CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2011 10:51 am EST

Leave a single comment to this post for your chance to win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!

BlackBerry PlayBook IOU CrackBerry

What birthday celebration would be complete without a grand prize? The pièce de résistance?!? Well we have just that - a BlackBerry PlayBook!! Ok, well maybe we don't actually have a BlackBerry PlayBook, but we're still giving one away! In continuing the celebration of our 4th birthday, we're giving away an IOU for one BlackBerry PlayBook. Whenever RIM gets it together and releases it (early April-ish?), we'll send you one right out of the gate.

Enter Contest: Leave a single comment on this post to enter to win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook. Contest ends Sunday March 12th at midnight PST. Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!



What a great way to celebrate Crackberry's Birthday :D
Happy Birthday!!
And hopefully you guys will always be there to keep us all updated throughout the comming years :)

Much love, and good luck everyone ;)

It would be awesome to win a playbook... though i'd probably still have to purchase one to use inbetween the release and when you guys send one out to the winner. I need to have on by noon on 4/10

Happy B-Day Crackberry, and I am glad you realize it is better to give than to receive. So please give ME a Playbook.


Hey guys at I've been following you guys off blackberry news feeds since the app came out! I would love the chance to win an IOU for the playbook! Sign me up and I wish you guys all the best! Happy 4th aniversary and hopefully another 40 more!

I could really do with this multimedia tool! Been dying to tweet and youtube on one of these babies.


Yes!!!! just like the old band Gun's & Roses used to sing, YOU should be Mine...
hey, PlayBook, did you listen to that?

I went to a blackberry event today, and I knew more than our resident Blackberry "expert"!

Thanks CrackBerry for making me smart and Happy Birthday!

I can't wait for this one to be released! The more I read, the more I want one! Thanks for feeding the fire, CrackBerry!

If I won one of these I would do a backflip. I could really use one for work and travel. Thanks!!!!

As a computer programmer I would love to get my hands on a playbook. So envious of my friends with an ipad but I've been holding out for the playbook.

Snap diggle pops, I would love to win a PlayBook! CrackBerry you guys are awesome. The prizes this week have been amazing. I've always had a BlackBerry addiction, but my fiancée pointed out that I now also have a addiction. Keep up the great work and "Happy Birthday" once again.

I will jump over the iPad, zoom past the Xoom to be with my new Playbook

Please pick me CB Team...

WOW!!!! Not only is it Crackberrys B-day, and they are having such wonderful contests, now they go over the top and are giving away the must have device of the year, and it's not even out yet, Way to go Crackberry, now if you would only just pick me please.

Just got laid off after 11 years on the same job, and my first thought was "damn now I won't be able to get my playbook". Well hopefully thanks to crackberry, I won't have to worry about that.

I really want to make my boss jealous as heck. yes my engrish inhales profusely, but hey i am trying to win a playbook here.

Saving up my pennies to get a tablet this summer or sooner if I find what I like. This one is currently on the top of my list depending on the price point and I would actually like to play with one first. So if I could win it then that would make my day!!
Thanks J...

I just went to an apple blog site to drop a duece on there ipad2 therefore I think I deserve winning this free device :)

Sure would be nice to finally win a contest on the internet...I'd be content with a playbook being my only prize in the history of online contests

Hello out there! You're on the web,
It's Crackberry's best contest to date;
Tension grows, the Apple version blows,
And the Playbook comes down the pipes.
The fanboys jump, but the Playbooks trump,
And the fans all go insane;
Someone roars, "BlackBerry scores!"
At the good old Crackberry website.

Oh! The good old CB Birthday Contest,
Is the best contest you can enter;
And the best contest you can name,
Is the good old CB Birthday Contest!

Who has two thumbs and wants a brand spankin' new PlayBook to rub in the face of all his friends with an iPad? This guy! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Crackberry !! a class act offering a great gift opportunity in return to one of all of us who benefit from your wonderful site and store - WTG !! keep up the great job !! Thank you

YES!!!!!! I saw the interview with the product manager on "a competitor" site, but APRIL 10th!!!!!!!! I would love to win an IOU to one of these bad boys! SO EXCITED THAT THIS IS REAL NOW!!!! Good luck everyone and Happy Birthday!!!!

Please pick me!
Please pick me!
Please pick me!
Please pick me!
Please pick me!
Please pick me!
Please pick me!
Please pick me!