CrackBerry Asks: Which social network do you use the most on your BlackBerry?

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By James Richardson on 20 Jan 2014 09:11 am EST

On any smartphone in this day and age I'm fairly confident that most of us use some form of social networking. BlackBerry 10 makes connecting and sharing with friends super easy thanks to the BlackBerry Hub and I can safely say that all the CrackBerry team use use most social networks in some shape or form. 

We're still lagging behind our Android and iPhone counterparts in a couple of areas though. First up is that we don't have an official application for Google+ and for that reason you won't ever find me there. Instagram is hugely popular, but like Google+ we don't have a official BlackBerry 10 app, so we have to rely on either side loading the Android version or using one of the third party apps - but that suits me just fine - I'm a massive fan of iGrann, which is in public beta at the time of publication. 

When you pick up a BlackBerry 10 device you'll have Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pre-loaded and without doing any research I think it's safe to say that they are the biggest out of the bunch. But which do use most? Hit up the poll below and give us an indication. If you want to use Google+ but like me find it frustrating that we don't have a native version let us know in the comments. 


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CrackBerry Asks: Which social network do you use the most on your BlackBerry?


BBM Channels has somehow wormed its way into being my favorite and most used form of social networking. Hopefully it catches on with others the same way.

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That's all I've used for years now, after getting wise to the idiocy ot all others mining my data.

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Lol, agreed. I find it's funny how many people comment "+100000000!!!" on so many posts, and yet nobody actually uses Google+

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I would have if they had a BlackBerry app early on. I was a pretty stubborn supporter for at least a year. But even if they did now it would probably be too little, too late to win me back.

I've been using Google+ with the BB browser since day 1. Used the 'Add to Home Screen' option, and I'm good to go. This does everything my desktop version does, just formatted a little different. I've never seen the need for a dedicated app. Just my opinion :)

I don't think that's quite true.

I use Google+ all the time, but because there isn't any dedicated Google+ app I never use it on my Z30, only my Nexus 5 or the computer.

Flipboard has been the perfect tool. It would be awesome if BBM channels could get added.

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These days, I also use BBMC often. The FB app hasn't been updated in nearly three months. Not sure what's going on there.

I use to use the FB app. But now I use the Internet for everything until I get the update 10.2 software for Z10. 

It works as one for me, with the status updates generating comments. I think of it as my private, secure FB.

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Yeah, me too. On my BlackBerry devices I use Facebook and Instagram. Twitter I rarely use on any device. Google+ is one of most favorite social networks. Hope we get an official app soon.

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Try it on the browser, and add to your home screen. I've been doing this since I got a Z10 and I've never seen the need for a dedicated app. Does everything my desktop does.

I really need Google+ and I don't like going to my computer for that.... for this reason I tend not to go on it... I haven't tried from the browser... hopefully I can access what I need from it!

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I use fb the most because it seems everyone I know checks it on a regular basis making it the quickest way to communicate with the masses for me.

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Used to be twitter but it's not working still since it's last update... Z10STL100-1/

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I only use BBM and Channels on my BlackBerry. I went to the point of uninstalling Facebook from my 9360 because I use it so little(even outside my smart phone). I'm really liking Channels.

My guess is if channels was on there everyone would have picked it regardless if what they used most and thrown the stats off. Same type of thing would happen on Android Central with Google plus, people would be bios.

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This question makes me miss "Social Feeds" even more. there was nothing like having a central location to read and post to all your social news feeds.

I use Twitter the most. But I use aa sideloaded IG app almost as much. Bring on the native IG app.

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Facebook is for parents who post nothing but pictures of their Friday night dinners when they go out and links to every big box store imaginable. It's just a jumbled mess of nonsense... blah.

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It's also a soapbox for every bleeding heart to stand on and scream at the world without doing anything for the actual "cause" they are trying to point out. Facebook has become the cesspool of the Internet.

