CrackBerry Asks: Which weather app do you use on BlackBerry 10?

By James Richardson on 26 Dec 2013 04:13 pm EST

There's a whole host of weather applications for BlackBerry 10 and until recently I was using AccuWeather as my daily forecast checker. That recently changed when the native BB10 weather app was updated and I now find that it gives me the basic information I need and looks good too. You may have been lucky enough to also pick up BeWeather Pro as it was featured in the BlackBerry's 25 days of gifts for Christmas and these three I've mentioned are in my opinion the best. 

But which do you use? They all have pros and cons and with BeWeather Pro being a paid and in-depth app I would say that it is the best for sure if you need to keep an eye on weather conditions in various regions. However, I've still reverted back to the native one. 

As you'll see in the above video they all do a great job, but I was interested so hear the CrackBerry nations views on whether you use one of these three or one of the third party apps. 

Hit up the poll below and let us know? If you are using a third party one please feel free to sound off in the comments as to which app you use and why. 


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CrackBerry Asks: Which weather app do you use on BlackBerry 10?



Blackberry Weather.

On a different note I would like the options to be of higher font as well as the radio button. It is not easy to check the right one using a Q10. I'm not sure if it is any easier for other BlackBerry phones.

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I use BlackBerry Weather as well. Simple UI and pushes the information you need for a casual user. BeWeather is really cool, but a bit more than I really look for. I know that many users enjoy the UI and aesthetics of the latter app.

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+1 Usually takes me a couple tries to hit the answer I'm looking for. And sometimes I hit 'view results' instead of 'vote'..

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+ me too. I almost had an aneurysm trying to vote.

(also long time BeWeather fan since legacy)

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Hard to read on the Z10 ad well. I open up the survey in the browser instead, where you can actually read the text without squinting.

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It only has push notifications if you are in the US.

I am in Canada, so prefer the Weather Network app for the notifications.

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Living in Canada, it's important to know how much snow is coming in the forecast. BeWeather simply tells you it's going to snow. Whether 1 cm or 20 cm comes down is something I need to know before going to bed.

Exactly. BeWeather is severely lacking features and details! I use BeWeather and AccuWeather equally. AccuWeather is my source for real details.

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I'm from Canada as well and I've tried the built in weather app in BlackBerry 10 that's powered by AccuWeather and The Weather Network app and I prefer The Weather Network app because it allows me to view weather conditions over 24 hour period as well as over a 36 hour period and 14 day period all within the app. In contrast, the built in weather app just goes to the Accuweather website for extended weather forecasts and that's just simply inefficient. The detailed forecast information that The Weather Network app provides like amount of snow or rain, etc. is another reason why I prefer The Weather Network app. I'm not sure about push notifications for The Weather Network app though because I haven't seen an option for push notifications from within the app's settings.

I agree 100% i have tried all of these apps and i keep going back to "The Weather Network". I need the amounts of prescription, as it helps me plan better for traveling. The other weather apps are nice to look at, but don't provide the crucial info.

I'm don't need much. The default weather app is fine. It looks good, works well, and gives me the info I need at a glance.

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I look out the window most of the time.

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Like to know how much snow and rain I should expect... then I can uninstall the other weather apps.

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AccuWeather. I would go BeWeather Pro having just picked it up free, but I find myself missing hourly forecasts since it only offers in larger chunks.

I use AccuWeather for the exact same reason, the hourly forecasts! I enjoy the hourly forecasts. Being a bike rider it gives me a better ability in attempts to avoid the rain. Lol.

I use Accuweather because quite simply the other programs I tried completely suck when it comes to accuracy for the part of the world I live in.

I've had BeWeather predict thunderstorms from a clear blue sky and tell me it's 0 degrees C when I'm walking around in a T-shirt.

Yes, i agree with Accuweather being accurate and I also love the fact that you can look at the hourly forecast for 3 days out. Beweather Pro only gives you "hourly" updates every 3 hours and it only goes out for 18 hours. Beweather is accurate in my area and the UI is a little nicer than Accuweather but not enough features to make me switch completely over. I only downloaded Beweather because it was free during the 25 day give away special.

This as well, I downloaded BeWeather pro, but still prefer the Weather network app, Has current conditions, Hourly, 24 hr, and 14 Day forecasts.

I prefer the Weather Network app as well, may not be as pretty as the others, but it is the only one that gives me detailed snow/rain forecasts even down to the hour.

The weather network. It doesn't look pretty and doesn't have an active frame content but. It tells me how much snow or rain to expect so I can plan my day according.

