CrackBerry Asks: Will you order the BlackBerry Passport ASAP?

By James Richardson on 11 Aug 2014 11:30 am EDT

For once BlackBerry seems to be getting some all-round good media coverage leading up to the launch of the company's new flagship device - the BlackBerry Passport.

From a previous poll we ran a while back it seems that CrackBerry readers are very much more interested in the Passport than they are the Classic. Now, all being well (crosses fingers) we'll have our Passport review up around the time the device goes on sale. But I wanted to ask the question if you were planning to order the Passport based on just what you have seen so far?

We've had a little hands on time ourselves and BlackBerry have been tempting us on a regular basis over on their own blog. Whether it turns out that the Passport is a consumer device or just adopted by business users remains to be seen and of course the price will come into play - which is still unknown and only speculated.

You also have to remember that pricing will vary around the world. Here in the UK the device could well end up being free on certain contracts, whereas in North America there will likely be an up front price to pay. And then of course we move over to countries in Asia where the full price of the device is required up front, simply because that's how the carriers often work.

So initially the take up could be regional, but either way it's an exciting time for BlackBerry and hopefully a turning point after a rocky couple of years. So let us know your Passport plans below and feel free to add additional views in the comments.

PS: All you touchscreen folks, you've already been accounted for. Question was already asked specifically for everyone who wants a touchscreen, this was purely for those interested in either the Passport or the Classic.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Asks: Will you order the BlackBerry Passport ASAP?



BB has had too many disappointments in it's past, some before the current administration.

The PB, Z10 and Q10 never re-stimulated BB's position in the tablet and smart phone market.

Just because it is new does not mean that it is good. How many of those who line up for the newest Apple phone even know anything about it?

While we seem to know "a lot" about the Passport, there is still a gray area as to how well it will fill the need of the target market and the individual smart phone users.

The Z10 and Q10 are both top notch phones, unfortunately they never sold well due to poor marketing, perception and carrier support. Let's hope John Chen and team can do a better job than past BlackBerry management. I belive they can.

No, the main reason the z10 and every other BB phone did poor was because out the gate it was behind in what consumers were already use to. Apps. Also, people weren't interested in sticking with a company that could seemingly go bankrupt months after you purchased a device and the negative perception around BB wasn't helping its case.

Had the BB OS10 and z10 launched par with the market it was coming into they would've had a bigger uptick in purchases. In reality this wasn't possible when you're bleeding money left and right so they had to rush something to the market. At least now they've been able to manage the bleeding. BlackBerry has to get back to that "I need that" market it use to have but that'll only happen after it has that wow factor behind its brand. That's where marketing comes into play.

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

I've had a Z10 since day one, dropped it 6 times without a case and works like new. Loaded to the max and suffers no lag. I can't speak for the Q but coming from Iphone I would have to say I'm happy with what blackberry has delivered.

Posted via CB10

@abwan11...I got a transformer and thank god,16 times and the last one was flat down on a ceramic floor ,screen down,ouch!!Still ticking

You're lucky! Landing face down on a tile floor did my first one in. Replaced it and several drops later, still works like a charm.

Posted via CB10

@mandony...When you mention the Past, I can think of Thor(ahole),saying that BB sometimes is too innovative for it's own good.Imagine if the passport was in the pipeline and he gave it the Bum's up,haha!!seriously ,today if you want to succeed you have to innovate.I can't wait for Chen to open the flood gates,imagine, they only have to sell 10 million units a year,3 of this and 3 of that,go for it BB!!!$$$$$$

IMO, if BB wants to recapture popular press opinion they have to improve their percentage of smartphone market.

10M sales will not bring the BB share above 1%.
It will only contribute to bottom line, making a profit for not.
This is poplar only for share holders, not for the public.

Apple will sell 10M of their new iP6's in their first week.

Actually, I don't think it's so much about the target market as how well apps and programmes fit (or adapt to) its 1:1 screen, and how much development support it gets. If it's fairly universal, then I see a bright future.

