CrackBerry Asks: Which free cloud storage service are you using on BlackBerry 10?

By Bla1ze on 26 Jun 2014 07:51 pm EDT

The ability access cloud storage has become a priority for most folks these days. Whether you're backing up data, need access to files everywhere you are or are simply just looking for easier ways to share photos, videos, files and more there's a good chance you're using a cloud storage service to make your life easier.

Luckily, BlackBerry 10 makes it all rather easy to not only get started with cloud storage but also make use of such services. Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and more are ready to go out of the box and with apps such as Mega, Fireball and PlayCloud accessing your data is simple.

The real question though, with all the services available which one is the best? It's all a matter of opinion really so rather than taking a deep dive into all them individually right now, we figured a good starting point would be to find out what free cloud storage services, out of those available on BlackBerry 10 everyone is using.

Do you prefer Box over Dropbox? MEGA over OneDrive? Rolled your own cloud storage service or using an FTP to host your stuff? Let us know in the poll below or in the comments if you're using something not listed.

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CrackBerry Asks: Which free cloud storage service are you using on BlackBerry 10?



The only reason people still use Dropbox is cuz they don't know about Box yet.

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I'm using Dropbox because it's a lot faster than Box even in other platforms or on the web. But my photos are all in OneDrive because of the 225GB that I have for free until 2018. Dropbox for work.

None of these because they're not secure. BlackBerry should capitalize on their massive secure network that is slowly dwindling in usage with the end of BIS.

Isn't BlackBerry launching their own cloud this later this year?

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Not that I'm aware of but a cloud based BES 12 is supposed to be available next year (most MDM providers have had this for years). It can't come soon enough!

When we get Blend we will not need cloud anymore, simply because everything will be on your phone, and your phone can project stuff on your screen. (At least lets hope... Ok lets prey)

I'd just be happy if my phone could project my 79p sale movies onto my playbook. Lol.

There must be a way/hack to turn the PlayBook into a basic wired viewscreen?! For when I'm on the road with my Z10 and the cheapo hotel tv doesn't have hdmi. Lol

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+1. Would LOVE to use open sourced ownCloud, as I already run my own at home (and sync my calendars with it) but there's no native client.

You can use PlayCloud10 on your BB10 smartphone or your PlayBook. It is a native client that supports WebDAV, FTP, OneDrive, GoogleDrive , BOX, Dropbox and so on.

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I refused to use box when they refused to answer questions about their end user license agreement and hence claiming ownership of anything stored there. I just sync with my laptop buy will consider any cloud storage offered by BlackBerry in the future.

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Dropbox loads files, literally--NOT exaggerating--on average 50 times faster than Box.

I started with Box because it gave me more initial storage space but it wasn't worth the eyeball ripping, excruciatingly slow download speeds. It is essentially unusable for me.

Dropbox has always been WAY WAY faster. Also, the Dropbox Android app runs super fast on BlackBerry 10.2.1. I use it to browse through photos as fast as I can on the native Photos app.

Box has some good features but it's absolutely horrific slowness makes it completely useless.

Deleted it. Will never install it again (and I've given it many many chances to improve).

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You could not be more wrong! The reason i use Dropbox is cuz it works on both Blackberry 10 and Linux, as well as all other platforms.

I use pogoplug because it's unlimited and I have hundreds of gigs of data on there.

But I'm switching everything over to because it's unlimited and crazy secure.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

I'm using ownCloud, with the PlayCloud app.

It is free, secured, and nearly unlimited (1To).

And I'm sure that nobody looks into my files because I host myself my own cloud !!

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Anyone use Trend Micro Safe Sync? There is an enterprise edition. Also secure. Trend Micro have a tie in with BlackBerry I've noticed but can't remember what it was for again?...they should join cloud efforts.

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Yeah, I'm in a similar situation. I'm using all of the above except Mega for obvious reasons.

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Exactly, why would I want my data on someone elses server. and then why would I want to stream it back to my device every time I want to watch/listen to it, in the end costing me money and requiring a larger dataplan.

Yep. I use multiple. But more of a toss up between Dropbox for corporate purposes as most businesses clients my company has prefer Dropbox and well Box for personal. Loving the 10G on Box vs the 2G on Dropbox. But I'd say 50/50.

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My case is similar. I really only have dropbox because some businesses that I deal with have it integrated with their services. I also have Onedrive simply because my windows laptop makes it easy to do so. I pretty much only use it because their upload limits are more generous then the free Box or dropbox accounts that I have.
But ultimately, it's Box for me (both personal & work) with the 50gb that I have because of their promo they had awhile ago.

Yep! I use all of them, but OneDrive is my primary since it is available on all of my devices with automatic photo back up.

I have a very strange addiction to load new leak and each time I get a fresh new OS, first thing after firing up BBM is to configure Box service for all my backups, then Dropbox for backup of password managers ( I have more than one) , and then One Drive because I have a lot of my documents there

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I use box, onedrive, and Dropbox. But I would be willing to pay for a secure BlackBerry storage and email.

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I, too, use Box, DropBox, One Drive and Google Drive and would love to have a BlackBerry hosted email, calendar, contact and storage solution...especially if I could do it with my company domain like I do with Google Hosted services.

