CrackBerry Birthday Contest and Sale from Bplay!

CrackBerry Birthday Love from Bplay!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 03:30 pm EST

Yup yup, the CrackBerry turning a year older fun continues!!! This time our pals at Bplay have hooked us up with some birthday goodies...

Contest: We have 25 $10 coupons up for grabs. SWEET!! Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win.

Everybody Wins Sale: Bplay is giving 20% off sale to CrackBerry readers so you can save yourself some money while pimping up (or is it pimping out?!) your BlackBerry with some new themes and games. Just jump over to and use coupon code CBBDAY20 in the shopping cart to get your discount.

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest and Sale from Bplay!



i cant seem to find anywhere that will take my UK debit (maestro) card as payment for games, so this would be perfect for me! Ive looked at bplay many times, but unfortunately since i dont have a credit card i have no way of purchasing from them! I would love a $10 gift card as i would love to get nintaii or marble trap for the storm!

I have this program. Yesterday I downloaded version 1.0..23 for the Storm and was stoked about all the improvements. Love this program.

Happy Birthday CB, you rock!!!! I love bplay and could always use a gc, for themes and games. Keep the fun going, and I'll keep crossing my fingers.

As a new BB owner I think I should win!!!! I need some new apps and games and themes and whatever else I can get for my little baby!

Happy Birthday Crackberry thank goodness for your terrific TWOs and looking forward to keep referring you guys to all my customers for your helpful Crackberry Members and information. Keep it berry!!

I would love one of these gift cards. I just need to play more games wherever I go trying to kill my time, please may I have one.

This is a great site. I bookmarked it when I got my first BB and go here almost every day for info and advice. Keep up the great work!!!

Nothing better to help celebrate a birthday announcement than free 10 gift cards! Thanks, CB for all the great giveaway goodies.

I love this SITE!!

Bplay has the best games for your blackberry. I have 4 on my curve. More in the future, for sure!

Yaeee if I win I can now buy my FSU theme for my berry ( yeah i spend all my money on beer and pizza)

I would really like to get my hands on some games from BPlay and in this economy a gift card to help with the purchase would be much appreciated.

Happy birthday Crackberry. Thanks for solving my problems.

Bplay has a great site layout and carries the best themes. No lame duck themes over there. Great site!