CrackBerry Asks: Will you still wait for BlackBerry 10?

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jun 2012 10:46 am EDT
Waiting for BlackBerry 10

Much of CrackBerry Nation is still reeling in shock (and anger) given the news last night that the release of BlackBerry 10 phones has been delayed into 2013. I know... it sucks!

The question now is how are you going to respond to this news? Digging through the CrackBerry Forums last night and this morning, it seemed pretty clear that while many of you are going to stay true to BlackBerry in the meantime, for others the word of this BB10 delay is the straw that broke the camel's back. You're jumping ship... either for now until BlackBerry 10 is out, or for good.

I don't like to shy away from the tough questions. I'd rather meet them head on. So with that, I want to know.... Will you wait for BlackBerry 10? Vote on the poll above and elaborate in the comments with you how feel.

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CrackBerry Asks: Will you still wait for BlackBerry 10?



I get what you're saying, but this is a drop in the bucket. Better to buy RIM stock to support the share price. Either way, you're essentially making a donation.

I've never been a doomsayer, but missing Holiday 2012 is likely the biggest strategic miss of the last 2-3 years for RIM.

Many people in the US don't even know OS7 phones are out so maybe they can market OS7 devices for the holidays lol.
Did RIM not announce the 4G PlayBook? How come we haven't heard of this on CrackBerry?

Yea Thorstein said that the new PlayBook "is in the final stages of carrier testing & will be released soon"

That tiny tidbit of good news got swollowed up by the mountain of bad news

You should hold hands with depscribe and both of you can simultaneously close your CrackBerry accounts and stop wasting your valuable time coming to CrackBerry and be douches (that goes for all you doom and gloom morons)

I bought a lightly used 9810 and sold my 9800 (cost me about $110 net) a few weeks ago. Love the speed and the 4G of the 9810, I am good to wait for now.

What 4G are you talking about? There is not one single BB device that has official 4G on its hardware.

I have a 9930 and a 16gb PlayBook so I am all set for BB10. I am just hoping it sees the light of day. I am on contract with Sprint until Spring of next year, so I'm happy to wait. I may even add on an extra line to keep the 9930 and BB10 goodness as a pair.

If EVERY Crackberry member bought a BB7 it would not reflect or change share price this is bigger then you and crackberry wake up and get out of the twilight zone..

I have 2 Bold 9930's a PB 64gb and a PB 32gb...
Next BB I will buy is the L-Series...
I'm a little frustrated but still excited and patient =)

no second, third or fourth chances for RIM. feels like being cheated upon by your already-cheating gf/bf! you give them a chance to mend their error yet they keep on slapping you on the face, can't take it. all of a sudden the Google Nexus 7 starts looking damn attractive. so my advice, break away from your cheating partner and carry on, life is to short to be waiting for a broken promise.

Ill support RIM when they support their employees. I get we're all upset that bb10 is being delayed but what about the 5000 job layoffs? Does anyone know if Thorsten is taking a paycut during these tough times? If the execs at RIM decide to take paycuts in order to save some of those jobs, then ill continue to support RIM. Until then, I'm putting some serious thought into the S3 and leaving blackberry for good. Its too bad though, I've been loyal all the way through, but what good is supporting a Canadian company if there are no canadian employees left to support.

i agree with what your saying but i'm doubting you'll ever know who is getting pay cuts. but sorry to say any other company wouldnt give all of these employees pay cuts and lay off people that would be very unlikely if any company well phone company like that did that. maybe they would idk. but you say your gonna leave blackberry for good but as i said just because i heard that news and was angry doesn't mean i don't love blackberry, so i thought about it and calmed down and i don't wanna leave blackberry i never will. but get over being angry and look at why your with blackberyr in the first place.

Agree ! Here are the latest news from RIM :

Trouble in Paradise !

The Blackberry sect is at the moment going through a devestating period. On the 28th of July the Supreme Guru of the Sect "His Holiness "Thorsten Heins made the announcement that the descent of the long awaited "Messiah" named "Blackberry 10" has been postponed !!!
This statement was made at at a sermon in the movement's hedquarters in Canada! The statement caused a heavy "STORM" among the Blackberry worshippers ! Some wanted to overthrough "His Holiness" accusing him of leading the worshippers on the wrong path. Others , weakened in their faith, expressed their desire to leave "the BB Sect" and join "forbidden" sects like The Apple or Android and take up the worship of " false idols " like the iPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy SIII .
Just now there is great confusion in the assembly about what to do. Some "die hard Blackberry devotees "( probably employees at the Church) are trying desperately to stop parishioners from leaving and promising them that the "Messiah" will probably descend some time in the 1st quarter of 2013!
We will just have to wait and see what the future brings.
( Perjade reporting from inside the core of the Blackberry cult )

i think it was kevin who said in a post that they want to make sure its a polished device a great phone not an okay phone and i agree do you want a half ass phone like the storm, i dont think so. unlike android and even apple they release these phones with the simplest things that are missing like copy and paste in all of their apps or having an easy calender and organizer task and memo pad, even though it is simple as that may not be huge but its the simple things that make a huge difference. yeah they all have calendar and some sort of memo pad or whatever but bb does it better and integrates it into your life to make it easier. nobody else does that. if rim didnt care about its customers then they would release another storm like the old ceo's did. so be thankful you got someone who cares now and takes his time to do it right.

I bought the PlayBook instead of an OS7 device... OS6 gets things done well enough. My boss has an iPhone 4(S?) and she is impressed at how fast/productive I am (and guess what tool I use...)

Usually i don't leave messages but idecided I should this time. I've been a faithful blackberry user for over 6 years but only last week I switched to the new HTC. I really wanted to stay but rogers offered me an amazing deal I couldn't turn down. That coupled with Rim's decision to delay the new set of phones really burned me. My bold 9700 became a hazard on the road. I'm still a student and when i come home I drive over 4 hours and my phone needed a battery pull every 15 minutes of inactivity. It was no longer reliable and the phone
was replaced twice to no avail. I voted that I would return if their new phones can honestly go back to the basics of reliability. That's all i want. My HTC I'd absolutely horrible for email integration and all of the simple interfaces my old bb used to handle so flawlessly, such as notes and easy email set up, my HTC cannot handle it as well. Rim I really hope you Get your stuff together in time to convince me to come back. Because to be honest android and apple phones are really just toys. I really want simply a reliable phone that can handle important things with ease like email. Good luck Rim. I really hope you can convince me to come back.

A still loyal BlackBerry fan

Me too. From 2007 until feb.2012, I had bb (one pearl and one curve) and both work very well. But I made the mistake of changing to Android due to the bb OS5/6 internet surfing / browser problems and also because Skype.
Well I bought the Sony Ericsson xperia pro, and since the first week has been a nightmare using this crap of android phone. The battery is a joke (I have 3 charges (home, office and car) and 1 external battery (which I often have to use plugged in the phone while I am talking, and is very annoying). The Android email is crap, trash. Sometimes I just don't get some emails in the phone at all. Anyway, I bought with a 18 months contract (600 usdollars), now is 11 months to go, but I am tired of this Sh-t, I don't care I have to pay around 350 usdollars just to get out of this android, and then I will buy the bb bold 9900, because I just can't wait any longer. I work with my emails, and I just need to loose 1 important email to loose more money than this crappy android phone cost me.
I live in latin america by the way.

Samsung Galaxy III. Picked it up today. Will use this until RIM decides what they are doing. If they can pull off a BB10 release at some point next year, and the device is awesome(even if it close to awesome), then I'll probably come back. If not, well, it's been a good run.

Exactly, once you are locked into the new 2 year agreement, it will be a while. At that point, RIM will need to win their old customers back. I think people will wait and see just how good BB10 really is and how many and which apps are available before making a switch back. I know I will.

