CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Leave a comment for your chance to win a BlackBerry Z10!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2013 12:46 pm EST

Happy Birthday CrackBerry Nation!!! We're six years old young today. With new BlackBerry 10 phones hitting the market and an all-new CrackBerry website redesign rolling out later this week, we have never felt better.

As promised in my CrackBerry Turns 6 post, it wouldn't be a CrackBerry birthday celebration without a contest. We've been giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February, and we're doing it again this week. 

Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry: To enter for your chance to win, all you need to do is login to CrackBerry and leave a comment or birthday wish to this post. It's as simple as that. Just leave one comment (any additional comments are not counted as entries). This one goes until Midnight EST this Sunday, and we'll announce the winner next week. Be sure to watch the birthday greeting video above, and GOOD LUCK!!

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CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Leave a comment for your chance to win a BlackBerry Z10!



Today is the day, you turned six
Oh what a Z10 I would want
To take some awesome pix

You may not see this comment
Or even remember my name
But if you take a good look
You will realize who should win this game

I visit this site every day
Sometime just to see the interesting deals
Oh how a phone would be so great
To text with during those boring family meals

I am now in Panama City, oh how i love the weather
A new phone like this
Would be great to tease my girlfriend Heather

I want something to replace my Bold
Oh how annoying it has been
The crazy freeze up's and battery pulls
I wish I could have this Z10

At last a birthday
Where you get older, and i get a phone
But dont worry Crackberry
Android & Iphone
Are all alone

Wow thinking back 6 years ago I was using a sony ericssion w810i,
Now life & technology has changed the new to use for business & school.
Blackberry fits all the need with the easy email and qwerty
Happy birthday crackberry!!

I have gotten a lot of ideas and help over the years on CrackBerry, so Happy Birthday and looking forward to lots more years BlackBerry!

Happy birthday to not necessarily the best addiction, but a safer one :D Here is to another great year!

This has been worth the wait. I want to show all my droid and iphone users that Blackberries aren't crap. I am getting tired of my brother saying crapberry this and crapberry that. I have been waiting and I know it has been worth is.

A new bb would make my day. Love crackberry and happy birthday to the best site for blackberry on the planet.


Even though it's your birthday crackberry, I'd appreciate a Z10 as a present. It's my b-day in 3 days!!!

happy birthday CB.. u have done gr8 work during this years.. even when BB down wards u kept giving us all good news n kept our faith in BB. i again wish u happy birthday n wish u will be here for many more years to come.

Happy Birthday Crackberry, BlackBerry changed my life and Crackberry helped serve my need to stay current

Uuuoouuuu congratulations Crackberry, more than deserved these 06 years of absolute success as an excellent site for admirers and onlookers of Blackberry technology.

Wish the success of Crackberry spans for many, many years, that the site continue always with excellent and varied information about the world of Blackberry technology: D.

Not 1st (but not last either)!

I hope I get picked - I really need a Z10 but can't afford to break my contract yet!

Happy CrackBerryDay!

Happy Birthday Crackberry! I hope i win, it would make an awesome birthday present since today is my birthday as well!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry. My lunch hours would be a lot more boring without you. Cannot wait for the Z10 to arrive in the US and follow the coverage here.

H░A░P░P░Y░ ¨*♪♫•*. B░I░R░T░H░ D░A░Y░*♫♪•ღ

Congrats CrackBerry. 6 Years in the industrie. Whow. This is day 1 for me and for the future we are going to grow from strenth to strenth together.

thank you crackberry youve gotten me through alot with my 9900 and ive learned about so much about the entire blackberry ecosystem community thank you and heres to another 6 years and many more

I've been sporting an LG Rumor for more than three years. I have entitled to an upgrade for more than a year and for that whole time I have been waiting for BB10 to transition to a smartphone and the 21st century.

I have "been" entitled...

When will I ever learn? Proof, then post. Proof then post.

BTW, HB to CB from SC.

Happy Birthday. Ill take a Z10 although I may go "againts the grain" Im just a realist.Congrats on the ^ years

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! I spend more time on this site than any other site!

Edit: Accidentally double posted. Didn't think this one went through. Browser crash on my 9850.

Wish you very Happy Birthday CrackBerry... Many Many more years to come and hope I win this phone on your birthday....

It's actually my birthday too, so happy birthday to CB and hopefully a new birthday gift for me :)

Adam van Noordt Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday to all of you at CB! Congrats on 6 years and best of luck in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very happy to have the seasoned CrackBerry as my source for BlackBerry news, rumors and reviews. Happy birthday/anniversary to you all.

Happy Birthday! I spend more time on this site than any other site... Love the news, rumors, and community! Thank You for feeding my addiction!

You guys and gals have made my BlackBerry experience all the better.
I'm not as interested in the Z10 as I am in the Q10 but I wouldn't turn down the free phone by any means.

Keep up the great work!
CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

Very Happy Birthday Crackberry. I can imagine how you feel about the six years you have invested in this project. Let me wish (at least) an other fantastic 6 years to you. Lots of success and keep up the great work. Yours truly - Tom

CrackBerry, I'm so happy you're in my life. With 6 years under your belt, I look forward to many more to come! Happy birthday!

