CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a Schlage LiNK Lock Starter Bundle and one-year of free service!

By Adam Zeis on 1 Mar 2011 09:52 am EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a Schlage LiNK Lock Starter Bundle. Full Details Below

Schalge LiNK Contest

One of the staples of the CrackBerry Birthday contests comes from our friends at Schlage who are going to set one lucky winner up with a Schlage LiNK Lock Starter Bundle (your choice of deadbolt or lever) along with one year of free service. This set allows you to add some technology to your house with a great setup. You can control the devices right from your BlackBerry or through the web - totally cool stuff. We have an updated review of the entire Schalge LiNK line coming up in the next few weeks as well. Check out Schalge for more info on the full line of LiNK products.

Contest: To enter to win a Schalge LiNK Lock Starter Bundle for yourself, just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends Sunday March 12th at midnight PST.

Check out more on the Schalge LiNK system

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a Schlage LiNK Lock Starter Bundle and one-year of free service!



New home owner 2 months ago, JUST changed the locks on the door with a Schlage SecureKey Handleset, this Link starter set wouldn't be too shabby though...

Hmm let's see what this is... looks great... Includes one-year free services!!!
Provide me one please

Oh dear god, please let me win! I don't even have a door, but I will buy one just to install this lock!

Even if I don't win I'm buying this! This kind of system is ideal for people with disabilities and equally ideal for those without. Great giveaway!

I have tried and tried over the past few attempts to win this very item. On a knee with the four kids (three of which are teenagers) I beg of you PICK ME! I would love to know while at work when these kids get home, at night what time they sneak back in...the ammo I need to say the ungodly parent words..I KNOW! So again PICK ME PLEASE!

If there is on contest I want to win it is this one. With Kids and people coming and going I would love the diffferent codes and to be notified by BB is just the icing on the cake

yes that would be awesome i soo need to get one of these schlage links to use on my house and be able to control that with my blackberry now thats the way to go hope i get it :-)

Me and my BB using husband would LOOOOVE one of these! No more lock outs, and we'd be able to unlock the house to others from a remote location, how cool is that!?

I would LOVE this!! I am working on increasing my security at home - too many break in's and crazy ppl in the last year or so in my neighborhood!

This is definitely something I'd like to win. thanks

storm 2 9550 and yes i love my Blackberry.

This looks fantastic. Would love to have this installed at home. I would pay to have the thermostat and light modules that compliment the package as well. Very cool system and logical extension of the BlackBerry.

Not that these get read - but this would be perfect for me. I'm getting a new home soon, and the whole Z-Wave system was something I plan on investing in for my new home. I couldn't be happier if I won. =D

Now that's just too cool, and would be perfect for our condo... especially since the girlfriend plans to rock a BlackBerry as well!

i've been looking for something along the lines of this! would so be so much easier to use my blackberry instead of carrying around a set of keys!

Pick me cause i tried and tried foor this the last time and never won so it would be great to win a lock system, i leave in a bad neighborhood and need this what a good marketing advertisement don't you think?


"1-2-3-4-5? That's the stupidest combination I've ever heard of in my life! That's the kinda thing an idiot would have on his luggage!"


This is a great lock!! I had one in my last house. One of the advantages are your kids don't have to carry keys anymore. Keys that they always lose! When I sold my house I didn't need the real estate agents lock box on my door I just programmed a second code. You don't have to carry as many keys. We went away on a boat trip one Saturday and the weather got bad so we couldn't make the trek back and had to stay in Orillia over night. The problem we had though was our dog was in the house! I called a good friend and had them go down to our house gave them the code and they got the dog out! How convenient!! These locks rock! So convenient, very reliable, dependable, easy to program and looks great!

I've been excited about the Link system since I saw it at last years Consumer Electronics Show. What a great idea...I WANT ONE...please

This would probably force me to buy a new front door, but I would do whatever it takes to be the first Uber Geek in my neighborhood to have an iSchlock! :)

Schlage is a great brand and their LiNK service sounds even better, let the kids in , check on them via web cam, unlock the door with a cell phone. I would be proud to have this in my home. Thank you CrackBerry and Thank You Schlage.

After getting robbed, I don't believe you can have enough security! This is an excellent idea! Thank you for giving us the chance.

Its my birthday month....i would love to celebrate it with a new lock i can control from my blkberry!!!!

My kids constantly forget their key and are locked out. It was soooo very helpful to win this and be able to open the door with the phone. I just love this concept!

I saw this at HOME DEPOT it's awesome pick me my daughter is constantly locked out! she forgets her keys...

This would be terrific. With our recent addition we lost all of our x10 system. Schlage would be sweet addition to the addition!

No more fumbling for keys, no more lock box, í can see the neighbour scratching his head as I head for the front door.