CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a Custom Painted Colorware BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Mar 2011 01:43 pm EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a ColorWare BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G. Details below...

Win a ColorWare BlackBerry!

ColorWare has been helping us celebrate our birthdays since we turned one year old, so there's so way we'd turn four years out without giving CrackBerry readers yet another chance to win a custom painted BlackBerry. Courtesy of ColorWare, this year the lucky winner will get a brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800, Pearl 3G or Bold 9780 with their choice of color scheme. Let me say that again... you get to choose the device AND the custom color scheme. Want to go patriotic with a red, white and blue Bold 9780? How about a CrackBerry orange Torch 9800? You can choose whatever you want - the design is totally up to you! Be sure to follow the link at the bottom of this post to jump over to ColorWare's site where you can test the color options in their Design Studio.

Contest Details: To enter to win, just leave a single comment on this post telling us what color scheme and device you'd choose. Contest ends this Sunday March 13th at midnight PST. Good luck!!

Create a custom design at Colorware

Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a Custom Painted Colorware BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G!



Would love a Caribbean Gloss Torch with smoke white frames and dashes of yellow in between... It would be bess.... Please choose me! :)

I've found a combination of brown ("coffee") and that dark red colour ("cranberry") which looks pretty amazing on the torch. I'd go for either that or purple and orange.

I can honestly say that if given the choice between this and my next breath, I wouldn't know which to pick.

What do you think? was my other one. I'd spend a little longer on it if I won though!

EDIT: Oh, it shortens links... oh well, you can see it if I win okay?

A bold 9780 and the scheme would be red,white, and blue. But not for usa but for MLG (major league gaming)

i'd choose the Torch and make it a combination of charcoal and red. I is a "TORCH." it has to have some resemblance of fire taken to it.

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome it shows how much people and compaines love crackberry enough to show such love by giving away so much stuff. Colorware you rock pick me i would love a custom 9780.

so cool

Bold 9780
frame yellow solid
top yellow
bottom yellow
inner back yellow
outer back black
logo black
finish softtouch

Ohh man, a brand new torch just sounds like a fantastic idea. I would like one please? Torch with a pink and black color scheme

A Bold 9780, Decked out in all JetBlack Softouch, and the blackberry logo in Graphite Gloss to match the band which houses the camera and flash. I they dont do softouch im good with just Jetblack gloss and graphite gloss. :)

I would love to win a colorware custom Torch 9800 with a Candy apple gloss front,smoke white gloss keyboard, Smoke white gloss top, Jet-black gloss frame, Smoke white gloss sides and a jet black gloss back.

It'd be a great birthday gift to give a guy who loves my Blackberry but isn't convinced he's a crackberry addict enough to get one himself!
Help me convert him for good ;)

i want a 9780 then i'mma paint it with a black and red scheme

would definitely look cool and hot at the same time

pick me please

i'm celebrating my birthday this march 21

this would be the best gift i'd ever receive if ever


pretty please :)

A Bold 9780 with Steel Gloss Bezel, Carbon Soft Top and Bottom, Carbon Soft Outer Back, Steel Soft Inner Back and Zest Gloss Logo :)

Torch Torch Torch!! My 3rd Colorware competition entry...3rd time lucky??

Red/Black Torch...Always love the Red/Black...oooh or Blue/Black....

now if i only could get the playbook as well....

Would love a Bold 9780. Frame: Ferrari Gloss, Top: Glacier Gloss, Bottom: Glacier Gloss, Inner Back: Star Dust Softouch, Outer Back: Glacier Softouch, Logo: Ferrari Gloss.

I would love a new Blackberry torch in toronto maple leafs colours so people will know my loyalty to the team even though we have not come close to winning a stanley cup since 1967.
Happy Birthday Crackberry and keep on cracking.

Ou lala, I could give my old crackberry to my girl and get a nice custom one ;)
Thanks CB and Colorware, and good luck everybody!

I'd have to say the pearl 3g would be the best choice for me. Though I like the full keyboard on my BB now, I loved the keyboard on my pearl far more when I had it. As for a color scheme, I'd go with full fusion (pink) softouch.

It'd be awesome to get a painted CrackBerry!I play around with the Colorware site all the time. I'd like to have the BB Torch, with the front, back, keyboard, and frame in Fusion, and the sides and the top in Blush. *crosses fingers*

I would love to have an all white Torch with a purple battery cover!! That would be so sweet for 2 reasons, 1, I'm a guy and I love purple and 2, I got an iPhone and now am kicking myself and should have kept my Blackberry. I miss it sooo much! Blackberries are amazing!, I never should have gotten rid of it!

Torch 9800 would be awesome. Front - Carbon Black Gloss, Keyboard - Carbon Black Gloss, Top - Graphite Gloss, Frame - Carbon Black Gloss, Sides - Graphite Gloss, Back - Carbon Black Gloss.
By the way Colorware makes great looking products and Crackberry Rules. Now just get us a leak for a new QNX OS for my 9700.

This is a great contest I would love to win a blue bb torch or a blue bb bold 9780
I really hope I win
I hope I get sy"d

This is a great contest I would love to win a blue bb torch or a blue bb bold 9780
I really hope I win
I hope I get sy"d

I love b-days especially when crackberry has a b-day! this is an awesome contest and gotta say i'd get blue and white or black and dark gray

a NEW Torch with The Ohio State Buckeyes as my theme, a contest surpassed by none.
Thanks for the contest !!!!

For my new Blackberry Torch 9800 I would like:

Front / Top / Sides: Candy-Apple Red (Soft Touch)
Keyboard: Diamond (Soft Touch)
Frame: Jet Black (Gloss)
Back: Jet Black (Soft Touch)

Thanks CB & ColorWare!

