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CrackBerry BMW M5 Makes an Appearance in Forza 3

By Adam Zeis on 4 Mar 2010 01:17 pm EST

On a quick break from all the contest and new devices, user tuxtech posted this in the forums earlier today. It looks like he took a decent amount of time to design a CrackBerry BMW M5 in the Xbox 360 Game Forza 3. Very cool to say the least. If definitely shows off CrackBerry in style with a sweet design on an even sweeter ride! Check out the video for all the angles. Hit the jump for another cool design from John M. that was designed for Nascar 09 as well. I guess we have a lot of gaming CrackBerry users huh? Unfortunately BMW hasn't quite put the "CrackBMW" into production yet, but if they do, you can be sure Kevin will be all over it :-)

CrackBerry NASCAR 09

Thanks to John M. for sending in this design!


As a BMW enthusiast, I must remind the writer there is no hyphen in the BMW M5 model!! Thanks!! :)

Adam Zeis

Fixed! Thanks for the heads up!


Adam, thanks for correcting this.

I think I'll have to stop by GameStop on my way home to pick this up! I love the M5 and my BlackBerry too!!


I couldn't help but notice that the title should read "Makes an Appearance" instead of "and". :)

Adam Zeis

Apparently both Kevin and I are off our game today. I was just yelling at him for typos and there I go ... that's what I get for trying to write too fast :) 


But at least the story gets posted fast!

Kevin does make typos... I pasted a story written by Kevin into Outlook to send to my boss and my spell check went berserk!

Kevin Michaluk

OUCH. i do it intentionaly though. i discovered a long time ago people pay more attention to your stories if you screw up and make mistakes. :)

Chiitown Kruger

my fav car of all time m3 planning on getting one this summer but this m5 looks sick as well crackberry for life!!!


Not much into cars, very much into Blackberry/Crackberry. Forza will definitely be purchased now


You just know Kevin will want one for real ;)


Nice ! I like forza and how you can customize decals and stuff


Very nice! Well Kevin, did you think that would ever happen 3 yrs ago?LOL


Need someone to do that for Gran Turismo!


I'm going to have to check this out when I get home today. I own the game so I'll be on the lookout for the download in the forza store.


I posted it for free in the Forza Storefront. Just search by car (BMW M5) I think i put "crackberry" as one of the key words...enjoy! :)


Thanks for posting this Adam. I didnt think it would be featured at Crackberry :) I couldnt find the correct font for the CB logo.....enjoy :)


Great, now the rest of the work day will go slow as hell waiting to get home to check this out! Good work to the creater, looks sharp


Cheap way to enter the community, and a cheap first post, I know, but it sure won't be the last.


ROFL, I thought it was an actual car!!!!!!!!


this is awsome that they have a CB BMW Im getting the game just for that


Like a idiot i spelled "crackberry" as "cracberry" in the storefront. It reads "cracberry bmw" in the storefront. Its in the designs tab once you enter the storefront. Blackberry, or Cracberry should work in the search field, and is listed under the BMW M5 E60. Sorry for any confusion :(


good job...and you can use the skew feature in Forza 3 to adjust the letters to look like the CB or just paste other shapes over them to change their appearance...check out my Forza 3 designs and let me know if ya like em...just search Happy Tree Friends or ROTTENCORPSE...again good job man


Wow! I can't believe thats a video game. I think I need to upgrade my NES.


Looks like a Chevrolet or a dodge. Yuck


Almost 3 min vid and he doesn't even show er in action what a shame


That's what I'm thinkin haha
1. BMW's are the best
2. Blackberry's are the best
3. just got accepted to my 1st pick university :D
4. Slider images are leaked!!
somethin's got to give....


what's up with the ugly monte carlo in the two pictures, but the amazing BMW in the video?? Get rid of the monte carlo! :)