Posted via CB10... on my Z30 10.2.1

The z10 is a great phone! Still love my pb. Just bad marketing led to poor sales. Stop knocking the z10

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

There really is now market segment with the Passport they're creating one with existing news, controlled leaks, enough to generate interests. That tactic is a very unique one to entice an already existing target market.

I seriously think the sales will rocket the first quarter to 2 million units in North America alone.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

I would, but am still locked in a contract with a Z10 and a Z30. I don't want another line.

Posted via my Z30

Yes, and because of that I'm buying my smartphone myself and take a cheap contact instead.
This way I pay a lot less compared to a expensive contact including a device. :)

Posted via CB10

There is not option for a good reliable network and a cheap data plan. They telecoms verizon and att almost force you into a contact, since they give no break in price if you have you own phone to start

Posted via CB10

Think pink. Save and get just as good or better service. Caveat, as long as you don't live in deep rural.

Posted via my QNX Z30

It's orange, red or yellow or even green here (Australia: Boost/Amaysim, Virgin, Optus, Lyca).

Don't go blue (Telstra), you'll likely be paying too much. Also seems like they've dropped any unique colour scheme except for the diamond/prism logo with several hues....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Lol. Got a good job, just won't keep paying for new phones. Also have a pregnant wife, so money is flowing towards the incoming little Freeze.

Posted via my Z30

Didn't take it rude at all. I would love a new BlackBerry as baby shower gift though. Lol

Posted via my Z30

It's actually cheaper to buy it outright then go with a pay as you go service. Pay me now, or pay me more later.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I agree with you on that. I guess it would also depend on how much the off-contract price would be. Back when we had three year contracts you could renew early with no penalty, but I don’t know how flexible they will be with the two years contracts. Time will tell. I'm really interested, but would also like to see one in my hands first too - one that works that is. A dummy model does me little good.

Posted via CB10


Another poll with no option for me.

PROUD to be the 1%! Z10 on T-Mobile USA - Posted via CrackBerry 10

We never received a Z30 in the US for LTE unless you went Verizon. They were the only carrier to receive.

Posted via CB10

I'll be waiting for Z30 replacement as well. Don't mind the Passport's squared shape, but not sure about that three row keyboard.

Posted via CB10

No doubt. According to this poll, 90% of us will have a passport by the end of the year if the reviews are good. WTF?

I don't think he wants to hear from folks who are not interested in the Passport or Classic or those who prefer full touch screen.

Yes, but choosing not to vote does not represent anything. It will not reflect in quantity how many people do not want to get either a passport or a classic.

Ummm, I think he's asking if you're interested in the Passport, not an upgraded version of another device.

Besides, you can wish all you want for an upgraded version of whatever phone you want. But the reality is some phones won't get that direct upgrade. The upgrade may be a bit lateral too, if you follow what I mean.

So, for now, let's keep this on topic with the Passport.

Posted via CB10

Before say something about what I commented, you should have read the poll options clearly.
If the poll is about Passport, there is no need to have an option Classic. People here talked about Z10 upgrade because the poll has an option with Classic.
There is no need for this poll to talk about Classic, the third option should just say "No"

Same here, amazing device (it seems), really love the fact that it's different.
But sadly no, I won't be getting one, I'll be waiting for my WATERPROOF Z30 Replacement...that would be awesome!!!!

Posted via CB10

'Z50' is a myth and some name randomly made up to describe some rumored device the may never see the light of day. At this point, a Z10 like device remains unknown for certain. It's speculation and rumors.

Some people, like myself, use the name Z50--not to refer to any rumored device--but just as kind of a placeholder that refers to whatever future flagship all touch phone will follow in the Z-line (assuming one ever does come out).

E.g.: When I say "I'm waiting for a z50", I just mean "I'm waiting for BlackBerry to make a new high-spec all-touch".

But yeah, I'm sure a ton of people are referring to a rumoured device when they say Z50 (like the 'Ontario' maybe?)

