CrackBerry Canada Store Update: Contest winner, BlackBerry Z10 accessory first look and another chance to win $100 of stuff!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Feb 2013 05:18 pm EST

Contest: Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win $100 worth of cases and accessories from our CrackBerry Canada store!

Last Week's Contest: This past Friday we ran a little store contest here on the blogs, giving soon to be BlackBerry Z10 owners in Canada a chance to win $100 worth of accessories from our CrackBerry Canada store. We promised we would announce the winner on February 5th, the official release date of the BlackBerry Z10 in Canada, so here it is. And the lucky winner is....  Swamp_Donkey. Congrats!!

BlackBerry Z10 Accessory Preview Video: Now that cases and accessories for the BlackBerry Z10 are becoming available, we'll be checking them all out. In the video above you can take a gander at some of the new cases and accessories initially available for the Z10. The BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle is a must-have for power users. I'm really liking the BlackBerry Z10 Flip Shell Case, which also serves as a great stand for watching movies. And when it comes to beating the heck out of your device and making sure it survives, the OtterBox Defender Case for the Z10 is probably going to be your best bet. It's looking like the Z10 is going to have solid support from third party manufacturers, so expect the selection to continue to grow. 

This Week's Contest: Win $100 in BlackBerry Z10 accessories - Last week's contest was a hit so we're doing it again. Jump over to if you're in Canada or if you're anywhere else. Let us know in the comments what you accessories you want to get for your Z10 and you can win. This contest runs until this Sunday night at midnight PST. Good luck!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Canada Store Update: Contest winner, BlackBerry Z10 accessory first look and another chance to win $100 of stuff!



BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle, Microfiber Pocket, and Premium Vehicle Charger for my Z10 that awaits me in March on Verizon Wireless.

My 1st Z10 comment :-)

Battery and Charger would be very helpful ;-)
Just back-ordered the Case-Mate Rosewood Crafted Case.

Thanks CrackBerry for the contest!

OtterBox Defender Series Case and BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle are on my must have list.

Thanks CB

would love an otterbox and charging bundle

P.S. can we get a review on the otterbox case it looks like it completely covers the bezel was wondering how well gestures will work?

I think the Charger Bundle would be the most practical. Next would be the iGrip holder to attach to my iGrip arm so I'm sure to drive safer using voice control.

that red flip thingy case looks cool... mostly because it's red... but also because it's functional. i'm down for that!

If I were to win this no doubt I would jump for the genuine Blackberry Leather Swivel Holster (need to show of the Z10's true glory without a restricting case) and 32 GB san disk micro sd card ( TAKE THAT APPLE. I CAN EXPAND MY MEMORY!!).

If I win, I would love to get a Flip shell case, battery charging bundle and maybe a memory card (if total is under $100).

wanted to buy the otterbox but it looks like the bottom of the bezel is covered making gestures completely useless and no one has done a review on it!!!

I think the charger bundle is a killer accessory. My phone often dies while I'm traveling but before I have time to reach a charger, or even worse if I left my charger in the hotel room!

I need a battery charger bundle and the flip case to keep my Z10 looking new. I want the red flip case so it can stand out and people will take notice. Also because I'm a proud Canadian.

I can't wait till they ( if they will get ) a battery that is bigger then the 1800mAh battery in the Z10 has now

With the love I already have for my new Z10 I need the following. Extra battery bundle, music gateway. 64 gb SDcard, Case mate barely there case and an otterbox commuter. Naked in formal occasions, case mate in semi formal and otterbox for work outdoors :). That 100$ would shur help out!

I'd love an Otterbox Commuter case, the one I had for my 9780 was the perfect mix of protection without making it a tank. But there would need to be a compatible holster. I dunno, maybe I'd just get a flip case and a battery pack. I live in the states so I have plenty of time to make up my mind.

Geez.....If I was lucky enough to win, if I was seriously. THAT lucky, I would most definitely get the charger bundle cuz who wouldn't love to have a spare battery just in case. Second I'd get the holster because I want my Z10 naked cuz it would just be so hot like that!

i'm shocked the pounches didn't come with the z10 as standard like they used to before on the older bb's.

OtterBox Defender Series Case and BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle (ACC-50256-101) for Z10 would be awesome. Thanks CrackBerry!

I'd either want the battery charger bundle since i'm in and out of class all day and have no time to charge my phone or the 64gb memory card because i always like to take pictures when im out with my friends on the weekends..

@CrackBerry Kevin, is that a Panerai watch you're wearing in the video? That my friend, is a sweet accessory in itself! Panerai+BlackBerry Z10=STYLISH!!!

I would definitely need the Leather Swivel Holster, Battery Charging bundle, a Hard Shell Case and possibly a Screen Protector if it looks like it would need it.
Thanks for the consideration.

I would love the Samsung OEM Vehicle Dock and the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle (ACC-50256-101) for my new Z10...LOVING this phone.