Yesssssz... that is what I'm talking about....facebook is soooooo laggggggyyyyyy on z10 I don't know why...Facebook on my z10 is the most lagist thing in the hate my z10 from this Damn lagy Facebook app..the most stupid app ever

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BBM absolutely...and Facebook too but what makes me don't use the Facebook those days is that the Facebook is soooooo laggggggyyyyyy...the lagist things in the talking about Facebook for BlackBerry 10 for sure not f Facebook for ios...the I'm using z10 any one faced this problem like me...I mean the lagggy and slow Facebook performance on z10 after along time of use using z10 for 6 or 7 months

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A BlackBerry forum site, a business based device, and LinkedIn wasn't one of the options?

I guess you know what my answer would be then (:

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Humm I should say I use more LinkedIn... detailed in the text but mot in the options

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I use BBM Channels and Groups more than any of those but I guess they are considered an IM application.

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I don't use any, I'm completely unsociable and happy that way thank you!

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I so feel like the CB forums should count as social networking. In which case, that's generally the only social networking I do from my Q10. I will tweet every now and then.

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Huge fan of bbm channels.
Been trying igrann lately and I got to admit, pretty damn sweet.....nice one dev

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Twitter via Blaq, Reddit via Reddit in Motion and Facebook.

Been trying to get into BBM Channels but it has so far seemed to me like a bad mashup of Reddit and Facebook pages.

I seemed to be hooked in BBM channels right now. Maintaining and building my own channel. As well as exploring other channels. My hope is by building a quality channel (ٓc000d5e68 ) with good content and consistent updates. That it will inspire others to do the same.

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I do not use any social media, but I have a Google+ account because Google apparently created one for me by themselves.

I'm a big Twitter person, and even when I was on a BlackBerry I was always twittering. It really doesn't hurt to know the Keyboard was great too.

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Mostly FB to keep me connected to everyone. Twitter for news and my folks are not in it :D Instagram. Mmm?!? I dont use it. But would be nice to have it. 

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Line, But Q10's screen size doesn't match this app. There is no native line on OS10.

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Funny, I couldn't decide between FB or Twitter, after I voted they were almost the same. I didn't think to say BBM though, I do use it more than anything else....Doooh!!!

Facebook for me, when the heck they going to update that dam app? It's needs it and it's been way to long since the last update!

1) Twitter

2) BBM (I love channels)

3) I guess all the other social networks tie for third as they're all irrelevant. FYI, my .apk installation of Instagram works perfectly. I don't know (or care to know) what Google+ is.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

Actually now bbm channels I use more, but it needs more additional stuck adding like administration controls from device

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I think blackberry is an especially great brand and there is a strong possibility that it can be saved. I am currently 19 and all that is required of blackberry is reminding people that they still have that allure and prestige that they used to have. My generation was one that developed in a world where the successful or cool people were the only ones with blackberries. We all wanted this phone when we were kids and if our parents had one; we were totally jealous ( my mom had a pearl and I remember I just envied the s**t out of that phone). It definitely isn't too late for this company. I can objectively say they could take everything from apple, and Android, because the ones using other kinds of phones now; have a deep, however dormant, attraction to that sexy blackberry name. They just need to be reminded of it, and mark my words...blackberries will be nonexistent on store shelves. Blackberries need to go back to being associated with 3 concepts: sexiness/black/mysterious, quality/expensive/prestige, and success/importance/security (because whomever has one knows valuable information). This world is getting back to business. I am on the blackberry train, and others will join soon too. It's going to happen because of JC. (yes, I want the world to start calling him JC. Lets amp him up, elevate him, give him momentum, make him cool. It boost perception and help the stock price too :)

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Have almost completely moved to channels now. I use FB, and Linkedin for messaging mostly with family and other friends.

BBM for work, and family, and channels for fun.

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As of two weeks ago, I only use BBM Channels. Only check twitter now and again, and Facebook I only keep open so I don't forget birthdays. LinkedIn I use for business use and on odd occasion check iGann. Foursquare for tips and 9gag for some funnies

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I'm sorry about being so off topic. As some of you may have guessed, I put my phone down and got a little carried away with my thoughts. To answer the question, I love to use the hub for Facebook and Twitter. I would prefer that twitter in the hub, displayed the tweets of those whom I follow, it would be an especially convenient thing, to say the least, for people who follow twitter for headlines and news. So I guess I will probably use the twitter app more frequently in the future.

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For me, in order of usage,
1 FaceBook
2 BBM (channels)
3 Twitter.

