CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a Custom Painted Colorware BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Mar 2011 01:43 pm EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a ColorWare BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G. Details below...

Win a ColorWare BlackBerry!

ColorWare has been helping us celebrate our birthdays since we turned one year old, so there's so way we'd turn four years out without giving CrackBerry readers yet another chance to win a custom painted BlackBerry. Courtesy of ColorWare, this year the lucky winner will get a brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800, Pearl 3G or Bold 9780 with their choice of color scheme. Let me say that again... you get to choose the device AND the custom color scheme. Want to go patriotic with a red, white and blue Bold 9780? How about a CrackBerry orange Torch 9800? You can choose whatever you want - the design is totally up to you! Be sure to follow the link at the bottom of this post to jump over to ColorWare's site where you can test the color options in their Design Studio.

Contest Details: To enter to win, just leave a single comment on this post telling us what color scheme and device you'd choose. Contest ends this Sunday March 13th at midnight PST. Good luck!!

Create a custom design at Colorware

Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a Custom Painted Colorware BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G!



Blackberry Torch 9800 (Stealth Color Scheme)

Front: Carbon-Black (Softouch)
Keyboard: Carbon-Black (Gloss)
Top: Carbon-Black (Gloss)
Frame: Jet Black (Softouch)
Sides: Carbon-Black (Softouch)
Back: Carbon-Black (Softouch)

TORCH please :).. with:
FRONT: Carbon Black Gloss
KEYBOARD: Candy-Apple Gloss
TOP: Candy-Apple Gloss
FRAME: Carbon Black Gloss
SIDES: Candy-Apple Red
BACK: Carbon Black Gloss

I would love to get a Blackberry Torch for my GF.
here's the color

FRONT = Blush SoftTouch
Keyboard = Blush SoftTouch
Top = Blush Gloss
Frame = Concord Gloss
Sides = Blush Gloss
Back = Concord Gloss

Thanks Crackberry and Thanks Colorware for this awesome Contest...

Would like a 9780!!

Color Scheme: FRAME: Smoke White TOP: Techno BOTTOM: Techno INNER BACK: Smoke White OUTTER BACK: Techno INNER LOGO: Techno!

Thank you! Would be amazing to win!!

I'd love to get hold of the 9780 and have it in a custom red and black colour scheme. Please please let me win :p Or maybe a torch in all black.

blackberry torch

front -jade softouch, keyboard -mango softouch, top -ferrari softouch, frame -jade softouch,
sides -ferrari softouch, back -jade softouch

thanks =D

Please please please my bday is march twenty third and it would be soooo awesome to win a new blackberry I like the white one!!!!!

BB 9780
FRAME : Goldrush Gloss TOP: Jet Black Gloss BOTTTOM: Jet Black Gloss INNER BACK: Jet Black Gloss OUTER BACK: Goldrush Gloss LOGO: Lightning Gloss


I want the 9800... I'd go with a Dark blue/light blue theme... glossy...maybe matte. Haven't decided...pick me and I'll record my "decision" for CB!

i want a bold or a torch. color scheme would be different shades of gray while making the logo bright red to make it stand out!

thanks crackberry and coloware

BB Torch! Zest Gloss Front, Mango Gloss Keyboard, Mango Gloss Top, Zest Gloss Frame, Mango Gloss Sides, and Zest Gloss Back. Looks like a beautiful sunrise!!!

I think I'd go for a nascar themed torch. #17 Matt Kenseth dewalt. Maybe make it look like the car's paint scheme... genious.

Front: Metallic Envy Gloss
KeyBoard: Stardust Gloss
Top: Metallic Envy Gloss
Frame: Metallic Envy Gloss
Side: Stardust Gloss
Back: Metallic Envy Gloss

Would def make my Torch....wait for it.................Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow.

Happy 4th Crackberry! Lets keep the good times rollin.

Here is my request..Bold 9780,Frame, logo and outer back in graphite soft touch. The rest in black soft touch..ahhh simple pleasures

I've been following longer than I've been a member. This is what we all wait for in the birthday contests. All time best web site. Thank CB. Com, and happy birthday. I hope I can win. Torch with my company colors. Pick me pick me!

Great contests this week! I love Colorware, just never forked out the $$$ for it! I would go with a yellow and black combo!

Happy birthday CB!!
If I get lucky, my choice:
torch 9800
front diamond gloss
keyboard carbon black gloss
top diamond gloss
frame diamond gloss
sides diamond gloss
back diamond gloss

Ah sure, let's try another contest. Someday I'm bound to get lucky, right? RIGHT? So, my choice would be the Bold 9780
Frame: Mystique Gloss
Top: Mystique Gloss
Bottom: Steel Gloss
Inner Back: Mystique Gloss
Outer Back: Steel Gloss
Logo: Mystique Gloss

But then again, so many choices... I kinda like the Midnight Gloss, Caribbean Gloss, Dragon Gloss and Powder Gloss too... Or the Goldrush... hmmm...

