CrackBerry Asks: Will you still wait for BlackBerry 10?

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jun 2012 10:46 am EDT
Waiting for BlackBerry 10

Much of CrackBerry Nation is still reeling in shock (and anger) given the news last night that the release of BlackBerry 10 phones has been delayed into 2013. I know... it sucks!

The question now is how are you going to respond to this news? Digging through the CrackBerry Forums last night and this morning, it seemed pretty clear that while many of you are going to stay true to BlackBerry in the meantime, for others the word of this BB10 delay is the straw that broke the camel's back. You're jumping ship... either for now until BlackBerry 10 is out, or for good.

I don't like to shy away from the tough questions. I'd rather meet them head on. So with that, I want to know.... Will you wait for BlackBerry 10? Vote on the poll above and elaborate in the comments with you how feel.

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CrackBerry Asks: Will you still wait for BlackBerry 10?



RIM can do no harm...consumers just wait for the product that is supposed to be released on time. But somehow its us that need to be some point you have to wake up.

RIP RIM its not the consumer...its you.


I'm going to stick it out with my two year old bold 9700. It has gotten me this far and it can get me to BB10. Even if I wanted to switch, there's not a single device on the market that excites me. The iPhone is for girls, Samsung for people who dress horribly, Android for nerds, and Windows Phone for retards.

Wow not even half will stick with blackberry from this delay! If this community won't even wait, what makes the normal consumers wanting to wait...was so damn excited for bb10!! Couldn't wait till august hit. But I might just have to pick upna wp8. Hopefully rim is still alive after 2 years for my new contract.. Good luck rim. And good luck crackberry

It was never going to be released in August. Optimistically people were hoping it would be out by October, but it could have been any time from October to December under the previous goal.

Sadly, I'm not sure what to do. From a user perspective, it is really confusing. My carrier passed on the 9930 (USCC), so unless I want to switch carriers, the only qwerty device available is the Curve series, and I don't like the Curve-style keyboard. With the Galaxy S-III coming out, it is very tempting to get that, which would mean no new BlackBerry for 18 months.

From a development standpoint, I am even more concerned. If I write a BB10 app using Cascades and other BB10 tools, there won't be any profit from it for at least six months. Should I really be putting effort and funds into something that won't be on the market for months and months? I can forgo Cascades and just develop for Playbook, but that just means the development tools they have been presenting lately not being used at all.

Here is what it comes down to, RIM has failed time and time to meet their own deadlines and keep the promises they have made to us. We shouldn't be surprised by this. Furthermore what makes anyone believe they won't miss Q1 2013. If history is any indication they will. Not to mention the fact that it's the BB10 OS that they having a hard time with, not the hardware (as we were once lead to believe). That's a serious problem. Honestly, it's not guaranteed that BB10 will ever be released (sad to say). Some people don't want to face or admit that, but it is a real possibility. So for those of us who are chugging along just fine on their current BB models, feel free to keep using. But for those of us who have issues with our phones (too many to list). There is absolutely NO reason to wait for BB10 as nothing associated with it is guaranteed.

What's really sad about this, is that all they had to do was iron out the issues with PB OS 2.1, add some major apps and release on competitive hardware and they would have stop the bleeding. Many would have upgraded and they could have added compelling features via a BB10.5 update to compete with iOS 6 and Android 4.1. But they didn't for whatever reason and I'm not confident they will be able to get BB 10 out the door.

I am not one who has been drooling over the prospect of Rim's vaunted Iphone wannabe device. I have no desire for an oversize touch screen only device. But the news that it is delayed to 2013 tells me that their promise of BB10 physical keyboard devices promised for late 2013 will also be pushed back to 2014 at the earliest. That is if such a device ever see's the light of day to begin with.

I would not be the least bit surprised if RIM survives to release BB10 that they don't concentrate on the touch screen only iphone wannabe form factor as their flagship models and BB7 devices for the low end and developing countries market.

I have lost what little faith I had in RIM. And if the future is Touch screen only then I will go Android in August when I can upgrade.

My White 9900, 9860 and PlayBook are all just fine for now, I guess I don't quite get all the fuss about the need for iphones or droids. My devices are all I need during my workday, and the tablet is all I need at home.

