CrackBerry Birthday Sale: SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry – 50% off for one week only

By Alicia Erlich on 26 Feb 2011 11:26 am EST

It's almost March and that can only mean one thing, CrackBerry's 4th Birthday. To celebrate, the good folks over at SOTI, Inc. are having a 50% off sale from now until Friday March 4th. I'm a big fan of Pocket Controller-Pro and how it packs ten features into one small package. It's a pretty cool BlackBerry and PC application that lets you control your device using only your mouse, monitor, and keyboard. More importantly, it means you can access BBM from your desktop. If you've been waiting to purchase because of the $35.99 price tag, then now is the time to visit the CrackBerry App Store and take advantage of this offer.

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CrackBerry Birthday Sale: SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry – 50% off for one week only


I've used this application and I hated it. Your BBM has to be connected by USB or wifi, which extremely limits the range. Its SLOW and expensive. >_<

I'm SOTI user and I love it but sometime I am in the some place which there is no wifi and no usb cable. SOTI should develop to make connection via bluetooth too.

SOTI is coming out with Bluetooth as well, which is good news as an alternate option, but in general it takes up more battery on the BlackBerry when it's on. I use this product every day and I LOVE IT. USB is extremely fast, at least in the latest version and WiFi depends on the network. At work it sucks for me and keeps going in and out, but at home it's pretty decent. A little lag when I'm typing.

I'm not sure what other connection method would be faster than USB. So, I don't understand the comment about it being SLOW. Connecting over 3G would be even slower.

In our intensive testing we showed faster response times compared to previous versions and with our latest release a few weeks back, users have commented they are experiencing a lot less lag time. However, we appreciate the feedback and will go back to do further testing and to improve further.

@Thetnaung: Bluetooth is coming…just wait till you see what we have coming in the next major release! We're stoked about it!

So, if I buy this NOW, can I get the Bluetooth update for free or I have to buy that version all over again?

When you purchase, you get 12 months of skin catalog, upgrades and support. We're planning to have Bluetooth launching soon. Stay tuned - follow us on Twitter for updates @SOTI_Inc

I am going to buy it right now... I am sold for sure... just one question, can I use the software AFTER the 12 months as well? Also, there are a lot of people complaining on App World that mobile app for your program always runs in the background and drains the battery. Do you have any plans to fix this issue? (May be add a feature to turn the program off on my BB 9700 when I don't use it?) Even reviewer noted this under cons.

Oh... and it works with OS6 right?

Thank you for the reply.

Yes, you own the software, the 12 months is just skin catalog, support and upgrades. We will soon be adding an option to purchase additional support/skin catalog/upgrade years via our website at when purchasing the app or separately as an add-on if already purchased.

It does work for any BlackBerry OS 4.6 and above. So to answer your question specifically, yes it will work for OS 6.

In regards to the agent running on the device, the agent is considered a service and takes minimal battery drain. This was heavily tested on our end before releasing. The reason why it's always running is because it gives you the option to remote your BlackBerry at anytime via Wi-Fi. We have taken note of the feedback given via App World, CrackBerry comments/forums/posts, our twitter and several other mediums for this and a variety of other feature requests. Our customer's feedback and satisfaction is always our top priority and we will try to incorporate into future versions of Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry.

Thanks for your interest and the questions!

An option to turn it off completely when not needed, so it is not running the background (even with minimal battery drain), would be great.

Fantastic! It does seem to be much faster then the old version... I tested it before and sent some suggestions and it looks like they've been addressed. (Was the ALT key thing)

One other suggestion that would make this MUCH more usable in my book. Make the shortcut keys assignable instead of just ALT+1, ALT+2, etc. I would really like to map my home, insert, end, etc. keys to be the menu button and such so when navigating with the arrow pad the menu and back keys are right there and accessible.

Just an idea! I'll probably pick it up since this is a more reasonable price for how much I'll use it... Thanks for the sale!!!