CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Leave a comment for your chance to win a BlackBerry Z10!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2013 12:46 pm EST

Happy Birthday CrackBerry Nation!!! We're six years old young today. With new BlackBerry 10 phones hitting the market and an all-new CrackBerry website redesign rolling out later this week, we have never felt better.

As promised in my CrackBerry Turns 6 post, it wouldn't be a CrackBerry birthday celebration without a contest. We've been giving away a BlackBerry Z10 a week for the month of February, and we're doing it again this week. 

Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry: To enter for your chance to win, all you need to do is login to CrackBerry and leave a comment or birthday wish to this post. It's as simple as that. Just leave one comment (any additional comments are not counted as entries). This one goes until Midnight EST this Sunday, and we'll announce the winner next week. Be sure to watch the birthday greeting video above, and GOOD LUCK!!

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CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Leave a comment for your chance to win a BlackBerry Z10!



Happy birthday CB. My birthday is in March and I sure can use a new bb as I'm still using a 8330 Curve and need a new phone badly......Pleeeaaase.

Happy birthday Crackberry! Thanks for the opportunity to win a BlackBerry Z10! Would be a lovely replacement for my Curve 9360!

Have a Berry Happy Birthday CrackBerry! This is the greatest site on Earth and gives so much to it's fans!


Happy 6th B'Day! I've been around for all 6 & hope to be around for a whole lot more than 6 yet to come!!! It seems like yesterday that I was all pumped up waiting with crossed fingers for OS 4.5 & now I'm having withdrawl (DYING...) for a Z10!!! Come on at&t USA!!!! Let's get this party started!!! Kevin, you're da man!!!

H b-day. Been through a series of devices. Looking forward to the B10's hitting the US and into my hands

Happy birthday CrackBerry! Started my BB experience since BB storm and glad to see CB still going strong! Many more 6th year to go!!

Happy Birthday and keep up the great work. Would like to thank you guys for the support you give to Blackies like us. Also, the support you have given to Rim is greatly appreciated.

Got our 20th Z10 connected to our temp BB10 server this morning.
Loved your "BlackBerry 10 in 10 Minute!" video, I downloaded and placed on the Helpdesk share to help with the overwhelming calls.
Happy BTY

Happy Birthday CB!! How come one of us gets a present on YOUR birthday?? Well either way, I'd love to celebrate with you with a Brand New Z10! (keeping my fingers crossed....)

Happy birthday! I have been following you just for 1 year, but I learned a LOT of things I didn't know of my Playbook and BBs. Good luck!

Happy sweet 16! I am not only addicted to my BlackBerry but also CrackBerry. A horrible and hard habbit to kick.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry. Please remember it is better to give than it is to receive, so please give me a Z10.

Still walking and searching for the new BB Z10? Gone North, East,West and South and still not found it. The Q10 may be found first.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! The best products and news are available here!

Thanks for staying committed to a still great operating system!

This last year has really sucked for me, i got divorced, my house burnt down, and the U.S. Isnt getting the Z10 till next month... I would really use some good news, like "you win"!!!

Happy 6th Birthday CrackBerry!!! I hope I win a Z10 so I can be one of the first to have the best phone in the United States!!

You know in your heart I'm the only one who deserves this. The thousands of other people said horrible things about you behind your back.

Happy Birthday Crackberry !!!! Keep it rolling and helping us Blackberry users and followers always informed and up to date in everything Blackberry. Go !!!!!!

First off happy birthday and CONGRATS!!! I have been an iphone user since 2007 and am sooooooo ready to make a change and I am in LOVE with the new OS BB10 and if they really continue to work on it it def has the ability to reclaim BB as the leader in the smartphone market. Anyways just my 2 cents.

Tried using an android for a few days. Went back to my 9800 only took 16 for me to realize, android just doesn't get me. I'm sorry i left BB for 16 hrs. I was a fool, I DIDNT KNOW WHAT I HAD TILL IT WAS GONE. I'll NEVER LEAVE YOU AGAIN.....I....I'm in love with your LED. Shhh.....don't tell Megan, she gets jealous of our love.

LOL. Yea'll I'll love to have a blackberry 10 device, over here por favor!

Happy Birthday Crackberry..... let this be the birthday of my z10 as well...
Waiting for it to arrive

Happy birthday CrackBerry and crackberry nation. Can't believe it's been that many years. So much useful information on this site about blackberries. I wish I could win a Z10.

Happy Birthday crackberry!! Been a loyal fan for years, but have yet to win...Hopefully i get lucky this time!!

Congrats!!!! Wow, 6 years, eh? I remember first stumbling upon this website to research my very first Blackberry... My brother had a BB Curve, and I was far more envious of it than the flashy new iPhones everyone else was raving about at the time... and then along came the BB Bold 9000. Still one of the best phones I've ever owned, but mannnnnnn BlackBerry (and CrackBerry NATION!) has come a loooooong way since then. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next 6 years :)

Happy Birthday CB! Or as the good reverend would say "Why we are on this particular mission we'll never know, but I do know here today that the Black Knights will reign victorious yet again"

I graciously accept my prize for having the best & most original comment in Crackberry's History.

Thank you - PIN# 2360857E

Oh Please, Oh Please. Let it be ME!!!

Bold 9700 is lagging could really use an upgrade.

Happy 6th B-day!!!