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How do you manage Google Drive on BB10?
I try with the WD My Cloud android app, but not the most elegant solution.

Frosty White Q10/

You could connect through the play cloud app. Worked for me in the past. Haven't checked lately cause I'm using Dropbox with the native file browser.

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Agreed, i like my own personal cloud... i use dropbox for files at work that are to big to email

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I use Box for auto backup of pictures & vids
Dropbox for docs & sharing files
OneDrive for work & personal docs

The only time I tried using box it only uploaded a bunch of empty folders. I use dropbox with my band to keep everyone on the same page. Dropbox is great but has only 2gigs offered for free.

Q10, Q5, Z30... Damn I love leaks too much!

SDcard ftw!

I could warm up to a BlackBerry cloud, but not sure. There might always be a copy of a sensitive document or screenshot (customer data) in a personal folder by accident, and I don't want that synced to anywhere...

Pasted via CB chen

I use Sugarsync. Downloaded from 1mobile market. Keeps my work files synced easily between z30, 5s and pc. Allows easy file attachment to useless iPhone email.

I loved sugar sync until they forced my hand into a paid subscription and I wasn't ready for that kind of commitment lol

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This was already asked, but DropBox for me. Haven't tried any of the others tbh, but for my purposes dropbox has worked fantastic

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Why doesn't CB have checkbox instead of radio button for this?

Anyway, I primarily use dropbox, still haven't used all that 10 GB. Have 50GB Box as backup

Z10 STL100-1/

I use both Box & Dropbox. Dropbox because most of my friends & family are using it & Box because of the storage capacity.

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All of them! (Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega). Also kinda use Google Drive via PlayCloud. ... Had to 'unfriend' SugarSync when they gave BlackBerry the finger!

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I only keep a couple sets of things in the cloud and they are compressed and encrypted first, nothing too sensitive but encrypted because I don't fully trust the cloud myself. At any rate, MS OneDrive for me.

I WAS using Dropbox. But since they got a war criminal on their staff, I decided to drop them.

I use box now, but mostly One Drive.

I have 28gb of storage (somehow) so I figured I should use them.

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I put OneDrive since the question is free cloud, but I'm paying for Box and also use Dropbox since it is more common among friends, coworkers and clients to share files.

With the new pricing Bla1ze post in the blogs a few days ago I'm going full on OneDrive.

I use to use Google drive but now on my BlackBerry z10 I use onedrive on my ipad n z10

Posted from me Z10

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BOX. I moved my Documents and Images folders there. Now I have access and full sync of everything I need.

I don't use any cloud storage service. I delete Box and the other one that comes preloaded.

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Well, if you don't use your device for work related stuff, that is fine.

If you do though, having access to all your files at any time and being able to save changes made on the fly is a must have.

Also, for personal use, automatically backing up pictures is a nice thing to have.

But hey, your device, your rules! :)

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We do use our BBs and PBs for work related stuff and because it's work related we aren't allowed to use cloud storage except for non-security sensitive files. For personal use I use Dropbox for photos and some non-privacy issue files. If my SpiderOak acct was accessible via my Z30 I'd move everything there, great security.

I'm still happy with the PlayBook promotion (as they were 'in the day') which included 50GB o' free spinning rust. And, still happy with the box app for my vastly superior, yet tragically doomed, PlayBook.

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I use as it's run by barricade the security company, they would partner well with blackberry as data security is key for both.

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Also, 15GB is a lot of space, specially on a free account.

I'd love to see a native connector (thought the android app works just fine since 10.2.0).

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There should be an option for multiple as I use Dropbox for my graphic design stuff, Box for work and personal stuff and even OneDrive as a backup for work stuff. Box is my main one.

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I use Box Dropbox and Onedrive . All for different reasons. I even use You send it...or what ever it's called now. box and one drive more so for my personal data. I find that different industries have adopted favourites. For example Dropbox in the UK was adopted by a lot commercial recording studio's. However in the USA I get asked for Yousendit or High tail as it's called now. I think the argument one or the other is as wide as the mobile phone platform debate.

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Box for me. I got 50 GB from my PlayBook, and it's served me well for all of those files I want to access from anywhere.

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Got the 50g's storage when I got the PlayBook app way back when, so Box is my cloud of choice.

Although, I'm quite pissed that the PlayBook app won't let me log in and use it. :(

Live it, love it, be it.....BB10

I use Dropbox the most. At school I can install it without administrator privileges. Syncs fast too. Only have 9 gig free. I use Box at home since I have 50 gig.

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Was using Dropbox but every since I found FREE Microsoft Office Online which is connected to OneDrive and then I got Windows 8.1 on my desktop and my Dell Venue 8 pro, OneDrive kind of sucked me in.

Are these safe to use? I backup to BlackBerry Link and have an extra 64G microsan. I don't like putting all my data with somebody else. Maybe I'm just paranoid

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Poll should have been check box instead of radio button (allow multiple selections)

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Use Box and Dropbox. Find Dropbox a little faster. I like how pinned files show up in system search app. Too bad you can't pin your own PC files so they show up in the search app.

