CrackBerry Asks: Which BlackBerry 10 device are you using?

BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 2 Dec 2013 02:10 pm EST

We're 10 months into BlackBerry 10 now and it's certainly been a rocky road - but we've had four awesome mainstream handsets released to cater for all markets. Which has been the best seller for BlackBerry is anyone's guess and probably impossible to predict as the Z30 has only been with us for a short time. 

With two all touch options and two (traditional) hardware QWERTY keyboard handsets so far, this selection should offer up a solution for most folk. Which one you have bought would probably depend on what you value most about your smartphone. If apps and gaming are number one then you more than likely went for the Z10 or Z30. If it's communication - whether that be email or social - you may well have hit up the Q10 or Q5

Pricing of course is always part of the equation and although purchasing BlackBerry 10 devices SIM free is pretty similar in price around the world, when it comes to contracts there are lots of variations. Many countries would have offered the BlackBerry 10 devices for free with a two year deal, some would ask for money up front and some countries require you to pay for the handset in full from day one. 

So here at CrackBerry we're putting out the feelers to discover which device was the one you chose. I'm also interested to see if there are any global trends, so once you have made your selection from the following poll would you please be kind enough to jump into the comments and just state which BlackBerry 10 handset you are rocking and your country? 

We'll analyze the results and let you know which handset is the most popular in the different regions around the world. If you are still a legacy BlackBerry user feel free to also sound off in the comments. 

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CrackBerry Asks: Which BlackBerry 10 device are you using?



I upgraded from Z10 to Z30. Got one from VZ and had it "unlocked"....

The Z30 may be the "Best New Smartphone on the Planer" .... Right Now... and you can only get it from VZ... Pathetic.

Charged my Z30 on Friday afternoon... used it and left it on all weekend - STILL HAD CHARGE THIS MORNING... amazing...

"Natural Sound" blows everyone away.... BBM Video Chat is superior to Skype.... 5 inch Super Amoled screen great....

The list Goes on and On....

I needed to get a new phone... checked out S4 (I had an S3), LG G2 etc.... all garbage next to Z30....

Do you need two Z30 for natural sound to work properly? Or can it be a Z30 and any other BlackBerry 10 smartphone?

You are now in my Bingo Book

Natural sound works best on the z30 but it works great between other bb10 devices too though. (try voice calls by bbm)


I concur. I recently did a BBM video and voice conf at same time as skype. BBM blew it away in terms of overall quality. Both Z10s were on WiFi, 1000s of miles apart, and in different countries. We were very impressed. Well done BlackBerry!

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

freddy, I would have thumbs up your post if this was in a forum!
glad to hear it!
(if they only knew the power of the DarkSide) :-D

Z10, Q10 and z30 is here in Wed at 8pm. Vzw running and soon on the Zed30

Posted via CB10

I made the jump and love my Zed30. Some times I miss that one handed typing ease I had on the Zed10, but then everything else that's just so awesome about the Zed30 makes me not care.

Posted via CB10 using my new Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

Got my Z10 at Rogers on launch day (stood in line with about 10 other people) and their computer was down so the sales guy had to sign me up and activate me manually. I taught a sales girl some of the nifty features. I was lucky enough to get another Z10 at BlackBerry Live then, through a weird set of circumstances, also got a Q10. :D Now I rock the mighty Q as my daily driver as 90% of my use is messaging. While the Z10 kb is awesome, nothing beats a physical keyboard beneath my thumbs for fast, accurate typing.

Posted via CB10

hahaha idiot and brian persaud, you are an idiot too with your "first to use the z10" we know you put that there to claim first.

oh a simple little typo. Better than trying to be first. Do you want an internet cookie and a pass out of your moms basement because you got to post and say first?

Yup I have no hobbies, i really don't have a fiancee, i just troll you pathetic losers.

Oh and I don't make $120,000 a year either.

At which trading firm are you working?
There are so many douchbags in my firm would be fun if it turns out that one of those douchies are YOU!

High five, me too!

And nows there's currently 3 in the family and others are wanting to join the BlackBerry community!

Looks like that's what happened to the missing Q10 option. That just throws the whole poll off. Better fix it and wipe the results and start over. :)

Great for Internet porn that gets blocked on mobile devices... goodbye iPhone, hello Jenna Jameson

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Might better to start over seeing as the Q10 has been omitted and the Z10 is on there twice.

