CrackBerry Asks: Which Twitter app do you use on BlackBerry 10?

BB10 Twitter Apps
By James Richardson on 4 Jan 2014 01:19 pm EST

For many of us BlackBerry 10 users Twitter is the place to go for news, gossip and general communication with friends around the world. BlackBerry have their own Twitter application - which in my opinion does a great job, but with several other third party alternatives out there I was wondering which app the CrackBerry Nation were favoring. 

We've featured a few awesome Twitter apps since BlackBerry 10 was released - such as the wonderful Blaq, Neatly and Willow - and they all have their pros and cons. With the native BB10 Twitter app having multiple account support and Hub integration it will be the go-to app for many users, but is that enough?

So cast your vote below so we can get an idea of how you are tweeting. If there are features you would still like to see in the app of your choice hit up the comments where I'm sure the developers will take note. 


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CrackBerry Asks: Which Twitter app do you use on BlackBerry 10?


i'm obliged to honor the great possessor of the majestic first! hallowed be thy name! thy will be done, here on the website, as in the forums!

Nice first! I use standard Twitter but might have to check out Blaq.

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Same here...tweeter for BlackBerry more than enough for me...smooth, easy to use...for sure I'm talking about the latest version......especially BBM it.

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I bought blaq when it first came out as it was way better than the BlackBerry native twitter app. But now with the latest upgrade the native one is much better.

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Haha, me too. Tried Neatly, and left it completely. Native Twitter is now fine, though when I had account issue on 1055 I used, and liked, the Android Plume app.

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You do ask a lot of easy questions matey. Not trying to be funny but do you have Internet?

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Used and loved Blaq on my playbook but i don't really see a reason to pay again on my BB10 as the native twitter is pretty fine. If I could use it for free, due to my previous purchase, i'd probably use blaq.

I've been using Blaq since it originally came out for the PlayBook. The vast majority of my tweets from my Z10 have been with Blaq as opposed to Twitter For BlackBery. About the only use I have for Twitter For BlackBerry is that it shows you when someone favorited a tweet as well as when someone new has followed you.

Haven't been on Twitter for months, but when I am I use Blaq. Prefer it over Neatly and the Bbry Twitter app.

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Blaq until twitter fixes the in-line picture thing. I like the dark theme but you can't beat how twitter is built into bb10.

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If Blaq wasn't $3 bucks I would snatch it up! We need a sale on Blaq @Jcarty! :D

I love anything made by BBRY, but the Twitter for BB10 just fucking sucks, can't even auto refresh timeline when you open the app like on OS5~7... Come on now!

Neatly is ok, never tried Willow may have to give it a go. But in the mean time its the crappy Twitter from BBRY app.

The native. I am not a huge user and works well enough for me. I have plenty of apps I don't actually use, lol.

BB Uniq BB Bold -Z10 with 1925

Native. Tried Blaq on PlayBook. It's buggy and support wasn't the best. Big issue was auto scrolling. Probably it works on bb10, happy to accept it does even though I haven't used it. More a case of once you've been burned by Blaq, you never go back.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I've used both. I prefer Twitter for BlackBerry. Had issues with Blaq, where even after device reboot it would show I had a DM, even though it had been read ages ago.
Although I am finding that Using the DM with Twitter for BlackBerry, the integration into the Hub notification is slow and doesn't show in Hub right away as it should.

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Blaq used to be my go to app, but now with 10.2.1 leaked, live streaming is not working. So now using hootsuite and as a back up: Blaq and the native twitter app.

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I had to sideload it (10.2.0) now you can get the apk from google play, etc. and it works well, only issue is notification delayed, so I use the native app for that

I'm on twitter for Bberry, Still hoping for a Uber social native or port for Bb10... Fell in love with it on my os 7.1 still keeping the faith lol..

The official Twitter App is too glitchy and slow.. but it does have some cool features like composing a tweet from the Hub and you get all notifications like favorited and retweets.

But I use Blaq because it feels very native and uses gestures. What BB10 is all about!

Was using Blaq until I moved to 1259. It doesn't work well with the leak. Moved to native app and have no issues.

Ha ha. Your signature certainly seems ironic in view if your anti-Twitter stance!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

The quality of BlackBerry stock apps is pretty high (a lot of the complaints are user-related errors if you ask me). I can do all I need with them.

I am glad there are options for 'power'users, but they are not for me.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Haven't signed up for twitter yet. I still don't really get what it's for.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

For trying to show how cool you are in 140 characters. And for bickering, criticizing, trolling from behind a keyboard.

