CrackBerry Birthday Contest and Sale from Bplay!

CrackBerry Birthday Love from Bplay!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 03:30 pm EST

Yup yup, the CrackBerry turning a year older fun continues!!! This time our pals at Bplay have hooked us up with some birthday goodies...

Contest: We have 25 $10 coupons up for grabs. SWEET!! Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win.

Everybody Wins Sale: Bplay is giving 20% off sale to CrackBerry readers so you can save yourself some money while pimping up (or is it pimping out?!) your BlackBerry with some new themes and games. Just jump over to and use coupon code CBBDAY20 in the shopping cart to get your discount.

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CrackBerry Birthday Contest and Sale from Bplay!



I would love to win this. I just got my first blackberry and would love to be able to get some apps for it. This giftcard would sure help. Thanks

Bplay is awesome! it's where I get all of my games! I would love a coupon. It's not like I won't spend the money anyway!

I got a new 8900 for my birthday and the games i had are for my old 8320 and don't work on the 8900, but man that screen sure is sharp. Help a brotha out!.......keep up the awesome work!

I want a giftcard!

Never have used bplay before but the giftcard would be a good start to getting me to use it!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! You guys have the best crack around. When it comes to you guys drugs are good. Thank you for all the wonderful info you have taught me about my Storm.