RIM is fail - sad to say... But even a lot of us die hard fans are thinking of going else where. Like, what the blazes takes RIM so long.... Samsung and others are throwing out killer devices every year (at the LONGEST)... RIM is taking 18 months... Give me a break... Actually no... Give me an Android... Or an iPhone... Ttyl RIM

umm rim's hard wear and software are all brand new. android devices are just customized thats it rims software is all brand new and they are getting more apps an d a lto of other software ont he phone. everything has to be great or it will be a fail. understand people be smart for once im tired of dumb people, KNOW why rim is holding off KNOW that rim is building its new phone from ground up KNOW that the new ceo actually gives a fuck. sorry for vulgar language. and last KNOW that when these phones are released they will be amazing yes its another few month but atleast they will be complete and not another storm 1

By then a phone designed to take on SG SIII, One X, iPhone 5 etc will be up against the SG SIV, iPhone 6, Two X, Lumia 1000 or whatever they will want to call them, and will (you guessed it) be roundly slated and suffer meagre sales.
I just hope by Q1 RIM means unveiling it in Nov/Dec to ship by 02/01/2013. I mean how else can this calamity be rescued/sugarcoated?
I once wondered why RIM didnt release a dual core, all-touch BB7 device with all the bells and whistles of the PB (essentailly a better looking Dev Alpha, and that was before even the Dev Alpha came out) with an explicit promise to get BB10 on release. This would have seen them through this awkward gap. The 9850/9860 series is not up to it as an all-touch flagship.
Some in these comments say the PB 4G is near launch so why is the first BB10 device so so far away? Just how hard is the Tablet OS so hard to optimise for a phone form factor? How bad is it that Heins estimates it needs another 6+ months of work? Bottom of the waiting list for chips? Carriers bailing? Manufacturers bailing? Engineers running into brickwalls? I mean since PB OS 2.0 in February they have been plugging at it. How do Netflix, Skype and other major developers take them seriously? How do the smaller devd with finite resource bet on BB10?
I am utterly dissapointed.

Thought about doing the same thing but decided on a lightly used 9810 instead. Don't want to lock into a contract until I see the BB10 phone.

I have the same concern. I plan to wait but I know my family members won't. And they are up in November which would have been perfect timing. I am very sad that I will be the only one left in my home with a BB :(

Ok, so i voted "Switching for now to iOS, Android, Windows Phone... but will be back to BlackBerry as soon as BB10 hits." but this comeback is not a sure thing. I will first need proof that BB10 is awesome.

I hope everyone on this site participates in this poll, and i hope someone at rim is reading the poll. It seems that the straw broke more than half of the crackberry faithful's back.

It sure did. But they don't need to read this to know their situation, they simply can't do anything about it.

The stock is trading even lower now...

Just getting sick and tired of nothing but negative. THIS IS RIM! Now you're waiting until AFTER the holiday season to release a product that millions are waiting for? The wait will run out quicker than you think boys. Not everyone in the world will sit back on their laurels.

I want to see Chris U do an article on the results of this poll (Hopefully it doesn't get spammed by BB or other OS users) early results have 55% of the loyal fanbase leaving after yesterdays news, 38% are toughing it out, and 7% are buying BB7 Devices. I guess one way to focus on your enterprise user base is to alienate your consumer base.

Can't buy loyalty or devotion. My Torch9800 is bugging the hell outta me and I get mighty jealous when I see the smoothness of more advanced Android devices. I'm gonna let things calm down and think clearly before making a stay/go decision.

Funny thing is that two days ago I received an upgrade offer from Telus. I dismissed it but I may just take the deal or try with Rogers (Telus signal is virtually non-existint in my area of work in Downtown Vancouver... smh. Only Rogers has a full cell presence)

+1. I went from a 9800 to the 9810 and I'm so glad I made the switch. You will LOVE the 9810. What a difference!

I too am reeling from the news of BB10's delay. Feeling sad, worried, angry that my preferred platform appears to be in a death spiral.
That said....I WILL get that BB10 device the instant it's available.
For now...I'm trying to get my hands on a white 9900 and a 9790. I'll fire up my 9810 and my 9860 when the mood strikes. And I will wait.
BB changed the way I manage both my personal life and my professional life. I CANNOT and WILL NOT accept that I will have nothing more than iPhone and Android.

My contract is up in december 2013, but I am able to renew it and change my phone on Dec 24, 2012. By that date, RIM should have announced when (if) BB10 will be released, and when (if) that happens I'm sticking to BB; if not then I'll have a tough time choosing either Android or Windows...


I have to SEE what happens this year... I wanted BB10, hell my whole plan this year REVOLVED AROUND BB 10.

To not see it? well... Android..... its not iPhone, its not Windows... and its customizable.

But I'll be damned if I SELL my BB9800 or 9810!

dont have the luxury of buying more than one phone every two years...eligible for an upgrade now...had a Curve 8330 now a Bold 9650...planned on waiting for the QNX and Flow, but why shouldnt i get an iPhone 5 to compliment my iPad? How long was the BB7 launch delayed, how long was the palybook launch delayed, how long did we have to wait for an upgrade to the playbook OS...i seem to remember some of those launches were delayed multiple times...not a good day at all

I'm still undecided, I've grown tired os 7.1, and the S3 looks nice, maybe WP8 device when it comes out... no way I'm going iPhone though if I do change, I pay for products and services not for emotional responses to marketing...

I'm still going to wait a little longer, until at least fall, summer is a busy time so I'll be fine for now...

im waiting and will stick with my 9900, still my favorite phone. Sad but i'll make it through. In the mean time to full my gadget lust i will buy that google nexus 7 tablet

I just got a bold 9930 a few months ago. So, I was going to wait a while anyway. Still very bad for RIM that they still can't meet deadlines. :( AND they are going to miss the Christmas rush. When the bb10 phones come out, very few people will be buying.

I only have my 9900 for 3 months. And I'm not committed to any carrier, so i have the flexibility to get my next phone when I feel like it. So another 9 months is just the right time to switch to a new one. Provided BBX is as good as it says it is. I'm not a tech geek, but I do love a technically superior phone. Yes I would rather a beta max than vhs type of person. Popularity be damn!

I'm very disappointed that it is being fact I'm pissed off it's delayed.

However..I'm not going anywhere. I'm sticking with BlackBerry.

Besides...I'm eligible for an upgrade with T-Mo come July of next year at least 1 phone *should* be out by then.

Interesting...similar results at another poll in the forums. Less than half willing to stick it out.

I'm switching but don't know which phone yet. Leaning towards a Win 8 phone only because there's a possibility that MS will swallow up RIM and because integrating with my home and office apps (including email) should be easier than the other two options.

I'm gonna wait till the end of the year so by then all these new phones will be out and we can make a good comparison. Except BB10 of course.

Any article or pundit that speculates company "X" is buying RIM is not worth much. Until such an announcement is made detailing any particular sale or partnership by RIM there will be a lot of speculation

I agree with a phone that integrates with my home devices. I want something that works with Media Player, Mediacenter, XBox etc. The Windows phone is promising.

There is no excuse for this delay, they could have come out with BB 10 Lite for now just to get the next generation phone out there. No excuse. Selling BB 7 makes no sense in America, they need to do whatever it takes to get a decent phone out there to complete against the real players. If I could get a damn 4.2" phone from BB that had QNX on it I would buy it. The DevAlpha BB 10 with basic functionality would be fine for me as long as I could upgrade it later.

Totally agree. The main criteria here should have been the fall release data and then get the features accordingly, not the other way around. This management is total failure. The new CEO is even worse than the previous CEOs. What a loser.

¤¤ I'm pissed!! But I'd rather them get it right.. Flawless.. I think they should work around the clock 24/7 7days a week working on it.. It looks like a lot of people are jumping ship but I'm stayin around.. I could have changed platforms anytime.. Why now? BlackBerry is for me.. O & btw the rumors I heard about google wanting to working with RIM to make a qwerty android device bad idea will never happen.. Or running Windows Phone on BlackBerry hardware.. NO!! Come on Thorsten I thought u were all about meeting deadlines & execution?? EXECUTE!! Missing not only back to school but also the holiday season huge mistake!! But at the same time like I said make sure its done right!! That's what really matters¤¤

IF in mid December RIM guarantees BB10 is around the corner and sets a guaranteed release date, with pre-order placements available, I'll seriously consider staying. I might hang on until then.

This is the most sound comment I've read today.

