CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a Custom Painted Colorware BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Mar 2011 01:43 pm EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a ColorWare BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G. Details below...

Win a ColorWare BlackBerry!

ColorWare has been helping us celebrate our birthdays since we turned one year old, so there's so way we'd turn four years out without giving CrackBerry readers yet another chance to win a custom painted BlackBerry. Courtesy of ColorWare, this year the lucky winner will get a brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800, Pearl 3G or Bold 9780 with their choice of color scheme. Let me say that again... you get to choose the device AND the custom color scheme. Want to go patriotic with a red, white and blue Bold 9780? How about a CrackBerry orange Torch 9800? You can choose whatever you want - the design is totally up to you! Be sure to follow the link at the bottom of this post to jump over to ColorWare's site where you can test the color options in their Design Studio.

Contest Details: To enter to win, just leave a single comment on this post telling us what color scheme and device you'd choose. Contest ends this Sunday March 13th at midnight PST. Good luck!!

Create a custom design at Colorware

Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a Custom Painted Colorware BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G!



Love these ColorWare contests, too bad i never win lol but if i have to choose i would choose the exact 9780 ( white/blue ) in the picture it looks cool :) Happy birthday crackberry, fantastic work ( to the staff ) ... love the site/community :)

I can't decide what color scheme...but would like a BB Torch. I will have to play with blue or green combos at least colors that are not currently available in Canada.

I've got my 9780 all planned out!

Frame – glacier, softtouch
Top – vanilla, softtouch
Bottom – vanilla, softtouch
Inner back – glacier, softtouch
Outer back – vanilla, sofftouch
Logo – vanilla, sofftouch

What do you think???

BB Torch 9800 with Diamond Gloss Front, Frame and Back. Carbon-black gloss Keyboard, Top and Sides. Hot!

A BB Torch beauty with metallic gloss carbon black front, keyboard, sides and back. White top and frame =)

I'd go with a green and purple design! Then I could tell my phone from my husband's without having to check the background.

Bold 9780
frame/outer back: candy apple gloss
top/bottom/inner back: prowler gloss
logo: envy gloss.
PLEASE PICK ME =) i love crackberry!

BB Torch would be awesome to win. Jet black and blue color scheme of some sort would look great on it I think.


I'd go with the 9780 since I'm not sure if tmobile will allow me to use that awesome Torch! The colors would be magenta and royal blue :)

A CrackBerry, White-Orange BlackBerry Torch 9800 would be so F'ing AMAZING.

Thanks again CrackBerry for this chance to all your readers, and Happy BDAY!

I'd probably get a Torch. I'm really not sure what colors to go with though. Honestly it'd be really hard for me to decide 100% if I did win., me...please! I would love a new Bold in Black and Maroon. But then I would take dark gray too.

I think I would colour mine red and white. It is a hard choice. I would also go for green/white/red combo too. I would opt for the torch 9800. Now lets see if I win or not.

1) Happy Birthday!

2) I'd go for the blackberry torch because, while I love touch screens, I really miss having a physical keyboard as well. I just type faster and with less mistakes on a blackberry keyboard.

3) I'd go for dark pink, light pink, and white. I've actually used the ColorWare color-picker (thing) to design it:

Love it!

I would absolutely love to win a bumble/honeybee themed BB Torch 9800....much love to CrackBerry all da way from Trinidad and Tobago...pick meeeeeeeeeee

Pearl 9110 (for sprint lol)
Front Back and Frame all "Pearl Zest"
You could never lose that bright of a phone.

I think the Torch 9800 would look awesome in my pocket! What do you think?
Thanks for the great fun for your birthday celebration!

Who doesn't want a free new CUSTOMIZED blackberry? everyone wants it of course ! Well, my reason is similar, hoping to win this event to replace my broken bold 9700, with unknown type of error on its screen. My choice is white and orange blackberry device with any device is fine. In Colorware's website, they are Steel and Crush colors. I hope that I could win this one.. Thank you Crackberry and Colorware :D

I wouldn't mind a Torch or Bold! As for color, well I'd have to say BURNT ORANGE!!! I'm a Longhorn and I bleed burnt orange! Also, a white Longhorn logo with the UT and Crackberry initials on it would be AWESOME! ;)


I would go for the BB Torch with:

Front, Back Keyboard, Frame = Diamond Gloss
Top & Sides = Zest Gloss

i'dd love to have a torch or 9870 in an orange CB style with black matte sides which is at the same time our national colour.

i would love to win a Blackberry Torch in black and blue or black and yellow. PLEASE Crackberry!

Not sure on the scheme yet but I'm thinking something understated. Like dray greys/graphites with minor colour highlights. Enough to show it is customized without gouging anyone's eyes out to prove it!