...hmm. Maybe I should join.

I use Blaq when I'm actually monitoring my Twitter stream, and for most direct Twitter usage.
But for hub notifications and responses, I use the native Twitter app. Its just better integrated into the system.

Of course if this ever changes in the future, I might wind up using Blaq for that too. Really not sure yet.

None of the above

I learned how to delete an app with Twitter.
First thing I did when I got my PB was kill the little blue twit.


Blaq for me although native twitter is 100% better then when first launched its still not as fluid as Blaq!!

Twitter for BlackBerry, I purchased Blaq but the developer never updates it and it has many bugs and Twitter for BlackBerry shows interactions.

Star Wars fan? Come join us C00121E8E

Built in for me. But all I really do is use it as a "new headline" compiler anyway. Road conditions, emergency alerts, city events, etc etc.

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None, I only have a twitter account to enter contests that require it... Facebook status updates cover what twitter does for me. I also have no delusions that I'm so important that people will "follow" me and actually care what I'm doing during a normal day...

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I use Blaq and the native twitter app interchangeably. Blaq is much faster and better looking, and had multiple account support first (whi ch was hugely important). However the BlackBerry Twitter app shows favorites, which Blaq does not, and it has much better hub notifications. So Blaq for the most part.

Stock Twitter app is fine for me, I have used Neatly as well but don't like the display (icons are to small)

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Once u go Blaq u neva go back! Can't wait for a better active frame and the light theme coming soon.

They type. I flick :p

So I signed into this work related twitter and it downloaded every contact it had followed into my phone... ugh

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This is a easy one... the one and only

BLAQ, in my list the best Twitter client App for BB10

A big thanks to @jcarty not only for the App but for the service and effective response every time!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Blaq works for me. Had it on my Playbook and loved it. Thought I would give it a chance on my Z10. Loving it so far.

Blaq for me. I follow over 800 accounts and there's no way I could keep up with all those tweets throughout the day. Blaq is the only BB10 app that accurately holds my place in my timeline. In addition to that Blaq is the best twitter app I have ever used and I've used a bunch of them.

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I'm looking for a Twitter app that won't take me to the most recent tweets when I switch accounts or don't open it for a while. The only one I have found that did that was Twitter for Android on my Captivate. My preference is to refresh as I read, not go to the most recents.

I'd love to use Twitter for BB, but it doesn't load tweets properly. I hate that when you tap the "load more" bar it loads tweets downward and then you have to scroll down the list for the newest tweets. The day that it works like Blaq is the day I switch back. Come on guys!

I use Blaq, Neatly and Twitter for BlackBerry.
Only thing I don't like about the native twitter is it doesn't say "sent from Twitter for BlackBerry 10"
So you can't tell whether it's from a legacy device or BlackBerry 10 phone

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The only feature that puts Blaq ahead of T4BB is scheduled tweets. If the native app ever gets that feature, I'll probably switch exclusively to that.

Blaq, Neatly, BB Twitter and Falcon Pro (sideloaded).

They're all good with each having their own unique feature set - would be nice to have a combo single app to use that shares each of these apps creative features ;-). Neatly is the most like Falcon Pro which I like, Blaq has a really good BB10 feel, BB Twitter app has Hub integration. They all support multi-accounts, which, btw, it would be really nice if the native BlackBerry Facebook app had this too, along with copy/paste and Page Manager...waiting, but in the meantime, have FriendCaster Pro sideloaded for that ;-).

Dictionary Definition of twit, a foolish,bothersome or annoying person. An idiot.

Twitter Facebook and any other social media apps are the first things uninstalled on any of my devices

Steve / Boanerges Performance

Thanks for sharing.

In case you didn't notice, this post was made for Twitter users to converse and exchange opinions, not for condescending smartasses such as yourself to prove that you're better than the 175 million Twitter users across the world. Keep it to yourself, or take it to some social media hating forum somewhere else.

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I don't use Twitter therefore I don't use a dedicated application. Not for the first time there's no poll option for me :( haha

I mostly use Blaq. I like Neatly's user interface but the app seems to take forever to refresh automatically and manually. Twitter for BlackBerry is a last resort...

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I impart my nuggets of wisdom to a small select group; therefore, group texting works for me. I follow no mortal.

I use Blaq. It really is a great interface, especially on space-constrained devices like the Q.

