CrackBerry Asks: Would you like a choice of color accents in BlackBerry 10.3?

By James Richardson on 3 Apr 2014 10:47 am EDT

I’m sure you all saw our recent hands on with an early LEAKED version of BlackBerry OS 10.3 (we like saying the word LEAKED around here - it's fun!). Although it looks like BlackBerry are working on a bunch of great improvements in 10.3 there was one thing in particular that stood out for me - the red accents that replaced the blue we currently have. As Kevin and Bla1ze discussed in our latest CrackBerry podcast, it sounds like the OS build that leaked was already several builds old and the red accent has been scrapped in the later version. Whether the red stays or goes, the question it's prompted us to ask is would you like some options when it comes to accents? 

I'll be honest and say that I wasn't overly keen on the red that we saw, but that's just me. But what if you could choose the color you wanted? With Windows Phone, users can choose the color theme they want for their Live Tiles and something similar would certainly be nice to see in future builds of BlackBerry 10.


Maybe this is something BlackBerry was considering and the red in the leaked build was just an early test to see how different color accents could change up the experience. I like the blue accents that we've had with BlackBerry 10 since day one but options are always nice to have. 

Hit up the poll and cast your vote. 



For sure!

From my new z30


I agree, this question is a no brainer : give user customization ! :)

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Actually, it's not a no-brainer. There are some hefty benefits to not letting people choose colors. Developers don't need to worry about things in their app clashing with whatever weird color people decide on. Also, personally I don't want to be bothered with my phone asking me what stupid color I want to use somewhere I don't use for the color. Tools not toys.

I have more friends because I do drugs!! Baby!


Perhaps with all the Drugs you do, the color palette in your mind should suffice!

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Simple answer, options are ALWAYS welcome. No need to even ask that...

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Yeah, for example, I would to have the option to change my theme. I like the BlackBerry 10 theme buuut I think the PlayBook had something better, and somebody else might like something closer to something else? All I'm saying is that themes would be great.

But colors are cool too.


Agreed! First thing I said when seeing the red was that I hoped this meant we could choose whatever colour we like and it'd be used throughout the UX. Here's hoping...


Choice, sure. I feel BlackBerry could make nice with the carriers again by matching the accents. If your BlackBerry is on Verizon make the accents red, AT&T, Blue. Sprint yellow, T-Mobile is dead to us, etc. I think they would really like that.



Beautiful idea! They shouldn't force it tho. They should just make it default

From Zarafet my Z30.


As long as customization isn't TOO big, then I'm for it.

I always hated how friends of mine would change the Windows XP system font to comic sans. It makes the OS look like garbage.

You need to retain some level continuity in how the OS looks IMO. But customization of certain things is great.

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The Me

Love the red, but we need choice.

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Just don't make me have red. I won't update my phone if it's red. Fine if it's an option but I can't look at it all day every day


I almost didn't want to update myself when they changed the call answer screen and added that weird bar on the Z10 messaging window above the keyboard. It's useless and makes you lose a lot if the message above it.



You can turn off the action bar (above the keyboard).

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How? I can't seem to find it anywhere and I would love to get rid of it.



Never mind, found it. Only works for BBM. Maybe a future update will allow us to remove it or something?



Lol funny the first time I picked up my phone after the update kept sliding down and then I realized it changed.
It's mire of a pain really.



I agree I can't see red all day. I rather not have any options. I makes it easier.



Choice and customization is what all of us want.

The Me

The worst part is it's not hard at all to do. I know, and many devs do that in their apps.

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Maybe BlackBerry should hire you to help bring this to the OS. ;)

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The Me

You're hired, you're my agent!


It's already on the native SDK roadmap.

Was delayed from 10.2


Delayed probably because they had to remove the magenta color option :)


LOL! There may be some truth to that.

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Ha! I agree!



Should be the choice of the developer, IMHO. When my app is based on a blue color, a red accent is just ugly. Sometime red fits better and so on.


I don't doubt that BlackBerry will consider that too. I hope they take this a bit further even and include an option for the bright or dark theme. I discovered only recently that every app is dark by default on AMOLED devices, unless the developer disables the dark theme for their app.


Love me some orange accent.

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Love the orange accent. Love crackberry too :D

From Zarafet my Z30.


I love orange. But I'm biased being a hurricane fan. ;)



No, I don't want changes and options...let's keep it simple and boring!

Powered by BlackBerry!


