CrackBerry Canada Store Update: Contest winner, BlackBerry Z10 accessory first look and another chance to win $100 of stuff!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Feb 2013 05:18 pm EST

Contest: Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win $100 worth of cases and accessories from our CrackBerry Canada store!

Last Week's Contest: This past Friday we ran a little store contest here on the blogs, giving soon to be BlackBerry Z10 owners in Canada a chance to win $100 worth of accessories from our CrackBerry Canada store. We promised we would announce the winner on February 5th, the official release date of the BlackBerry Z10 in Canada, so here it is. And the lucky winner is....  Swamp_Donkey. Congrats!!

BlackBerry Z10 Accessory Preview Video: Now that cases and accessories for the BlackBerry Z10 are becoming available, we'll be checking them all out. In the video above you can take a gander at some of the new cases and accessories initially available for the Z10. The BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle is a must-have for power users. I'm really liking the BlackBerry Z10 Flip Shell Case, which also serves as a great stand for watching movies. And when it comes to beating the heck out of your device and making sure it survives, the OtterBox Defender Case for the Z10 is probably going to be your best bet. It's looking like the Z10 is going to have solid support from third party manufacturers, so expect the selection to continue to grow. 

This Week's Contest: Win $100 in BlackBerry Z10 accessories - Last week's contest was a hit so we're doing it again. Jump over to if you're in Canada or if you're anywhere else. Let us know in the comments what you accessories you want to get for your Z10 and you can win. This contest runs until this Sunday night at midnight PST. Good luck!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Canada Store Update: Contest winner, BlackBerry Z10 accessory first look and another chance to win $100 of stuff!



Love love love my new BBZ10. Waited so long for this phone and it is awesome. Got the first 2 in Nanaimo BC for me and my husband. Love the BBM video chat.....Now I would just be happy if I could find a case...went to one store and asked for cases (Rogers) and they didn't even have the phone yet, never mind the case.

Getting my new white z10 on Tuesday. Don't want it to be naked. A nice red microfiber sleeve case, and vehicle charger would be nice.

Got my eye on the BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z10 and BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10

Not sure of what specific accessories I would like as I'm still waiting for the Z10 in the US, but if would be grreat to be prepared with all the neat extras, when the Z10 is finally available in the good ole USA

i'm eagerly awaiting my new bb..i'll probably get a new case as well as a car charger and i really liked that new speaker they previewed.

I should be getting a Z10 very soon, just want some nice accessories to fit with it and protect it :)

#2nd Post feeling poetic.
BB me up with some much needed accessories for my white BBz10, which I should be getting some time next week as it's being shipped on the 12th from Telus. The Gods should be nice to me since the waiting is killing me, wait they were bloody nice I got a BBz10. LOL

BlackBerry for life

When I get my Z10 It'll probably like going out naked but being in but I have to be a good parent and tell it to put on a nice flip shell case and also have a pair of full batteries!

I would love it if the charging dock/cradle were to come out in time for this contest, but lacking that, I would like to have the battery charger bundle and the leather holster.


Do they have a charging dock for the Z10? I've had one for every BlackBerry I've had and it would be a shame not to have one for the Z10. Sign me up for this contest!

I'm wanting that battery charger bundle. That looks great.

I'm pretty sure I want a holster, too, though the flip-cover might be cool if it "sleeps" the phone when it's closed...

I would love to have the charger bundle , 64 gb sd card and transform case :D

Thanks so much for the second opportunity CrackBerry Canada! Good luck everyone!

Black Flip Shell case and the charger bundle are a definite must (when we get this pig in the US, that is). Thanks for another great contest CrackBerry.

BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle
BlackBerry High-Speed HDMI Cable
BlackBerry Micro-USB Y-Cable for Z10
Belkin Headphone Splitter Y-adapter (Black) for BlackBerry Z10

...for starters... :)

please pick me im new to blackberry jus 3yrs but i chose blackberry cuz they are canadian and so am i and i fell in love to the point where im now addicted!!! but im not savy and rarely have cash to buy stuff for them if any at i would appreciate and cheerish the stuff if i won! jus got my q10 and i show it off to everyone!...people need to know! plus i have never won anything in my life due lol!

See now I am torn, I want that otterbox case and the new media dock and a 64gb sd card.........dang it I have too many choices.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and

I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

Well' if I were to win a Z10 in this weeks contest, I'd probably get the Otterbox commuter case for it. :-)

A charging dock and 64GB SD card would help too.

Put it this way, if I win the accessories, then I'm definitely buying a Z10!
Bold 9900

Crackberry is awesome Crackberry is awesome Crackberry is awesome Crackberry is awesome
Crackberry is awesome Crackberry is awesome Crackberry is awesome Crackberry is awesome

arising from the ashes with a new song

I have a full size UK leather breast pocket wallet...the Z10 fits perfectly inside..
keeps ones credit cards and Z10 in one place...
of course Credit cards may go the way of the DoDo bird...
but it makes for a better holder than a belt pouch, and one can feel the vibrations...

If i win all that worth $100, i will consider buying a z10 and leave the Galaxy s3!

BOLD 9000
BOLD 9700
BOLD 9780
CURVE 9300
TORCH 9800
BOLD 9900

omg i had my phone today but it died middle of the big storm :( an extra battery would help ;;

The battery ahd charger would be awesome.

Incipio DualPro Hard Shell Case with Silicone Core and Battery and charger PLEASE!!!

Thanks for all the hard work and great contests!

" NEED, WANT, MUST HAVE ! " The battery bundle is a must have along with that sexy case ((( O YEA ! ))) " NEED, WANT, MUST HAVE ! " " NEED, WANT, MUST HAVE ! " " NEED, WANT, MUST HAVE ! "

The Battery Charger Bundle and OtterBox Defender Series Case together would keep my Z10 powered and protected very well.

Thanks CrackBerry for the chance to win!

I would love a screen protector and a case of some sort, it just feels wrong to have to cover up such a sexy phone....but i would hate myself if i dropped it and damaged the phone in any way. So if there is a cool, useful case out there...i'm in!!

My white Z10 is my 10th Blackberry phone & to celebrate my 9 years of loyalty to the brand I would LOVE to win this comp!

If I could choose the Multimedia pod charger; a red microfiber case & mini bluetooth speaker if I'm lucky to win that would be great :-)

Z10/Bold 9900/Playbook 64GB. Tmobile/Orange UK. Crackberry addict since '04

Case, extra battery bundle, music gateway, mmmmm, dont even know how im going to shortlist....But first i need to win!

Would love to pimp out my new Z10. Gotta get some screen protectors, a case, extra battery/charger.

Th e"SanDisk ULTRA MicroSD XC CARD 64GB W/ADAPTOR CLASS 10 for BlackBerry Z10" with the amazing speed and having 80GB on my new Z10 would be awesome.

I would love a better data plan LOL....Just kidding I would love a battery charger bundle and a 32gb micro sd card.

Thanking you in advance!

Would like to have the battery charger bundle, BB Y-Cable for charging, BB transfrom case, and flip case! :D

yup, just looking at the flip case, could really use one of those for my Z10 and an awesome set of earphones would be great as well.