What I'm not happy about is that the PlayBook client is both buggy (slow to scroll, avis get mixed up, tweets "loop") and abandoned by the devs (questions and bug reports seem to go unanswered). Its also unfortunate that TweetMarker support didn't make the cut.

Twitter for BlackBerry is the all around best, because it has everything. Not as snappy as I'd like, but includes all of the functions of twitter

Blaq is the slickest and cleanest. No way to view favorites and is not always up to date.

Neatly has the nicest interface but lags and has no active frame.

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Nicely put, agree. Would be nice to see the native have dark theme options though. Really like Neatly too, the UI, stats, etc, but agree, there is some lag and have issues with it on wifi, user icons don't show up in TL lately, and search not working.

If Neatly updates and fixes the little glitches, there's no way I'm not a permanent convert. It looks amazing

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Can't say I disagree. Have you contacted them with the issues you're having on your end? I do know they're short handed, as their staff was cut, but are still working diligently to support their BB10 application with the few folks that remain, thus the updates may not come as often as we'd like.

I must be doing something wrong, as I am running Blaq on and it seems to work just fine.

Love Blaq, though can't wait for the next major update.

Tried Neatly yesterday and damn is it snappy.

Not a huge fan of overlay interface, though. My OCD keeps trying to get move it off the screen.

Find that Blaq still has a much friendlier design, and I prefer how Blaq handles user avatar pictures. *shrug*

I use Twitter for BlackBerry. Tried both Neatly and Blaq, and found them in some ways better than the standard app, not enough to keep me using them. BTW, my initial thoughts on Blaq in particular is that it was as good as the secondary twitter apps for iPhone but after a short while discovered it wasn't even a close call. Tweetbot, for example, is such a well designed and thought out app, it is even better than the twitter iPhone app. In any event, this is an area that developers ought to be able to attract people to the platform with awesome apps. In my estimation it unnecessarily lags.

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+1 for Blaq. In truth, I didn't want to bother because I wasn't impressed with Blaq on the PlayBook - slow, sluggish, crash prone, I hated the UI and my device has even reset while using it. But when BlackBerry offered it for free recently, I decided to give it a whirl. All I can say is, "wow", did the devs ever do a nice job of it on BlackBerry 10. I actually deleted the native Twitter app after.

I switch between blaq/twitter for BlackBerry mainly because Blaq doesn't show when someone favorites your tweet.

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I use Plume Premium. Downloaded the premium app for free. Lol. I would still choose Twitter for BlackBerry or Blaq since they're native apps until any of them can merge both of my twitter accounts in one. I prefer seeing my tweet feeds in one without switching to one account to another...

If/when @Blaq offers quicker notifications, I'm all over it! But, the Developer has expressed that this is an API access issue, and thus not much he or his team can do about it... 

if blaq would let me view who favorites tweets it would be the only twitter client on my phone.

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Since Ubersocial said they would not make a app for BlackBerry 10, I just stuck with twitter for BlackBerry. And my twitter usage has dropped since then :(

Features that I liked, pic preview in timeline. And option to make your tweet post on your Facebook status.

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So why not sideload UberSocial? If you are running the latest leak, you can even install it directly (i.e. the apk) using Snap.

I use Blaq,Neatly, and the Twitter for BlackBerry. I liked ubersocial better. I was more comfortable with that app.

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I use the stock twitter app on my z10, however, I really like the Live Tweet app on my PS Vita.

Trying to get my wife's stolen Z10 (PIN : 24E0CB41 ) back!

Blaq is great but i'm waiting for a light theme. Does anybody know when it will be released???

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The "Native" Twitter BlackBerry 10 app runs absolutely perfect for me. Never had an issue.


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" I remember when twitter was late night beaver by the creek ". ... never twittered. never will.

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Should mention that I have brought Neatly and Blaq and of course have used the Twitter app on BB10

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I like the newly updated Twitter app. Now if we could get a updated Facebook app that would be great!!!

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Hey James, sorry, but I just can't read the survey on my phone. The don't is way too small. This is the case with all of the CB surveys on the BB10

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I very rarely use twitter at all. I have just never liked how it works. However, when I do use it, I always go through Blaq. I much prefer its interface and its general smoothness.

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I use the Twitter for BlackBerry app despite it being terrible. I shouldn't have to pay for a decent tweeting experience on my phone seeing as Apple and Google's versions work great. Same goes for Facebook. Wish they could just copy those formats and make it native. So sub-standard. Loving being able to tweet by typing 'tweet' on the Q10 it's awesome


Blaq. But it's been crashing a lot lately. We need an update & active frame.

