CrackBerry Birthday Contest and App Sale From Toysoft!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Mar 2009 10:13 am EST
Toysoft Contest and Sale!

And we're winding down the CrackBerry Birthday Week festivities with a BlackBerry app contest and coupon from our friends at Toysoft!

CrackBerry App Contest: Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win one of 50 copies of any of Toysoft's BlackBerry Applications. You can click here to view their full BlackBerry app offering. Lots of goodies here! Contest ends tonight at midnight PST, so hurry and leave a comment.

CrackBerry App Sale: Toysoft has a created a 50% off coupon to use in our CrackBerry Mobile App store ( on your BlackBerry's browser) for three of their popular apps: Full Screen Caller Picture ID, Profiler (Automated Profile Switching) and PictureDial for Storm. When you visit on your mobile device, these three apps are on the featured section (homepage) so you can find them easily. Use coupon CRACK2 to get your savings. The coupons will work until this Thursday, March 5th. Keep in mind the coupon will only work on the mobile app store and now our regular software store ( For a tutorial on using coupons in the mobile app store, click here.

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Birthday Contest and App Sale From Toysoft!



WOW - I wish this week would never end. With the especially hard times with our current economy, these freebies are a real bright spot. Thank you Toysoft and Crackberry.

Did I say that this is a GREAT opportunity to finally win an application that makes sense. Toysofts app Auto Profile makes sense and would certainly be one that I would like to have SOON!!!

This is awesome!!! I'd absolutely love to win one of these :D

Thanks toysoft for your generosity! And thanks crackberry for being so awesome!

Crackberry has done the impossible in two years. After comparing the various Blackberry Support forums official and unofficial, Crackberry is clearly king. Looking forward to a mischievos year as you enter your terrible twos. Now you can tell us all the things about our blackberrys that we weren't supposed to know....................

Damn at the last day more and more give away thats F@$%! awesome..

I'm still trying to win something here and a Toysoft BlackBerry Application would be great. Of course a Storm App for my device. Let see how it's going at the end.


Sign me up please and thanks Crackberry for a great birthday week.

Shouldn't we be giving you presents? :)

Stuff we all get - Micheal Scott, Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

Happy Birthday, Crackberry!

Cumpleaños Feliz,
Te deseamos a ti,
Qué los cumplas en tu día,
Qué los complas feliz.

Viva la Crackberry!

AWWWW, the week of greatness has come to an end and no more abundance of contests!!! I hope I win SOMETHING! Good deal with 50% off though, it's pushing me to finally get that profiler app I've been mulling over for the past few weeks!! Once again happy birthday crackberry! I'd be lost without your site!

This is an incredible site. I have not seen this type of giveaway since the banking crisis, oh yeah and the big three automakers. Put my name down for the give away.

CB's birthday week may be coming to an end, but mine is just beginning! I'll be 21 on Saturday and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with something free from CB! :)

Had a quick glance at some of Toysoft's App offerings, nice. LOL on the FakeCall app!

Count me in to the contest, and last chance to say Happy Birthday

OK, so it's almost over, and I can win my 8900 and move on!! Love the contests CB!! Hope we can have some Easter, and Mother day stuff too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giveaways are awesome and so are Toysoft's applications. Can't wait to see who all the lucky winners are in the next few days.

This site is awesome! In lieu of Crackberry's birthday, we are having a Blackberry Party! It's where all of the blackberry addicts I know will get together and share blackberry favorites! I went out over the weekend and met more blackberry users who didn't know anything about; so, you'll definitely be on the list of topics! We're hoping to make this an annual thing. We had to have it at an upscale bowling alley b/c it was so many peoplet that it would have overflowed at our other location. I'm hoping to submit pictures of people with their favorite toy....the blackberry.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry! This has been an incredible week of contests -I think it might be difficult to beat next year.

This week has been crazy with all the contests. Can't wait to see what happens when you turn three! Happy Bday!

So far I have only downloaded 1 new app to my storm - and I love it. I am starting to get very fimialiar with the site and it is very addictive.

I need shiny new apps to show co-workers thier error in purchasing iphones, had my storm for a week and so far thier "my iphone is better than your blackberry" comments are hard to argue against help!!

I need shiny new apps to show co-workers thier error in purchasing iphones, had my storm for a week and so far thier "my iphone is better than your blackberry" comments are hard to argue against help!!

This week just keeps on getting better and better. Apps are possibly the best freebies you could have. To top it off, you can choose ANY app that you want. This is too good to be true. I am typing feverishly to get this comment in. I am so excited my hands are shaking (Ok, I have a flare for the dramatic). Hope this gets in on time. I'm kind of late checking the site. There are aleady 200 people in front of me. *Sigh*