Posted via CB10

I was actually referring to 'Manitoba', but i see now that was supposed to be the Z3, and the Ontario was supposed to be the new super phone... What ev's... looks like a wait regardless.

@YouAinTheHost...Phantom phone,But watch out !When Chen cracked down on the leaks,Hahaha,Cracked down,I just have my fingers crossed for Canada.

Locked into my Q10 contract with VZW until Aug. 2015. (This isn't a complaint; I love the Q10 and would buy another one before ever buying a Passport.)

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

Exact same situation as you. But if offered on Shopblackberry site unlocked at a competitive price, I would definitely take the plunge and buy it outright.
Btw, by "competitive" I just mean in line with the outright price of let's say the latest Android flagship phones at the time it's released.

Frosty white Q10/

I want a Z30 replacement but for the time being getting the Passport :-) I have many in our organization awaiting it's arrival.

Posted via CB10

Same. Perhaps I will get the Z30, but by the time this phone tanks, I would want something of a similar size and updated obviously. BlackBerry needs most of all a proper map application that lets you navigate smoothly with a sophisticated icon that tells you the direction in which you are pointing.

Posted via CB10

It will be the best of both worlds. Can't pass up on this one. I own a z30. Miss my keyboard but like my screen size. This will fill both needs.

Posted via CB10

I chose "not right away" simply because I have to wait for funds, not because I wouldn't if I were to have the cash when it's released. Darn kids and school stuff! :P

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

Sure, get them, try them and give them away, share some love...

Also this would help to keep in touch with those around us still on flip phones... I hope all those soon-to-be retired Qs (and Zs!) will get passed on to the less fortunate...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

@Prem...I can't believe it ,was just about to comment and didn't,scrolled down and you mirrored my thoughts exactly.we must be drinking the same hooch,haha

I'd like to go to the release event just to be able to use one as soon as possible. I think even after just a quick try I would be able to make up my mind.
That said waiting too long might kill the hype, I would like to show it off to people before it becomes either common or trash-talked.

Channel: C0007CC89 | CB10 signed.

Yes. Definitely going to order one when the carriers put them up. Would even switch carrier if my current carrier doesn't carry it.

I agree with Alex. Will only buy via contract through carrier. Outright pricing is a bit much. add to this, I haven't been on a mobile phone contract since 1999. On PrimeCo. PRIMECO. The one with the alien.

I definitely am a prospective customer foe for this device however I too don't sign carrier contracts so selling price will be a factor in my decision. Also will have to see if Rogers will even carry it at all!

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

I want one so badly! Had a z10 since day one!

Don't think a release date has been announced! Any idea when it will come out?

Posted via CB10

I'm waiting on news or even just more concrete rumours for a Z30 successor, i.e. Z50.

My sole Q10 BYOD user in the office is looking forward to Passport though!

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

I won't be getting one until I have an upgrade offer from my carrier that will lessen my cost. This is a premium device, and it will come at a premium price. The only way I will get this early is if there's some BlackBerry or Bell incentive to trade up. Other than that, I'm not anticipating spending $600-700 for a new smartphone.

I must admit that I am very interested in purchasing the Passport, but with my Z10 sitting on my desk collecting dust while I rock my Z30, I really don't know if I will spend the cash just to see another great phone collect dust. I do wish it was easier to switch between phones!!!

Posted via CB10

That is so true. Currently swapping between my Z30 and my Xperia Z1. Also still using my Bold 9900 in my office and my Lumia 1020 in holidays.

It is a pity having all those great phones collecting dust. My Q10 is now currently for sale as I could not find any reasonable use for it.

And though I know I do not need the Passport I still am pretty sure I will be eager to get my hands on it in September. Always the same... First world problems.

Posted via CrackBerry App

No. Blackberry still needs to work on the number of keyboard input languages on a physical keyboard phone. And also the quality of most important social networking apps like Facebook.

Posted via CB10

You do realize that BlackBerry doesn't develop the FB app.

