CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a Custom Painted Colorware BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Mar 2011 01:43 pm EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a ColorWare BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G. Details below...

Win a ColorWare BlackBerry!

ColorWare has been helping us celebrate our birthdays since we turned one year old, so there's so way we'd turn four years out without giving CrackBerry readers yet another chance to win a custom painted BlackBerry. Courtesy of ColorWare, this year the lucky winner will get a brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800, Pearl 3G or Bold 9780 with their choice of color scheme. Let me say that again... you get to choose the device AND the custom color scheme. Want to go patriotic with a red, white and blue Bold 9780? How about a CrackBerry orange Torch 9800? You can choose whatever you want - the design is totally up to you! Be sure to follow the link at the bottom of this post to jump over to ColorWare's site where you can test the color options in their Design Studio.

Contest Details: To enter to win, just leave a single comment on this post telling us what color scheme and device you'd choose. Contest ends this Sunday March 13th at midnight PST. Good luck!!

Create a custom design at Colorware

Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a Custom Painted Colorware BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G!



A torch in red and orange - like fire - maybe that will scare the kids into keeping their hands off my phone! Mommy's phone HOT!!

Woah woah woah !!
I absolutlty love to have a magnificient PEARL 3G
Like with a Black front & Star Dust yellow frame and back !
I've wanted it for a while ! It's kinda dream for me to have a black&yellow BB because i think it looks like an E.T. banana haha. ;D
Thanks CB ily

There is one reason I should win this Blackberry- My birthday is actually and truly on March 14th! So this would REALLY be a birthday present for me. The Purple(fuschia) one would make a great birthday present.
happy birthday to you too crackberry-Pisces Rule

pearl 3g (at&t please)
front- jet black gloss
frame- techno gloss
back- jet black soft touch

yeah... pick me....... (:

I love my 9500 Blackberry, but it wouldn't be the same without my Crackberry............ If I could be so "BOLD" and offer this "PEARL" of wisdom..... The "TORCH" is definitely the light at the end of the tunnel...... It's not easy being green, but my preference is LIME.......

BB Torch my choice: FRONT: Candy Apple, Soft Touch KEYBOARD: Candy Apple, Soft Touch SIDES: Candy Apple, Soft Touch FRAME : Jet Black, Soft Touch TOP: Jet Black, Soft Touch BACK: Jet Black, Soft Touch

I would love to get the torch in red & make up for the one that I didn't get for christmas last year. Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

Pearl 3G, with dark orange in all color customizing options. This makes it black and orange, my favorite colors due to my obsession with Halloween! :3

If I win this would be my first phone of this type, (as opposed to cheap and crappy which is all i can afford) Im due for a new phone contract, so it would be nice to get a fabulous phone to start off with!

GIRL ALERT!!! GIRL ALERT!! Blackberry Torch!!

Design a bold 9780 with a cream white keyboard and accents, red border, and sky blue back. Mmmm yeah.

Wow!!.... This is VERY COOL!!!!!!!
May I get a Green, Blue with Dark Gray...
OH.... If you pick me.
Thank you,

Wow. want to be an individual and get noticed in the crowd.............. this would be the BB to be able to do that............................. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Blackberry 9870 should be pure Black, but no one will then notes the most wonderful smart-phone ever.
Therefore I propose and let every one around me see that this is a proud BB owner,
Front, Frame & keyboard in Jet-black gloss
Top in CrackBerry Orange: Yes - tell every one that I am fan of CB.
Sides in Caution gloss Yellow: When the BB is up side down at the meeting every one shall be curios "What´s that"??
Back in Techno Blue Gloss: People should see the BB brand when I am using it.

Clear to win!!

Would love a white and red Torch, CB! Thanks for this and all the other great giveaway contests on your 4th year! Rock on! (^^,)

Totally awesome. I thinking of a 9800 torch in gold and silver - my two fave colors. Best contest so far!!!!

Go with the Torch and make it a shout out to the Habs!!

Front – Abyss (gloss)
Keyboard – Diamond (gloss)
Top – Abyss (gloss)
Frame – Diamond (gloss)
Sides – Ferrari (gloss)
Back – Ferrari (gloss)

Thanks CB, it would be a slice!

I would take the Torch 9800. Colour scheme would be the front Ferrari red soft touch. Keyboard would be Ferrari red soft touch, top would be Ferrari red soft touch, frame would be jet black soft touch, sides would be jetblack soft touch, and back would be ferrari red soft touch :)

I love my Bold 9700 and would love the upgraded Bold. But man that Torch looks nice. Hard choice, but being on T-Mobile makes it a little easier, since they support the Bold.. So I'd have to say the Bold in bold orange work's for me.....Happy Birthday!