Apple style! Lol

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I prefer Apple style to Android fragmented mess



I just really want Symbian S50 again...that is definitely the best mobile OS that has been/ever will be made.


Apple is too boring, Android is too exciting.
C'mon BlackBerry, you know what to do

From Zarafet my Z30.


That would be nice.

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Nice, like toddlers with crayons playing ;-) just kidding! Some color accents importing stuff, yes please!



Things like that cN always keep the is fresh and new. I have apps with dark themes that look sexy with red.

From zee coolest flicking smartphone ever


A choice would be great indeed. BlackBerry has had a history of customization, and should continue that trend with OS 10; my opinion

Hussein Z10

Sure like to have a theme choices, almost if we don't get such option I guess BlackBerry will be so traditional in that domain, since BlackBerry is too simple and boring about the options, yes we need that option, personally I don't like the red at all, so I'll be glad to have a colour changing option

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then what's your phone number? . . .

. . . jk ;-)


I would LOVE to have the option.

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No. I would be thankful just to finally have 10.2.1. Still can't get a straight answer from AT&T .

Not ashamed of the 'Berry I carry. BlackBerry by choice!


More personal touches the better.

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I'm so used to people's terrible language skills that I read that as "touchés" and took a while to realize what the hell you meant! LOL

D gray

Let's do Crackberry style. Gimme some orange.

My Z10 has a Flow


There is a lot of other stuff that should be fixed. Why does dial pad take a good second and a half to open?

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while on call

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You dial pad takes time to "open"? Mine is always there... ;-)

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I think iPhone won a great user base because it's eyeCandy looking. Customisation is needed

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Juanes Santa Cruz E

Blue it's great but with other colors could be better, I think it's a matter of choice

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I like the blue. Orange might be cool as well. Options are always good :)

emPowered by 


Are you even asking? Lol

Posted via CB10 on my Z10STL100-


Options are always nice and I'd probably use them but it's not a deal breaker.

What I'd like is an option to post what I'd like to see in 10.3! Hint hint...

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


We want the color that fits our own style... customization is the way to go.

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Not liking red over blue. Personally I think as a dev, this is just a preparation for accent color menu. It should be customisable to the level of actually any color.

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I want bright pink accents. I also want "You're the Best" to play every time during boot - with no way to stop it.

I would absolutely love absolute customization...but it will be abused so hard!

Though, moderate customization is essential - I'm still going to make the accents pink.


BTW why does your photo show an orange one??

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I'd like to assume the good people at Crackberry did some nice photoshop touch up, to make the article's title and meaning stand out more

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Either Photoshop or they tease and confirm.

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Too much UI customization and choice is a bad thing. But a dark theme toggle and accent color selector seems like a nice and simple UI settings pane to me. I'm not wild about having to adjust every single setting on my phone when I load a leak or wipe. BlackBerry should offer settings backup with your BBID.


Really? Being able to customize your phone to your own liking is a bad thing? Ok...

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I think you overlooked the "too much". And I agree, the software shouldn't be crowded with too many toggles. It creates unnecessary complexity and has the potential to make the software confusing. Offer choices where they matter and leave the rest.


It won't make things confusing because you don't HAVE to go and change the settings. If you want to keep it simple then leave all the settings default. How do settings behind a menu make the main interface too confusing??

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I'm undecided. I like the red, like customisation. At the same time maybe it's good to be static for the brand, also it doesn't bog down the os with extra essentially not needed code.


The reds ABSOLUTELY fine, the thing is, it wasn't flush with the rest of the OS

Good example would be the header when in the hub, it's in blue and white, while the accent was red, so this type of mismatch would throw it off. But if the header was also red, I think the amount of people not satisfied by it would be reduced

All being said, the option to select would be very nice though!

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Red is a "danger, something is wrong" colour. Even if you happen to like it, having big swathes of red all over the UI is going to be very confusing as it's usually an indicator that something has gone wrong.


It's also an indicator of love. :p

From Zarafet my Z30.


...and passion.

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Customization = greatest satisfaction for all customers

And what I love most about BlackBerry 10 is that they take the user feedback and actually give us what we want. It may take time but they do it.

Loving the new fresh UI in 10.3 makes it easier to see your wallpaper :)


I loved the bbos10.3 need filtered


Options are nice and welcome, as long as they're productive. I think is best not to clutter this OS with a bunch of useless stuff, like our BlackBerry World.



Choice is always good let the user choose

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Red forever!

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I love options, settings and choices.
I think it's a must to have choices!!