It is up to Facebook to implement whatever it is that your looking for, not BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry developed and maintain the facebook app. He was right asking for input languages.
I really hope BlackBerry add other languages and allow us to input other languages. Give us options to switch keyboards.

What input languages are you looking for that aren't listed among the already 50ish available?

Posted via CB10

The grapes are sour, ain't it? Lol. BlackBerry is simply not your thing.
Passport, take my money already!!!!! :)

Posted via CB10

Facebook is making you use their messenger system now which wants access to all of your info. I'm not doing that!

Posted via CB10

Yes, this. I want an equivalent to the symbol popup as a mnemonic on the Q10 so I can have Russian and Greek alphabets. It can't be hard, the software is already written except for the key equivalents. It's annoying having to use Android for some things.

No. Anything larger or heavier than Z10 won't work for me. Excellent phone, just not for me.

No. I want Z30 replacement now. Even 1.7ghz is too slow for me. BlackBerry Z30 video auto focus really disappointing. And new os update no way seems to be near. Not a significant advantage.

Posted via CB10

Perhaps BlackBerry can come up with a Z40 (4.2 inch) and Z50 (5-inch)? Same phone with similar specs to Passport but in two different all-touch sizes.

Changing model number is not an issue. BlackBerry seems focusing keyboard phone to be famous again. Touch screen keyboard have changed the game now.
But now we like touch keyboard. Too late BlackBerry!!
If passport has great resolution like G3 resolution, minimum 16mp, 2.5 quad-core processor and 3gb ram I would buy it.
From Q10 to Z30 same feature. Z30 screen resolution is poor than z10. Video auto focusing sucks, although other things are good.

We have to wait one year at least the same update of app come to BlackBerry 10 from android.
No doubt BlackBerry call quality and email are far superior than others.

Posted via CB10

I have a Z30. I do not miss the keyboard but I want better screen resolution and faster radio (live HD streaming).
I also want a phone that actually works like a laptop in terms of capabilities. This may or may not be it.
I need more detail about what the hardware capabilities are and confirmation that it still has the mini HDMI output which is critical for watching HDTV and video on my big screen TV.

Posted via CB10

You want *better* screen resolution than a 5" Super AMOLED screen? What is it exactly you are looking for that your eyes could possibly resolve? What kind of laptop functions? You can already plug in a keyboard and cast to a monitor. ???

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

Yes, 1080p.
So, maybe I will order a Passport. It certainly has better hardware than Z30 and there seems to be no plans for a Z30 upgrade soon.

Is the combined mini HDMI USB connector going to have 2-3GHz bandwidth?

As for laptop functionality, I need a true ssh link to a linux box. Then I can use Linux remotely.
I don't use windows or macs.
My goal is to get rid of my laptop and tablet and just use my phone ( with a big screen if needed) when I am not in the office.
I still don't see why we don't have something like full openoffice running. The processor is fast enough and 3G of RAM is more than sufficient.

Posted via CB10

The PassPort WILL have HDMI output, but it's a little complicated. It looks like either MHL or SlimPort (no, they aren't the same thing), and will combine the video output with the microUSB on the bottom of the device.

There are benefits to combining these ports, but the immediate drawback is that output to microHDMI will likely require some kind of dongle or adapter, and I would presume that will be included in the box with the phone.

Bottom line, though, is that yes, there will be HDMI output from the Passport.

I dunno but a 3450 mAh battery is huge! It's almost twice the battery power of the Z10's 1800 mAh battery, which lasts me about 14 hours of fairly heavy use.

I'll agree. There is very few things you are accomplishing with a z10 if your battery lasts more than 6-8 hours. The z10 battery is garbage.

Posted via CB10

My Z10 battery lasts me 5 hours with "heavy use" on wifi.

I don't think 14 hrs = heavy use

BlackBerry Z10

Three more categories needed:

No - I'll wait until I can see one in person at a brick and mortar store.

No - I'm waiting on a new BB10 Torch

No - I'm waiting for a new Z10/Z30/Z50

Z30STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

You missed the part of the post where full-touch fans were told to disregard this poll, since they'd already been counted in the previous one.