A combination of metallic purple on the front and back, and pearl white on the sides and top would be great. And dont forget that the keyboard must be gray to match the "Torch" name on the back.. gg

If i won, i would like a blackberry torch
Front- Graphite Gloss
Keyboard- Powder Gloss
Top- Diamond Gloss
Frame- Powder Gloss
Sides- Powder Gloss
Back- Steel Gloss

would love a torch, in white with my iberry display theme, to match all my other white electronic accessories :)

My BlackBerry fall into water. I would really like to customize a new one. This time dreams must come true.

i am in desperate need for a phone. i have no web browsing anymore........this would be a huge relief

Oh my god! This is such an awesome prize! I would LOVE a baby blue torch. Any part of the torch could be baby blue! YAY! (:

Ooo - Torch 9800 with Mystique Gloss front, keyboard, top, and back and Carbon-Black Gloss frame and sides!!! Please?!?!?!?

I'd like a Torch with
Front - Coffee (Softouch)
Keyboard - Sand (Softouch)
Top - Sand (Softouch)
Frame - Vanilla (Softouch)
Sides - Jet-black (Softouch)
Back - Sand (Softouch)
Happy Birthday CB!

happppy 4 years!
i would loveeeee a torch in
front, top, back - glacier gloss
keyboard ans ides - graphite gloss
frame - carbon black gloss

i lovvvveeeeee pink!!!!!!!! and i would def chose the torch or the bold!!!! but 2 tell you the truth i dont realy care about colour it would be a bonus!!! i would just really like 2 have a new phone!!!!

Thinking selfishly, I would like the Bold9650 in Pink, not because I don't like the Blue because I do tremendously but because Pink supposedly attracts love and I am in such need of some of that. However, when they are people pout there sacrificing it all in order for me to enter contests such as these, I, should I be the lucky recipient, request the model and color be left up to a deserving serviceman or servicewoman...if you were to contact Adoptaplatoon, I'm sure they could get you a name. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

BlackBerry Torch 9800
Front: Abyss Gloss
Keyboard: Frostbite Gloss
Top: Frostbite Gloss
Frame: Abyss Gloss
Sides: Frostbite Gloss
Back: Abyss Gloss

I am thinking the Blackberry Torch predominately navy Blue with Sky or Neon Blue highlighting not unlike the colors in Tron. This would be enamoring to all who viewed it. Yes.

Front, Keyboard, Back, & Side: Midnight Blue Soft Touch
Frame & Top: Techno Blue Gloss

I have been wanting a new phone, so I would love this present for ME, even though it is Crackberry"s birthday. I'll take a Bold 9780 with the following Greenbay Packers color scheme: Frame: Alpine Gloss, Top: Caution Gloss, Bottom: Caution Gloss, Inner Back: Alpine Gloss, Outer Back: Caution Gloss, Logo: Smoke-White Gloss. Thank you in advance for my new phone. Happy 4th Birthday Crackberry!!!

Aww man, this would be a gift on my birthday the 27th of this month...I would like the Blackberry Torch 9800....colors would be black, gray, red and white. That would go Super Hard!!

I am a NFL football fan. I would love to have the torch in silver and blue or burgundy and gold. I hope I win

BB 9780 Please

Frame: Abyss
Top: Abyss
Bottom: Carbon Black
Inner Back: Carbon Black
Outer Back: Abyss
Logo: Diamond

Having retired from the military after 21 years, I would love one tricked out in the Navy Seabees theme and proudly tote my military colors!

I would like to make mine

Candy Apple Gloss on the Front, Sides and Top

Diamond Gloss for the Keyboard.

Carbon-Black Gloss on the Frame and Back

Bold 9780 White, with a black theme. Would be sweet to have both colours on once device!

new to this soo cool!
could i get either bold 9780 or torch dont mind and you can choose the colours looking for a slick look like gold thanks xxx please can i win tysm xxx!

My daughter went in to Hospital recently and had a operation, she has been incredibly brave and i would love to give her a Blackberry Torch 9780, shes inspired the Family and Friends of hers and I would love to give her a present she has always wanted xx Many thanks <3

i would love a white blackberry bold 9780 it would be the best tjing id have ever got exept my laptop! i am a number 1 fan of crackberry!! pleasee!!! i really want to win! xx :L x

Tommorow is My Birthday and ive been wanting the blackberry 9780 phone for the longest!!! plllzzz i wana win the phone :) it would be the greatest b day gift

Tommorow is my birthday and to have a blackberry 9780 would be the best b day gift ever i would go with a pink or just regular whire scheme :)

Wow! Makes having a Blackberry even MORE amazing. I'd love to get one in black, white and blue - just like the pic! :) Please!

Wow! Makes having a Blackberry even MORE amazing. I'd love to get one in black, white and blue - just like the pic! :) Please!