CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2011 10:51 am EST

Leave a single comment to this post for your chance to win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!

BlackBerry PlayBook IOU CrackBerry

What birthday celebration would be complete without a grand prize? The pièce de résistance?!? Well we have just that - a BlackBerry PlayBook!! Ok, well maybe we don't actually have a BlackBerry PlayBook, but we're still giving one away! In continuing the celebration of our 4th birthday, we're giving away an IOU for one BlackBerry PlayBook. Whenever RIM gets it together and releases it (early April-ish?), we'll send you one right out of the gate.

Enter Contest: Leave a single comment on this post to enter to win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook. Contest ends Sunday March 12th at midnight PST. Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!



So love this tablet and BB in general I've been a user for years.and not even a businessman but the typical consumer/student.which means blackberry is for wish I could have one for school.

I need it for my birthday present. I'm not turning 4 but if that would help your marketing I'm happy to pretend

Hello and Happy Birthday, CB! If I win the playbook, it would be the single-most fabulous gift I have ever won. I am totally obsessed with the PlayBook_ Please, please, please pick me!

Yes Finally word about a release date for the blackberry playbook, it would be nice if RIM announced it in the near future! Hopefully I can get one...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday Dear Crackberry,
Happy birthday to you.

Birthdays come but once a year
So we sing this happy cheer
Happy birthday from all of us here!
Happy birthday 'til next year!

Tonedeaf singing of Happy Birthday for a PlayBook? :D

Ok... i need to win SOMETHING on Crackberry!! I have tried this before and ended up empty handed! I have tried many other Crackberry giveaways, and ended up with NADA as well! I think this should be it! the ONLY thing i win on! Make it happen guys... let your 4th Bday be as memorable to me as it is to YOU... Well after that i think it would be more memorable to me.. You all just gonna have bdays 5 and 6 soon and i will remember 4 if i get this Prize!

OMG, I want a PlayBook SOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAD - - Can't wait to buy one, but I'd GLADLY accept an IOU for one as well ! ! ! =)

mmmmm I can hardly stand the wait for all of it's Playbooky goodness.... can't wait to touch one of them....I can't believe it isn't out yet....all this coverage is driving me crazy... only thing that would make it better would be a free Playbook in all its awesomeness from Crackberry!

I just love it when you have these contests! I think crackberry is coolest smartphone website, its so awesome that you offer this contest to all of us die hard blackberry users! goodluck everyone!!!

This would be a perfect 20th wedding anniversary gift for my wife in April to go with her Torch 9800.


Crackberry, you guys are the best, hands down! I have been drooling over this since the rumors started! Please hook me up!

Oh yes please I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed one of these; well maybe more of a want ... Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!

Winning a Playbook would be awesome!! The company I work for uses SAP, and after seeing the demo of the app they created, I have decided I really one! Congrats on 4 years, and please pick me!!!

I would be more than grateful if i won this. Thank you crackberry crew for making a contest like this. No other websites would even consider thinking about something that that. I think theses are things that makes this website what it is. good luck everyone!!!

I'm guessing we can expect another about 10,000 entries! That's ok though, can't win if you don't enter!

Thanks for the shot, Crackberry!

Maybe winning this would restore my faith in CB after the mod's UNBANNED one of the worst people to ever get banned in the forums... someone who;s posts were littered with personal insults, f-bombs, personal threats and Arabic "Curses" againt some of us and our families.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! This would come just in time for my new job. It says to leave one message, so this message better be good. Kevin - You are amazing! You've turned CrackBerry into that truly honors the Blackberry as it should be. Long live CrackBerry!

I love the reviews. I often look for new reviews on the devices I'm interested in. I seek advice from CrackBerry whenever I am researching anything blackberry.

The forums are a source of information not round anywhere else. Thank you to all the contributors in the forum. I know there are users that LIVE on the website and are able to offer great insight and wisdom. Thank you all.

The store is awesome! Makes purchasing accessories a one stop deal. I can get my CrackBerry and buy my accessories in one place!

I would love to see CrackBerry wear! Polos, sweatshirts, hats, etc. Think about it! Decked out in CrackBerry wear and using our BlackBerry blinged our in CrackBerry Colorware colors, and with the CrackBerry theme. The hat would really top of our CrackBerry head!

I doubt anyone reads these. Oh well, Happy Birthday!

Famous phrase " I owe you" Understand the I and the O but never did quite understand the U. Why not Y? Regardless I would love nothing more than Crackberry to pay off a debt with me. Especially with a Blackberry playbook, I'll give you til May. LOL : )

Release from the anti-flash-buy-me-for-a-lot-more-and-i'll-give-you-less-i-product known as the iPad!!!!!!

Ah, so many comments, so little BB Playbook to give away ;) But it doesn't matter, it's fun to enter the contest just to see if I may get lucky this one time. So here goes!

Could this be the fastest commented on Article/Giveaway on CrackBerry to date!?

If I won I would have to donate it to myself. I'm generous like that.

Thank you crackberry for organising contests! Hopefully the IOU winner will deserve this gift. Again - thank you, you are the best! :)

I have never won anything here, hopefully I win cause in my country, ppl are crazy about . So I can show them that playbook is better than ipad.