CrackBerry Asks: Would you like to see HERE Drive+ come to BlackBerry 10?

HERE Drive+
By James Richardson on 27 Feb 2014 02:37 pm EST

Now that Nokia are jumping on the BBM bandwagon with both Windows Phone and their freshly announced X platform I was wondering what other applications BlackBerry and Nokia may be keen to share in the future. 

The first to spring to mind was HERE Drive+ which initially was only available on Nokia's own Lumia devices, but eventually rolled out to all Windows Phones. Sure, we have BlackBerry Maps for BlackBerry 10 and it does a decent job, but HERE Drive+ is better and I speak from experience. 

Both voice guided navigation apps get you to where you want to go but HERE Drive+ is certainly more in depth and although I don't like to say it - a little more reliable when finding a road and house number. There's also a few little touches that are nice - such as showing your current speed on the display, with the option for over-speed warnings - something we are lacking with BlackBerry Maps. 

So with the two companies clearly having been in talks regarding BBM, could the relationship blossom and result in some more app sharing? Let us know your thoughts? 


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CrackBerry Asks: Would you like to see HERE Drive+ come to BlackBerry 10?


Yup. The fact it allows for offline maps makes it a great option if travelling in another country and don't want to mortgage your house to pay for roaming fees.

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Here's a CRAZY IDEA! How about Crackberry lobby for BB to update the mapping application to better serve BB users (it's main readership and supporters) to more closely mirror more mature and fully featured native navigation apps on other platforms?

Sorry - if I went off the deep end there. Uh, yeah, sure bring a new mapping app to the platform?

I think it's refreshing that their heads are out of the cloud. I love my BlackBerry, but I don't kid myself about their faults. Let's air em out. Last thing I want to see when I come here is how great BlackBerry is at EVERYTHING. Let's be realistic.

BB Maps is THE worst App I have ever met! At least in Czech republic with worst optimalizations for Q10 display size.

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BB Maps works very well in N. America.
But I'm all for choice and would never discourage third party developers.

I've said it before many times. BlackBerry maps is severely lacking and has a hard time searching for anything outside of a standard address. Also, I find it lags at times in its turn by turn directions, basically making it useless.

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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That's odd, BB maps (running on my Q10) lags less than my Garmin Nuvi when I run them side-by-side. Directions are thorough and accurate where I use it around Vancouver.

BlackBerry Maps is, in my opinion, one of the worst apps BlackBerry has ever made. It doesn't work well here in Mexico City. It's really slow, it lacks lots of info and the GPS is usually way off the mark

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I'm sure in N. America, Canada and several other places it works remarkably but they should at least try to roll out maps for other countries. Bring on HERE Drive if it has more features and no spyware.

Clearly there seems to be no plans for expanding the BlackBerry maps library.

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

Also, because they use Tom Tom maps, there are parts of my city that are nonexistent, and I mean huge highways. I contacted both BlackBerry and Tom Tom about this issue and it doesn't sound like they plan on fixing it any time soon.

Google maps has the correct data however.

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Also works very well in South Africa...the only annoying thing is that it isn't offline and data is quite expensive here...

BlackBerry really needs to partner with one of the software giants to get some Apps/services that it's severely lacking. These companies are competing with eachother for services and Blackberry can be a good ally for them as BlackBerry doesn't really compete in software with these companies.

For Example BlackBerry could reach a deal with Amazon where it preinstalls Amazon Prime, Cloud services and Amazon app store and Amazon would promote BlackBerry on their website.


Partner with Nokia/Microsoft to have Skydrive/ Here Maps/ Bing in exchange for BBM pre-installed on all WP

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Can't do anything like that. They lack scale. If amazon wanted a partner, they would pick Samsung for example

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Or have Nokia/MS make a BB10 phone. Personally I would love to see a Lumia style BB10 device. Since that isn't going to happen I'll take the Here Drive+ I loved it on my HTC 8S.

Would like to see it. Or a version of Blackberry Traffic that works on BB10. That's the one app I miss most from my torch.

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I used Here Maps and Drive in December on a Lumia 520 that my wife got as a US-only phone. They worked great, and the offline ability was much appreciated in the Bug Sur region of California where GSM signal is mostly absent.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Never heard of it and BlackBerry maps and be maps usually do the job but the more apps the better.

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Why instead of running around looking for any new other program, don't BlackBerry resurrects good old "Traffic"?

Yes. I have a 520 in the car just for that alone. Its far superior...... even on the 520. This maybe a great benefit of the nokia x project.

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I have issues with bb,s gps in the UK. I find it gets stuck all the time...... but with drive I've never had an issue.

