CrackBerry Birthday Contest and Sale from Bplay!

CrackBerry Birthday Love from Bplay!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 03:30 pm EST

Yup yup, the CrackBerry turning a year older fun continues!!! This time our pals at Bplay have hooked us up with some birthday goodies...

Contest: We have 25 $10 coupons up for grabs. SWEET!! Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win.

Everybody Wins Sale: Bplay is giving 20% off sale to CrackBerry readers so you can save yourself some money while pimping up (or is it pimping out?!) your BlackBerry with some new themes and games. Just jump over to and use coupon code CBBDAY20 in the shopping cart to get your discount.

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CrackBerry Birthday Contest and Sale from Bplay!



If it's your birthday, why are we getting the presents? Oh well... I'll take a $10 coupon if you're willing to give it to me.
Thank you Crackberry. Thank you Bplay!

please pick me, when I look at buying anything I need to double the price to cover the exchange rate which just keeps putting me off doing much.

I am broke, and cheep, and could use some awesome new games. I can only play tetris for so long hahahaha. Happy Birthday Crackberry!

Happy Bithday from your good customer, diffused. I am also a good customer to Bplay. Thank you very much.

I like so many other would like Bplay coupon... to be able to download games or themes...Personally would download games to help pass those times when i got nothing else to do...!


love all the offerings. Find great new things to keep you entertained on long trips. Now if they could please update the NFL themse so I can put my beloved Packers on my 8900.

I know I would love to get one of these coupons. Ya'lls birthday goodies are rocking. Bplay coupons are a great way to stuff a goody bag.

I know the coupon queen. Her name is Teresa, and we worked together. She had a coupon for everything. Circuit city, Popeyes, KFC, Applebees, Tavern on the Green... pretty much everything. Except this! To allow her to keep her title, she's gonna need this.

Once Plazmin 4.7 is unleashed in it's fululness, I'm gonna be getting a theme or two... why not use my giftcard, eh?

Ehh? Okay, for your bday, I'd love some bplay, but not have to epay, and I won't turn around and see it on ebay. Say! Some of that rhymes!

For your Bday,
I'd win from Bplay,
And buy an Orange,
wait...dang it!

As great as Word Mole & Brick Breaker are, I could definitely use a new game for my BlackBerry. I'm having too much fun with BlackBerry Maps as it is.

I love games and ways to waste time at work and spending time in waiting rooms! Bring on the great games for BlackBerry's

The week keeps getting better & better!!! B-Play is a great site with so many cool products. Still waiting on more Storm stuff, but they'll get there.

Good luck everyone!! Thanks B-Play



Bplay games - Just what I need to keep me entertained during my boring train commute to work. Pick me, please.

I bet I've purchased fifty themes or more from Bplay! They are all awesome! Love the new animated selection. Need more themes!

HAPPY BDAY CRACKBERRY, new reader (2months got BB Storm for the new year)Lovin the site. I was shocked to find out CB has the same bday (Different Year) as me. Well it'll be easier to remember now. Happy birthday Crackberry. Hope you have many more to come!

I was just shopping for some new themes the other day... guess I will hold off on buying them and see how this plays out.

Crackberry, your like a drug dealer, you give and you give to get us hooked. :)

Well I'm addicted and you rock.

Thanks for another chance at your great contests!

The gala just keeps rolling out more and more goodies! Thanks to bplay for their participation by offering a gift that keeps on giving! ;-)

comes in a can.

I wanna win, and got bored with the uninteresting comments. Thought I'd mix it up a little.

btw, asparagus.