Got my Z10 and I am loving it, it would be nice if BlackBerry fixed the battery issue before mine and others run dry! It would be nice to win some free accessories too! :)

That awesome Battery Charger Bundle seems to be a must have accessory for these phones.

That and the leather pocket pouch are probably the only 2 things I'm going to need for a long time.

a case is a must. otterbox commuter or a similar. a charging solution with an extra battery would be pretty awesome too

Would love to have a Case-Mate Tough Case and a Tru Protection Anti Glare Screen Protector.
Goodluck to all.

Would really like a red Flip Shell case (will look good with my new white Z10 which I am patiently waiting to come to the U.S.) and a charger bundle. Crackberry ROCKS!! Thanks

I'm a Verizon customer.......seeing all this shit makes me yell out: I WANT MY BLACKBERRY Z10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, it is ridiculous how the phone has been released and they have yet to give a firm date on when it will be available.

I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. - Michael Jordan

Battery/Charging bundle and the Bluetooth Speaker.
I'm probably just going to buy the Battery/Charing bundle, so if I won i'd probably buy more cases(Casemate Zebra Wood ). I love this phone!
I Bleed Black & Berry

Oooh, such choice!! I'd be plumping for the Red slip case, Red transform case and a 32G memory card with the leftover...

Fingers crossed!


A must have would be a case and the battery charger bundle. The flip case is starting to grow on me. Would love to have my accessories lined up for patiently waiting for the z10 to drop here

Count me in for this contest please. I think I'd go for a transform case to start

Cheers from WPG,

I just recently got the Blackberry Z10. I'm loving it, even though I'm still getting used to touchscreen phones. I would love the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle (ACC-50256-101) for Z10. Thanks!

For me...
BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle (ACC-50256-101) for Z10 and the red flip case.

For my Z10...
the same!

since bb does not include a case, it would be great to win one and of course the charging kit with b/u battery....pick me please

Have the holster & battery bundle on order already.
Need a Z10 phone holder for my iGrip winshield mount (worked great for my old Torch). Also, Seidio belt clip thing would be good too. Oh, and a charging cradle for bedside use.
Yes - that's it for now - thanks!

Definitely looking to get that battery charger bundle! otter box is much-needed given my history of clumsiness, and heck might as well grab a screen protector while I'm at it! :)

Umm.. case first...Then car charger... Then bluetooth speaker...oh and I've always wanted one of those bluetooth music thingies!! Might need a wee bit more than $100 ;)

Good luck to all!!

With $100 to accessorize the Z10 the choice is simple.

Leather Swivel Holster and Battery Charger Bundle.

Make it so Crackberry!

Well my wife and I are away for 10-12 hours a day and we do not always have a charger so the Charger bundle would be great for her. She will be getting a new Z10 before me and she deserves it. Also the transform case would be great.

Thank for all of these contests

I'm looking at the BB charger bundle, a white Flip Shell case, a car charger, and a 32gb memory card! I am coming home BlackBerry, come to momma! lol

Just ordered 2 cases and music gateway from ShopCrackBerry today. Hoping they'll arrive here before the Z10 arrives here in SA in early March.
Still got my eyes on the Idapt4 charger and battery pack bundle so let's hold thumbs.

CrackBerry - you guys are beyond awesome!

Durban, South Africa

I cant wait for my Z10 winning these accessories would make the day i get it even better! Thanks for the chance crackberry team you guys are awesome!!

specifically id like a otterbox commuter case and screen protector, battery charging bundle.

thanks again

Blackberry for Life

I would like to get a spare battety to always be connected with bbm and blackberry music gateway to share my music with other people!

such a great conntest that can only make the day i get my Z10 better! id love a otterbox commuter case and screen protector as well as the blackberry music gateway if im lucky enough to be chosen! (but id be happy with anything Z10 related haha) thanks for the contest crackberry keep it up!!

Got my new Z10 yesterday and really loving it. Had a few issues, but figured it was a new OS and that was to be expected. Amazing phone and hope to win some money for some accessories. Thanks Team CrackBerry.

What I really want is a charging dock, but since that doesn't seem to exist yet, I would have to go with a red microfiber case and the battery charger bundle for the Z10. Hoping to have MY Z10 next week, I CAN'T WAIT!

Please oh please....I never win anything in my life....snif snif

But I am going to drop a bunch of money in the crackberry store, which I have in the past. And a $100 credit will help with the big bill


Hey Kevin I am with you on the love of the accessories that red hot flip cover would look really good in my hands. Looking forward to hearing more.

I could really use this. I need a Flip Shell case, a Battery bundle charger maybe a third battery, a car holder kit, a bluetooth speaker and a wireless set of headphones. I also need a cradle for my Playbook, and a double car charger. Damn... this is going to be a well-accessorized phone!

I'm most interested in the portable battery charger with spare battery. I'm also intrigued by the bluetooth speaker.
I'm curious to see what docks the phone will have.

To browse the web on a grain of sand,
Using a phone filled with horsepower,
Just hold the Z10 in the palm of your hand,
And type an essay in an hour

Also, that battery charger you unboxed looks absolutely killer.