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Blackberry needs BB Traffic!!! And with programs like Waze and Miro Don't Panic? we don't need more, just improve what we have already so we can go back to using BB products instead of another 3rd party app....

I'm easy, but prefer a BB product. BlackBerry Maps works for me.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

YES! Do Want!! Either it gets ported officially or not. I'm just waiting for the android .apk to be released and test it.

Here/Nokia Maps are the best and most complete gps/mapping tool I have used on a phone.

I would want to know about regional functionality. I have never used it, but am always looking for the next best thing. I am U.S. Intermountain West

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I use BlackBerry Maps on occasion. I usually know where I am going so I don't need it much. Actually it works well for me.

Having said that, I have no issue with having choice; the more the better. So why not?

Who ever had the pleasure of using a Nokia with HERE Maps, will know.. HANDS DOWN, the BEST, BEST, BEST navigation/ maps app out there... (to date)

exactly! here maps is great , but blackberry should just put some effort into their own navigation app

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It's a shame because bb's isn't terrible. With some small effort, it could be almost as good and would be a great feature to add to what bb10 has going for it. Really have never understood why they just simply haven't bothered to address this.

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its like saying, lets ask blackberry to make instagram, temple run, paypal, ebay, etc...
BlackBerry isnt in a really good position to reinvent the wheel. it has many wonderful things going for itself, sadly, navigation and maps isnt one of them. in addition, they use TomTom already. so drop it, partner w/ bingMaps, and bring HERE+ to BB!

Just need BlackBerry products that function better. That is the future of BlackBerry, not third party apps just for having more of the same.

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I had issues with BB Maps' accuracy initially, but it seems to have gotten quite good now. I've checked all those locations that were wrong before and now they are right. I believe HERE Drive doesn't do traffic, and most times that trumps offline maps in my book. For the times I do need offline maps Mireo works well. BB Maps routing is also much faster (Q10 vs Lumia 520).

Another big problem with off-line maps is they don't get updated frequently. So it's terrible if you want to use it for house hunting in areas of new construction.... as I had to do recently. I found bb maps to better than HERE maps, but only slightly. I mostly had to rely on Google Maps.

I use the latest version of the android version of Waze. I never heard of HERE Drive +, but the more options that are available the better.

I still do wish that BB Maps was good enough to use on a daily basis. If it would incorporate the features of BlackBerry Traffic from OS7 I wouldn't really need to use anything else.

I like the sound of the relationship between Nokia and BlackBerry blossoming! I have been wanting the two to merge for the longest time. Also bring on Motorola and the company would be a global dominator!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

+ A Zillion... geez. It's not terrible as some claim to be but, man, let the creative juice flow why don't you.

I loved how Bb Traffic allowed you to select 1 of 2 possible routes. Any chance this app does that as well? Bb Maps finds addresses better than past apps but still isn't perfect. Love the speedo and the notification option. Would love to be able to adjust the threshold for "speeding notification... around here they ticket for 15 km/h over so I drive at 10 km/h over.

First, I use my internal navigation system (ie: my brain), the second I use my car's navigation system. When in a pinch, I pull over to the side of the road, get out a REAL map, and figure it out. I find most mapping services to be a bit useless. Either you know where you live, or you don't.

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Yes possibly.
But only if it could be fully integrated with the rest of the OS (contact, calendar,...).

Otherwise it will simply remain unused as it is presently the case with Google maps, I'm just fine with the BlackBerry maps.

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It depends a lot where you live.
I don't live in the US nor Europe. I live in Argentina, and here we have really lame connections. H+ is the most you can get, and it really doesn't work at the speed it should, but most of the time we ran over EDGE and some 3G (that has the speed of a 56kbps telephone modem).
So, solutions like Here Maps and Drive+ are really good for us. They have a very good database for our country and the possibility of using those apps while you are offline (actually, when you are not connected, or the connection doesn't work).
I used an N9 and a Lumia 620 before my Z10, and those where the greatest higlights of those phones (on the N9 it was Nokia maps, then got rebranded).
Besides, you can sync them with a Nokia account at the web version.
In fact, if you would like to try the maps, you could just go to the mobile site (it even lets you cache a part of the map for offline use, although it's not the same as having a full country offline).

It would be great to at least have an APK with offline capability, but even better would be to have a native app with offline maps.
Oh, and at least here in my country, you have traffic info.

It's okay for BlackBerry maps to lack on some features such as current speed and blah blah. But it's one thing to be unreliable. I tend to use mireo more often. Only if I could set the default maps of foursquare or yelp to mireo.

I've never had any issues with BlackBerry maps, gets me to where I need to be but I'll give anything a go. The more quality apps coming on board the better. I just want a new super specced phone to run them on! Where's me new Zed series :)!!

