CrackBerry Asks: Would you buy the Pebble E-Paper watch if it supported BlackBerry 10?

By Zach Gilbert on 26 Aug 2012 03:21 pm EDT
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If you’ve been following the Kickstarter campaign for the Pebble smartwatch, you’ll notice that they’ve chosen not to support the BlackBerry platform at launch. Another thing you’ll notice is that it’s made by the same people that launched the Inpulse watch for BlackBerry last year. The question a lot of CrackBerry members are asking is, where is the BlackBerry love?

With BlackBerry 10 coming in early 2013, and the Pebble smartwatch launching around the same time it could be an easy sale. So we ask you CrackBerry Nation, would you pickup the Pebble E-Paper watch if it supported BlackBerry 10? If you haven’t already, head over to the CrackBerry Forums thread and voice your opinion. As well, let us know via the poll and comments on this post. Not that we can change what the team over at Pebble have planned, but at least we can let them know we’re interested in using the watch on the brand new BlackBerry platform.

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CrackBerry Asks: Would you buy the Pebble E-Paper watch if it supported BlackBerry 10?


In the article, I think you meant to say...... "with BB10 coming in early 2013"

It would have been a dream come true if BB10 came out in 2012. :)

This would be a great invention if people didn't have their smartphones on them 24/7. Everyone I know always has their phone with them so this watch would serve no purpose and would be a complete waste of money. I'd rather spend my money on a new BB10 phone, thanks.

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but i think putting qnx on THAT thing u call a watch is ridiculous. To alot of us who are a bunch of adrenalin junkies in our spare time that'll last. 2 seconds. BlackBerry people do, which means work hard, play hard. That toy watch would devalue rim's qnx and their hard work. Let ios, android have it but please not on blackberry. We, as a group, all have 9900s and sliders, and wearing tag, and oakleys.

No disrespect to the author who wrote this post, but i hope Rim doesn't go this route. Put qnx, in cars, in space, nuclear plants, whatever but not in that thing.


I guess they meant "suuported via Bluetooth interactions" (like reading SMS,Email, CallerID...), not running QNX on it.

Thanks for clarifying that, but i still don't see this pebble watch as a good representive for blackberry. It looks too much like a toy gadget. If it were a solid brand watch company I'm all for it. And it"ll also boost Rim's battered image. Attaching Rim to an unproven brand only risks rim own image and longevity. Just a thought

I'm sorry, but sour grapes much?

You have no idea how good this product is there's no reason to believe at this point that it won't be a solid offering.

There's one very good technical reason why Intune/Pebble haven't announced support for BB10: their device is strictly BT 4.0, and as of now RIM has not announced any specific intent to support that standard.

It may seem like a quibble, but BT4 has features that cut the power consumption by something like 80%, mostly by being able to cut the radios more of the time. You can appreciate why battery life would be an even bigger consideration on something small enough to wear on a wrist.

They didn't ditch Blackberry; Blackberry chose not to support their spec. iPhone4 and several Android handsets already do.

I'd be very interested if the Pebble:
1) works with my BB990 & future BB10 (Qwerty keyboard version)
2) is certified as fully waterproof (eg I can swim with it) as my BB often sits in an AquaPac on my arm when I am swimming - for example, is that text msg important (emergency on-call alert), or ignorable for now (do I fancy dinner next week)

I think that if it's got build quality (lasts for 4-5 years), with all the features/apps it will offer, it's not that expensive..

Nope, I doint play this game. Anything that chooses not to support BB at launch, I choose to never support. Netflix and Skype, if they don't come with BB10, I will choose to never use them. They have until then to get on board.

Weird game. Meaning even if they decide to support BB10 after seeing promising sales figures, you won't buy their product.

That... doesn't help BB at all. In fact, that only hinders the platform.


It still boggles my mind that companies ignore a dedicated market of 80 million strong and when they do thatn I turn my back on them!

Where is the f*ck no option? They already said they won't support BlackBerry. CrackBerry is suppose to be things related to BlackBerry, and this product clearly isn't about it. Why would you even give them promo?

At least give promo to a smartwatch company that supports BlackBerry.

Meh Imma Get me that Bluetooth G-shock no daily charging like the other smart watchs and will fit in nicely with the rest of the g-shocks i got.

The big technical issue with Pebble (or Intune, for that matter; I was in touch with one of their guys) is Bluetooth 4.0. Do we know yet if the first BB10 models will support it?