Yes.on the Passport ...but a BlackBerry Knight 4.5 inch screen, 3G RAM, 64G , 3000Ah with 10.3OS would be perfect but a 4.5 inch Slider is a MUST $$$

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Based on experience, the price will eventually drop. I'll buy when it hits $400 ish.

Nearly a year later...

And the next best thing is on the Verizon... look out, there in the distance.... !


Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Wait one more.

No - waiting for 8 months to get the passport at 199.99

Z30STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

We need to cater to the large numbers of BB naysayers and trolls - you should have added an option: "Disillusioned about BlackBerry". We needed to see how many of those folks respond :)

I do want a BlackBerry Passport but on the condition that they've fixed the font printed on the keys.

Otherwise I'm going with the classic.

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T

i'll wait to see if there are any bugs with the hardware and software. Not dealing with another double typing issue lol (or who knows what issues the new type of keyboard could have) hopefully it won't though.

I ask : will you give update 10.3.1 for BlackBerry z10 .. ASAP?? If no..then I don't think I wish to buy BlackBerry passport.. :)

Posted via CB10

Very depends on pricing and availability in the U.K no point in considering it if no one plans to have it on either PAYG or a reasonable priced contract.

Posted via CB10

I could use a next gen Z10 with more internal storage 32gb or 64gb, HD radio, and a stronger battery.

Posted via Z10

I want to order it right away, of course that depends on a lot of things.

First of all is the price. If it's too high, forget it, and mind you when I say too high, I'm willing to pay up to 650 for it.

Secondly, I know my carrier won't have it, so I'll have to order from a different one and unlock it, so there are a tonne of challenges involved in that as well.

Of course that is assuming it won't launch in the blackberry shop online. If it does, and it's a comparable price to the carriers, then I'll get it from there. But it might be a lot more with shipping included.

It will come down to what's cheaper in that case, shipping or unlocking.

Again, that's assuming Blackberry even puts it up online on their store on launch date, and isn't sold out for weeks.

If I order the device, I'll need it in a few days at most, not in a few weeks.

Posted via (hopefully) a passport A10

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!

All things Berry

The passport is the first keyboard BlackBerry I think I would be interested in owning. I have been all touch since 2010, my Z30 keeps me happy. If there isn't a successor to the Z30 the Passport may be my only choice, I don't want to give up .5" unless I have to.

Missing a 4th Option:
Waiting for the next Full Touch Device

Via CB10 App / Z10-2@ Alien

I have a question. I have a year left for my Z10s contract (was late to the bb10 party) and really want a Pp. Would I be able to buy a passport from say shopblackberry, swap the sim card, and be good to go? Thanks

Posted via CB10

Yes, you would be good to go. I just bought a Z30 this week from eBay and swapped out my sim, everything is working great.

Posted via CB10

Actually, the Z10 and Z30 use microSIMs, but the industry is going to nanoSIM which the Passport will almost certainly have.

You can order a nanoSIM from your carrier, at which point they'll probably deactivate your old microSIM. You can use a nano-to-micro adapter with your new SIM card if you want to use it with your Z10 (such adapters are very cheap, if not free with your new nanoSIM card).


I bought a Z10 from and put in my Q10 SIM and have been enjoying it for a month.
Love both phones so I am torn.
Too soon for a Passport for me. I would like to play with it. I think it might be too big for me.
Probably a souped up Z10 would be my choice. 32 GB memory for starters. Or the ability to put apps directly onto the SD card.

Posted on my Q10 or Z10

One TINY caveat: I think the Passport actually uses a microSIM. But all you need to do is go to your carrier and ask them to provision a microSIM for your line. They might charge you $5.

I will wait and hope the Classic is released first Quarter 2015. I currently have a Bold 9930. I really like the 9930 but I am tempted to grab a Q10. I want more screen. I doubt I would like the Passport keyboard.