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I like Nokia Here.
James is right it is better at finding Europe. In North America though, BlackBerry's Tom Tom powered maps are better.

Address finding aside, I think Nokia is still better over all.

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Anybody could tell me why in Poland we haven't turn-to-turn navigation in BlackBerry Maps? We have a maps, it's work very nice, but no turn-to-turn...

What a problem, we don't need polish version, English would be enough...

I'm in California, BB maps works fine for the most part. I prefer Mireo offline maps and gps turn by turn navigation. But more choices is more happy people. More great choices is more happy Blackberry users.

Until then, I like "Don't Panic!".. Offline maps, good directions. I wish it was more integrated into things like "Sayit" where I could say "Directions to... " and it would launch and start with the directions. But it has 100% replaced my stand-alone Garmin GPS unit.

Even though it's online you can use them for now on your browser at

It's just maps, but it does the job very well, it's faster to lock than blackberry maps.( I don't drive so blackberry maps aren't great for me. They're excellent for Driving though. )
And less power hungry than Google maps, so it's pretty useful.

Via Z30

I'm still using my old Nokia Symbian phone for its mapping software, so I'd love to get this on BlackBerry 10!

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I'm not sure I would want to see Nokia's HERE Drive+ come to BlackBerry 10. Instead, I'd rather see Google Maps come to BlackBerry 10 as an alternative or maybe even Bing Maps.

I think Bing Maps and Here have an agreement for collaboration. As the mapping division wasn't bought by Microsoft, it's still part of the original Finnish Nokia.

Ditto! Google Maps has consistently been useful to me, especially in the New York metro.

Thank goodness for BeMaps Pro ;p

Sounds nice. But I like and will stick with native maps for online and nogago for everything else. Thanks tho.

However saying that I hope it means berry will step up the native maps. Some times some competition is good.

I'm southern California and BlackBerry Maps save me from getting stuck in traffic this morning. It routed me to another freeway and inner streets and I was able to avoid 90 of the bad traffic. I hope BlackBerry keep improving their map.

 CB10 

Any addition of native apps to BlackBerry World is more than welcome!! Specially when it comes from big vendors

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Wish i could vote 10 times
Yes!......... Yes!!......... Yes!!!
It's miles ahead of BlackBerry maps which doesn't even have offline mode and which doesn't even support data for my area. I end up using my old Nokia for mapping services.
Besides it makes sense that they should do so given that QNX Auto uses HERE services instead of blackberry maps. That alone is admission of its superiority.

Never ever had an issue with BlackBerry Maps in Canada or anywhere else for that matter.

Keep up the great work BlackBerry!!

Posted with my gorgeous Z30

My son has the Lumia and blackberry maps was much more accurate, he asked for my Garmin.

AT&T STL100-3/

Considering that HERE will be available on all Windows Phone handsets and the Nokia X line, I'd love to see Nokia services come to BB10.

After all, BlackBerry and MSFT both have a stake in Rockstar...

BB Maps is good enough (for me in Australia) for driving directions - so I don't really care about "HERE Drive+"

BUT - what is said in the last paragraph: " ..., could the relationship blossom and result in some more app sharing" absolutely makes sense!
I liked the Nokia Maps on my old Nokia phone (esp. the option to download maps to the device). So if BB and Nokia get together and use the Nokia Maps (I think they are rebranded now) as the default that would a) give BB a well developed and already proven map app and free resources at BB for other dev tasks.

I use the Nokia maps (Here Maps, silly name I think) on my Lumia 920 and it's great. Actually it's the only reason I still keep the phone.

So I would welcome them to the BB10 platform.

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Here is very good on my work lumia & even the mobile website works fine on my Q10.

The biggest benefit with it on the Lumia is that you can download a countries maps so you don't have to use data which is great in a country the size of Australia that has massive areas with no coverage & saves data when there is.

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In France BlackBerry Maps is almost unuseable.
On the contrary I've never used a better amp apps than nokia Maps/Drive on Symbian. It was as good as a real GPS, so much better than Android Google Maps or iPhone one.
Embedded map (no need of network except for traffic), performant, many feature, just a lack of POI database.

I have had no problems with BlackBerry maps. it's not as fancy and does not sound as good as Google maps but it works just fine

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I agree with Jake. BB navigation is great. I'm an inspector and I rely on the native system ditched my old nan system.

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I use BlackBerry Maps and Both are good. The only thing I wish BlackBerry Maps had was a zoom in and out button on the screen like all other map apps. I don't like having to pinch in or out all the time (especially when driving).

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Blackberry maps won't work for most areas!! So to be frank it sucks.
For navigation most of the people in India uses Google maps!