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Dropbox the Android version because I can set a password plus it loads faster than the native.

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I had a DropBox account before I had a BlackBerry 10 device. I used it to back up my photos so might as well continue doing so :)

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Box for settings backups etc, Mega backup Dropbox for work.

I switch between devices and they are all set up the same so box makes it simple to grab configuration files etc since it's integrated with the rest of the file system.

I mostly use Evernote at the moment, I noticed it hasn't been mentioned yet. Although the BB10 version isn't the best. For me it's more than cloud storage, and so far so good, fairly easy to share as well.

Yah I have accounts with mega box and Dropbox, but I use a mixture of mega and box the most. Mega for their security and encryption, box for its reliability in the industry and sync with file manager. I would have deleted Dropbox, but I keep it around in case I need it for bbm, but once bbm offers other choices besides Dropbox I will be deleting it

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Box for pictures, OneDrive for documents, Mega for hard drive back-up and Dropbox for tid bits lying around desktop.

Mega should be integrated with the file system + the app isn't native.

I'm using box because it has the most free space, they did a blackberry promo and I got 50 GB free for life!

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Dropbox Box and OneDrive.
About to let Box go because it hasn't sync in a month.

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I am with dropbox because that is the first cloud base I used, probably with everyone else as well. I know I am lazy, but if it works why change?

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I have a Box and Dropbox account for pics and I do prefer Box but within the last 2 months I have created my home cloud (4tb) with WD Mycloud and it is GREAT!! I am a bit paranoid leaving my info to the whims of some company.

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All my photos sync to Box because of the 50gb with the PlayBook. A lot of school files and shared folders using Dropbox, and then OneDrive for most of my personal stuff, just how my habits developed. Great to have them all at my fingertips

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Actually combo
Box, dropbox, onedrive.....cant use mega cause it's a bit cumbersome to work with, and feels clunky, also seems to hang with me more than what I would like

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Where is the box to select none, I use my computer to host my remote access, not leaving it up to a company like Microsofties

Z10 the mighty... until BlackBerry comes out with a 64bit

Dropbox, box, onedrive. Recently installed Mega.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Onedrive but important files are on offline drives. Your a lunatic if you trust any of these people with important items.

Box, Dropbox, and one drive. Different cloud storage for different parts of my life.

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Both: I use box for auto upload and Dropbox for everyday use since Box is slow, don't know if it's Box or a BlackBerry/Box talky talky problem.

Matters what matters

Use Box occasionally simply because of Formula 1 and their calls to pit - "Box, box - Box, box" or "box-box-box". I love Box.

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Actually I use both box and dropbox. Dropbox is for my immediate working files and box (with 50gb space) is for completed transactions

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Cloud services are inherently a security risk; as such, I limit myself to only using Wuala which has worked out well for me. Not exactly the most robust app, but it works for my purposes. Alas, they have gone paid only but I have been able to retain my free space.

Wuala is one of the most, if not the most, secure cloud providers out there. They have a 0 knowledge policy where not even their employees can see your files.

I do not run any of the 'out of the box' cloud storages provided to us on BB10. Absolutely none of those cloud storage solutions encrypt at rest, but only upon transfer. Even MEGA, one that touts it's security, has had issues brought forward in regards to truly encrypted data.

I prefer my files to stay for my eyes only, with all of the readily available cloud solutions for BB10, I cannot ensure this!

Bla1ze, you are just hammering out the articles, and I love it! Keep up the good work!

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I don't use cloud storage yet. I'm still paranoid about security risks. Also the prospect of my data being lookef at by whoever stores it. I know that I'll have to get over that feeling eventually and give it a try though.

I continue to play with BlackBerry Link...although play is the operative word, as I've found so far that I can't depend on its working all the time.

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One since it's on xbox and is basically an extra folder on my pc. Box and drop box requires going on a website or app.

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the free version of box is pretty useless, as for example you have to pay extra money as soon as you want to play your uploaded videos from their cloud. just tried logging in again after months, the google login appears to not be an option any more

Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Mega.

Those that I'm able to use with PlayCloud get the nod.

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I would like to know, what's not secure about OneDrive
The only reason I may be insecure, is because you might be able to find me on Google, but I don't have to answer or go into those zip files and hidden links that are sent.


...none of the above...I use Link running on a separate and distinct has a sizeable battery backup and anything else needed to keep it nice and reliable...4TB's worth of storage...2TB that I have access to, and the other two are mirrored backups of the main 2TB. my own little BlackBerry Server if you will. I own all the rights to it...I know where all the files are etc...I also have another going at work when I need it to access or move files to and from either has two 500GB drives set up in the same manner as my personal 'cloud server'. The upload speeds at work are a little slow, but my home machine flies along and works quite well. The only time I use DB is if someone else from 'the outside' needs to send me something, but otherwise it's just my Link the future I am pondering the idea of setting up my own private BES

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All of them? I have all installed. Most recently Mega and OneDrive. Use OneDrive and Dropbox most for Sharing but got a free 50GB upgrade to box so use that as backup

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Using both Onedrive and Onedrive for business(office365).

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10