It sounds like a great selling feature.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30


It will be nice to have the option for bold font too


iOS offers minimal customization options, and yet it's wildly popular. BlackBerry should keep the Blue theme and focus on other OS improvements.

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We are not apple!

From Zarafet my Z30.


Would love to be able to change colors on a whim. Gimme customization!

Brian Scheirer

Developers can always make their apps look like native elements but add custom color accents... there's even a really cool tutorial on how to put your apps in a custom layout ;)...

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I hate the RED, I want that option to customize the colour in 10.3. This would be better, that way each person can pick the colour they like.


That red is closer to orange than red anyway... Nod to CB? :p


The red was hideous and looked massively out of place. Glad to hear it's been removed and blue is back - although more choice would be a good thing. I also really hope the trend towards IOS 7 style "flat" design doesn't continue. I love the gentle gradients and smooth, understated look of the BB10 UI, it's classy without being too over the top.


I would like white on black for everything please.

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Anthony Roberts5

Who in there right mind would no to customization?!??!?!?


Blue... I don't want Red, as IMO, it will look a bit cheaper after Red...again this is my opinion... :)

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10 colors would be great, and while we're at it, make those same 10 colors available for accounts/calendars (green, cyan, CB orange, pink and purple are already there. Add navy blue, yellow, silver, deep red and brown. That should do it.)...


Your polls look way too small on my Z10. Need to make the font and the circles bigger. Thanks.

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I voted no because I'd just end up keeping the accent colour as blue anyway.


Duhh .. black and red all day.. errdayy


Customization of this as well as Pootermobile's concept of selectable opacity of the app boxes.

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Pele z10

Hope we get back the pull down to answer the the z10 are give us the opportunity to choose the way we want to answer either across are pull down

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I'm a huge Chelsea fan, so the red was a terrible choice... But... Damn, it was sexy...

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Sure! Choice is always better than no choice.

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While I initially had a knee jerk reaction to the red, I actually came to like it and realized how much more visible it made typing on the keyboard - and preferred it. I barely even knew there were blue highlights when a key is pressed whereas the red makes it very clear and aids typing though it doesn't look great. That said I think they should customizable accents. It would look cool and functional to have red accents for a red Z10, yellow for a yellow Z10, etc.

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Thank you. Very well said.


and I want to be able to shut up the dialer sound!


and AD BLOCK on native browser.


For sure !
It's called a smart phone.


This is coming to 10.3

The GIF Exchange C001B7B16ً


Aaaaaand this is going to be a pain in the a$$ for developers. I don't know about you guys, but I try to compliment the blue accents with my app. If the user was able to choose from a bunch of different accents then it'd be a mess for developers. I'd hate it for the sole reason. For example, my app looks like junk on the 10.3 leak because I made it compliment the blue accents. The red throws it completely out of wack.

Last thing we need to do is upset developers at this point.. But whatever.

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But if they let app developers pick the accent color for their app, then it would be great. The problem is you often have to mix system and custom components to get the UI you want, while making the users think it's all system components. Accent colors (or themes) you don't control can throw a huge wrench in this.

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Brian Scheirer

Can you two knock it off with your sensible "from a developer point of view" and/or "full user experience between various apps" nonsense... we are here to make demands and not here to completely think through them!!


What they should do is make it a query able value for developers.

So we don't have to colour code the app. Pull the value and let it theme for you. Would be a good way to theme all apps at a button push for users.

Posted via CB from my LE


Sure Windows Phone gives you the option, but just whatever you do, don't switch phones, because the backup and restore doesn't include ANY customizations, so if you switch, you will need to set up all of your homescreen tiles, all of your settings, everything. It's pretty much the most useless backup and restore I've ever encountered...

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People will switch phones for customized colors themes? Seriously????


Um, think you're not really understanding me...

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More choice is better for all.


Haven't even used it yet. So no idea that they introduced new colours.


I think its great to have choice, changing it up now and again makes you feel that you have a new device.



My response is there are bigger fish to fry! :)

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Shephard Wong

Not a bad thing to have tho

Posted via my BlackBerry Q10


I would like to see options because Im a blue kinda guy, but the red is fine as long as its consistently red throughout the entire interface. I just cant deal with the inconsistency and that is the ONLY reason I downgraded from the leak.


I really don't care about the colours... but on my Z10 Here's what I really really want.... I've organized my apps on different pages... for example... news apps and weather on the same page... and typically I want to read a couple of papers and then check the weather.... I'm sick an tired of constantly having to go back to the same page to open the next because it always defaults to the home page.... and I'm sick an tired of Butt dialing and taking unwanted photos... i don't need the camera and phone on the bottom screen... i like to be deliberate when I make a call or take a picture.... i don't need a short cut that always seems to be working when I don't want it to!!!