9780 - All in a SofTouch:
Frame: Alpine (Metallic)
Top: Diamond (Pearl)
Bottom: Diamond (Pearl)
Inner Back: Alpine (Metallic)
Outer Back: Diamond (Pearl)
Logo: Diamond (Pearl)

OMG - I love Colorware and can play on their site for hours!!! But I've never bought anything from them :( (motion of hands showing empty pockets)

My choice BB 9800
FRONT : Carbon Black Soft Touch
TOP: Candy Apple Gloss
KEYBOARD: Candy Apple Gloss
FRAME: Carbon Black Soft Touch
SIDES: Candy Apple Gloss
BACK: Carbon Black Soft Touch

I would love a Black and Yellow Or Blue And White Torch for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Toronto Maple Leafs

been through 12 bbs in 2 years cause the break (hardware failure) be nice to get a free bold or torch for a change!!. a all green bold or all orange bold would be sick!


or maybe black and gold just to make it pop!
On a bold 9780 Baby!

Here's my choice BB 9780 with FRAME : Crush Gloss, TOP: Crush Gloss BOTTTOM: Crush Gloss INNER BACK: Crush Gloss OUTER BACK: RootBeer Gloss LOGO: RootBeer Gloss


BB 9800 with Front : Caution Gloss, KeyBoard: Caution Gloss Top: Caution Gloss FRAME: Envy Gloss Sides: Envy Gloss Back: Caution Gloss

It'd be so sweet to win..

had lots of fun poking around with the design studio cool site and service

id say a 9780 with this :

frame: vanilla gloss, top:candy apple gloss, bottom: candy apple gloss, inner back: vanilla gloss, outer back: candy apple gloss and logo: black

looks nice \\Thanks and good luck all !

I always enter the Colorware contests, simply because I love what they do and wish I could afford it. This would make my year.

The BlackBerry Torch is spectacular. Its the inspiration of RIM, and the best Blackberry they ever made. The colour design I would pick would be Toronto Maple Leaf colours Blue and White. Tell you what Crackberry, If the Leafs win this Saturday against the Buffalo Sabres March 12th, pick me on Sunday as the winner.

Torch please crackberry lol

Front - Jet Black - soft touch
Keyboard - Techno - soft touch
Top - Techno - soft touch
Frame - Jet Black - soft touch
Sides - Techno - soft touch
Back - Jet Black - soft touch

Comments will be here if not more by the end of this contest! But hey I've got a chance don't I?!?!?! Thanks. I would love some kind of pink with a pearly white and maybe a splash of purple! :-D

Torch 9800 pleaseeee

Front: Carbon Black
Keyboard: Candy Apple
Top: Candy Apple
Frame: Carbon Black
Sides: Candy Apple
Back: Carbon Black

WoW...this would be beyond awesomeness! I would definitely get a Michael Jordan tribute paint job in classic Bulls colors of red, white, and black for my Torch 9800.

Bold 9780 with Metallic Candy Apple Red Frame, Outer Back and Logo and Metallic Blck Top, Bottom and Inner Back all in SofTouch.

Looks SWEET on screen. Would love to have this BB fer reel!

i would enjoy showing of a dragon green torch 9800 with a steel color finished keyboard. unusual color, but elegant and flashy at the same time. top it off with a sexy theme, and boom!! Crowd goes wild!!

I want a dark red like crimson or maybe maroon with a light gray or maybe silver color scheme in a Torch model please. Thank you!

I made a mistake of getting an iPhone 4 :o
bring me back to the bb world.
any of the three will suffice my need :S

I made a mistake of buying an iPhone 4 last september :S
bring me back to the bb world. previous bb users cannot use other platforms.
don't be fooled by the "specs" other phones have. it means nothing after 2 days of playing.
bb means a lot :)
I would love a 9780 in white/red scheme. Like Canadian style. :o

i would love one of these to be my first blackberry!!!!!
Pick me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

I would get a BlackBerry Bold 9780 and get that in black with Red around the trim. Have it look like "Onyx" logo. That would be sweet. Happy Birthday Crackberry

I wanted the Pearl 3g since the day it was announce. Seeing how Rim and T-Mobile USA couldn't get their act together I was left out. I'm not fond of the whole unlocked phone thing... Because you have no insurance PLEASE crackberry help me out... PLEASE!

As a Dutch member, a orange torch ( our royal color) would be the most awesome. Would make a nice combo dutch royal colors, with the BB, Royals from Crackberry.
Or a red,white and blue one like our national flag.

a 9780 as a moving out of my house gift for my daughter..that way she can ditch her gravity and step up to a real phone..


I would go for a nice and simple black and white design on the bold:

Frame: Diamond gloss
Top: Carbon Black
Bottom: Carbon Black
Inner back: Carbon Black
Outer back: Diamond gloss
Logo: Diamond gloss