However, if they haven't put the OS yet together, it's tough to achieve. Back at BB World probably what we saw in the demo was just an animation, the same way Palm did it years ago.

I hope I'm wrong, and it was BB10 what they were showing.

I'm sure it was the actual working Dev Alpha because if it weren't there would be no interest from developers and we would know about it the second the first developer got the unit unboxed and turned on. The roof would have been on fire back then, as it is burning now.

I had an upgrade in February 2012 (currently using a Bold 9650). I was hoping for the release of BB10 phones in March 2012 until a "LTE chipset delay" hit. So I decided to wait until Fall 2012 to evaluate BB10 against Jelly Bean, the iPhone 5, and Windows Phone 8.

I'll still do that comparison, but unless RIM offers some really SWEET upgrade deal ($100 Bold 9930 w/a $150 BB10 phone at launch?) they will be completely off my radar when that comparison happens.

I was watching Google's I/O opening keynote live, and all I kept thinking "Forgetting about the software, I even doubt that RIM could pull off a KEYNOTE as impressive as this."

My Samsung Galaxy SIII arrives today. My first Android device after 5 years with BlackBerry (9000, 9800).

I am absolutely open to returning to BlackBerry when/if BB10 arrives but that doesn't mean I won't fall in love with Android...we'll see.

I have had my upgrade available for 3 months now and needed to replace my aging 9800. It seems absurd to buy a 9900 (+2 year contract) with BB10 looming...

Need another vote option, switching now to iPhone 4. I've had it will the battery pulls, and the lack of apps. Forget it, BlackBerry, I'm gone.

Those two geniuses started this debacle several years ago when they concentrated on trying to muscle their way into the NHL and buy a Franchise.

They took their eye off the ball at a most crucial time and we're really paying for it. They should not have anything to do with managing RIM any more. With the billions lost in the value of their stock, as an investor I wouldn't want to see them again any time soon.

Plus, that brilliant move pissed off an entire market of 2 million people. I feel like I am the only person here in Nashville that still uses a Blackberry. Everybody else has gone to the iphone.

Bold 9900 is perfect for me, probably sticking with this until the Bold BB10 device comes out actually. Might change my mind when the touchscreen BB10 comes out, but Bold 9900 does everything I want.

Fortunately my contract is up summer 2013 so I am safe to wait. But to be fair, the longer the delay the more of the faithful they will lose, especially those who would have already gotten a new phone but who were waiting for BB10. OS7 is a tough sell right now, I bought my 9810 used at less than half the retail price because at full retail price it is not that competitive against the top of the line droids. My sister has been waiting for half a year to replace her old phone (Win mobile 6.5) and I think it's pretty safe to say that she will be getting a GS3 as soon as it reaches her carrier. RIM will have a hard time retaining customers who are running anything older than OS 6.

I voted Yes, I'm sticking with my current BlackBerry until BlackBerry 10 is out. That's because I have an OS7 device. However, should it fail or require replacement, I will buy an Iphone5 if BB10 is not yet out.

Since a Blackberry is the only phone (in my opinion) where a keyboard is an integral part of how it works (and not just tacked on), I will continue to wait (well I guess I was waiting for Q1 2013 anyway).

It's really simple. I would, today, still choose my Torch 9810 over the competition. I am happy and love my Berry, so yes I'll be waiting for the Slider OS10 device.

disappointed they're delaying BB10. But i will continue to laugh at people who write off something they haven't seen much of. We know all the competitor OS that will be out in the fall, and i doubt btwn their launch and BB10 launch they will improve so much that people will not take a look at BB10 once released if it is "grounbreaking" as they say it will be. we have seen leaks of features that i see in NO OS that is out or will be released(screen sharing). As far as hardware you can treat it like apple they dont need quadrillion core chip to make their OS run smooth so i'm sure hardware will be up to par. We can just wait and see, bad news will go on for about a week or two and we wont hear nothing and when time comes close excitement will be restored. Christmas time is a good time to announce the OS and phones and a "perfect" OS/Phone can hold people off

Seriously? RIM might've just set itself up for the KO punch. Our society has short-term memory and RIM is doing nothing to keep itself relevant. Even if they have some "groundbreaking" technology, who's to say it's going to remain "groundbreaking" in 7+ months? Technology moves forward every day, competition is a b****, but that makes it beautiful for the consumers. Nobody wants to settle for second place, and I'm sure Apple is working on something "groundbreaking" as we speak. Apple already has this year on lock, if they secure next year as well then that's all they need to keep RIM away from the spotlight. Trust me, nobody except us loyalists is holding their breath for BB10. They don't care what RIM has to offer next year, they want something this year. And Apple has capitalized on that every year since the first iPhone came out.

My upgrade date is august. So I'm getting the iphone 5 when its released. Not gonna get stuck on a sinking ship

Can't appreciate anything eh? Good riddence. You won't be able to appreciate what RIM or anyone else offers. :(

I've been a happy BlackBerry user for more than 4 years now, and have loved every minute of it. I even enjoyed both Storms and think my 9930 is the best phone I've ever used. But this recent news from RIM pisses me off. Imagine being in a relationship, with all these broken promises, would you still be in that relationship? I wouldn't. Windows phone for me next.

Wow, you had both Storms, that was an abusive relationship ;) Only kidding, an interesting comparison, can we say that it depends on how good the 'features' were?

Lot of flawed logic out there about waiting for BB10. The old carrot on the stick has worn through.
Those on a ready to upgrade mode and not willing to wait as myself will be out for two years. In this environment that is an eternity. RIMM screwed the pooch and no manner of support will save this business model.

If THOR was willing to outright deceive the public at the jam fest what else is he and the management holding back??? Listen kids you have ONE shot at getting this right and Thor blew it. You don't build as business by starting out to deceive the public. It is inconceivable that he did not know this at the time. IF he truly did not know then his staff and senior managers have such a horrible corporate culture that it is having a negative impact on its own future. Either way, it is just bad stumbling out of the chute in this manner.

You folks are too close to your slab trying to justify hanging on and that's OK, but unwilling to realize that we are being played is pretty sad. and to call out others that reveal this as trolls is just sophomoric....

Coouldnt of said it better myself. These rim fanboys also belive in santa clause and the easter bunny. I think its time to grow up a bit and face the hard cold truth. Rim does not give a shit when it comes to its consumers if it did it would still be a major player not the unwanted red headed step child it has become.

Coming from someone who transferred a chunk of money in the last 2 weeks, prepared to invest in RIM as the stock was expected to drop, I am extremely disappointed in the news yesterday (though not entirely surprised). I've been a blackberry user for nearly a decade, but I can't rationalize why it would be worth my money to invest in the company, nor rationalize why I would wait another year (predicting this won't be the only delay) for a device that is essentially out already. I will be moving to iphone 5 or the best android equivalent this fall. But of course, I will be rooting for BB10's rise from the ashes...I just won't be a financial contributor in helping so...

I love my 9900, but with the battery life and stability issues, I cannot justify to stay on it for another year. I'll be back when bb 10 hits, but have to let go of my blackberry

Why don't you wipe and reload it and only restore the essentials? All those years of built-up db's are what's slowing it down.

Restore only:
-address book
-calendar (if you use it)
-messages (only necessary for carrier-hosted e-mail addresses)
-browser bookmarks
-browser options
-bbm options/bbm contacts/groups
-theme settings
-icon arrangement
-BIS data

Ship EVERYTHING else. It'll be much faster and there will be much less lag. That improved my 9900, it will do the same with yours.

OK, there is room improvements with BB but just try an a Android or iDevice with +4 years old. It's useless if you don't wipe it and clean stuff. It happens with computers in general. I also can't go with this philosophy of never rebooting. Computers needs to restart.

Yes computers need a reboot and devices need to be cleaned, but not nearly as often with others as you need to with a BB.

I was waiting for the new touchscreen BB10 but now looking at getting a 9900. This will hold me until the BB10 with QWERTY comes out.

Obviously disappointed about the delay, butI still love my 9900 and PlayBook combo. I'll be sticking with that until the first chance I have at BB10. Keep working hard RIM, prove all the naysayers wrong!

