CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a Custom Painted Colorware BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Mar 2011 01:43 pm EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a ColorWare BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G. Details below...

Win a ColorWare BlackBerry!

ColorWare has been helping us celebrate our birthdays since we turned one year old, so there's so way we'd turn four years out without giving CrackBerry readers yet another chance to win a custom painted BlackBerry. Courtesy of ColorWare, this year the lucky winner will get a brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800, Pearl 3G or Bold 9780 with their choice of color scheme. Let me say that again... you get to choose the device AND the custom color scheme. Want to go patriotic with a red, white and blue Bold 9780? How about a CrackBerry orange Torch 9800? You can choose whatever you want - the design is totally up to you! Be sure to follow the link at the bottom of this post to jump over to ColorWare's site where you can test the color options in their Design Studio.

Contest Details: To enter to win, just leave a single comment on this post telling us what color scheme and device you'd choose. Contest ends this Sunday March 13th at midnight PST. Good luck!!

Create a custom design at Colorware

Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a Custom Painted Colorware BlackBerry Torch, Bold 9780 or Pearl 3G!



Would super absolutely love one painted in colors for the awesome crackberry number 1 fan!!!!!!

Yup that's right, esp when CrackBerry Turns 4 !

CrackBerry Orange on a Torch 9800 looks great.

But do remember if you're a winner then you cannot change the color, So post what you want!!

Oooooohhhh I wanna play tooo. If I couldn't get purple or Pink. I'd have to go for a flaming Red Torch!

Thanks for the opportunity, I'm going to go play with some colors

and here's my choice BB 9780 with FRAME : Graphite Soft Touch, TOP: Graphite Gloss BOTTTOM: Graphite Gloss INNER BACK: Carbon'-Graphite Gloss BACK: Graphite Gloss LOGO: Stardust Gloss

and here's my choice FRAME : Graphite Soft Touch, TOP: Graphite Gloss BOTTTOM: Graphite Gloss INNER BACK: Carbon'-Graphite Gloss BACK: Graphite Gloss LOGO: Stardust Gloss

BlackBerry is simply the best..........................!
-WHITE,ofcourse that's gonna be nice
But also WHITE & RED is okay too.

I need to one-up my technofile hubby's Bold - this custom colored 9780 would do the trick....I hope I win:)

Picture this: a blazing red Torch with a patent black crackle finish! Just like the blazing fingers of a Crackberry fan! :)

ooooh, I want, I want. I think crackberry orange and white would makes it look like a dreamsicle. that's the color scheme I would go with I think. I might just want to bite it though, so maybe I'll have to think about it.

A person with a good sounding nick name will win it :) all big prizes are won this way ;)

But maybe this time .... :)
And I would choose for My BBB 9780

Front: Lime green
Bazel: Sky Blue
Back cover : CB Orange
And BB logo : Sky Blue


I'll take me the Winged-Wheel Torch with a tricked out Red/White color scheme. Let's Go Red Wings!!!

Let's Go Crack-Berry!!! =)

Thank you Colorware. Thank you Kevin. Thank you!!! =)

I think black and red would look awesome !
Looks sick ! Lemme in ! (:
btw i already got bold 9780 so i wouldnt mind the torch muahaha

Oh lord...u guys srsly have the best bday contests ever! Would love to win a custom colorware 9780!! Eeep!!!

Beauty! PleaSe choose meee. Dark red and black would look sick! Bold 9780, or 9700! Or yello and black or / yellow red!

It is MY birthday too! What a great present this would be! I would be simple and get a blacked out Torch 9800.

i'd pick a Bold 9780 in the colors of my alma matter...scarlet and white! oh, and happy birthday crackberry!

I would do a Canadian Themed BB 9780. I loved the Olympic ones I saw of the 9700 so I would definitely do a 9780 in the same style!

Would love to win this contestes.. I have a Blackberry Torch 9800, and would like it in Yellow and Black.. It will look greaaaat... Thank you in advance

I'd love if CrackBerry awarded me with a midnight blue and black 9780 to replace my old (but great) 9000 !! Congrats and keep being the best BlackBerry site!!

I need a black and blue 9780 from colorware!.. i need a new phone asap this will help so much.. thanks!

I would choose the Bold 9700 since I already have a Torch. I would make it Blue and Red with white logos, for my Red Sox!

I would go with the Blackberry Bold in a super duper blue&white color scheme. ColorWare I hold you right up on my mantel along side of the great American Veterans that keep all us living at ease and the freedom to explore.

i can't decided... a classy all black look or o canada red & white or maple leafs blue & white? yikes! oh, a metallic navy blue!!

I'd go for a Torch... in "Caution Gloss". An ode to the Sony Sports Walkman, and a suitable color for something called "Torch", huh?

please oh please! i want a soft touch white and black torch!! soft touch smoke white face, smoke white key board, jet black frame, smoke white top and sides, and jet black back

Torch me please! I'm thinking Midnight Gloss & Diamond Gloss with possibly just a hint of Ferrari Gloss for a kick! Or maybe just the Midnight & Diamond & not so much kick, lol.

I would get Fire Orange, Dark Blue and Pearl White celebrating the kickoff to Spring Training for the Detroit Tigers. Lets go!!

I want mine please!! I'd love to own a BlackBerry Torch 9800 in black and deep red!! Please and thank you!!

I would love the Bold 9780 because my Curve 8900 is on it's last legs..and as a college student I am poor as dirt but I will not give up owning a blackberry!

As a Canadian girl I should root for a red Bold...but honestly I think I would go for Gold (just like our hockey team did in the Olympics...*wink*)

I would be forever grateful to if I won...and I would scream it from the rooftops that Crackberry rock my socks!

I would love to get one of these for my brother, who is graduating from college this year and will be starting law school in the fall. All this in his mid-thirties while working full time! I think a nice Torch in whatever his new law school's colors will be would be a nice graduation gift.

i would go with a torch please! as for colors? i want to support my team, the LA Kings, but old school. purple and gold it is!

Torch would be awesome with...

Frame, Top, Bottom, and Outer Back - Graphite Gloss.
Inner Back - Carbon black gloss.
Logo - Techno gloss.

I just nuked my BB this weekend skiing so I really need a new one.

BlackBerry Torch in a Diamond Gloss and Carbon Black Gloss Theme. Diamond Gloss on Front, Frame and Back. Carbon Black Gloss on the rest.

Torch please!

Front: Diamond Gloss
Keyboard: Techno Gloss
Top: Techno Gloss
Frame: Techno Gloss
Sides: Diamond Gloss
Back: Techno Gloss

9780 of Course.
Mango Gloss Frame and Outer Back
Dragon Gloss Top, Bottom, and Logo
Billiard Gloss Inner Back

Blackberry 9800, and honestly I've always been a big fan of the crackberry orange and white colout scheme!!! Thanks for the chance guys!!

Another AMAZING CONTEST! Thank you for this amazing Birthday Extravaganza!!! Please Enter Me ! I would choose the Blackberry Torch
Front Smoke White Gloss,
Keyboard Candy Apple Gloss
Top Candy Apple Gloss
Front Smoke White Gloss
Side Candy Apple Gloss
Back Smoke White Gloss

Thanks again, Good luck everyone