Yes, gotta add it to my collection. Z10, 9900, PlayBook, and of course passport. A little surprised at all the classic voters. Awesome to see that it is so close in votes.

Posted via CB10

I think this 3-row keyboard won't last longer than one iteration, but the Passport is too much of an oddball device not to want on day 1!

Posted via CB10

I am classic route all the way. Thanks for the option to choose. I have no idea how I would carry that chunky looking thing. I am a holdster fan and like a smaller phone!

Posted via CB10

I need to order it right away, but what about offering a 4th option for those which are waiting for a full touch device or a 5th for those which still in hope for a slider?

I'm not interested in a physical keyboard, but I will go to check it out at the store as it is a hipster device.

Posted via CB10

why is there a non of the above option because I won't buy a classic or passport. Some people want all touch

I voted not yet only because I just got my Q10. I want to see if the size could possibly be a tablet substitute then I will and pass on the Q10 to my hubby. I realize that it is smaller than a tablet but it may be big enough to work as one for me. If so, then I am in and my SS Galaxy tab will be shown the door!!

Posted with my Q10 on CB 10

If you guys thinking core blackberry users buying Passport going to save Blackberry then you guys have alzheimer's the past 5 years. Other than crackberry users, no one even knows Passport exists. Add to the fact blackberry has no advertising and no sales reps in major retail stores, you got yourself another flop launch.

We are 1 month before launch, and there are no pre-order pages with any carriers or any advertising. Not to mention, high end smartphone market is incredibly saturated.

But I'll still buy one.

Those are good points.

I'm hoping anyone using bes10 has been notified this phone is coming. The very large company i work for tells us our options for work phones. (unfortunately iphones now)

I also will be buying this. My wife and I have had matching 7130 , 8330 , 9800, PlayBook, Z10, Q10 and Z30

Posted via CB10

I don't agree. When John Chen demo'd the Passport in June he got airtime on BNN, Bloomberg, and CNBC. All the blogs covered the Passport, and generally viewed it with at least cautious favor. I won't try to say that the buzz is huge over the Passport, but it's definitely there.

I'm very interested in the Passport, however, right now a physical keyboard is not my best option.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

I'm really happy with my Z30. I had some misgivings when I switched from my Z10, but the Z30 is better in every way. I hope the Passport is very successful in its market, but I doubt I'll get one. Probably will buy the next high-end all-touch if it ever comes out :)

I'm just starting out my 2-year contract with t&at, and I am quite pleased with my Q10. That said, I don't know if the major US carriers will feature the Passport. But will wholeheartedly support anyone who gets one!

‎Q10 Rules! By way of t&at...

I'm happy with my Z10 and i think i will wait for Z10 replacement.

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

I will have to try it out properly first. I'm so used to the virtual keyboard now, which allows be to type even faster than on my 9900. I'm afraid it will be a step back. I like everything else about the Passport though.

Posted via CB10

I always say not right away, but after just a few reviews I usually cant wait any more. This time, since the Passport is such a different form, I'm pretty sure I'll wait to see what everyone thinks.

Kinda liking the Classic but hell yeah short list me for a Passport. Rocking a Z30.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

If I can't afford one on release day, then my contract is up for renewal in December so I will get it then at the latest. Then I will pass on my Q5 to my sister and carry the Z30 and Passport together.

So excited!

Posted via CB10

Quite frankly this is too much device for my needs, my Z30 is perfectly fine and will last me until at least its replacement.

Why not do something abt BlackBerry apps instead? It-s so boring after all a BlackBerry phone these days. The next phone won't be BlackBerry for sure, 'cos I don't just want to write messages on a smartphone.

Sorry abt that..

Posted via CB10

Why not load all the Android apps you want? You can even load and use Android apps that require Google services if you load and use Lucky Patcher. It removes Google Services dependencies. If I, a 64 year old non-techie can do it, then you can too.

You want apps, the only thing that is stopping you is you. Go for it!!