9800 still trumping my friends i4s for security and communication (not just keyboard, but signal, too). PlayBook has relegated laptop to file manager. 9800+PB+HDtv=winning

PlayBook is just about new enough to stave off gadget hunger :)

I'm from China. I was going to buy PlayBook recently. But this news shocked me.
There is no Chinese version system and Chinese input, so we all waiting for the update of BB10 to solve this issue. RIM let me down. But I still support her until the wonderful BB10 released.

Doesn't make much of a difference to me as the qwerty was planned for next year, but this will in no doubt dig a deeper grave for RIM. The only thing stopping me from jumping ship is that badass qwerty on the 9900. I'm using my first Android gingerbread dual SIM and it's awesome! But it's like a toy, a play thing next to my mobile office, which just makes me understand that the 9900 is a serious work phone, having a full touch gingerbread makes this even more apparent cos I do stuff I mean really do! But give me a good qwerty droid and a BBM equivalent, and I'm gone baby gone! So till then awesome workhorse 9900 it is! If it breaks I buy another, yup it's that good to me, just stay alive RIM!!

Sticking with my 9850 till BB10 is out (hoping its an awesome) Its a do or die situation or i should say perform or perish and yes there are many loyal customers whom RIM should keep in mind also.

I'm using iphone for now for work, and have been looking forward to BB10 almost since I was forced to get it. My attitude now is the first modern platform to provide BB-style sound profiles, custom configuration, regular updates, and other similar attention to the important little details that make a big difference--wins my business. I don't care who it is at this point.

My bold 9000 didnt have such problems in 2008, 2009,2010,2011, and on multiple occasions i have experenced this while with other people on the same carrier. After asking these other people how their signal was, on every occasion they had one. These were other phones like torch 9800, some little sony android, and a samsung. Clearly my bold 9900 has a signal issue.

I have a 9930 and a 32 GB playbook. I love my 9930 and PB so much I don't think I'll upgrade to a BB10 device. BB7 and the 9930 represent the pinnacle of 'traditional' BBOS devices. My 9930 works flawlessly, great call quality, keyboard is a dream, has great battery life (and easy to swap batteries so I don't have to lug around chargers like I would with an iPhone) and the OS is snappy. Only gripe is the camera, but really, if I plan on taking good photos I take my DSLR with me. Plus I'm on an unlimited data plan with Verizon and going to BB10 means 4G/LTE and a new data plan.

If RIM goes out of business, I'd switch to an iPhone. But as long as there is a Blackberry phone, it will be my phone of choice.

Though I was disappointed about the delay I am committed to blackberry come hell or high water. My investment in the the company goes beyond time and money. BlackBerry has been my tool in business, school, and my social life. My 9850 and PlayBook handle every single task or objective throughout the course of the day. I certainly understand the mentality of wanting to have the "latest and greatest",and with the PlayBook and 9850 I have all that i need for now and the foreseeable future. So I'll have to use the 9850 for a few more months: Who cares! In my life if this is chief among my worries or concerns I am truly living a blessed life. RIM is fighting an uphill battle at this point. Doubt surrounds everything they say or do, even here at CrackBerry Nation. I for one am fully invested. Go RIM!!! In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path.

Yes, last night was the straw the broke the camel's back for me; having solely owned Blackberry products since their first phone - yes I'm that old - I am tired and fed-up with the same garbage coming from this company. I am tired of defending RIM. I am tired of thinking that things have changed for the good. I am tired of thinking that RIM has finally learned from their past mistakes only to have it proven, repeatedly, that this is not so. And above all, I am tired of being told by RIM and the delusional just wait a little more, we promise that sometime, in the future, something good is going to come only to find out that this promised future never, ever arrives. The theme of this little rant: I am tired of waiting.

So yes, this is my last BB phone; when it dies, even if BB10 somehow miraculously arrives, I will not purchase it. When my Playbook dies, it certainly will not be replaced either. This is not to say that I don't enjoy BlackBerry products - I do. But my patience has come to an end with this company.

Many people work at rim, what if they lose their jobs? They'll be on the street or unemployed depending on their financial situation. You wouldn't want that to happen.

If you don't like what rim is doing, don't bash them, SUGGEST to them what can be IMPROVED.

Actually, no they will not be unemployed nor will they be on the streets; the City of Waterloo is not a one-trick pony - they have numerous other technology companies, along with insurance companies, two major universities, and one college all of which are desperate to fill high-paying technology-related jobs.

The cities mayor was asked the very question you asked this morning on CKNW 980 in Vancouver. Her reply was that, on average, amongst all of the industries in Waterloo, they are unable to fill 1500 high-tech, high-paid jobs each month. She speculated that the majority of laid off employees will find alternative jobs amongst other employers in the city right away.

9700-9780-9900-Playbook 2.0
Idk! I love my 9900 but its now buggy. Battery Pulls in public is downright embarrassing! I really would like a bb10 phone but I'll wait three months after release. The jury will be out by then. I swould hate to jumb onjust to find out I need to wait six months for rim to release OS update on bb10!!!!!!!!!

Why don't you wipe and reload it and only restore the essentials? All those years of built-up db's are what's slowing it down.

Restore only:
-address book
-calendar (if you use it)
-messages (only necessary for carrier-hosted e-mail addresses)
-browser bookmarks
-browser options
-bbm options/bbm contacts/groups
-theme settings
-icon arrangement
-BIS data

Ship EVERYTHING else. It'll be much faster and there will be much less lag. That improved my 9900, it will do the same with yours.

Download the app quick pull. My wife had the same problems with her 9900 after two weeks . Since installing the program we have had no issues . It replicates a battery pull at a time you set

I think I'm a pretty typical Blackberry user/abuser, and I just got a Galaxy SIII. Which is both good and bad news.

I was VERY excited about Blackberry 10, but the wait was too long. My Bold 9700 is rapidly aging and I really didn't want to get an OS7 phone (particularly because I'd have to re-buy all my apps -- >$100 -- for what was going to be a stop-gap phone made obsolete by BB10).

The bad news is that I think a lot of people, like me, are going to jump ship and buy a Galaxy SIII or some other super-phone in the near future. The good news is that I think that the people that switch are going to get a much better appreciation for how good the Blackberry experience is compared to the brutally clumsy user experience of Android phones.

If Blackberry can deliver on BB10, with a phone that has competitive hardware, then I think you'll see a lot of us come back.

Still rooting for you RIM!

If you love the formfactor of the 9700, the 9790 is for you then. Upgrade and enjoy what you'll have, I'm sticking with what I got and will appreciate it, love it, care for it, until BB10 arrives, or the next blackberry comes out. If OS 8 does come, I'm on it, until BB10.

My contract is up in January, so the phone should be released around that time. I can wait a bit, there is nothing that makes me want an Android, and the all glass of an Iphone scares me plus T-Mobile doesn't have it yet.

What I worry about is that if RIM goes out of business and the NOC servers go away, my BlackBerry is a BrickBerry. I wish it supported ActiveSync and IMAP connections straight from the device.

As long as BIS is still plugged in I will wait. I have only had a Blackberry for two months and not concerned with their issues. My 9860 is a pretty cool device so will hang in there.

Since I just upgraded in Feb I'll be waiting atleast a year before I get a new device. That being said, BB10 will be out by the time I'm in the market for a new device. I really want to stick with BB (as I'm a hardcore keyboard wanter) but given the current state of affairs only time will tell. In a year hopefully I'll be as much in love with the new BBs as I was in 2007 and 2008 when I was first getting into them on my 8300 and like I am now madly in love with my 9900.

Guys. This is a company in the midst of an epic fail in simply delivering a bluetooth keyboard!

The company is toast. When it is released, if it is released, BB10 will be like the exciting new DOS 7.0.


You really are a muppet - get over the dammed keyboard. You really do have a hard-on for bringing that up in every single post

Someone should ban you!

He has a point though. Smaller issues many times can be indicative of bigger ones. Failure to execute is failure to execute and that is the one thing RIM is good at.