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I would like an app that offers a basic weather radar built in and accumulations and more options for views and control about how often update. nothing out there is really doing it for me atm

The weather network, gives me amount of rain or snow. If beweather would do that than it would win.

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I've used Accuweather and also BeWeater but deleted the latter. I now use The Weather Network app mostly, but alternate between that and Accuweather.

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The Weather Network. Be Weather doesn't work in Canada. You'd be more accurate if you took a wild guess. It's often so far off it's laughable. Accuweather works ok too but not as much information as The Weather Network, especially with weather alerts

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Agree. The Weather Network is much more accurate. However, I'd like to see push alerts for weather advisories. The other apps don't support Canadian weather warnings.

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I downloaded BeWeather Pro this month. It definitely cannot find locations in Canada except for where you are currently. Pity, I had heard good things about it.

BlackBerry Weather is AccuWeather here. The GUI is slightly different, but BlackBerry Weather definitely references on the homepage.

The Weather Network is really good. Hence, it is my default weather app.

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Yo, Mr. Richardson, The Blogger, AccuWeather *is* the native BB10 weather app! (Isn't It?)

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Be Weather because I had it on my Torch 9850 so it was only right I had the bb10 version. I think it was the 2nd app I bought after Blaq.

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The Weather Network. BeWeather Pro looks better (thanks BlackBerry for the freebie), but doesn't work fully in Canada.

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I find that The Weather Network app is the most accurate for weather here in Canada. I've used it since 2010 on both BBOS & BB10.

I just figured In a post today that we can use a native version of IOS 7 weather app by side loading Yahoo weather app, not going to lie...I'm really digging the app.

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The Weather Network, can upload snap pix of ugly weather. 2nd is Accuweather, has radar map but not sure how accurate is. 3rd is Beweather Pro, no radar map for Canada.

BeWeather! Native Weather sometimes just to verify if I'm going to be out in the elements with my BlackBerry! Don't want it raining on my Q10.

I also use Weather Radar USA for awesome maps! Much better than any weather maps by far!

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BeWeather since old BBOS times, bought it then (damn, it was expensive ;)), bought it now, worth every penny. Tried Accuweather and Blackberry weather, they are decent too.

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i use beweather pro, bb weather, and accuweather. i just switch between the 3 depending on what i am looking for. I also use weather radar, which is just an animated radar app. I work at an airport, so i need to know what the weather is doing, and or will do in the next few hours.

Beweather PRO has by far the best UI however it is the most lacking in terms of viewing weather details of future dates.

I actually use both BlackBerry Weather and BeWeather Pro, just to get a second opinion! :)

There wasn't the option 'use both' or 'use multiple apps' so I voted for BeWeather Pro. No particular reason.

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Be Weather and weatherplus reloaded. Stock 10.2 weather app is a horrible mess of a design.

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I use both BeWeathe Pro and the native weather app.

BeWeather I have used for a long time but the Pro ver as a gift was great.
They have made some nice changes to the native weather app it is getting better.

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I use all 3 plus The Last Weather App. All 3 work good! I use The Last Weather App to show off to my non BlackBerry friends and coworkers, only the ones with a decent sense of humor of course. BeWeather Pro is the best looking of the 3 choices IMO. I really like AccuWeather because of the much longer forecasts. The Native Weather app does the job really well. I can not pick just one for this pole as all three get used almost equally.

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I use two, BlackBerry weather and Environment Canada mobile , the latter is fairly basic but I find it the most accurate.

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BlackBerry weather, Beweather stopped working

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Most of the time I just look out my windows but if I'm looking into the future it will usually be the default but now I've got BeWeather I can alternate between the two.

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Sideloaded Aladin - the weather model of Czech Republic. As general purpose weather app, it's Meecast.

I prefer to use The Weather Channel App here in the USA.

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BlackBerry Weather's sufficient enough for me. My only gripe is because I live in the city's edge/border, the app displays the name of the neighboring city.

I actually used BlackBerry Weather generally by default but I also have BeWeather (great interface) + also have Orbit. BeWeather is great, but the one thing I really like about BlackBerry Weather is the 'real feel.'
I also like AccuWeather. But as habit BlackBerry Weather just does it for me. Perhaps I'll use the others here and there.

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The built in one, because BeWeather puts the condition directly over the location on the live tile/frame thingy and it looks stupid and I can't find a way to stop that in the settings.

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I'm really sorry that I didn't got Beweather pro when it was free as a Christmas gift... now that I downloaded the free version I see how amazing it is...

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Go between BlackBerry Weather and BeWeather. Each have their strengths.