Posted with my self white Z10 rocking STL100-2/

Hey there, random question- but are they hiring at your company in Ecuador? I'm looking to move to Ecuador soon. and Nice that you got a Z30!

I bet nobody reads anyone else's comments. Purple monkey starfish gerbil squats...

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Hey where is the Q10 option? You guys need to seriously proof read your articles before submitting them.

Keep The Faith


Black Q10, and a white Z10... (for the wifey in the office so we can VideoBBM if there is a prob)...

My name is Prem, and I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

BlackBerry Z10 currently running Leaked OS and I must say I LOVE MY DEVICE AND THE OS!!!!

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You bloggers should hire an editor.

Do any of you even try to proof your writings before posting?

Two z10 and no q.

BB until it is not CDN

Z10 on the latest leak. Maybe the next crackberry contest will make me a lucky Z30 owner though, who knows :P

Voted Z30 but I just upgraded to it from a Z10. Had the 10 since it was available here in NYC

I love the Z30!!

Sent from my Z30 on Verizon through CB10 running

Z10 in Canada.

Soon to be 2 more z10s (purchased on sale by colleagues last weekend).

I prefer the size of the z10 for carrying around. The z30 feels too big, but I will consider it if they go on sale for $200 or less.

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Q10 in Canada but looking to get my hands on a Z30 as soon as I pay off my credit card :)

Q10...Where my fingers dwell

I am using a Q5 but nobody at Crackberry seems to know the Q5 exists. No articles and not a single DEAL OF THE DAY. And Blackberry has forgotten the Q5 too. Kobo and Kindle are still not available for the Q5.

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I love my Q10 for everything work and biz related and because I'm a geek... my Z30 is for media and gaming. :) and I love my PlayBook for whatever else comes up.

Z10 all the way! Wouldn't want any other phones except maybe a bb10 style torch! Miss having the option of the keyboard while getting a full screen!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Z10 for email and work purposes.
Once you get accustomed to a virtual keyboard: you never want to go back to a physical one. Though I still miss the customizable android keyboards.

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I have a work supplied Z10 and loved it so much I got another Z10 for my personal phone, BUT just upgraded that one to a Z30 and I prefer the Z30. Love the feel, the weight, sound, screen size, battery life. Great OS and love showing it off. Wife has a Z10 which she prefers.

I have to agree with you, just got the Z30 yesterday and although a bigger phone the weight in my hand is so well balanced, the Z30 feels lighter. Ah yes, the sound of music is great on the Z30.

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Still using my 9900 (Canada). Still have 12 more than to go on my Telus contract, but seriously considering upgrading to a Z30 before the contract is up.

Upgraded from Z10 To Z30. As much as I love the Z30 size and sound... the Z10 packed a punch, dpi and all. I would not go back (?) but sure miss the little critter. :-)

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Zed 10.

AT&T doesn't offer Z30 in Las Vegas here. Mediocrity flourishes here with the carrier now at 153 days at the lowest level 10.1. Have no choice but to up grade to the one zero five five leak which rocks. I do not game, and have three apps. However, I manage multiple Oracle and MySql databases from the phone which outside of a bigger screen, no device can match, along with it being the right size, and having ice thumbs that place me far ahead of the former 9930 I had in terms of speed, accuracy; and now the ability to not look at the keyboard while typing on my Zed.

It's the definitive thinking man's approach as far as productivity in a handset that by default, is the standard by which other smart phones are measured by...

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Well everyone on CB whines when anything negative is reported about bbry so when you take that away then yes, it's another slow day for bbry news and info

No reminders please ... LOL...may have to find an excuse to upgrade further if that one is a killer.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Both my wife and I have Z10's. I would love to have the Z30, but, due to contracts we won't be up for new devices until 2016.

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I got a Z10 unlocked. Bought it twice cause it was stolen the first time.

From Toronto Canada.

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Started out with the Z10, switched to the Q10 when it was released. Still waiting for the Z30 to hit TMO or buy it directly through Blackberry.

Z10 Canada only because my contract was up for renewal so I pre ordered the Z10 if the Z30 would of been available at the time I would of went with that instead.