Please note that India is one of the few placed where BlackBerry hasn't died yet!!

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I'd like to see a native BlackBerry Travel app with excellent voice guided navigation, floating map labels, global coverage, offline support, speed limit warnings, current traffic data, suggested routes and transit information like Nokia's Drive+ and Here apps. I'd also like to see a native MixRadio app for BlackBerry 10. The native Nokia apps are the best part of my experience with my Windows phone. I'm sure BlackBerry can develop similar apps for its BlackBerry 10 devices.

VZW Z10 Posted via CB 10

Definitely, I always carry my Nokia N9 When I travel just for the offline maps

Posted via CB10

I miss BlackBerry Traffic the most. It worked great, was accurate and always got me where I needed be and avoided traffic. This is the app I would like to see.

Posted via CB10

Don't know that much about the app, but if it has good pedestrian directions, I'll take it. That's what I really need.

Posted via CB10

Here + is the only reason I still have my Lumia 900. It would be nice to have in a BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Absolutely. I already use it on my lumia and it'd be awesome to sync it across both my phones

Posted via CB10

YES, please bring 'HERE Drive' (nokia drive) ...and also Nokia Maps to BB10.
The maps are great. Best to feature 'offline' map downloads per country - no data connections needed while on the road or traveling abroad.
Loving my Q10 - missing only Maps from my previous Lumia 800.

Have used it in my N9. Best gps sw I have used. BlackBerry maps is far off. Waze is ok, but still not as good as Nokia maps.

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Sure we need, maybe after this BB will start listening to the users needs.
Give us Offline maps, extend coverage for/of other countries.
Personally I NEED offline maps, as it is a nightmare - 200km and your monthly limit of 300Mb is almost reached

Absolutely without a doubt I would like to see and use Nokia Maps/Here on BlackBerry.

Having been a Nokia user for at least a decade prior to buying my first BlackBerry last year I can say Nokia Maps is THE gold standard in mobile navigation applications. Nothing else comes close and most definitely not BlackBerry Maps.

Nokia Here's smooth speed, level of detail and overall functionality is unmatched and being an offline application it still works in rural or mountainous areas when you are out of network coverage. Thats's a proper navigation application, not a feeble attempt at it for city boys that never leave the urban sprawl of thier home country.

I live in Manila, Philippines, and use my Z10/Q10 combo as my primary smartphone/number. I also have a Nokia Lumia 820 as my backup smartphone/number. Side-by-side there's no comparisons. Nokia's Here+ Maps is so much better than BB's. There's more useful features as well. But the thing that gets me about BB10 Maps is that the screen doesn't keep or stay on, unlike with Here+ Maps on the 820 or on BBOS7 Map on my 9860. Why is that? I tried fiddling with the settings and such but I can't find anything that will keep the screen on when I'm using BB10 Maps, especially when driving. Anyway, just my 2 cents worth.

Here use the maps on my Nokia 701, and I agree that this very aFront of blackberry maps.
The Z10 does not have offline maps, and that sucks.

Here drive is one of best navigation apps
And the most important fact that u didn't mention about it is OOF LINE &for sure BlackBerry need to bring more useful apps to there os or develop more decent native app( witch seems like they don't wanna do
Or they cant)so in order to at list keep the current customer they need to bring more
Useful app not like Apk that every time they freeze and miss function or doesn't function at all when installed in bb
For example google wallet and..

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BlackBerry Maps doesn't work for BB10 devices in India. So my Z10 phone came pre loaded with Map My India navigator powered by Mireo which is very good indeed.

Has offline maps, support for regional languages, voice nav and foursquare POIs. The only thing missing is real time traffic information which I can live without.

Having an offline map which can function independently of your device's radio is awesome. Is nearly a Gig of one time data download for the country map, but can't live without it.

Beats having a laggy map app in dead areas.

So no complaints.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry maps works great for me... but it wouldn't hurt having more options

Posted via CB10

Yes...of course. And while you're at it, something that is similar to Apple's Garage Band. I love my Z10 and I love BlackBerry, but I came so close to buying an IPhone simply because of Garage Band.

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Why can't the new approach BlackBerry decide to give the option of offline use to BlackBerry Maps. Also, improve on those flaws that people complain about.
I do use BeMaps as my main nav app which makes use of bb maps for turn by turn direction too, but imo if more apps can be used cross platform it is definitely a plus for BB 10. Any of the competition can potentially lose customer base not only because we have the best secure platform on the planet, but we do allow the user to stay connected with the majority if not all of their past favorite apps. It is a positive direction moving forward.

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Genius Mapping (just copy the apk for android) by Mireo uses Navteq Mapping which is Here mapping. Seems to work. Still Testing