Well said.
To each his own. Browser works great and when all is said and done, I have downloaded many an app, only a handful are really used by me.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Yep I feel your frustration, the user experience on the apps that are available is also rubbish compared to iOS and Android e.g. Facebook

From where I come from (iOS) I really love my Z10, the form factor and I don't like any BlackBerry with physical keyboard,
I would only like an update to Z10 couple with an excellent battery like Z30, embedded with AMOLED display. I have nothing to say about OS because it goes for all BB10

Simply put I'd like Z10 incarnation with Z30 embodiment

My first BlackBerry Z10

I was going to wait for the next step up from the Z30, but the more I read about the Passport, the more it intrigues me. Unique and innovative and no one will mistake it for a Google or Apple device. It looks rich, and professional and I want it! Please, BlackBerry, make it available to us in the USA in September! Don't make us wait!!

I was anti-passport when I first saw the leaked pictures, then as the device started to be more refined and I realized it had the touch sensitive keyboard, I started to pay more attention. I think this device is going to be a great balance with the big screen and an actual keyboard. I'm looking forward to it. Still love my Z30. I would much rather order direct from Blackberry though, so I hope it is available directly upon release.

How about an option for waiting for touchscreen? Seems like that would be the majority...

They already did a poll on that one. This was strictly for those who are actually considering the Passport or Classic.

In contract w/Z10 and AT&T. When expires I'm bouncing with new carrier and different product all together. Mainstream America caters only to apple and android. Costs and applications are both limitations and hindrances in my decision. Who knows, I may be back someday? In the meantime I'm excited to leave and look forward to real world applications and reduced costs.

Posted via CB10

No waiting on a true power house all touch. Hopefully we something awesome in the future that way above good enough.

I will never buy a blackberry again at the launch. Will just wait 1 month. The price will drop minimum 10%

Posted via CB10

Exactly!! I'm waiting for bugs to be found in real-world testing, and prices to drop. Not everyone--even on CB--is all about being first with the newest gadgets. (It would also help if T-Mobile and BB got over their tiff, because wi-fi calling is pretty important to me.)

Around $600-700 in Indonesia, I ll buy one instantly and buy another passport for my wife when the price down below $600.

Posted via CB10

Still think the passport is a hideous device. I'll wait for a z10 replacement or....(jump):(

Posted via CB10

Lol. Nope. No USA carriers have signed on to carry it. It's an enterprise phone.

We'll be lucky to even see it on Shop BlackBerry before April 2015 if at all.

Poetry in Motion

Yes that's what I'm thinking. As much as I'm liking the Passport I LOVE my Z10. I'll replace it when I have when OS 10.4 is released.

"Hip to be Square" - Huey Lewis and the News

Loving this device. I am tired of the same slab of glass. The passport looks like the ultimate communications tool so I am in.
Passport for me and the Classic for my wife.

I need to know if it's fully compatible with the AT&T network. I haven't bought a Z30 because I'm not sure if I'll get full network speed.

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I'm with allot of the folks here, that ideally I would like a 2014 spec high end all touch device as I am totally happy with the BB 10 virtual keyboard experience.

That said, it is not looking like we will be getting anything more then a Z3 with LTE and 2GB of RAM which isn't really what I had in mind, so the Passport seems to be the only real option for big screen BlackBerry in the high end this year. That being the case, I will definitely give the Passport some serious consideration. But that includes testing it out, making sure that capacitive keyboard works as advertized, is comfortable to use, and that media doesn't look to small or terrible with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

Possibly not - I paid a lot for the Z10 and it works perfectly, so a new phone isn't high priority (it would rise on priority if my current phone were lacking for me in some respect).

But there are other reasons too:
While the idea of the innovative keyboard sounds nice and the people who used it seem to like it, I'm not sure I can live with a keyboard that lacks dedicated capitalisation and essential special characters.
In this respect, the Classic is more interesting to me than the Passport.
(So far what I have seen here on CrackBerry doesn't convince me.)

I also think the Passport is too big - but then I would have called the Z10 huge in the past - and it still is a large phone...

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