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Blackberry z10 being a great phone, owned it since August not one complaint, does what it needs to be done, battery life, is like all smart phones, average, but I remember earlier in the year I was given a work phone which was an Android and the battery life in that was horrendous , this one not too bad, depends how you run it, extra battery is good with all smart phones, but for the price of the z10 now i consider it to be a steal ,

Surprising to see the z30 the q10 after such a short time. For some reqson the price on the Q10 is quite high. Even on contract in Canada it is still $150 most places, which the the Z30 is free on contract most places.

Bought the Z10 the day it came out on T-MOBILE. Great phone. I decided to order the Q10 yesterday so I could have both, and because I still like the physical keyboard.

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I got the Z10 right away and before head office was equipped to handle the new BB10s. Can you say 8 months of Wi-Fi device? My wife had an iPhone. When her contact renewed, she ordered the Z30, gave it to me and took my Z10. I love my wife... she understands me.

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Z10 because my carrier was slow to carry the Q10 and I wanted a BB10 device so badly I wasn't going to wait another month to find out they might not carry it.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

I am using my z30 for about 2 weeks now , i bought it from sudia arabia but i live egypt , i had it sent from there , i used a z10 before this , i bought for 700$ back in release of bb10 , sold it for about 250 $ , and now i bought the z30 for 600$ ....z30 is better than most phones in market , i mean it , its almost in top 3 , but its very underrated , my only dilemma is why i used to type better on z10 than z30 ....very confusing

Likewise, typed a tad better on the z10. Perhaps just comparing different muscle memory. Had z10 longer.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

It's important to also consider that you weigh which device is popular versus its availability within that region. Many regions have strikingly one option in a handheld, so demographics are turnkey in seeing what is popular. I know this coming from a recent trip to Africa where one country only offers the Q5 and another, the Zed 10. These markets are not even promulgated. Nothing to compare other than what people are saying about their own experience. Please think these polls out thorough so from them, we can create solutions and reaffirm always, our commitment to BlackBerry regardless of device. They are all 'popular'.

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I'm sadly not using a BlackBerry 10 device as I have Sprint here in the US and they only carry the Q10...I want a full touchscreen device so I have stuck with my 9850 until Sprint gets the Z30 or I buy an android device :( Looks like one of those options is going to happen soon :/

You can get an unlocked Z10 or Z30 from BlackBerry.

Posted with my BBZ10 Superphone via CB10 app

Z10 STL 100-3 Superphone!
I wish BlackBerry would bypass the carriers when it comes to updates. It seems as though AT&T is actively trying to sabotage BlackBerry. BlackBerry is on display in the rear of the store if they're on display at all.

Posted with my BBZ10 Superphone via CB10 app

South Africa z10, will wait for upgrade of that as I don't really like styling of z30.

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I'm sorry, but if you're a legacy user you need you head checked. BB10 is amazing! Release the grip on your tired, old and worn out device and grab a BB10 of your choice! Support the company that needs you! The more BB10 devices we get people to use, the better off BlackBerry will be!

I'm rocking a Q10 in Ottawa but I'm waiting for my Z(ed)10 to arrive at the Kinek in Massena, I couldn't resist the Black Friday deal as I wanted to pick one up to run 10.2.1 on. I didn't want to mess up my Q10 as it's my everything phone.

nice avatar, also a Rush fan here, seems that all my passions come from Canada (Blackberry and Rush), have to go there someday.

I bought a Z10 during the first month. It was the only bb10 machine for sale. Now I would choose the z30 but I can not afford to buy two phones in one year. I prefer sim free phones. I dislike carrier power.

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Started with Z10 now own that and Z30. Z30 is now my primary. :)

via CB10 with my Z30 :)

I am using z10, want to try z30

But if they make a huge q30 I would be game to that.....

Lots of potential for q30.

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

I'm using an unlocked BlackBerry Z30 on AT&T Network. Works great!! Got it from the UK

Using unlocked BlackBerry Z30 on AT&T

I am using the Z10 but I want the Z30 but AT&T is not offering.
I was with Sprint before and cancel with them, went to AT and T just because they offee the Z 10.
Now I want the Z 30
At&t Pleaseee get the Z 30

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Still don't understand why BlackBerry said Z10 didn't sell well instead of the Q10 who they used to say sell a lot.. Q10 proud owner ;)

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