I love BlackBerry and moved my whole family to the Bold product line 4 years ago. Have kept in touch with all my kids while they were at university through BBM. I have a Playbook and really enjoy it. The Kids and my wife were talking about moving away from Blackberry because of lack of access to Apps and content. We were holding off this decsion because of BB10, but now the kids are going to move to Apple. My wife and I will probably follow. I don't want to and I love supporting Canadian tech companies, but have no choice now. I just can't believe RIM missed this delivery date. Really down about this news :(. Was it not Jim B that said it would be easy to port the Playbook QNX sortwware to a hand set. If they come out with the BB10 eventually and it is great product I would certainly considering buying one, but I just can't see this happening anymore.

Give it time man, if they don't have OS 7 devices, get 'em the upgrades and... Have them do the following once every second month to keep them up to speed:

Backup, Wipe, reload and then, Restore only:
-address book
-calendar (if you use it)
-messages (only necessary for carrier-hosted e-mail addresses)
-browser bookmarks
-browser options
-bbm options/bbm contacts/groups
-theme settings
-icon arrangement
-BIS data


Apps can be always be re-downloaded. ;)
Or get them a droid tablet to settle that 'lack of apps' gap.

idk, just waiting to see if rim will go under, i would definetly prefer a bb10 phone but if it comes to the worse i will have no choice but to move on. if that's the case...then its a nexus android device for me

Waiting for them to go under? People will be losing jobs if that happens, people who have a family! :(

Don't think that way.

Abandon ship RIM is going to epic fail!! Any company who hasn't shown any short of gain, even if its a loss and now has to hold back on their on releasing their future product which could save the future of the company, its a good sign they are going to tubes and its only a matter of time when they sell out to someone or file for bankruptcy.

Its too bad for them, I really enjoyed their products and services.

I got my bb bold 9900 like two months ago, but my contract is available for an upgrade on dec. However im planing to wait to see whats new for bb10 by my bday on feb, if nothing is out by feb then i might going to give a chance to wos. I have been using bb most of my life, and i've been using bb os7 since las august 2011, so im going wait until my bday.

Well...fortunately my upgrade doesn't come until July, 2013, so I will see what happens with BB10. . But if I could go to another platform now... I would! So sick and tired of the false promises. The real thing that gets me is that they don't say what is the real cause for the delay exactly. Maybe it wouldn't be such a hard I highly doubt market share and all the other sh*t is the cause for the delay. Just do us a favor and do not show any leaks of BB10 until it is VERY close to release date.

I'm holding on...but my string is on its very last thread!

I was a bit indecisive before about what I was going to do. Switch to BB10 when it came out or upgrade to Windows Phone 8. After that news it shows RIM is slipping back into that old habit and I decided not to wait, I will upgrade to WP8 and probably pick up a Surface as well. Love Playbook and cant live without mine but lack of real upgrades/basic functionality and too many delays is too much. If BB10 for the phones is delayed then its a good possibility its also delayed for PB. I will definitely keep it but it wont be my daily driver any more. Sorry RIM, trying to keep the faith in you but you make it too hard.

I agree on leaving the BB world, but why Windows Phone 8? After seeing how they treated Windows Phone 7 users and after what RIM has done to us, why would you want to go to that?

I have a 9930 until 2013 so I don't plan on buying a new phone anytime soon. However, if I choose to upgrade to a newer phone, I will evaluate all the options and choose what's best for me. I don't think a company that continues to disappoint has the right to ask me for support. Support must be earned.

The 9780 (flagship) had a horrendus keyboard stutter. the 9900 (flagship) was plauged with self nuking, bad keyboard lights. The playbook lacked the most basic of basic features (email) for near enough a year. And now RIM's savior OS is nothing but vapourware.

I'll check out a BB10 keyboard phone when it's released... Prolly 2014? But since even buying a BB10 phone is switching platforms... If I'm being forced to switch no matter what I buy I may as well go to where the grass is greenest. RIP BBOS, I loved thee

In my family we use 4 BB phones and 3 PlayBooks. We will stick with BlackBerry because windows phones are not up to our standards and my Android phone in work is a disaster. Apple ist for me a fruit. Even the name is stolen from the Beatles. So we stick with the best.

Releasing a good phone before Christmas is FAAAAAR better than releasing a perfect phone a month or 2 after Christmas. Everyone wanrting BB10 for Christmas will have moved to something else. Well not everyone but a lot will.

Totally agree! All they had to do was iron out the issues with PB OS 2.1, get more major apps, and release competitive hardware and they could have stopped the bleeding.

Here is an issue as I see androids are coming out...iPhone 5 is due in the fall...unless people will pay full price for the BB10 handset...I think most people will buy an alternative (the last BB7 phone like the 9900 is almost 2 yrs old) and be locked in to a new contract. If you are unlucky like me and live in Canada where cellular anything is a rip off we are locked in to a 3 year plan. So if I want a new BB10 phone i will be paying upwards of $500..BlackBerry with have to hope that people will pay full price for the new handsets

Was a loyal BB user. My last 3 phones were a Pearl 8100, Bold 9000, and a Bold 9700. Tired of delays and the rest of the mess. Will give Android a shot. If BB is still around next year and they actually have something good I would consider coming back. But loyalty needs to go both ways and I feel BB has not been loyal to me - too many broken promises.

I voted moving to Android (although I already did in April). I had a bad feeling about waiting out BB10, and even that early in the year I felt that waiting was going to be painful. Thanks to Canadian 3yr contracts, I'll be on Android until then (unless I buy a replacement). Honestly.... 3years is a HUGE timeframe in the tech world. And in that time either RIM will be taking huge strides right along beside Android and iOS --- or Blackberry devices will be only found in the classifieds, and RIM itself will no longer have a consumer branch (catering only to Governemnts and companies requiring secure communications).

Which is sad. I'd love to see RIM succeed. I just didn't want to wait around any longer (I already waited 6 months before jumping to Android). And going from a 4.5 device to Ice Cream Sandwich on Android was like going from a K-car to a street-legal race car. Other then the fact they both have 4 wheels and a motor, there simply is NO comparing the 2.

It is I teresting to see how irated people are about the delay of the phone. I am on the same boat wanting to have a BB10 phone today especially since my upgrade has been due for a couple of months now. Also, I am heavily invested in RIMM and have taken a beating as well, but I continue investing especially at this point since I can pick it up cheaper.

Having said that, I am HAPPY with my 9810 and my Playbook. I use them heavily and can do everything I need to accomplish day by day either directly or through work-around.

I hear people comp,aining about not having Skype. I have a Skype to go number that I can use with my 9810 (or any phone for that matter) and Skype for Android on my Playbook. I also use Google Voice since some calls are cheaper through this service over Skype.

I am happy with my current devises because they help me accomplish my day to day business without having to cary a laptop or having to look for a hotspot to do so. To me that is all that matter. If I have to wait for BB10 until next year, so be it.

I understand; black friday, Christmas, iPhone 5, etc., etc., etc., but I rather have a finished product than something half way done and dealing with issues like the Playbook. I agree with Kevin, it sucks, but on the long run it will be better financially and for the company as a hole.

I guess I'll have to make my 9850 work for me until blackberry 10 releases. Just got a PlayBook last week so I have a new blackberry toy to play with for awhile. Nothing against the other platforms but they just don't do it for me. My first smartphone was a 7100i in 06-07 and blackberry is owned since.

I am still up in the air. Historically, BlackBerry has been the platform which suits me the best. I truly was hoping BB10 would be on time. I got rid of my 9800 for a used 9900 to hold me over. But there are issues with the 9900, the least one to concern me is battery life. I too have been getting the SOS instead of a signal. It is a PITA, to say the least. Will I wait for BB10? I want to. I love the way my 9900 bridges with my PlayBook. If BB10 is available when my upgrade comes around, I will give it a serious look. But if it is not available, I will sign another term with a different platform.

It could be a bad cell tower in the area that is giving the SOS. My area is the same, service varies, but the device doesn't stop working because of that. Maybe the person who sold it to you may have voided the warranty by opening it up and not assembling it correctly, or something like that. I don't know.

My contract is up in December, but I can get an early upgrade in August. Was going to wait on the BB10 phone by then hoping any issues would be worked out.