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I hear you, but most folks take a lot of photos, so the camera button must be easily accessible. So it making phone calls, but less so. BlackBerry used to have physical convenience buttons but that has evolved into what we have today. I don't mind it, but I do understand it doesn't work for everyone.

For your other concern about the apps you use, try hitting the Search (magnifying glass). It caches the common apps you use so you don't have to go hunting for them all the time. Tapping Search will bring up your commonly used apps every time. No need to go find them.

varun suresh

Need battery life also like 2800 AMH for Z10 STL 100-2.. it's drained too fast for light and heavy use of 10.2.1..

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I have noticed that the Globe and Mail App already has red accents, so I think there is the ability for apps to select the accent colour. I'd like to suggest orange accents for the Crackberry app.

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I AM MORE THAN HAPPY with the blue as it will take a lot of work to modify all the apps to comply with a new scheme. Development effort can be spent elsewhere to advance the OS. This stuff is mere cosmetic and doesn't do a thing to reduce the time it takes to get stuff done.

Certainly, speeding up Docs2Go would be really helpful. It is slow to start up and edit. We could use some serious development cycles there!


I myself would welcome color options, but just a thought and follow me here for a minute :

What if the release (leak) we saw was CUSTOMIZED for VZW?? Especially knowing what dropped on T-Mobile recently. And who is to say the T-Mobile decision wasn't made months ago and the trigger was just pulled after the Quarterly results were published??

Just some food for thought......

 

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In addition to this, I'm missing the folder customization like previous Blackberries had. Or is there? I am used to having all my folders a certain colors. For instance, all my GPS related apps are in a green folder, instant messing in yellow, ex.

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As a consumer accent customization would be really good but from a developers perspective, as myself and the guys at Berryflow were discussing, it would be hard to make our applications look exception for every colour variant

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Definitely, this is the feature I most want.

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No Brainer!
Of course. Keep everyone happy

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I want this platform to be relentless in the pursuit of three things:

1. Security
2. Productivity
3. Efficiency

Minutes spending programming color palettes are minutes spent not improving the three items above.

Let the Bieber listening color pursuing fools use android or ifruit.

Here's an example of some good marketing by Nivea as it mocks Axe personal care products:

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Very well put. From a cost-benefit analysis perspective, will this bring more people to bb?


Hell I would just like to get 10.2 come on AT&T get with the program! Love my Z10!


Hub and accent color choice



It would be great idea.

Posted on my Z30 on Z30STA100-5/


Yes, I think bit would be a nice feature to have.

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I like to choose colour.

BB Proud


Sure. Why not?

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The two things that turned my daughter off bb10 were lack of her current favorite chat apps and lack of color. Doesn't care that the kB is better. She changed her HTC one KB to pink , that's more important in her world. Her phone is so customized I can't even use it.

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I would want customization for everything!!!

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I like the blue but I'm all for options and customization.

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Jimberry Storm

I think this was my comment on the 10.3 review, glad everyone else thinks so too. You can color match to your theme or case, awesome.


Yesss that will be cool

I'm MongezaurioBerry


For sure that red is a very bold choice to go with for a stand alone colour

Jimberry Storm

Perhaps you can do a survey on this as well. The new app icon direction isn't for everyone, customization here would be welcome to. I remember when I had a 7100 I think you had a choice between three types of icons for the home screen.


Options are always a good thing. But don't lock us to some goofy colour pallet, be sure to give us the option to use out own RGB values.

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Well that's an overwhelming yes lol. And I agree. I'd like the choice, not that it's on the top of my list as far as features go, but I'd like it nonetheless.

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "


Yes please and thank you.

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Jeevan Batla

Sounds interesting i'm eagerly waiting for 10.3

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Really, how difficult would that be to implement? You can customize all sorts of things on the bb, why not something as simple as colour?

Julesz T


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Yes!!!! Yes more color...yes more choices...yes more customization.

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ATI nsider

I'm happy with the blue we currently have, but I also would not mind having a choice to experiment on other colours. Who knows, I may even like red or black.


What I'd really like is for BlackBerry to give us back the ability to create our own notification profiles. This is the only thing I've asked from BlackBerry, PLEASE let me make my own profiles for notification on apps and phones bases on MY needs. Mr Chen, if you're listening to your customers, please listen to this BlackBerry loyalist that has been exclusively on BlackBerry since the days of pagers.