Posted from my CB10 via the power of "Q"

Facebook, Instagram (port), vine (port) & twitter in that order but Facebook to answer your question.

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Facebook and Twitter (to a lesser extent). Tried Instagram to see what the hype was about, but dropped it when I realized that between fb and the z10's built in photo editor it was pretty much unnecessary.

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Facebook, BBM. I would say Instagram but, that apk shit doesn't hold a candle to a native experience. Key word Native!!

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

Lagging behind is an understatement. BlackBerry needs to finish what they started, by making a new PlayBook with BB10 on it, providing full bridge capabilities for all BlackBerry phones, and start making items like every other manufacturer has on the market...

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I used to use facebook most, but I changed my password and email address for it recently and now I cant log back in. the app doesn't work and when I try reading the facebook account I don't get the option to add a facebook account in add accounts via settings. help? :C

No option for none? I can't be the only person who doesn't do "social media ". Topic specific Web forums, such as Crackberry and official ones for MMO games, are as social (and personal) as I care to get.

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I wish for a native Tumblr app instead of the android sideload I have now but I also use Twitter a lot (thank the gods for Twitter for BB)

Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

I use Facebook the most, but how come you can't sort the news feed from "top stories" to "most recent". Seriously this is the main reason I don't like the BB10 Facebook app and end up using the browser instead. Is it really that hard of a programming change?


Actually for now it's BBM Channels ;)
I'm trying to build a community around creative advertising and BBM Channels are amazing for that, I love this social network! :D

Posted via CB10 from France.

Facebook, CrackBerry, Twitter, BBM - in that order. When BBM Channels goes cross platform, it will likely move up the list.

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BBM CHANNEL looks promising. It has lot potential to be next great social network. It could become hybrid VINE Twitter and Facebook in one. BBM Channel fate depends on vision of who's in charge.

Twitter on Blaq is the best. Facebook works for some and others cannot even POST COMMENT. Says POST FAILED!!!

BlackBerry should sent some software engineers over to Facebook to help their software engineers make a app worthy of their Job. Right it now its a shame.

Google+ app would be nice. BlackBerry is social networking machine!! We have the HUB!!

Many are still waiting for BLACKBERRY OS 10.2 meanwhile developers are making apps for 10.2 or saying their next update would be for OS 10.2 Minimum. Example take a look at app MyAccountant.

Who's in charge??? Where is the visionary?

Take action only then sucess


Lead. Do not follow

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I only take a peek on facebook once in a while,because i use IMs more. And i think BB should update the existing ones available. Example wechat,the hell. BBworld still has the piece of junk of a version of 2 when all the other platforms,its already 5 something.

Posted via my ever dependable Q10

I've found my facebook feed to be pretty dull these days. My friends don't post much there anymore, so all I see is posts from various pages, brands, and companies. All my friends are more into tweeting nowadays.

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Im using Facebook a lot but I hate to say Facebook for BlackBerry really outdated compare to the one in iOS n Android. Yes I can install Facebook for android for sure with os10.2.1.1925 but its not links with BlackBerry Hub...

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Facebook. I primarily maintain or help maintain 6 FB fan pages for work, and it's one of the main reasons I updated to a full keyboard BlackBerry.

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Google + need a looooot of update please let them work on it. And let them update Google talk

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This seems to show that BlackBerry need to keep on top of the Facebook and Twitter apps! ...unlike with the playbook where the updates weren't kept up and the final facebook one trashed images! so no users have profile images just the default portrait image gif.

And the poll the other day showed that maybe BlackBerry should keep up work on the playbook as there are a fair few regular users still out there!

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Facebook doesn't update automatically on my z10, I have to restart my device to get notifications

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Linked In, don't have Twitter or Facebook. Will have to check BBM channels

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I spent most of my time on my BBM but I no longer enjoy it because my camera stopped working in less than 2months that I bought my bb10 Q5.

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I am wondering why this question was not set out differently, like say.
Which does one use the most; in an 1, 2, 3, 4 order and maybe BBM was not added not to be measured against other apps being BBM is the prominent reason for having Our BBs in the foremost place.


Z10 Jtv

Surprised that FB is most used. I guess I am naive. I don't see much to be happy with in the network and the very patchy BlackBerry app for it.

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