It will all make sense to you when the time comes for you to replace your devices, and your beloved brand no longer exists.

Just ordered the Galaxy Torch 9800 has had it and I was quite prepared to wait until Q4 2012 for a BB10 device considering my upgrade was due 2 months ago but this news made things a little awkward !

So I opted for a 12mth contract when ordering the S3 at my own expense which means if RIM delivers in Q1 2013 I should be ready to upgrade in Q2 which should be right on time as us Brits usually get our BB devices a few months after release in North America.

I did consider buying or upgrading to the 9810 and the 9900 but they still command a lot of money on ebay and are much older devices than the S3 now so it was a no brainer if I was going to spend £110 of my hard earned cash on an upgrade ! The most important thing was being able to upgrade again in a year.

So for now it's the S3 and a Playbook for me...still got love for RIM but they need to release a BB10 device that is ahead of the game next year to ensure those that say they're coming back...actually do! The possible six month swing in release date is massive in technology and RIM can not afford to get this a lot of you i'll be waiting to see how things play out

I said I was keeping my current phone until BB10, but I actually just bought a new OS 7.1 (BB 9790) and it's the best phone I've ever owned. I couldn't be happier, and I certainly don't wish I'd bought a non-BB phone instead.

Looking around at the high-end Android phones for sure for a number of reasons. It would be a great comparison point when a BB10 phone gets released and if BB10 isn't up to par then I would have an easier much informed decision to make.

RIM has been a little disappointing to say the least. I will never understand the constant deadline changes, etc. Why not set an approximate time frame in which to launch a product? I feel the repeat back sliding only hurts the company's image.

Do better RIM...!

The poll results don't lie. Only 6% of readers of this site plan to buy a BB7 device until BB10 ships.

That is an absolute disaster.

To say I am disappointed, would be an understatement. I do not want to see RIM fail and I feel for the 5000 employees that are going to be losing their jobs. I sincerely hope RIM can turn it around, launch BB10 successfully and begin to regain their users trust again. I, however, can no longer wait. It's never been apps for me, I could always find something in App World that would suit my needs. It was the absent ecosystem. Bla1ze has been saying it for quite a while, RIM needs to build an ecosystem. Playbook and OS 2 are awesome. New apps were added daily and quality was improving all the time. But where are the movies, TV and music? I wanted to see RIM make deals to bring all this to QNX before BB10 phones launched and should be using Playbook to build it right now. Nothing seems to be pointing to this happening so I have had enough. I have pre-ordered my Nexus 7 tablet, picked up a slightly older Gingerbread device to use until I decide which Jelly Bean phone I want to get. I've sold my 64GB Playbook and my 9800 and all their accessories and am not looking back. I pray for an Apple like turnaround for RIM, but even if they do, I probably will not come back.

I have the 32GB Playbook and Torch 9800 and have been waiting for the new BB10. This latest announcement to me shows that RIM has not learned anything about providing consumer confidence. I bought the PB at full price not at the fire sale. I am still waiting for it to be functioning like they indicated it would be prior to release. Now we see the same action with the BB10. My contract is up completely in Aug and I am eligible now for early upgrade and have been waiting for BB10.

I voted to wait but to be honest if a new phone comes out before them I am gone. I am tired of RIM failures and disappointments. I have bought stock 4 times this year believing that they would "turn things around" (with the latest purchase this week). Now I am concerned if the stock will have any value come Q1, 2013. If RIM would offer a fire sale on a BB7 phone direct to consumers without having to resign a contract with the carrier then i would buy it and wait for the BB10. But otherwise if the competition provides something worthy I am leaving. I think many others who voted to stay also may jump once the competition actually has a product on the shelf for us to examine. I have lost ALL CONFIDENCE IN RIM AND WHAT WORDS THEY SPEAK.

Yes, but this is mostly due my Telus contract expiring in summer 2013 -- if 10 does not compare to the other offerings, I am gone -- I have been a devoted user for years, all my family members are, and one works.for RIM, but the incompetence here is spectacular.


My upgrade is not due til June 2013, so I guess I am waiting for BB10 after all. At that point I am upgrading to whatever phone has the best specs available. No way the BB10 phones are even close to iOS and Android. BB probably out of business by then anyway.

