CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a combo case for your BlackBerry from Seidio!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Mar 2011 06:04 pm EST

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! 

Still going strong in our birthday celebration we have some cases to give away as well. Seidio has offered up 10 combos for any device for our readers. Winners will be able to choose from Active, Rugged or Surface so you can find one that suits your needs. The combo includes both the holster and case for your device so you'll have a great setup when on the go. Seidio is also running a Name Our Case promo where you can win some great stuff like an iPad and more. Just head to for details.

Contest: To enter to win a Seidio case combo just leave a single comment on this post. Winners will be chosen at random, contest ends Sunday March 13th at midnight PST. 

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a combo case for your BlackBerry from Seidio!



I would love to have this cause I always have to choose between the side clip and the case and with this I won't.

These are some of the best cases on the planet. Thanks Crackberry for the opportunity to win one for my 9800.

Damn!!!!! Crackberry know how to celebrate!!!
Nothing but great contest prizes!!!

Would love to win a combo case with holster.
Summer is almost here and no jackets makes it easy to rock a holster :D

Like they always say. Protection comes first :) hahahahhahahahaha

I could really use a case like this: I am getting a new blackberry 9330 tomorrow...
but I never wins these things...

I'll take a Surface case for my grilfriend's 9650 please. I'd take one for my ol' 8310, but I'll be upgrading to the Bold Touch once it's launched in a few months.

Thank you so much Kevin. We really appreciate these great contests, as well as coming to you for all of our Crackberry needs.

Happy 4th!!! =) =) =) =)

This case looks so cool. Its hardcore and would be great on my Bold 9700
Thanks ill give u mailing instructions

I need a new case soooo bad. I dropped my last one (a NiteIze Cargo Case) in the parking lot at work. I saw it in the lost and found, but since no one was there I didn't take it then. I went in the next day to claim it and someone had taken it home. I've been using the standard holster ever since. and it really sucks!. PLEASE PICK ME..

I love their cases!!! I bought a couple of knock offs... what a waste of money!?! I bought 2 Seidio cases and roke one almost 2 years later. Excellent stuff!!!!! I Just bought a new bb yester and now i need to get a different case :-(.

i have a blackberry 9700 and i go through cases often....but this is a case i would love to have but it was too expensive so please let me save money and have this for free...please...=)

I wanna see how durable ur cases are so I'm gonna put it on throw it to the ground and burn itt to see if its a good case so I'm asking for a case for educational purposes

have wondered for a while who makes the best blackberry cases and have tried majority of them, recently bought one from incipio and wasn't to happy with them, bring on the next contestant.

Oh plz... I need a case for my Torch! Every case I've bought has broken. The slider half can't handle all the stress of all the movement. Yup I use the keyboard ALOT!

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I BEG OF YOU!!!!!!
PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I BEG OF YOU!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I BEG OF YOU!!!!!!
PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I BEG OF YOU!!!!!!
PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I BEG OF YOU!!!!!!