As for the phone, I already have a company 9800 so I'm thinking this would be a nice bday present for my wife. Probably go with the Pearl3G since the size/weigth would be more important to her than the full keyboard. I also can't see her getting used to the touch screen of the torch.

Front - Wet (gloss)
Keyboard - Diamond (gloss)
Top - Wet (gloss)
Frame - Diamond (gloss)
Sides - Wet (gloss)
Back - Wet (softouch)
Buy New - Torch 9800
Warranty - 1 Year Standar

Dear birthday Berry! I would be thrilled to be chosen for a new Tor0h. That way, I could let my daughter have this one, and I would get mine black and red to represent the Louisville Cards!! Please, oh please! Thanks!

Torch please!

Front: Ferrari (softouch)
Keyboard: Jet Black (gloss)
Top: Jet Black (gloss)
Frame: Ferrari (softouch)
Sides: Jet Black (gloss)
Back: Graphite (softouch)

I would LOVE a new Torch with red sides, bezel, and top, and the rest in black! Thanks for the opportunity ColorWare and CrackBerry!

Sweet Lord, I have NEVER wanted to win something as much as I want to win this. I beg of thee, oh Gods of Crackberry - make me the Chosen One. You won't be disappointed.

Trust me...

Oh - and I'd pick a Torch, probably some combination of black and red.

Crackberry has good content and giveaways. I think I would select the Green Packers color. Green & Yellow. To color the blackberry I would get.

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

You're all grown up now!!!

This site is awesome!!!

For me a Torch 9800 Please!

Front / Top / Sides : Zest Gloss
Frame / Back : Graphite Gloss
Keyboard : Carbon Black Gloss

Just in time for my Birthday in April! =)

A 9800 all black everything.
Or Blue with black detailing.
Thank You CB and ColorWare!

Awesome prices just keep coming!
Please pick me :D

I would pick the torch and it would be hot hot pink and purple I'm a tomboy but I like my phone to be girly.

I would like a 9800
FRONT: Steel gloss
KEYBOARD: Steel Softouch
TOP: Jet-black gloss
FRAME: Jet-black gloss
SIDES: Graphite softouch
BACK: Steel Gloss

FRONT: Zest; KEYBOARD: Glacier; TOP: Glacier; FRAME: Graphite; SIDES: Zest; BACK: Glacier

Torch got stolen yesterday... just switched from an iPhone.Colorware-ed all my iPhones and iPads... in this color scheme! :) would be useful& awesome add to collection. Cheers Crackberry&Colorware

I want the bold 9780 with navy blue sides, gray , and pink. Yeah I've always wanted colorware but it is expensive so pick me :)

BlackBerry Torch 9800
Front: Cobalt (Gloss)
Keyboard: Glacier (Gloss)
Top: Glacier (Gloss)
Frame: Caribbean (Gloss)
Side: Cobalt (Gloss)
Back: Caribbean (Gloss)

That is my dream!

A bold 9780 in a blue/black combo would look nice. I can't even begin to imagine the endless combinations of colors.

Bold 9780 or Torch... you kiddin' me, never look a gift horse in the mouth! Preference... TORCH!!!! ;D LOL, already have a 9700. Colors... Red & Black, GO BLAZERS!!!

Blackberry Torch 9800: front is carbon-black, keyboard is ferrari, top is ferrari, frame is graphite, sides are ferrari and back is carbon black (all finish is SofTouch)

Wow you guys are out of control! This is quite a birthday! If I won I would love a 9780 with carbon black gloss EVERYTHING except for a steel gloss inner back. Too hot to handle!

Device: Blackberry Torch 9800

Front: Vanilla Gloss
Keyboard: Midnight Gloss
Top: Midnight Gloss
Frame: Vanilla Gloss
Sides: Midnight Gloss
Back: Vanilla Gloss

another reason why crackberry and coloware is awesome :-).id like the 9780 in the exact same color scheme as the contest picture.

I didn't know about these guys but had a lot of fun playing with their colour editor!

I'd love a Bold 9780!

Frame: Envy Gloss
Top: Envy Gloss
Bottom: Jet-Black Gloss
Inner Back: Carbon Black SofTouch
Outer Back: Graphite SofTouch
Logo: Smoke Envy Gloss

Here's hoping... :-)

I would absolutely love a Bold 9780 in White, Blue and a touch of Crackberry Orange! Would be sweet!

I would want the Torch. Nice and simple with the following colour scheme:
Front, Jet Black Gloss
Keyboard, Jet Black Gloss
Top, Carbon Black Gloss
Frame, Fossil SofTouch
Sides, Candy-apple SofTouch
Back, Jet-black SofTouch

It wouldn't be a crackberry birthday without a colorware phone. I would take a green torch. Probably the Dragon green but I would get one of the $5 samples to make sure the metalic is not to sparky.