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Color color all the way

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Rajinder Singh

Yess for sureee...



Absolutely want color choices! Allow us to change the letter colors on the keyboard as well. Customize, customize, customize! But don't limit it to 2 or 3 colors, give us the full palette. Make it unique, make it ours!

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Tim Heard

Just give the user a full spectrum, and let him/her pick the accent color.


Lol. That is extreme

From Zarafet my Z30.

Steven Bolen

That's one thing BB were know for, is their customization.


I'd say BlackBerry shud focus on improving productivity and features. For example some of the power tools functionality can be built in. Or make interface improvements for faster access to apps.
Leave the girly stuff like ACCENT changes to Lumia phones.
BlackBerry is loved for productivity not makeup.

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The red colour could have been for testing: BlackBerry made all the changes throughout the OS to make the colour selectable, and the code behind anything that still showed up "blue" was not changed to allow for the 'selection' colour. I think the OS will be more customizable going forward including a way to make the rectangles behind app icons / text disappear (transparency: 100%). Wasn't there some kind of patent that Apple had (oversimplified humourously as "Apple has patented rounded corners") that prevented other OS vendors from duplicating that presentation, and the reason why BlackBerry implemented the icon background shade was part of avoiding infringement? But to have a background with a transparency setting that is user selectable might just be enough to not violate the patent. I dunno, those kinds of patents are borderline unenforceable if you ask me.


Good point about the accent colour. I can imagine that this is exactly the reason.
I don't think there are any legal obstacles here. Rather a combination of creating distinctions and providing a bit more readability (iOS 7 has become very difficult to read now without the shadows and the very thin fonts).

Suseendran 55

Yes, necessary..

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colour option hell ya! why not?



Yes please. I do NOT like the red.

Posted via Z10


Would be nice to set your own accent colour from an RGB colour picker of some kind.

The blue in BB10 so far has been soooo Windows 3.1 in my old mind's eye.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1


It doesn't matter what people think. Themes are coming, so you'll get all the colours and fonts you want


It would be great to have the choice!
Personally I don't like much the red, is quite aggressive color!

Sent from my Z 30


Yes if we ever make it to 10.3...fingers crossed

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Heck! I want a silver accent! Or white.

From Zarafet my Z30.



Posted via Z10 via BB10


Although blue has been kind of like the poster color for BB devices I would love to have some choices to play around with

Posted via CB10

ARROW Bordeaux

definitely we should have the choice

Posted via CB10


This isn't the kind of stuff that's important to me. I'd rather see the R&D time put into improving productivity. But if they simply must, then more choices are always better than fewer choices.


Hell yea

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Silly question!
The more customizing a person can do, the more personal the phone becomes, I'd then usually say the more successful the company would be with their product, but the uncustomizable IPHONE proved that theory wrong........


The proved the theory of "sheep following" right

From Zarafet my Z30.


More user customization !

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Hells yes!

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Dark themes please!!??

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For sure... I have problems with the blue with my preferred black theme.

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Vikneswaran Murugan

it will be good of color accent is there.. N more than all a wallpaper like iPhone n android would be even better along with screen saver... most people facing battery n software issues n giving up their z10 me too using z10 I don't wanna give up or lose my z10 for any reasons so please make this 10.3 much better :)

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Vikneswaran Murugan

gold accent please :)

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Frans Been

I don't care about the colors that much, I just want them to fix the Bluetooth issue I have with my Z10 and my Mercedes Benz Carkit.


Either leave it blue or give us the options to choose. I don't like the red.

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It is a great idea as long as it doesn't delay 10.3's release.
Speaking of which when will ATT release any update......


Yes. I actually think this would be a major feature.


While customisation would be good for the user, I hope that BB do not go any further than having a choice of themes with 10.3, right now they are working hard to re-establish themselves and consistent branding would help them there, not to mention the obvious point that some people could easily see a horribly customised phone and blame BB rather than the idiot user.


Hells yeah boyeeee!

T-Mobile USA Z10


Why are the voting ballots so micro small for all these kinds of votes. On my Z10 you need a magnifying glass to read the voting ballot every time there is a question to vote on.

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I really don't care much about colours. I am really interested in productivity.
Using the latest i really would like to see lots and lots of small improvements in usability.

For instance: when i swipe down from the top i can choose from a list of quicksettings. I can go one level deeper in settings by tapping the system settings, there i finad all options. this is what i mean with productivity.