But not now.

This old 9800, while great for what it is, is just becoming a chore to use.

We have a Galaxy S II in the house and it's really quite nice. I'm not pleased with some of the things I read about the S III, particularly regarding the cheaper screen Samsung decided on, so I may go with the S II Skyrocket. I already put pretty much every app I have on the Torch on the S II, so I already know I'm covered, app-wise.

But I am also keeping an eye on the Win 8 phones. I may jump there.

I'll keep up with RIM over the next two years to see where it is - if it's still around. If so, they should have some kickass phones by then. Then I will come back.

Oh, and iPhone will never be an option for me. I refuse to be a part of that.

If you haven't already done so, try this:

Backup, Wipe, reload, and...
Restore only:
-address book
-calendar (if you use it)
-messages (only necessary for carrier-hosted e-mail addresses)
-browser bookmarks
-browser options
-bbm options/bbm contacts/groups
-theme settings
-icon arrangement
-BIS data

Ship EVERYTHING else. That'll speed things up. And if you do upgrade to the 9810, you'll have double the speed and performance. OS 7 kicks ass.

The fact he has to do this to get it working properly is reason enough to get a new non-BB phone. Btw, OS 7 has many issues.

They are making sure that iPhone 5 is out before dis-closing the BB10 features. This way APPLE is fully committed and they can stay a step ahead.

If I honestly believed that a BB10 phone would be available to buy in Q1'13, I might have been tempted to stay with BB when my upgrade is due in October.

Frankly though, for me, anything RIM says has become so discredited, that I wouldn't believe them if they said the sun would rise tomorrow! I've been through this script once before with my Playbook. They've missed repeated deadlines, and the BB10 Q1 deadline will be no different IMO. It'll be pushed-back like all the other promised deadlines before it.

No worries. I'll be on either WinPhone8 or S3 long before RIM either die or the lie is revealed.

Stay with blackberry, get the OS 7 device to hold you over.

If you cannot appreciate what your blackberry does or offers you, and you wish the company to go under, you obviously don't give a rats ass about people's jobs at risk and them being unemployed if that shit happens.

Goodbye if you switch and cannot appreciate.


When did the future of RIM's employees become MY responsibility?

Is world poverty and hunger also down to me, or just RIM?

I'm a consumer. I buy products from companies that make stuff. If companies don't make stuff that I want to buy, I buy something else from a company that does!

Companies that sell what the market wants, thrive. Those successful companies employ many people who thrive too.

It's called capitalism. I'm a big fan.

RIM are failing.

They are not delivering products to the market within their own timescales (again, and again, and again!). My cat could do a better job of marketing than RIM. Though I agree that it is sad that RIM is making redundancies... and RIM should be ashamed at the human misery they are causing by being clueless in how to make products that people want to buy and releasing them when they said they would... That is RIM's fault.

But thanks for your comment.

They said it's the OS and I totally believe it! The PB has great hardware. Most of the competing phone have similar hardware. They could have ironed out the issues in PB OS 2.1 and released it with major apps on competitive hardware. The fact they did not or could not lends further credence to it being an OS issue which is a major problem.

I see a lot of people that just bought a phone just to want another the next day! For you guys get android that way you either go nuts or broke cause every day is one new, but you will never be happy becase tomorow is always something new!

You said it well! They're ALWAYS going to bitch, moan, whine and complain! And be in HUGE amounts of DEBT too! XD ;)

I didn't vote because I'm undecided. I have a 9700 that is currently buggy. I was holding out for BB10 later this year but with the announcement of Q1 2013, my heart sank. At this point, I'm going to watch and see how this gets played out. If things get out of hand (which I hope not!) I might jump ship to iPhone

From my 64GB Playbook :)

Do a favor for the 9700 if you decide to keep rocking it:

Backup, wipe, reload and Restore only:
-address book
-calendar (if you use it)
-messages (only necessary for carrier-hosted e-mail addresses)
-browser bookmarks
-browser options
-bbm options/bbm contacts/groups
-theme settings
-icon arrangement
-BIS data


Or upgrade to the 9790, for improved speed, fluidness and rocksolidness, robustness of OS7. :)

Can't be bothered to wipe the phone. I'm currently due for an upgrade but I don't want to get a 9900 which cannot be upgraded to BB10. Plus, I have to wait 2 years for another upgrade if I do get the 9900. I don't have extra cash to buy off contract so i'll wait it out.

Will I wait? Well, first we are told bb10 should be out earlier than the 10/10 date and then all of a sudden, its now 1st quarter 2013!!! So, I am now assuming bb will be sold off to microsoft, google etc and its just a stall tactic at the new company's request! Hope I am wrong as I have 3 bolds and a PB....will I wait....absolutely :)

I'm a little disappointed only because I'm excited to see what BB10 phones are all about and now I have to wait a little longer. I'm not giving up on RIM not just yet, I will be the last man with a BlackBerry in his hand. It actually kind of works out for me because I just got a 9930 less than six months ago less than six months ago. I think that anyone that wants to leave RIM should, go get yourself a new toy but I bet you will be coming back. For the die hard fans we will be bold and hold out for an awakening because it's going to be worth waiting for.



Obviously greatly disappointed.....At this point, I could never recommend a bb with a good conscious. But I'm definitely gonna be rockin my bold 9900 till bb10 launches! :)

I will more than likely buy a used Droid, IPhone one even a BlackBerry with 7.1! I am gonna wait it out! I will not use my discounted upgrade with Verizon until I see what happens with BB10 phones. I am just over my Storm2 just because I had one since they came out! I just need a change for now!

In for a penny in for a pound. Since our current Blackberry phones and Tablets are working fine, they help us get the things done we need to, they are still being updated, we will be staying with RIM. The only thing at this point to make me change would be if the the phones/tablets stopped working and support is no longer available or in the worst case scenario the company dies and they close and lock the doors. Being Canadian I will support them to the end. It's not just about the new toys or technology for me, or the company itself, but the working families and people involved. This is not only with RIM but all the businesses that provide goods and services to RIM and their workers and families.

Galaxy nexus and jelly bean here I come. I simply cannot wait any longer. If rim is still aroud in 2 years (highly doubt it) and has something rock solid to offer I will be back. And as for everybody saying get an os7 device to hold over I am sorry its mirginly better then os6 and like it is a sitting duck thanks but no thanks.

I'll be hanging on. My 9650/PB combo works great. Bridging works great up at the cottage. Sitting around outside smoking cigars with my colleagues after a long day with my BB in a glass acting as a resonator playing a hip "Tune In" radio station. iPhone using friends tried the same trick and their phones weren't nearly as good. BB travel and traffic. Great email, bbm, call clarity. My 9650 is a very competent work horse.

That said, of course I'm disappointed that BB10 has been delayed but not because I won't have a new toy but because of the potential severe damage it could cause RIM: a hostile takeover resulting in QNX never again being offered on the consumer market again following the stripping of RIM for its patents, etc.

Come on, RIM, let's get it together!

Sticking with my 9900 until the Touch Screen BB10 comes to market. The delay doesn't really affect me.

A lot of people were saying they rather have bb10 delayed for a finished product than a rushed one to market. Then this happens and everyone f'ing flips out about it saying RIM is dead or there jumping ship.

My torch isn't going to make it to calendar 2013 so my choices are switch to another company OR buy an old outdate POS and EXTEND my current contract. That's where RIM is going to get killed. I love my BB but chances are I'll love my next phone as well...and I've seen some Droids that are 4G and have physical keypads.

I'm probably going to Droid central. There's a point when things need to be functional. I was open to waiting, but this is absurb. Besides if I sign on today, I can probably be elligible for an ungrade with BB10.1 comes out. (because there will be bugs)

I have BB7 device now...........looks like I'll be waiting till it breaks first before I make a decision. RIM may be dead and gone by then. ;-(

Now would be a great time to release any other horrible news that the company has, it is like telling your wife you want a divorce on 9/11.

Anyway, I for one have had an upgrade in the bucket for three years and was waiting for a substantial update from RIM. I will not wait another 6 months, this is silly. The first Torch was their first real phone, but that was half baked. BB7 was what it should of been years ago, and now they can't even release a tablet w/data or a phone to rival others....

