CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2011 10:51 am EST

Leave a single comment to this post for your chance to win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!

BlackBerry PlayBook IOU CrackBerry

What birthday celebration would be complete without a grand prize? The pièce de résistance?!? Well we have just that - a BlackBerry PlayBook!! Ok, well maybe we don't actually have a BlackBerry PlayBook, but we're still giving one away! In continuing the celebration of our 4th birthday, we're giving away an IOU for one BlackBerry PlayBook. Whenever RIM gets it together and releases it (early April-ish?), we'll send you one right out of the gate.

Enter Contest: Leave a single comment on this post to enter to win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook. Contest ends Sunday March 12th at midnight PST. Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!



I got a Birthday too, on March 11th! I'd love to get this for my B-Day, even if it's a day or two later...

About a month ago I was jonesing for the playbook hard enough to almost buy an iPad.

I said almost, never made it to the register.

I am not going to get a tax return this year, in fact I "owe" the IRS $65.00 (LAME!) Times are tough and I am still sporting an 8900 (Good Grief). I soo need this contest win!!

Oh, how I would love to use this device travelling! Perfect mix of business (connected to my Torch), and pleasure (particulalry the browser with flash support).

New CrackBerry member here,
A Playbook would be a crazy welcoming gift for me!!!!!!!!!!

... oh and HAPPY B-Day CB!!!!!!

I would love to win a blackberry playbook. My birthday is April 15th AKA Tax Day and we owe big time this year!! So winning this BB playbook that comes out in April would make a great birthday gift for myself from crackberry! Crackberry rocks!!

The PlayBook is by far the only useful looking tablet being released. I'd definitely love to win one! Oh, happy birthday CrackBerry!

I heard people talking about this contest in the lobby of the hotel i am staying in at the moment. It is on avenue of the americas and 39th street in Manhattan. If i can join this contest by just giving one comment, then this is the one. Beware, if you choose me as winner, the playbook goes international to the Netherlands :)

I think my heart stopped for a few seconds right now lol.... This week has been sweet. I wish everyday was ur birthday lol

Wow. Well... No sob story here, I just like free stuff and, cB is giving it away... Match made in heaven? I'd say!


I want one!! Don't make me buy an iPad2 :P

And, of course, happy birthday to the best BlackBerry related site in known universe! :D

I know there is no way I will ever win but if there is a one in an x chance of anyone winning, I don't stand any less of a shot at winning this than anyone else. Come on, CB! Let your PB love rain down on this poor dork!

Bon Anniversaire CrackBerry!!! Just got a Torch and would LOVE a Playbook!! Just in time for my son's birthday April 14th. :-D

happy birthday crackberry :)

its my 2nd birthday with you guys.....please...please o please kevin...choose me...a lot of my friends have the iPad and im always making fun of them for it...but i never have anything to show off....yeah i have a blackberry...but we all already know that their phone or ipad is already shinnier & sleeker then our when i do win this...i will show them up with the playbook & record their reactions....WITH the playbook..since it could do that of course ;)...this is exactly what i need as well...i am a college student & i dont have a i think this would be a great substitution over that....but if you think anyone else out there needs this more then i....then go right ahead.....


happy birthday :)

All best wishes :) to Crackberry, RIM, Blackberry, BBM, OS 4,5,6, Bold 9700, Torch 9800, Style 9670 and every cool and nice thing we all so much love. Best regards from Croatia!


Would love to get my hands on one of these and shut up the iPAD lovers that keep saying the playbook is going to suck.

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease may I have one? I desperately need to demonstrate its superiority to my iSlave sheep friends.

Congratulations on your 4th birthday. I check in almost every day, and often find useful information about what's new and upcoming in the Blackberry world. Keep up the good work.

I would love a Blackberry Playbook. BlackBerry is awesome and Happy Birthday to my favorite BlackBerry site Crackberry!

The mere fact that I never an iPad should count for something here - :) I really, really, really want a BlackBerry Playbook!

Please oh Please pick me!

Thanks, in advance!


i dont want one....I NEED ONE....I BLEED BLACKBERRY...please give me the playbook...My wife is going to kill me if i dig into our savings for

Lol.. 2151 comments includin me.. Doesn't make me even feel that I might become lucky.. But still playbook makes me feel that I shouldn't leave blackberry and THE BLACKBERRY ADDICTION.. Its been 1 year 2 weeks since am readin crackberry posts everyday.. Love blackberry..!!

since it was just my 27th birthday a few days ago, i think it would be fabulous to celebrate crackberry's birthday with a new blackberry playbook! nothing makes blackberry more fun than a little crackberry! <3 "pick me, choose me, love me!" - Meredith Grey knows what its all about! ;)

I've been entering these contests for a few years now, what's the harm in throwing another in the hat?

Here's hoping. Happy Birthday, Crackberry!

History in the making today might just be. Make up with the GF and I may even stand a chance to win me a BB Playbook!

All is well :)

Happy Birthday. I am a new Blackberry user. I loved the style 9670 ever since I began reading about it. Now I have one and I love it, it's a great phone. And although I love Apple and I wanted an iPad, the more I learned about the Playbook the more I felt it suited me and what I want a tablet for, more than the iPad. Hope I can win one.