Happy B-Day! Thanks for being my #1 most-visited website and making me a Crackberry addict!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!! thanks for everything i wouldn't be half as up to date with blackberry if it weren't for the team and crackberry members. A Z10 would be the best birthday present ever! thanks for another great contest

Blackberry for Life

Way to go, Crackberry Nation! 6 years already? These have flown by! I've been on board for the last 4 or so, and it has been a sweet ride.

Looking forward to our tenth...

Happy birthday to the best website in the world and to the amazing Crackberry people (founders and fans).

Y'all are my BlackBerry Family ♡

♪♫ Happy Birthday to You ♫♪ ... ♪♫ Happy Birthday to You ♫♪... ♪♫ Happy Birthday dear CrackBerry ♫♪...♪♫ Happy Birthday to You ♫♪ [ and many more.....♫♪♫ ]

happy birthday guys! when blackberry Z10 "born" I looked for videos on youtube and found your channel and I must say that I love every video! bbZ10 unfortunately still not yet available in chile! But when I have in my hands the BBZ10, I will see your videos again to take full advantage of my future baby :) enjoy your b-day! <3

Happy Birthday Crackberry, thanks for 6 amazing years. i dont know where i or where blaackberry would be without your support... heres to many more years!! another great contest too, id really appreciate a new z10 itd be the best present ever!

Happy Birthday Crackberry! You've been an invaluable source and my first (and usually only) stop for blackberry news, help, etc. Thanks!

Happy Birthday, CrackBerry. I think its ironic that I used to tease my daughter about being on her Curve all the time and being a CrackBerrian....Now she is on iPhone and I'm the one with the BlackBerry fever. C'mon Z10 and AT&T to the good old US of A!!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!!! 6 years of awesome news, support, how to, and love for BlackBerry.

Congratulations on your successful endeavours! Happy Birthday Crackberry :). Quite a thing you have going on with Mobile Nations. You really couldn't have hoped for more.

Here's to hoping I win a Z10

Happy f#+@king birthday CrackBerry! Love your Site Kevin, don't know what I would do without it! Thanks for everything! BlackBerrybychoice #BB10Believe.

Happy f#+@king birthday CrackBerry! Love your Site Kevin, don't know what I would do without it! Thanks for everything! #BlackBerrybychoice #BB10Believe.

Happy birthday CB, it's great that a site like this exists. Love it!!

I'll take my z10 in black please. Thanks.

Happy Burday Crackberry. Its been a journey but we are strong like bull.

I would love to win a hears to your burday !!!!

happy birthday! happy anny!! thanks for guiding me though many of the pratfalls of being new to the smartphone market! may you and blackberry continue for many years to come!

marketing victim!

6 years? Hmm, I never posted a lot but became aware of the existence a good 5 years ago, then hopefully its at least another 60 years ;):).

Congratulations on this note.

(Oh, and yes I am in for the draw as well.)

happy 6th cracker birthday av still got my first 8520 blackberry great to use but could do with a spruce up i would be having a seventh birthday if i won this prize,i'd be over the moon and we'd all be joining in the crack......

They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... I wish Kevin and the rest of Crackberry team all the best for the next 994 steps!!!! ^..^


Happy Birthday to the site i make sure to visit multiple times every day!!! may your next 6 years be brighter than the last 6!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear crackbeeeeeeery..........happy birthday to you

6 years old! You're too young to smoke, but you're Smoking!

Crackberry is on Fire!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

Happy 6th Crackberry! You've been my go-to site for Blackberry news for over two years now (even before I got my first phone), and I look forward to lots of good stuff to come!

Happy birthday CB!!! I wish you more users and awesome posts and I wish me a brand new white Z10!!!

Happy Bday CRACKBERRY! I would love a Blackberry Z10.

I remember 1st visiting your site when I got my 7820 side scroller in COLOUR! then upgraded to a Blackberry Bold 9000 and then to the Bold 9900. I think I am ready to take the step toward the Z10 instead of the Q10. The keyboard on the Z10 is by far the best touchscreen keyboard on any device and any platform, PERIOD.

I also want to thank all the contributors that keep the BB10 BES articles up to date. You have saved my skin many a times.

Happy birthday! 6 yrs its just the begin! long life to Blackberry and Crackberry family! :D

Happy Birthday, CrackBerry!

Here's to many more happy years ahead of you!

I love the website and everything about it. Keep up the hard work!

Happy Birthday to you Crackberry and the nation.

I like to say i was around when you came to be and you have inspired millions to purchase blackberry phone and millions to help out in the nation of the blackberry abiss.

I hoping to win a Z10 so i can therefore give it to my son who has disabilities and requires uage of something simple to help him throughout the day. I am a poor man who cna only afford a poor phone for him.

His birthday is coming up in a month and a half, this would be a wonderful addition for him.



Blackberry Crackberry to me is one big <3 with all the reasons to celebrate :) Thy for being here for us and helping out in everyways. Have a great birthday and get the champagne out too!
If Im on your site today its because I was first a Blackberry person, then my husband became consequently a Crackberry man. He reads, I listen...just like a good wife ahaha. Id like to offer him this BBZ10 in black since we,re a couple, and I have the white. Lan

Happy Bday CB! I'm here multiple times a day and keep up the good work so I can keep comming back multiple times a day ^_^
On to the next 6 years and many more to come.......