BTW, I would LOVE a watch that does what these guys are talking about. Every time the discussion comes up someone inevitably turns up their nose and says something like "watches? what are THOSE? I get my time off my mobile".

The trouble with that is that can actually be more difficult to pull out your phone in many circumstances, and there are times (meetings, bad dates, etc.) where you want to be able to check the time without being too obvious.

Pair that with message and Caller ID notifications that I can see with the flick of a wrist, (and maybe a subtle vibration in just the watch that doesn't buzz the same way my phone's does), and I'm SOOOO there.

You were in touch with one of their guys? That's strange, according to the website (kick starter) it supports B.T. 2.1 also! It also works with older iPhones and iPod touch's that, as far as I know, are not B.T. 4.0.
It seems somebody is spreading some misinformation.(Kickstarter? Or Thunderbuck?)

When it has the capabilities of Dick Tracy's (remember him?) two way watch mentioned some 60+ years ago (I think) then give me a call.

I think I like the looks of the Sony Android watch that's currently available better. Also, I have an iPod Nano at the moment that I've turned into a watch (you can buy the straps separately and insert the Nano into the strap, looks great) but obviously it has no connectivity, it's just a watch and iPod (some other features but no WiFi or BT, etc.). But this looks interesting.

Why do we always get articles like this? Please ask the company exactly why the will not support BB10, or don't bother to report it. If they say "no plans now" I don't really want to hear about it because it isn't news. News would be to tell us exactly why they aren't supporting BB10, and then that could be put to Blackberry.

The pebble has only 7 hours battery life?

That would be low on a smartphone, for a watch it's nothing!
I don't want to be charging my watch twice a day!

Plus it uses Bluetooth, so it also drains you phone's battery.

It's one of those things I would love to get as a gift but I'm not sure whether I'd go as far as buying it for myself. Maybe if the price was right.

RIM working hard to please the fanboys but its not the existing usual suspects who need wooing!
Does this sound to anyone else that these add ons display a lack of confidence in BB10's ability to increase market share?

IF BB10 supports Android player would the blackberry phone then be able to run the Android app to communicate with the Pebble? But I am afraid it will probably miss all the BB PIM functionality such as e-mail etc. Wuold be great if it worked like Bridge for your PLaybook and then see the notifications on your Pebble. I alread ordered a Pebble but was too late for the kickstarter

This is something i think people will buy because it's new and different but in reality its just not practical. Sure its cool, but one downside will be your phones battery life. Whenever my phone is hooked up via bluetooth it cuts its battery life in half. Now in saying that my phone is bridged to my playbook constantly and I don't see that affecting it's battery life a whole lot. Not really sure what the difference is but I can only imagine this watch would drain your phones battery life just like when i sync it with my car. It's a nice feature to have but i stopped using it after 2 weeks of being frustrated with my phone dying by 6 pm.

I am skeptical of the do it all device concept. However, I would consider it if it did support BlackBerry.

Because I already have a Bike Computer, or rather the Garmin 910XT It would need to:
1. Track and log HR.
2. Be water resistant to 50 meters.
3. Detect and report cadence and power.
4. Be able to log my indor swim and outdoor distance and stroke.

I guess a watch could do all this if the apps were right but I think the concept is flawed. There are very specific needs for various things I do and I could just download endomondo on my BlackBerry and get most of this.

They should really just sell this as a watch upon which you can put multiple faces and sell it so that it work with a wondows computer (if it needs any hooks ups at all). The truth is anyone who buys it will be using it as a watch only within an month (who wants to look at email on a watch when your phone is right in you pocket?).

They arelimiting their market by hooking the product to iPhone and Android and I'm not talking BB I'm talking the whole wide world, just sell it as a watch.

I don't wear a watch - took it off sometime in the early 70's! No, not MY 70's, the 1970's.

I'm surprised by the poll results. I would have expected more hardcore BB users to appreciate a nifty notification wristwatch.

i bought one, im using an android right now, if they support BB10 in the future that would be awesome, im not to sure ill even buy a BB10 phone, just have to see how it looks at launch, price, features, specs-

Is the inPulse even available anymore? Can't seem to find it anywhere. I may breakdown and get an I'm Watch.

Torch 9860 & PlayBook (Life is good)

"Pebble" a rock stuck in the grooves under my shoe. No BB10 support, I'll give them the middle finger on this one just for not even considering it! While options are nice this sounds more suited for Android in the end.