CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Bellshare brithday blowout!

By Adam Zeis on 4 Mar 2011 09:56 am EST

Bellshare CrackBerry Birthday 

Bellshare has been kind enough to kick in tons of apps for our readers to end our Birthday week. We have a total of 700 copies of their apps up for grabs so we'll make a bunch of readers very happy. Its plain and simple and breaks down like this:

That's a lot of apps!  Bellshare has some of the best BlackBerry utliities out there, so if you haven't checked them out before, you certainly need to. Drop a comment on this post to be entered to win!

Contest: To enter to win one of Bellshare's apps just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends Sunday March 13th at midnight PST. 

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Bellshare brithday blowout!



Berryweather would be perfect for me, as I do snow removal and am constantly checking my weather forcast through the browser, which gets to be a bit of a pain!! Happy brithday Crackeberry, and thanks to Bellshare for the chance to win!!

I would like to have SmartAlerts for my 9700. If not I would go for anything you offer for free.
Please pick me.

I've already got their BerryWeather, BeBuzz, BerryReader, and SmartAlerts. This company makes some great, and very useful, apps. Great contest!

Happy birthday Crackberry! Mighty awesome for u to give away gifts when ure the one having the birthday! :)

And I certainly wouldn't mind a BeBuzz app!

Happy birthday again and more power!

Please Berry Weather hot, please Berry Weather cold, Please BeBuzz on the spot, on my Bold; Some likeBerryPopup, SmartAlerts behold, Some like the Bellshare apps, on their Bold!

Happy birthday Crackberry!! Already have BeBuzz(berryBuzz Formally ) would love BerryWeather (or any other)

I already have BerryWeather, BeBuzz, and BerryMail, but I wish to have them ALL! *cackles maniacally*

I love apps from bellShare, their apps are that cherry on the top for a great mobile phone. Keep it up BellShare!

I've never used any of their products yet, so I'm looking forward to the possibility of winning one and trying it out!



I need it, I need it...please..send one copy of BeBuzz also to Slovakia...I love Crackberry havin a Birthday!! Vsetko najlepsie ;)

I already purchased BerryBuzz and, yeah, I know its name now is Bebuzz... please let me win another great software!
Thank you!!!


I would LOVE to get BerryWeather one of the BEST APPS EVERS OF BELLSHARE!

Forgot to say..........
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY! This is the most important of this thread!
Say thanks to God! One year more of crackberry, One year more of this usefull site & forum when you can help & participate and talk with a lot of people!

Thanks crackberry for be here 4 years with us, thanks for helping us at all the moments.
Thanks for helping us choosing a new Blackberry for our use!
Thanks you really much for all! For this great staff that crackberry have and this awesome users wich you can talk 24/7 with them! Don't worry if they arent on your country! They will always be helping you.

Like always the #1 Site of Blackberry of the world is..

No more to say, Happy birthday! Hope we can reach around hm... 100 years? It would be nice! I wanna see that birthay! AND I WILL ! Because i am sure Crackbery will still up for EVERYONE EVERYDAY HERE!

Thanks for all!!

Good luck for all people in this contests
Regards to all the team and users! :P

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! Thank you for allowing us all to join in the celebration. BellShare's apps have always been amongst the best and I'd love to use more of their products. Please include me.