I would like to see lots and losts of smaal improvements.
We all use the bb in the same way: as a phone, as an email server so make a very productive ui around finding contacts, storing them, making appointments with several people, send photo's etc. etc

some of the improvements i mean:
i want to be able to choose more pictures at one time.
opening contacts from whatever application, should alway display the search field

the notification options (all feedback sounds, all melodies, all customizable options should be copied from BB7 (these were great, why were they dismissed?)

anyway love to see a v10.3 soon!


That. Would be. Awesome.


I wish I could have all black and white.

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Hardik Rathod

Yeah I'd love to customize my BlackBerry....!!

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


I want choices of color led.


Although I'm fine with the color myself options are nice to have especially to attract more customers. A ton of people want as much customizations as possible. Personally I love the BlackBerry style though. Now if they changed it like Apple did with ios7 and not give us customization then I will be angry lol.

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I personally like the red the most. It stands out and noticeable. Goes well with the Black and grey shades of the OS backgound colour. It differentiate the OS from other competitor OS. It could also be a Blackberry OS signature colour, hence brand awareness. Stick to RED Blackberry.


I would just like a dark theme Hub

STA-100-3 v10.2.1.2126


Hell yes! Cyan accents all the way son!

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Yes, I would definitely love to have this feature!

This was posted on the wonderful BB Z10, STL100-3,


Options, options and more Options. Take all the options from past OS's and then add new ones!

Seriously, this Z10 is a Contender!! Keep it up BB


Would be cool to have the option for it to be on a interval random change that runs on it's own so that it doesn't drain the battery & the option to alter the opacity of it kind of like how the color tone is for the phone in the cool/warm settings but a different color other than blue black & white would be could period for my Q10 AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T BECOME CARTOONY LIKE A DROID, WINDOWS, MOTOROLA ETC I LIKE MY BLACKBERRY FOR THE SPECIFIC RARE QUALITIES IT HOLDS RATHER THAN ANY OTHER COMPETITOR

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Of course we what as many choices as we can get to make these phones work for us.

Reg Q10SQN100-1/


yer for sure its a must

my webname1

No point for AT&T customers like me. Yet to see a 10.2 upgrade

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When is the CB10 app gonna release the black background?

Posted via CB10

Brian Blaauwbroek

I would love to see a choice of colours. So far I'm in love with BB10 but there are still some refinements that can be made.

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I have had a Hotmail e-mail address since 1992 and I love that I can customize the colours of entries in my calendar and my inbox. Would love to do the same with my Q10, it would become a BlueBerry real quick :)

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I would like 10.2 or 10.2.1

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And then I will give you my opinion on the next one

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I cannot tell you what needs to be improved since I don't have it or have ever used it

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Yes yes yes!!

And its a must.

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It would be great to see it...

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Sure, what the hell, let's bulk up the os with USELESS cosmetics.

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And.... 10.4... now available with teletubbies! Who wants some. Lol

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Bacon Munchers

Of course! One should be able to completely customize their device.

Bacon Munchers

PS - I like my OS as plain-Jane as possible. Bb10 is great.


I would like an option in the settings that allows me to preset the phone to go into sleep mode automatically at certain times say 11pm.

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I want my News Feed as in BBOS! I really miss that one!

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BlackBerry and Windows Phone have always attracted similar customers so it only makes sense, if it works for them it'll work for BlackBerry users too!

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Developers could have problem with this feature if they prepared app specially for actual color theme ;)

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How about a rainbow gradient. Why have just one color when you can have them all!


sent on , customization a dat mi a sey 2

Taste the Fruity Goodness of a BlackBerry


Please don't ever use red text on black or black text on red because I won't be able to see it. I am colorblind. I am sure others are red/black colorblind also. Thank you.


I think a choice of colours would be the best way forward

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Taylor White1

Yes!!! Purple or green please :)

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I just want 10.2! So sick of waiting on ATT.

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Bring back themes!

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Dark theme in Hub pleazzze!!

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I wouldn't be surprised it it's a fung shui thing by Chen. Red = lucky.

I'm not joking. I worked in Hong Kong and they take it seriously.

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Paul Latin

Absolutely bring on multi colours

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Denny Keo

Yes please!

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Ms Lady P

Yes. I miss the changing of fonts and I would be interested in being able to change the colors in certain areas. Whenever, we US. Sprint users receive the update!

Ms. Lady P


Of course, choice is good.

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