Well here is a great story to celebrate the Crackberry passion. My son was due for a new phone and seemed determined to buy an iPhone. He had an old Bold 9700 and felt BlackBerry had fallen behind the times. I told him to go through the Crackberry reviews and articles on the new BB10 so that he could understand how far BlackBerry had come with their new design. He read all the material but still did not seem swayed. We went to the store and he tried the BB10 after applying what he learned from Crackberry he was just whizzing along and could not put the phone down. He did a 180 and bought the BB10 and loves the phone. So Crackberry you saved the day and another BlackBerry customer is still in the family. Thanks! I only need a BB10 for myself so my son can try all the advanced features with me.

Happy Birthday Crackberry!! This is the place where I come when I have any BB questions, to find answers. Wouldn't be without my Playbook, and now my Z10. My Bold served me well for 3 years, but I love the Z10.
Keep up all the good work with information, and working with Blackberry to improve the products.

Happy Birthday CRACKBERRY!!!! anyway its not like im winning but its worth a 1 in 7000 chance... jaja maybe right!! peace

What if 6 turned out to be 9, well I don't mind... as long I win a bb10 phone of my very own. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again CrackBerry!!!!!!

Dear Crackberry,

I thought I'd take the time to type
A verse or two of rhyme,
To send a special birthday poem
And a special wish of mine.

So first of all a very Happy
Birthday to the crew,
Who've helped and aided 'Berry fans
With tips and tricks and news.

I've really liked the coverage
Of BB number 10,
With all the latest on the phones
And what the "Heins"-man says.

I've waited for a worthy phone
To replace my ole' Palm Pre
And think I've found that in the phones
From Waterloo's BlackBerry.

So I was wondering if you might
Consider me a friend,
And select me as the winner of
A BlackBerry Z10!

- Derek

Happy Birthday CRACKBERRY!
Looking forward to the site redesign.

I have been waiting for a z10 for much too long and i'm so frustrated by seeing all these new developments with the z10 that I can experience! Crackberry make my dream come true and award me with a z10!

Happy birthday Crackberry! Y'all provide me with so much entertainment. I love reading Crackberry daily.





Felicidades les deseo lo mejor , y que cumplan muchos mas , son la mejor pagina para bb que exite. Hope you understand the positive msg. Congrats & pls send me my z10

Felicidades les deseo lo mejor , y que cumplan muchos mas , son la mejor pagina para bb que exite. Hope you understand the positive msg. Congrats & pls send me my z10

Congratulations CrackBerry! Happy Birthday! I've been keeping up since 2009 and have been praying for a new BlackBerry after the Torch. Well Done and I hope BB 10 does well in the U.S.!

Many happy returns crackberry - help me celebrate and make me happy by returning a Z10 to me ;-)

Thanks for 6 years of great info. - and here's to many more!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!! May this site last many more! CB has always provided a great deal of information through reviews and forums to help me not only shop for a new phone, but to also help me resolve any problems or issues I've had.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CRACKBERRY the Lover, Researcher,Critic and Adviser of BlackBerry.....Wishing you a very prosperous Happy Birthday CRACKBERRY!!!!!

Does iphone have such a family oriented site and helpful as crackberry? If it does I'm sure its not as cool as crackberry happy birthday family

May a brighter new era dawn with this birthday. Great job, congratulations and here's wishing us all many, many more!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!
Somehow I thought you were around longer! But this is great, hope you're around for longer still.
P.S. Your contest windows are long... no wonder I never win :(

happy birthday CB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wishing for your success in life.....................................happy birthday!

Tanti auguri CrackBerry. How long until you're old enough to go out for a drink to celebrate your birthday?

Happy Birthday Crackberry. What would I do without you!!??

For my birthday wish list, let me think.... Z10!!!!!

6 years and still going strong.

CrackBerry people believed from day one and still believe.

Happy Birthday Crackberry.


Happy Birthday to you, (Im I too late?) Happy Birthday Dear CrackBERRY....... Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! And Many more.....

Have an awesome 1010 years to come...

I swear that crackberry's the best website for BlackBerry
This website helped in a lot of things concerning my current and previous blackberrys
I hope i get chosen
I LOVEEEE CRACKBERRY AND Z10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy B'day CrackBees
You have come a long way...
Celebrate your 6yrs to the fullest.....
Anyways find it difficult to believe this....
But who knows.....
Am just giving it a try to see....
A colleague brought one of the BB Z10 to me for configuration of his official mails and I must say that WWOOOWW...... This is a must have phone.....

Wish you all the best once again and thanks for all the support you guys have been giving to us.
Your better days are just a step away......


CrackBerry, you have completely transformed my BlackBerry experience and made it richer, fuller and more satisfying. I am deeply grateful. So, wish you a Very Happy Birthday and may you and us celebrate many years of totally awesome BlackBerry experience for years and decades to come.



Happy Birthday CRACKBERRY <3<3
The most happening and awesome WEBSITE till date!!!
This website has given me the information on blackberry phones which no one has ever given me

happy birthday crackberry...we are lots of fans, addicts of blackberries.We are so lucky having you. And as somebody used to say ... "keep walking..."

Happy Birthday CrackBerry :)

Ive been an account holder since June 2011, and before that I visited regularly. Even though I do go to other sites for information this is always the #1 site i go to first and the site i trust the most. You guys do a great job at getting us all our BlackBerry news fixes. The site has evolved so much even in the short time ive been a part of the community and im excited to see it grow even more. The re design launch this week, crosses fingers, im sure will make CrackBerry an even better site then it was before.

Keep of the great work CrackTeam!!!!

Happy birthday Crackberry!! Congratulations on becoming the glue that holds the Blackberry nation together, if it wasn't for this site i wouldn't even still have a blackberry. Its all up from here, you guys are awesome!!