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear crackberry, this is the best place for my blackberry!!!!! A blue torch would be awesome!!!!!! Thanks guys

I chose Torch !

Back door - light pink,

Bezel (the 1 that connecting back and front) - light blue,

Top bezel (slide) - light purple,

Keypad - white.

To CB, Colorware, and that Shining New Blackberry Torch,

Youuuuuuu Light up my Lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....


I sound really bad. The only way i will stop singing hereon is to Pick me as the Winner!!!

Oh, and heres How Colorware can do the color combo's for me:

Front and Back- Graphite Gloss
Keyboard - Alpine Gloss
Top - Lightning Gloss
Frame - Midnight Gloss
Sides -Candy Apple Gloss

P.S.: Got low on money and needed to pay my kids tuition. Sold my BB :( Take me out of NokiaLand pls


Thanks CB and Colorware. You fellas are kind :)

OOOh my look at how fast this post grew, the bold would be amazing though.

Black back, black top, Dark Metallic green logo, outer back black, the dark green frame.

SofTouch looks awesome by the way.

any shade PINK & WHITE / color scheme i have a windows pink theme that or something far as which phone i like them all but would have to go with the torch

A Torch either in Frostbite gloss or Candy Apple gloss would be sooo nice! A Candy Apple/Steel Glass combination would be pretty too.

I would love a BlackBerry Torch in all Abyss Gloss besides the top and sides which I would like in Power Gloss. Thanks!

This is such a good idea!>!>!>! I want a sick coloured BB!
Everyone has one :) so I want mine to stand out --> Reflective Orange and White FOOOOR SURE!!!

Happy Birthday guys, keep up the awesomeness. A sleek SofTouch metallic blue black and silver Torch would be so great.

BB 9780 Best BB out with Carbon Fiber and Steel Grey!!!! Classy but Distinguishable, keep me different from everyone else on my BBM list :) like it was just yesterday i got my first blackberry, ever since then ive been coming ot this site for all the lastest news coming out of waterloo

The contests just never end! Thank you CrackBerry! I'll have my BB Torch in a combination of mettalic sand, carbon black and graphite.

colourware, i would LOVE your website FOREVER if you give me a 9800 with these colours:

FRONT: Candy-apple softouch
KEYBOARD: Abyss softouch
TOP: cobalt softouch
FRAME: Jet black softouch
Sides: Techno softouch
BACK: Jet black gloss

Blackberry Torch 9800

Front : Candy Apple Gloss
Keyboard : Candy Apple Gloss
Top : Candy Apple Gloss
Frame : Candy Apple Gloss
Sides : Carbon Black gloss
Back : Candy Apple Gloss

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! I don't think i would understand my phone a year later if it was not for you guys!

Great Contest. Thanks

I would like a Torch.
Front: Abyss Gloss
Keyboard: carbon Black Gloss
Back: Abyss Gloss
Sides: jet-black Gloss
Frame: smoke-withe Gloss
Top: jet-black Gloss

Thanks crackberry and colorware for hosting this awesome contest !!
I've always wanted to get my phone done by colorware, but the price just put me off :(

One can only dream of winning, but if I do, I'd love a torch in...

Front - Metallic Carbon Black - Softtouch
Keyboard - Metallic Carbon Black - Softtouch
Top - Metallic Envy Green - Softtouch
Frame - Metallic Carbon Black - Softtouch
Side - Metallic Envy Green - Softtouch
Back - Metallic Carbon Black - Softtouch

I've always wanted a torch fully black, without the tacky chrome, and green accents, hoping my dream comes true haha

Crackberry is fantastic and its better to give than receive so niice work crackberry, And happy birthday and I like the bb designs, hope I can win one one :)

happy birthday crackberry. i hope us in the philippines have a chance to win too.
a yellow bold 9780 would be awesome.... or a micra red torch

I would love a PINK Torch but I'm a Sprint I will take a PINK BOLD!!!!!Thanks in advance!

Hello Crackberry,
I really need a blackberry phone right now, I had a torch 9800 but I accidentally dropped my phone, now the entire screen is broken and even the upper sliding part is curved, I can't use my phone, and I missed a lot important calls, I just need a blackberry now so I can just back up my data to the phone and use it without any problem.
Since I had a torch, I didn't like the screen resolution and the typing on this phone, so I would like to have a 9780 this time if I'm lucky enough to get picked. As for the color, I prefer black and blue scheme.
Thank you, I need to win this!!!!!

Thanks again

Front - Jet-Black Softouch
Keyboard - Jet-Black Softouch
Top - Jet-Black Softouch
Frame - Diamond Softouch
Sides - Jet-Black Softouch
Back - Diamond Softouch

I want a Bold 9780, Mate Graphite and Mate Black with a Hint of Deep Red (Gloss and Mate) The Perfect BlackBerry for the common CrackBerry Addict, A Bold with a Bold set of ColorWare!

A Bold 9780. The color is something I would have a great time designing if I win, but Crackberry Orange & White sounds pretty good to me.

WOW THAT TORCH ON COLORWARE'S SITE IN GLOSS BLACK/TURQUOISE/SLATE GREY LOOKS SOOOOOO SEXY!! or maybe even substitute the Gloss Black to Gloss White (drools) !! I would love to win this... Chances are pretty slim but I hope I get lucky :) Thanks CB & Colorware. Great contest. Good luck to all!

I would give anything for a torch 9800 dressed up in white blue and orange to celebrate crackberry and my favorite NY teams.