Yes it is time to make that switch, and the phone is the S3.

I'm very disappointed but I've stuck it out this long so will hold out till 2013. Would like to see some improved specs (hardware) on the devices by then too.

For now I am waiting until BB10 comes out but I am in the hunt for a reasonably priced BB7 unit for verizon (Bold 9930 or Touch 9850) that can tide me over. Currently on a Bold 9650.

How utterly disappointing. Yet not quite unexpected.

What's really telling here is the total number of respondents to the poll... Just over 4000 at the time of my post. That's pretty sad in my book.

It's becoming increasingly hard defending my choice of BlackBerry to my peers, colleagues, and friends. I'm not married to BlackBerry and don't consider myself a "fanboy". I use BB because of it's top notch security... Which happens to be my first priority for choosing a smartphone platform. People just don't seem to understand that. They think that because I don't have 13857294856 apps to choose from my experience is somehow diminished. Truth be told I don't use many apps for my phone and certainly don't miss not having a plethora of "fart apps" to choose from. *shrug*

BTW: It seems that "RIM Time" is becoming similar "Microsoft Time"... That is to say "Completely Arbitrary" lol...

For the "I don't get it?" crowd: Ever tried doing something in an M$ OS and it gives a time remaining of say: "10 minutes" and then have it jump to "30 minutes" and then maybe "12 minutes" and then it will say something like 2746524785 Minutes remaining"? That's what I like to refer to as "Microsoft Time". :)

I wish RIM much success and really don't want to have to switch platforms but things are looking pretty bleak at the moment. I was glad that BB10 and iPhone 5 were likely going to be out at the same time which would coincide with my current contract expiring so I could make an informed choice but as of now it's not looking like that's going to happen.

I chose sticking with BlackBerry 10, but I don't actually own a BlackBerry - never have. I'm on my third version of the iPhone (not third phone... countless replacements due to them being fairly unreliable). I have been waiting for something different and great. I will wait for BlackBerry 10, unless the iPhone is absolutely amazing (doubtful). I do not like Android, although 4.1 looks to be getting much better. Windows Phone 8 looks interesting. I want BB10 though.

I love reading these threads. Most posters are such tech heads and have really lost touch with real life......

My sister in law is miss independent so goes out and gets sold a phone. Please note i didnt say buy one. She was sold some Sony Ericsson device running android god knows what (i didnt look to hard). So i asked her what made you buy that (heap of junk)?

Her reply: I want apps.
What apps, what is it you need?

I dont know i just want apps..........

All the talk about SIIIs, iP5 and especially WP8 is nonsense. For most people mobile nations and the like doesnt exist. They dont peruse gsmarena nor follow other tech blogs.

What happens is, their contract expires and they buy what they can afford. You Americans love you buying seasons and everyone keeps pointing out RIM will miss the 2012 school season. But you forget the world isnt ending January (i hope).

There will be contracts coming to an end from April 2013 onwards and more holiday seasons next year.

BB10 is all new from the ground up. There are different problems from building a whole new house then there is adding an extension to an existing property. Droidnis on its 10th iteration iOS on its 6th, surely they must be running out of land to build. RIM have a nice new plot with a solid foundation to build on lets have a little patienc.

RIM needs to find a way to convince people to buy into BB7 until BB10 comes out. If you don't control the bleeding now, what will the patients (users) condition be by 2013? But the question is how can they do this?

As an example; my contract comes up in September 2012 and I am running into issues now with insufficient memory for new apps I would like to have. There is no way I will lock into another 3 year contract on a BB7 device and no way will I spend $500 to buy a BB7 phone with no contract. So where does that leave me and I would think, lots of BB users?

They need to work out some arrangement with the carriers to subsidize the BB7 devices. If you buy one now on a 2 or 3 year contract then you can upgrade to a BB10 device within one year of release for $100? That is something I could buy into. Can RIM afford that or is there a better way?

RIM needs to keep the eye on the ball for BB10, but someone also needs to think about BB users today!

Same boat. I am sitting on an upgrade now waiting for BB10. If they did something like this or a one time cheap off contract upgrade offer it would get a lot of those old handsets off of the network, give a much needed shot of positive publicity, and gain RIM a lot of very important time from those of us who need to upgrade now.

How about a poll seeing who would participate in something like that Mr. CrackBerryKevin?

I'm going iphone 5 if its released sooner. I buy my phones cash so no contract signing. Will be my first iphone experience, have used the entire bold family since the beginning. Ill keep an eye on bb10 though, will give it a shot when it realeses. In 2050?

I'm neither "waiting" nor "switching." I'm happily using my BlackBerry 6 Bold. If it gets lost or stolen, I'll get a 9930.

I have an available upgrade I have been sitting on for over a year now hoping to upgrade my Curve 8530 to BB10. I do not want to go to an already outdated BB7 device and get locked in for another two years before I can upgrade again with BB10 (hopefully) coming out before that 2 year commitment would be up. If RIM would offer a one time, inexpensive, off contract upgrade for people with older devices to BB7 it certainly would go a long way to retaining me until then. Maybe something along the lines of $50 for Curve and $120 for Bold. They could BBM the offer out to current devices only. They would take a one time inventory write off but it sure would go a really, really long way to retaining me until BB10 comes out. My Curve is suffering from the floor quickly raising up and hitting to too many times. At this point I am just hoping it lasts until Q1 2012, Oh wait - Q3 2012, Oh, sorry - Q1-2013. It is called marketing and customer satisfaction. Could you imagine everyone talking about RIM providing that level of service for customers until BB10 comes out? Buying that type of exposure would cost way more than a program like this.

What I can't stand is that between the bad news there has been mostly silence from RIM, yes they have their Jams going on, but really only 2 months ago they were pointing at 'later this year', what does that mean, now it's first quarter of 2013, it feels like they are developing on a half life time line, and it's mind boggling that they keep getting it wrong?! What specifically has caused this recent delay, I think they have to open up, cause really only the faithful will be listening anyway and that may be enough to keep those still gathered at the alter?

I for one need to seperate from this site and any further RIM watching as it's too distracting, disappointing and frustrating. I can not in good conscious advocate BB any more because I not longer trust they can get'er done, I can no longer send hope into what appears to be a black hole?

Show me I am wrong, make a noise, jump/scream and start showing up on time. I see in the distance RIM attempting to woo developers and fill long open wounds, but they've just made a major cut into their user base, as a user I feel pandered with false and broken promises.

But I am angry and oddly, hurt now and will hopefully cool down one day, I am using my companies 9900, and I like it and will have it for another year or so, what will be my next phone??? I think it might be time to explore other options so I can know first hand if it truly is green on the other side.

Wow! 45% of the people that voted are switching to another OS...I'm proud to say that I'm not one of those people and I pray that RIM pulls through. Even if it takes RIM another 9 months, I will be buying a BB 10 phone the first day it comes out...I wonder how long Kevin's hair will be by then if he doesn't cut it lol.....

I didn't do the survey, it can't express my thoughts well enough. My phone service is through T Mobile and my contract is completed. It's my option to stay or go, upgrade or not. My current phone is a 9810, a gift from my wife for Christmas. I'm looking at other non-Blackberry phones but there's always something wrong one way or the other. Between now and 'some time' next year is a long, long time. The 9810 is a nice match to my wifi Playbook, bridge, tether, and such. But I mostly run the Playbook on wifi so bridge/tether ain't all that. I bought two Playbooks Christmas also, so there's that to factor. Since all my devices are relatively new and working well, i can sit tight, but i am watching all fronts. I had intended to by a BB10 in October even though my 9810 is still adequate. I honestly would be shocked to see RIM pull off BB10 and what I mean by that is something so revolutionary as to keep RIM on it's feet and in the game. More, i don't trust corporate people, even Canadian. Typically what would happen is the tops dogs are behind the scenes dividing up what they can, damn the factory folks who helped take them to the top. So once again I'd be shocked to actually see a viable BB10. Anyway, here's to you RIM, the rides been fine, good luck and time will tell. *Did I really say anything in all this, well no, but neither did RIM in their little report fiasco.


