CrackBerry Birthday Contest and Sale from Bplay!

CrackBerry Birthday Love from Bplay!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 03:30 pm EST

Yup yup, the CrackBerry turning a year older fun continues!!! This time our pals at Bplay have hooked us up with some birthday goodies...

Contest: We have 25 $10 coupons up for grabs. SWEET!! Just login to and leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win.

Everybody Wins Sale: Bplay is giving 20% off sale to CrackBerry readers so you can save yourself some money while pimping up (or is it pimping out?!) your BlackBerry with some new themes and games. Just jump over to and use coupon code CBBDAY20 in the shopping cart to get your discount.

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CrackBerry Birthday Contest and Sale from Bplay!



February is such a great month to have a birthday, such as myself. I am loving the birthday contests.

Cant get tired of always adding cool appls to my BB hehehe... Always something new to learn and play with, with are smart handhelds that are always passing the norms by!

I love Crackberry AND BPlay for having this contest! Happy Birthday Crackberry and may your awesomeness live on forever.

This is great so many contests hope i win one... i have entered all the contests i hope i win atleast one of them this ones great it would help me fill my blackberry with a good quality game and a theme :D

I dont mind if I dont win this one, as I have already spent a good $100 CDN on pBlay, currently using their Crossbar theme, it roxors!

Happy birthday again Crackberry! I hope that you are keeping some of this sweet stuff for yourselves!

Would love the gift card. I want to buy a new game to play while I sit on airplanes, and in airports, and on the can!

WOW!!!!!! It's too bad birthdays only happen once a year!!!
Thanks Bplay, can't wait to win this contest, and add some more themes to my CrackBerry!!!!!!!!

Thanks to BPlay for their generous donation to the CrackBerry birthday bash! Games are a welcome addition to any one's BB, what more fun way could there be to celebrate?

Happy Birthday CrackBerry. Even if I don't win any of these contests, it's great what you guys are doing. I'd be sad...but it's still great!

More free crack-stuff??? You guys are crack-awesome! Can we win multiple crack-prizes, what with all the crack-giveaways and all?

I would love to win this, all these contests gotta hope to win somethin right? :)

Thank you and happy b-day Crackberry :)

I would love to win this, all these contests gotta hope to win somethin right? :)

Thank you and happy b-day Crackberry :)

I would like a $10 gift card because I like apps for my BB, and I like them when they are free. That is all I have to say about that.

Happy Birthday at 2 years old.
I would like to get a chance to win a Bply gift card for some cool stuff for the blackberry.
Thank you

Weeee themes and games and ringtunes for free. Happy Birthday again Crackberry and thanks for the presents!

Yeah, I want to win a $10 gift card... I can add some more stuff to my Pearl... it currently runs about as fast as a Tandy 1000, but has a wild assortment of goodies to keep me busy...

I could go for installing a new game on my Curve. I don't play games on my Curve that much, but I guess Bplay could be my new vice.

Thanks again Kevin. Say, any Birthday contests for $100 Shopping Spree at =)

Keep rockin' Kevin....Thank you very much!

You guys are giving away so much stuff! I don't mind however...:) Sign me up for this 1 please :)

This would be awesome to win, as would anything else being given away by Crackberry and friends right now! newbie. But I always go for the deals. Best forum sit e as well for BB info. Always impressing my friends with BB tips. Thanks to all.