this morning for the RIM Conference call featuring Thorsten Heins, our new Fearless Leader of BlackBerry Nation.

We kick things off above listening in to the call.... the visuals here are a little boring on the video (you can watch Kevin, Adam, Chris Umi and Simon in our early morning states), but the audio is solid and interesting. Thorsten did a great job on the call.

After the callat 28m35s we jump into our standard CrackBerry podcast and talk about the management changes at RIM and what it all means.

Definitely a historic podcast and one to watch!

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CrackBerry CEOcast: RIM Conference call w/ Thorsten Heins, the new CEO leading the BlackBerry way!


Hey i so looking forward for the new CEO i hope hes good and shows all the potential of this Company!

New Marketing chief?? O.o this is good looking forward for that one!!

Long Live the RIM.

Woke up at 4:45 AM to listen in with you all. Very excellent call and podcast. Thanks, Chris U, for joining in. Congrats, Simon, on your first CB Podcast! Adam, as always, when you speak, it's for the best. And Kevin... How excited were you for this whole shakeup?

You're right, all the analysts wanted Steve Jobs to step up for the position of CEO. It's not like he's doing much these days. I think RIM did the right thing here. Let's see how the guy does the job before we all get all whiny.

Listening now :)

long list of I'm Bold 9900 & PlayBook


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if bbm goes cross platform. mainly android as its more likely compared to ios. i personally will switch to a samsung galaxy. y? well i get the main app that i want, bbm, and at the same time have the open and very populated adroid market. Also the widgets are something i always loved on the android phones.

personally thats what i would do and majority of the ppl i know * ALOT* of ppl would switch to ios or android themselves. That is if the cross platform bbm isnt restricted of some key features that i love to use.

just my opinion. it wouldnt be the best and they would lose a lot of ppl.

May I make a suggestion about any future RIM call Podcasts?

I know Kevin is cute & all, but after staring at him for 28m35s of it I found myself counting Adam’s nose hairs. :(
So maybe either:

(A) show pictures of girls with their BlackBerry’s & not much else, OR

(B) maybe show a single window with your initial reactions being typed. I know you can’t really talk while listening to the call, but you guys were typing to each other, maybe show those messages, or if those conversations were too personal (maybe you guys were talking about Rene’s hair & how he should change it to look like Jerry Hildenbrand’s, I don’t know) you could have another screen showing initial reactions from fellow CB followers.

Just please PLEASE never make me silently stare at Kevin for 30 minutes again! The guy is great to listen to, not look at lol

Don’t worry Kevin, all the CB girls are thinking, “Wish we could stare at him EVERY NIGHT!” lol

I'm SeXy and I Know it!!! :)

Lol.. I hear ya... the plan wasn't to show our four faces during the conference call... we were just going to pipe in the web browser image, but that turned out to look really bad on the screen, so went back to us just sitting there. But at least at 28m35s it gets exciting again.

In a unprecedented move the new CEO of RIM ushers out playbook OS2 the last week of January. For the first time in rim's history they push out ahead of schedule and the  fans go crazy......Ooooo to DREAM....

Thorsten Heins is a brilliant communicator, he delivered a concise message. That is important for the leader of a communication company. Anyone else remember a CEO with similar skills...

That is pretty amazing that Kevin got a call. If anyone understands BlackBerry and can filter through the needs and desires of the masses it is Kevin and the Crackteam.

*Fade in*

- Camera pans to bright pink Blackberry sitting on a countertop
* Camera goes wide as a Mom with her hands full of groceries, kids tagging along behind comes by and picks it up and sends a BBM to whoever "On the way" (ONE HANDED!)
- Fade to black

- Camera pans to white Blackberry sitting somewhere (background is blurry)
* Enter a random ( hipster/teen/tween) and snatches it off a park bench doing random activity under the sun listening to music using BBM music then sharing
- Fade to black

- Fade into close up of a bright blue Blackberry sitting on a gym bag (I know i know. think colorware, but in-house from RIM)
* Athletic type runs over, grabs from bag, opens one of the premier weight/fitness/health app, types something in, nods at results

- Fade into a traditional black Blackberry in a hand
* Zoom back to suited professional, typing away an email showing native email app, switches apps quickly and then gets a call

- Text in
"Blackberry™ What's your flavor?"

Then optional hints at "Pinkberry", "Blueberry", "Whiteberry", "Blackberry" and lead into other in-house color options ala Dell laptops. You'd be surprised at how much people like to customize. Etc etc. And then RIM shows interchangeable bodies and themes. Fade to black. *BBM default notification alert*

I can haz marketing jobz?

On the topic of BBM being placed on other platforms. I would disagree however I would love to see BBM communicate with other popular IM Apps. Currently with ablity to send SMS via BBM is a great feature that bridges the gap for users of other platforms. Imagine if we could respond to WLM, Yahoo, G-Talk messages!!

if RIM were to go cross platform with bbm they would have to water it down. I will never say that I love my bberry because of bbm but I know that some would jump ship for such an expansion. I suggest going cross platform differently.

example, open up communication between bbm and I phone messenger. Then follow that up with a watered down version to give to android and Windows. Open communication accross platforms without giving up the cookies.

Interesting commentary regarding BES/AS a 1:02. It seems to me that BES will still be used to compress and encrypt but just the devices will connect via Activesync for users not interested in providing a true secure platform. For the businesses who want the security they will be provisioned with Mobile Fusion which sits on top of BES with Activesync just providing the connection to Exchange as Kevin said. BBM will still go through the NOC and the NOC will still give the compression and encryption. I'm curious though how Mobile Fusion will ensure encryption of email/communications on ios/android devices. It seems as BB10 will offer the balance which will have an encrypted partition for corporate data. If they can ensure encryption and security while still providing users the ability to use the native messaging applications (calendar, mail, contacts) on their non Blackberry devices that sounds very beneficial. I know with Good for Enterprise the big knock is that everything is within 1 app.

One Main thing I want to point out,

Marketing/Advertising isn't only commercials,
Marketing/Advertising is also
-training material for sales staff,
-public relations events

RIM heavily needs better on the ground marketing beyond just commercials, how many carrier staff can show users keyboard short cuts? how many carrier staff know about Apps made by RIM? can they explain BB Maps, BB Traffic? BB Travel? BBM Music? Heck can they show off all the features in BBM the key app? I would venture to say the vast majority can't and that is because of lack of marketing dollars spent on training, lack of a key strategy in training people to train consumers. Enterprise pay for training people for their technology and that wasn't RIM.

I am excited for RIM to have a New CMO, BB7 has A LOT to offer, and they NEED to show people what that is and do it through Advertising, and through training of sales people on the ground floor

Keep the other fruit company out of the loop. They don't need BBM. Neither do the other platforms. But if you allow BBM to run on Android and Maybe Windows Phone. Some people will switch from iOS to possibly Android, just to get that BBM experience. If RIM charges a fee for BBM on other platforms, then RIM would still be making $$$ and also taking customers away from the competition. I think that is a good strategy. Evil but Good!