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Oh ya I forgot about orbit. That was cool. I used it more for showing my son where we are or where he could find a kangaroo or penguin than I did for weather though.

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I'm one of those ridiculous guys which use more than one.. I use 3 weather apos...
I check on several app to be sure and also because I like all three very much ^^


I'm pretty obsessive about instant access to the latest weather reports. BeWeather Pro was the first app I purchased for both my Z10 and Q10. I had BeWeather on my OS7 Torch as well. I will definitely check out the updated native app as well. Thanks!

I was using BeWeather Pro... until I realize it wasn't giving me the predicted rain or snow amounts. and someone had posted that AccuWeather does. I downloaded that and that is the one I usually use now. Especially during winter time when I want to know what to expect.

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I have 4 or 5 weather apps installed, but ending up using
->The Weather Network apps (none of the above)
Leaving around Montreal (MeteoMedia the french naming) is commonly used everywhere for weather forecast, TV, Web, phone.
This is a free apps that is doing the job (no special feature), except the "follow me " feature which is kind of a must have features for mobile devices.

Note, it gives decent forecast in Quebec / Canada but not found as good when in USA.

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Accuweather is the default pre-installed weather app on my Z30 and it works great.

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I don't know how it is on the Z30 but on the Z10 it was better to delete the pre installed accuweather and download it fresh from BlackBerry World.

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I'm now using BeWeather Pro thanks to the 25 days of Christmas. I like the integration of the radar. Have always bought BeBuzz great developers.

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I use the native app and The Weather Channel (this is not the same as the weather network fyi) and I've played around with BeWeather after getting it during the promotional period it's ok too much information for me. Maybe if I'm every booking a flight i'll use it while planning.

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I use The Weather Network. No active frame info (just screen shot), but gives me the necessary info, plain and simple.

On a separate note, glad CB10 was updated. A bit slower to load but comment scrolling fixed! Thank you! Used to change to the next page before you're finished reading the comments near the bottom. Anyone who's used it knows what I mean.

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Beweather pro looks nice but lacks information or depth. The native one is more useful.
I would say avoid buying the Beweather app. It really is not worth it

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I'd actually use the poll if crackberry app developer would allow for pinch to zoom feature. How lame that that still hasn't been done. Really? After all this you still haven't figured out pinch spread to zoom?

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Beweather was a waste of money, they have kept it the same since day 1, no updates at all to the UI etc.. it was fine at first, now it just socks.. booo..

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Beweather pro. Accuweathers. BlackBerry weather. The last weather app ever. Weather network and the weather channel. They all have pros and cons. So I use them all depending on what info I want and when I want it. Now combine them all using the pros and that would be called. The best weather app ever!

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I love BeWeather Pro, and was so happy they came to BlackBerry 10. I'd been a fan since the OS6 days.

I do wish they'd have icons visible in the app while it's running as an active from though

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Need weatherzone to come over to BlackBerry World. I've found this is by far the best weather app available (currently only android and ios).

I have a bookmark to their mobile site on my home screen and I use this as my weather app. I've found all others are constantly out by anywhere up to 10• even if I have all weather apps open at the same time, they all show different temps that aren't even close to each other


I use The Weather Network's application, combined with Be Weather Pro. I used to use Accuweather, but for my area it is anything but accurate. When all else fails to provide the current conditions, I look out the window.

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I use the BlackBerry pro and find it to be work great on my Q5. But have used the BlackBerry weather the phone came with and found it to be great as well.

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BeWeather. Sweet and it was free.

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I would like to use BlackBerry Weather but it's not available for BB10 it's not available for my device. I have a Z10.

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You don't need a weather application. The BBC mobile weather website does a fine job for me.

I tried all 3 weather apps but always end up weather network so I'll go with weather network. plus we Canadians are used to watch weather network on TV on daily bases

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I use beweather and the native BB10 weather app, kinda like more the simplicity and the beautiful minimalistic UI and design.

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I use them both Be Weather Pro and BlackBerry's Native Weather app, just to see if there is any variance between the two.

I wouldn’t have paid for BeWeather Pro as I was fine with the native app but since I got it for free, I'm finding myself using it more and more.

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I've tried 3 or 4 of the apps, but, in my part of Canada, the best forecasts are from Environment Canada. Just go to the city you are interested in at and create a link on your home screen. I've also created a link on my home screen to take me directly to the local radar. This second link is now a bit redundant as Environment Canada has recently added a radar link directly on each city's forecast page.

The animated radar image allows me to reliably predict precipitation (or lack thereof) in the next 2-3 hours.

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I was using BeWeather Pro until just a few minutes ago, when I had a peek at BlackBerry's weather app. It's really improved in the past few months. I'm back to using the default again.