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All Blaq everything.
J. Carty is an awesome developer. And a blackberry fan like the rest of us.

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I use Blaq for posting and reading, but I disable Blaq notifications and use the native app for those

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Unfair because I can only choose 1. I use Blaq and Twitter. If Blaq gets an update with photo streaming in the user profile like the native Twitter app, then I would only use Blaq.

Twitter for BlackBerry has fat surpassed what blaq is now. Blaq has lost the lustre and until they make improvements it will continue to fall behind. Sadly I still use blaq but am very seriously contemplating moving back to native twitter as it is now rich in features and has all the features I require. If the writers of blaq are serious they would now listen to the power users and find out what the weaknesses are and flaws and fix and upgrade in order to remain number one. But I don't think its a priority to them especially since I was advised by the developer that he is fine and doesn't need more input. Yep no worries mate.

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I use Blaq mostly and Polar Bear for >140 character Tweets and multiple social media Tweets (occasionally).

BlackBerry Z30 | | Posted via CB10

I use native Twitter to manage lists, can't figure out how to manage lists in Blaq.

BlackBerry Z30 | | Posted via CB10

Blaq for OS 10.1. Why can't Twitter for BlackBerry improve on Legacys devices. They seem to be taking out features than adding or improving on them. Who +:!:;-!? Is running this company?

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i usually use Blaq, but currently back to Built in Twitter for BB10 because of the bug in Blaq that does not refresh time line automatically. once the bug is fixed, i will use Blaq again.

Twitter for BlackBerry is my only app right now. I used to use Blaq, and loved it, but for whatever reason it was causing some gremlins with my screen flickering. Deleted the app, problem was solved.

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I don't get it...what's with this "first" thingy? Do you get an "atta boy " sticker or some prize...anyway...I'm on Twitter for BlackBerry...rocking it on the Z30...woo-hoo

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I was using Neatly but it's refresh speed is unbearably slow. I got tired of the tacky background on Blaq. The basic Twitter app does it for now but even that's not too great lol

I used twitter for bb than Blaq than twitter for BlackBerry. Twitter for BlackBerry is brutal though, will probably switch back to Blaq.

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Blaq...but still don't know really how to use twitter... BlackBerry channels is better - after it goes cross platform it could be great.

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I do use blaq (on my playbook) neatly on Blackberry10 but mostly twitter for BlackBerry works for me.

how much functionality do I need to just read and write 144 characters? The browser version with home screen set or stock app suits me just fine.

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I use both Blaq and the native Twitter app. I like aspects of both. Would love to see Active Frame support in Blaq, the native Twitter app does this beautifully.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Was using Blaq for a bit to see what the hype was about, but went back to Twitter for Blackberry. Thankfully I got Blaq when it was free via special promotion.

I am trying Willow; Blaq before then. I really miss UberSocial, especially integrated Twitlonger.

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I find Blaq to be heavily overrated. It's perceived to be the without a doubt best twitter app, however when I downloaded it I found Twitter for BlackBerry much easier to use. Had both of them running for a while, eventually deleted Blaq

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I'm using Blaq but I'm waiting for Twitter for BlackBerry to come back.

I choose BlackBerry and proud of it!

I use both the BlackBerry 10 app for Twitter and Blaq. Having two apps makes it easier to cross reference info on the fly.

The poll boxes on here via cell are so small I can never read the but I have blaq.. don't like it so I just use regular twitter app

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Twitter for BlackBerry simply because I can make of the Quick Post feature of BlackBerry 10 by simply typing "twitter+massage"

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I was using Blaq but switched to native again with the new updates. I don't like the profile pics on Blaq, they cut off half the pic.

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I use neatly, despite it's bugs (having to tap multiple times to be able to access tweeting options) and photos not being able to be posted, and no autocompletion of usernames, it is still a great application regardless. I find it quite neat, and friendly with my Q10's amoled display. It starts up quickly too, but requires a manual refresh in order to get the timeline moving when you first start it.

Twitter for BlackBerry. I hardly ever tweet but do follow so the native app is more than enough for me.

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I'm very satisfied with the Twitter app for BB. Was unaware there were 3rd party apps. Going to give it a try!!

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any help, have tried native twitter, twitter from Snap, and a third party twitter app (Blaq) have turned notifications on for them in Notifications and also inside the app, but get no audible alert when a new tweet arrives....any one figured this out ?