CrackBerry BeBold Video Contest winner announced!

By Team CrackBerry on 19 Apr 2012 02:21 pm EDT

It was a heated race in our BeBold Video Contest, but the results are in and we have a winner. There were so many great entries it was really hard to choose for this one. The Crack Team was pretty torn over who would ultimately take home the grand prize, but the winner is ...

Grand Prize: Ryan Reyes - BoldMan

While Ryan is our grand prize winner, we couldn't let the rest of our top ten go away empty handed. We originally planned to give out two runner-up prizes, but since we had such a hard time choosing a top three, everyone else in the top ten will receive a $50 ShopCrackBerry gift certificate and some cool CrackBerry schwag.

We'll be following up with Ryan about his gran prize trip to BlackBerry World 2012, but a shout out to everyone that participated - thanks for your amazing videos. It's always great to see what comes out of the CrackBerry Nation in our video contests. We'll get in touch with the winners to organize your prizes. Thanks again to everyone that entered!

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CrackBerry BeBold Video Contest winner announced!


Congratulations, Boldman!
And big Kudos to all the top 10!
! had an idea, but never got around to it. So, Boo on me and big props to all of you!

Why when I click on the embedded video it tells me the video is currently unavailable? Looks like my Bold is not "Bold enough" to play some embedded videos from Crackberry.

Is anyone else having the same issue?

WooHooo!!! Thank you so much! Everyone who entered did an awesome job as well. I'm so excited. Getting my PlayBook a year ago today and now this, 4/19 is now officially my favorite Day! Thank you again!

NICE!! great job BOLD MAN! The entry had all the elements of a great come back story.

Now let's hope RIM can mirror it.


Hi @grreyes,
Ty from RIM here. Congrats on the win and kudos for all of your hard work making the “BoldMan” video. Hats off as well to your talented competitors – it was great to see fans showing both creativity and their love for BlackBerry devices.
Enjoy your trip to BlackBerry World and in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a rundown of the sessions:
Ty, RIM Social Media Team

Yeah, that is really awesome! Thank you. I was already so excited to go, but now as I look up all I can about it, I'm even more excited to be apart of everything and brush elbows with everyone.

That was my favorite video, I really enjoyed watching all the videos but most of all being part of the BlackBerry comeback movement. Way to go BoldMan, congrats!

Congratulations!! I really hope you find the time to make the whole movie.. I really would be interested in watching!!

Its Corny, But I love It!!!!! Shucks I kinda wish it flourishes into a real movie, I would watch it. :)