Where Simple Meets Surprise:

I use BeWeather. Honestly I got it when Apple released iOS7. Had to compete with what they did and BeWeather offers that aesthetic. I'm waiting patiently for 10.2 but for now I will say that the one up that BlackBerry Weather has is that the Active Frame renders more information.

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I updated the default app, but found that it still has to open the browser to view radar. So, I’m sticking with AccuWeather for now. Haven't tried BeWeather though. Guess I should've snagged it while it was free!

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I use five and bounce between 2-3 to arrive at an average: BeWeather, The Weather Channel, The Weather Network, AccuWeather, & Native BlackBerry (I think it's AccuWeather-based). It's amazing how much they all vary. While I grabbed BeWeather during the 25 Days special, I'm a little disappointed as it doesn't do weather alerts for Vancouver or Prince George, BC (says alerts are not available). Both cities have alerts in the other weather apps, and there were two snowfall warnings during the past week that BeWeather didn't/couldn't/wouldn't display.

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BlackBerry weather=accuweather. I also have a wind system I installed outside the apartment in the large balcony too, which hasn't failed me (only the replacement of fins if the wind is too much). Also have a mini outdoor antique weather station that's normally hung on the wall inside the home, outside too.

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I agree with others; the best weather app for Canada is the Weather Network and numerous side by side comparisons with other apps, it proves to be the most accurate.

BB10 is the BEST!

I love the native weather app, but scored Be Weather Pro as a free download.

Their both fantastic apps. The only thing I like more in Be Weather Pro is that it gives the sunrise/set and moon cycle.

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Weather network doesn't have all these flashy things but it is way more accurate and way more easier to use then any other weather apps out there plus it's free no need to get pro version on it ,and have way more infos

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I use multiple ones, depending on what features I need. Currently installed/used are beweather pro, BlackBerry weather, weather network, and the last weather app.

Posted from my Q10/Z10

The most efficient way to find out the weather is to google weather (insert city name here). I hate weather apps, too big in size, too much useless information, can be slow at times. Google for me.


BlackBerry Weather when I want local, Beweather pro for watching a couple places, the Last Weather for when I need a laugh, and Orbit when I want to look at the planet.
None have the great option of a local camera, like weather bug, in my os7 device, however.

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BeWeather Pro. I've tried the others, none are as accurate for me here in Ohio

Via my awesome Zed-10

I use Weather Plus and Be Weather Pro. I like to have weather available at the end and the beginning if the Icon List.

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I used Accuweather for the longest time but grew tired of the ads. Then I tried BeWeather but wasn't impressed; I don't know why people think it's so great. Now I use the BlackBerry Weather app. It looks great and suits my needs.

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Does any weather app display the temperature on the home screen? This was an option in BeWeather Pro on the Bold 9930.

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BlackBerry Weather works great with a simple UI. I also use The Weather Network as a second opinion.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

BlackBerry Weather with the Weather Channel website as a backup. BlackBerry Weather is more accurate. :D

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No fair I cant vote for all three, which is what I use, BeWeather, ACCUWEATHER and BB Weather. :(

It's gotta be weather network ! Be weather is clumsy in comparison. Weather network is free, easy to use and more detailed

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I use BeWeather, only continuing to use it now bc I spent $5 on it (what was I thinking). Animations are cool but that's bout it...

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Be weather is nice but has not have my location
Also use Weather Pro, no fancy Graphics but has my location.
I wanted to download Accu Weather but the notification says not available for this device,
My Device is a Z30.

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I use 4 apps and every has different temperature and forcasts. The Weather Network says it sunny today, can Not See the Sky because of clouds. They all suck somehow

Be weather PRO? How can you have a weather app which is PRO? Does sticking PRO on the end of any app make it so much more important?

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It apparently enables the app to be sold.
It does not enhance the quality of the app however.
I have been using it and have been disappointed by it. If you didn't pick it up for free I'd recommend not bothering

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I've got 5 or 6 weather apps installed, including Accu Weather and Be weather , but I tend to use ilmeteo most frequently as I've found it the most accurate and is also the only one that gives all the information required (wind, precipitation, humidity,) and also longer term forecasts up to 2 weeks ahead

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I use all 3 in the poll because they all seem to be slightly different. I like to go with the best weather....never seems to matter though

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I think they should make a Map app poll too since the built in app is still a crap

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I did download be weather Pro as the freebie , but when traveled around it took along time to get my position,then packed up, fired up Accuweather instant weather forecast for the area I was in.

Deleated be weather pro from phone