CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2011 10:51 am EST

Leave a single comment to this post for your chance to win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!

BlackBerry PlayBook IOU CrackBerry

What birthday celebration would be complete without a grand prize? The pièce de résistance?!? Well we have just that - a BlackBerry PlayBook!! Ok, well maybe we don't actually have a BlackBerry PlayBook, but we're still giving one away! In continuing the celebration of our 4th birthday, we're giving away an IOU for one BlackBerry PlayBook. Whenever RIM gets it together and releases it (early April-ish?), we'll send you one right out of the gate.

Enter Contest: Leave a single comment on this post to enter to win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook. Contest ends Sunday March 12th at midnight PST. Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!



If I win, I would HAVE to e-mail all of my FB friends to let them know what great prizes they are missing out on! Good luck everyone!

Thanks CB!

The Playbook would be an ideal gift from Crackberry.
I will use it at university to take my notes, put in some music, movies, and tv series on there to keep me entertained at all time on the new QNX OS. It is the perfect gift because you can always keep it on you and it is easy to carry. I desire this gift and hope Crackberry can make it happen !

Thanks a lot CB ;-)

This would be awesome! I would love a Playbook for free! I'm going to get one either way...but you can't beat free!

Wow, I'm leaving my single comment as directed. I really want a PlayBook. Kevin, please make it happen. Also, if I win, please have the theme added. Thanks.

Happy birthday to Crackberry! I recently had a birthday also and turned 52 (please don't tell anyone my real age). My needs are simple, I only want a 16 GB Wi-Fi model. I work at a police department where the internet browsers are never updated (running IE7, no kidding!) It makes it nearly impossible to cruise your newly designed website. I depend on Crackberry for updated fresh BlackBerry news. If I had a Playbook, I could actually navigate your site successfully. I LOVE Crackberry, best BlackBerry site ever!

Me please? I'm a poor student who can't even afford an upgrade from his Storm 1. At least with a PlayBook, I can do everything on it whilst connected to my Storm.

Happy Birthday Crackberry, thanks for the great contest. I'm looking forward to browsing the site on my new Playbook.

I don't know how to put this, I'm kind of a big deal... people know me. I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany (but as yet does not have a Playbook, please make it so!)

What a great time of the year for a birthday CB!!! Right when the Playbook is being released! I need one in my life!

Switched to a BlackBerry about 4 months ago after a few years as a die hard Palm user, I'll never look back, now I know why they call it a CrackBerry. Would LOVE to have the play book but my luck in give a ways is 0, but you never know......

Great contest! I'd love to win this! Happy Birthday CrackBerry. No gift/goody bag would be complete without a PlayBook!!

I missed the first one so maybe this one I will win. It will make up for the Christmas present i never got from my wife

BB Playbook > iPad(and its Sequels)
i already have dreams about owning this device
Long live the Playbook.

Can't wait to get my hands on the PlayBook. The waiting is too much. But an IOU is the next best thing (at least to the winner). HB CB.

Yeah, I don't think I need to enter this contest. No, I don't like free things at all. Oh oh, I think I just did. Boo-urns!

I need one for business purposes. If I don't win one, I'll buy one. It will compliment our organization's other tablets and possibly prove its superiority.

The playbook looks sweet! i would love to win this. love u guys

Storm 2 9550...And yes i love my Blackberry.

In four years you have been instrumental in keeping us blackberry fans up to date with the latest RIM developments. What a way to go! You certainly keep our interest in BB products alive! Congratulations on 4 splendid years of excellent information and promotion of BB products!! May you age gracefully!
Oh, and I forgot. I would also love to win the long awaited BB Playbook!

I'm desperate, I need a playbook, if I get this IOU I'll still have all my money to buy accessories from shopcrackberry. Hopefully my luck has been building up for this moment to explain the reason why I lost every contest for the past few months!!!!

*overdramatic mode off*

I hope RIM gets their act together wrt. the developer community, and really improves its Playbook APIs. That would really improve the Playbook's chances of success.

That said, I still want one ;)

Thank you crackberry for always keeping me up to date with what's going on in the BB world as well as posting very insightful reviews!!! Congrats on the anniversary!

I doubt I'd win lol. I never win anything but if i did, it'd be a nice late birthday present. Birthday's April 3 :D

I cannot friggin' wait for this bad boy! Me playbook budget was recently wiped out by an unexpected expense, so I really hope I win!