I'm definitely waiting. I got my 9900 only 6 months ago and it's still working fine for me. I think the thing I'm most worried about is that RIMM's delay will cause them to go down and then there will be no more support for their phones then I'll be forced to get a different phone :(

I'm good to go with my Torch 9850 and 64 GB PB. Doctor Neutron's predictions: RIM must work every week on security - it will become everything. Soon, massive security issues will swamp the C-phone industry and RIM will look really, really good. I keep my messaging only on my phone. I do not want a 3G or 4G tablet. My next phone will be from RIM - when they release it, I will buy it. In the mean time, I may buy another PB or two. Doctor Neutron

Agreed..Unless you so are one of those people that are extremely happy to share everything with google, apple and well (EVERYBODY).. I guess the only thing you are not sharing is your actual genetic markers (yet).

RIM is really testing my patience now. I said I'd hold out until the BB10 phone releases, but my Tour, God bless it, is starting to show its age and the iPhone 5 is sounding really good. I hope Thorstein realizes this phone MUST be competitive with any phone releasing NEXT year, not this year. That's been RIM's story every new release, they come out with a phone that would be great if it was released 1-2 years prior because current phones just end up lapping it in every category. Well, only time will tell how BB10 fares. I'll stay with the ship as long as I can because my blind loyalty won't allow me to jump ship, but this is really their last chance.

I know people have mentioned it but by the time BB10 is released the hardware will be obsolete. Once again RIM will be behind the game upon release and it will not seem like such a big deal. Unless they plan on updating their specs by the time it's release. I'm done with RIM. Going to jump ship. Android or iOS doesn't matter to me. My company is already transitioning away from BES.

I don't mind the wait. I love my Bold. It's not that I'm not excited about BB10, but I'm enjoying my 7. It ain't broke...

Well i picket up my galaxy nexus today and i got to say that its night and day. I cant believe how slow my 9800 is compared tothis device. So far liking what i see and when and if bb10 comes out Rim has to impress me to consider comming back. I am really looking forward to what Kevin posts on his comparison. All i can say other then battery drain and no data compression far superior phone then whats out on the market from Rim. Will be looking forward to visiting crackberry to see what rim will finally answer with.

judging by this poll, most users aren't going to bother with blackberry if they chose windows phone as they primary OS.

window phone 8 isn't out yet and that percentage could change but for now that's how I see it.

android is a still a bloody mess but at least 4.1 seems to address some of those issues I have with it. Still a mess though

and iOS is getting long in the tooth with its saving grace being its successful app store.

BB10 has so much potential and from what I've seen looks great from UI perspective.

put that with the reasons why I love blackberry and they'll win me over again but for now i can understand why so many users are butt hurting :P

Supported 7, and seen nothing, woefull support for the 9810, sod all in the way of apps,
Games are at best on a par with early smartphone stuff.

No flash, dnla.. is semi there. and no keyboard for V10

first and last foray into the BB world....

First of all english is not my first language so I excuse for my mistakes in advance.
I think it's unfortunate that some so called tech news sites have already been saying that RIM will lose half of its customers because of this poll. In reality people change or renew mobile contracts on a daily basis all year round. Blackberry 10 if successfully completed can stand out as the os competition it's pretty straight forward but the hardware aspect its not as you have such a huge amount of devices offering android and that appears to also be the case with windows phones. If done right and marketed well, because this shouldnt be for.people but for people who will do. Also a trade in or exchange program would be very cool so you can change your 2 year old curves and bolds for new ones and then receive a very good and fair discount towards getting a new one with bb 10.

I'm going to wait for BB10 to see what it has to offer and what sort of position RIM is in to offer extended support to the phone and tablet platforms in the future. If I don't feel they will be able to maintain adequate support and innovate later on I will likely go with Windows phone + tablet. I am not a fan of iOS and the whole iTunes thing. With a windows phone + tablet and the OS on a PC it would make compatibility a non-issue and just streamline the whole process.

I'm still dreaming of owning 9900! I'm BB4life! I found a iphone 4 and I let my 8yr old play with it using wifi lol!