CrackBerry Book Update: It's Off to the Publishers!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Nov 2008 07:00 am EST

CRACKBERRY: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse!

Coming Soon...

Finally! It has been months since we dropped word of the CrackBerry Book in the blogs and made our call for submissions, but I'm happy to say that just yesterday we sent our first edtion off to the publishers for printing! 

Give it a few weeks (early December... just in time for the holidays!) and you'll be able to pick up a copy of CRACKBERRY: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse for yourself or the BlackBerry Addict in your life! The book will be available in both e-book and print formats. It's Humor, Freud and Self-Help all rolled into one and we think it makes for a pretty entertaining (and hopefully useful!) experience that will become a must-read for those of us who use our BlackBerry smartphones just a little (or a lot!) too much. The book's home will be, so you can keep it locked to there for more details in the days ahead.

As promised, to everyone who submitted stories that made the final cut, we'll be contacting you in the next couple of weeks to arrange delivery of your free copy! And my personal BIG THANKS goes out to co-authors Gary Mazo and Martin Trautschold of BlackBerry Made Simple for the time, effort and commitment to the project. All of us tend to run 24/7 with little sleep and time to spare, and this would not have happened without their vision and drive!

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Woo Hoo Sounds Great !! :) Look forward to reading it on my flight over the holidays :)


I plan on buying this for the office so if the other Blackberry techs have a question they don't have to come to me for the answer!


Hopefully this won't be delayed like the storm and bold for mistypes and sticky pages!


finally!!!! i hope i get a call within the next couple of weeks.


Did you use the 12 Steps that I wrote?? If so, I wish I had taken more time to think them out! lol


Guess I'll take that as a no!

Kevin Michaluk

Yo Sultan,

Nah, we have our own.. where are yours at? Not sure that I've seen them.

We've actually had a mini rehab section up on the site since DAY 1 of launching. On the main menu, there's the MORE link. Under that is CrackBerry Rehab.

That was our original/fun take on it going back nearly two years now.


Wow........ No one is commenting here.....their all still watching the Pudding Fight!!!!!

Kevin Michaluk

FUNNY. Well there's not much of a story to this post TO comment on... other than stay tuned!! :)


A more attractive cover page would be better

Kevin Michaluk

I like that cover page!! What would you do differently Mr. Anonymous9999?

Maybe we can use your suggestions in the 2nd Release.


If everyone got over their addiction what would happen to all the forums, books, etc...............just don't see it happening. I'm happily addicted. Can't wait to read the book.


Looks great, can't wait to get my copy.