Wanted to wait but Verizon forced my hand. Had to upgrade before 06-28 in order to retain my existing unlimited data plan and not pay full price for the phone. Hello Droid Razr Maxx & Android Central. Sorry Storm 2 9550 (will still use as a music player when I'm out mowing the field on my tractor).

thought BB10 was going to be the life saver for RIMM, but because of this delay i think it could be the death of RIMM. I hope not as i have been a BB user for so long 10-15 years and i know nothing about other phones

While, for my company, it's not a matter of we cannot wait the extra few months for BB 10, I am very concerned by this additional delay on two levels:

1) I don't think that either major app developers or the consuming public are going to wait around for RIM to get its act together; and

2) I am deeply worried that this is a sign that RIM cannot get its act together. Not that the company is going to die, per se, but rather than it is going to be relegated to being an also-ran, developer-starved, unable-to-adequately-compete non-entity in the smartphone world.

My company needs good and effective business tools. If RIM can't get its act together, it will not be able to provide competitive tools. I hope I am wrong about RIM, but I can't just sit around and wait for them either. If they don't have their act together when our current crop of BBs are worn out (for some of the Tour 9630s, that will be pretty soon) then it looks like I have to look elsewhere. Hopefully, however, my pessimism will prove unfounded.

It aint over till the lights are shut off and the doors are locked. I was disappointed yesterday, but I will stick with my blackberry for now.

I am months past the end of my plan's commitment period and have been hanging on to my Bold 9000, essentially overpaying for my service, waiting for the BB 10. I don't think I can continue waiting beyond Oct. The question is which way do I move. I've had a playbook since they were released and it's clear that QNX is the best OS but I don't want to be stuck with a dinosaur OS 7 device for another 3 year commitment (I'm guessing that many of those RIM is letting go are working OS 7). If RIM would come up with a plan that would give me a decent break on switching to BB 10 mid-commitment then I would probably go with a Bold 9900, else I'll go to another system, at least for the next 3 years.

Frank P

Ignorance begets more confidence than does knowledge - Darwin

I'll wait. Considering the 9900 was released less than one year ago, waiting another six to nine months isn't that big a deal.

Obviously, I was hoping BB10 Bold/keyboard version would be released by Jan '13, but now it looks more like April/May; that's gives me more time to enjoy my 9900.

My 9900 is awesome and the most productive phone I've ever had. I'm still holding out hope that RIM will deliver on BB10, but if they don't, the world won't end and we'll all move to another platform.


I am jonesing for a new BB10 phone. My Bold 9930 will keep me happy until then. I have complete dfaith in Thor and RIM. We can start 2013 with a rockin BB10 phone.

The Torch was what the straw that broke my back two years ago. A couple of minutes in my hand at the AT&T store is all it took for me to say "these guys just don't get it". I've had an iPhone 4 ever since.

But I miss Blackberry. I really do. I miss the keyboard, I miss the way it handles email. And I've realized that I really only care about a small handful of apps (Evernote, Livestrong, GI Monitor) that are all available via Blackberry.

I'm literally begging, BEGGING for Blackberry to show me a reason to come back. I'm looking forward to the release "later this year". I Google "Blackberry 10" a couple of times per day to get the latest news, a peek at the new hardware, anything.

Alas, yesterday my Google search gave me this, and so I shake my head again and ask "what the HE*L happened to those guys?!"

All I can say is that they dang well better get this right. I'm hoping my current phone holds out until they release and I at least have the opportunity to evaluate. But if in this interim wait period my phone gives out and I have to plunk down $200 for a new one, then Blackberry will have to wait another couple years to get me back. I work hard for my money and am not the type that's going to give it up for a new phone every 3-6 months.

As of right now, after a total of 6,500 votes, over 3,500 have decided to abandon Blackberry for one of the other 3 platforms. That's about 54% that are leaving which doesn't bode well for RIM.


Gonna stick it out with RIM. I dont have to have the latest and greatest OS from any manufacturer. My old BB 8530 does me a good job and I absolutely love it. I'm sure the other platforms are good too as a lot of my friends have androids and Iphones. The recent news of Boost Mobile offering the Curve 9310 with OS 7.1 was good news to me. I've been a Boost customer since 2005 and have had no problems with them, so I guess I will be sporting a new BB Curve 9310 here pretty soon.

BB owner for 12 years. It has been bad before but this feels like a death knell. And I can't believe I just wrote that. I think it is the first time I have ever stated that I think it's over. I think I have to move on. At least I won't join the aye crowd. Android is guess.

So Kevin, once RIM goes bankrupt which phone are you picking up?... and what do you plan doing for income?

I chose, "Yes, I'm sticking with my current BlackBerry until BlackBerry 10 is out."

Unfortunately, the poll left off the disclaimer I would add: "But that's no guarantee I'll buy a BB10 device, because the entire market will have changed dramatically in nine months."

I currently own a Bold 9900, Torch 9810 and PlayBook 64GB. The contract on my 9810 is finished in October, which would have been perfect for a BB10 upgrade. I have been a loyal BlackBerry user for nearly a decade, but this delay is is the final straw for me. When my contract expires, I will be getting an iPhone 5 (can't believe I just said that). When (if) BlackBerry 10 hits the market, I will consider coming back, but right now I am disappointed and frustrated with RIM. I understand that the future of the company depends on a successful BB10 launch, and it must be "perfect". But saying that it will be launched "later this year" and then going back on their word wasn't a very smart thing to do. RIM has now lost the trust of many of their most loyal supporters. I pray that RIM can pull through this, but from my vantage point, it's not looking good.

Save your excellent equipment and go month to month util you can make a more sensible decision. Unless you secretly are just looking for an excuse to get an iPhone? Which by the way is ok :)

I am looking forward to BB10 on my Playbook, to see what new possibilities it opens up. My phone, well it's a phone. It makes calls, I can type on a physical QWERTY, and it doesn't have a camera. That's truly all I required in a phone. I wouldn't buy a BB10 phone anyway, but I might go for a non-camera 9930 someday. I want to see RIM survive, because I want to see the Playbook grow into its potential.

RIM is RIP...its over. Everyone here knows they will have a Iphone or droid when holiday times comes around.

Fire Sale time RIM...called since day one. Now its here!

Sticking with my 9810 till BB10 time, unless it craps out on me. Dropped it a couple times lately, how many lives does it have left? :p

I guess I just don't get it. I cannot live without my 9900's. I tried to look like a hipster with an iPhone4s (pretty phone, stable, has bells and whistles, but completely inefficient). Let me just say that if you are an organization who lets your staff switch from BB's to iPhone or Android then your stock price should drop and you should fire the person that permitted this to occur because productivity will drop and communication will be hampered. People that send more than 10 messages per day regularly dread doing it on another device when they switch from BB. They justify it by saying crap like "I can take better pictures" or " my kids can watch movies when I travel"

Case and point: I have a vendor who has 3 field technicians supporting my account. They switched to iPhone and android 6 months ago and getting reliable, timely communication with them has gotten much more difficult. Good to know they can finish their angry birds level while sitting in my parking lot.

My advise is get a 9900 embrace it and love it for the 3rd arm that it is. Wait till an os 10 device comes out and savor your 9900 till the bitter end if os 10 never comes about.

If you are looking for a toy then you shouldn't have a BB. If you send less than 10 messages per day you don't need a BB. Otherwise not having a BB is a crime. Wonder how many google or apple employees actually have BB's vs their companies respective devices or in addition to?

Yeah, there's nothing wrong with BB's, it's the consumers that are at fault, they're idiots!
Like you said, you just don't get it.

Most consumers are slaves to marketing manipulation and peer pressure. If they weren't then marketing and avertising would have very little value. That's how propaganda works. Over 80% of people are suseptable. Just sayin.

Really sick of all the Blackberry hate!

I LOVE my Blackberry. I'm due for an upgrade. I AM holding out for BLACKBERRY 10!

I love how it works and it does sooo many things better than the other platforms. I DO NOT want to HAVE to change to another mobile platform.