CrackBerry Asks: What is your primary computer operating system?

By Michelle Haag on 25 Apr 2012 06:31 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Mac

We all know that when it comes to computers, Research In Motion seems to favor the Windows operating system over Mac OS or Linux. This is all too apparent by the frequency that BlackBerry Desktop Manager is updated for each OS, and by the total lack of a RIM provided app for Linux. Desktop Manager updates always come out for Windows first, sometimes skipping Mac all together.

A few days ago we posted about a solution that an independent developer has created for Linux fans, so they can perform the basics that would normally be handled by BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and it was well received judging by the comments on the post. That got us wondering what operating system is most common among our readers, so go ahead and let us know by choosing your primary OS in the poll above.

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CrackBerry Asks: What is your primary computer operating system?


they would have to be like 100+ to not have a computer or amish..........but would and amish person admit they saw this and that they use a BB, hmmmm

The only reason I use my pc is to either update my phone or music playlist. Everything else is done through my phone or Playbook.

But not use a computer?!?

I find it more reasonable for the person to not use a smartphone and thus never came on this site than not use a computer but a smartphone....

and there are even 12 people who voted for not using computers?

How is this even possible?


The only theoretical differences between a Mac and a Windows machine these days are the asthetics and operating system. Realistically, though, Macs don't support as much hardware which means, out the door, you have many more options with a Windows machine. Couple that with the fact that Windows computers are far less expensive and it makes me wonder why anyone chooses a Mac except to blow bags of cash more for a computer with an OS that is debatebly better (or worse) than Windows. I've seen just as many "n00bs" gets befuddled by Macs as they do Windows PC's that it convinces me that there really is no important difference in the OS's except the giant price gap.

As far as Linux goes, I figure you have to be pretty hardcore to use that OS. In my opinion, Linux is the OS for people who can't stand being saddled with an OS that allows you to do only what THEY want. :)

Oh, and I use a Win 7 x64 machine and I love it. :D

Actually, Mac's use standard hardware the same as Windows machines these days ever since they started using Intel processors. Windows computers can be cheaper because they make less full featured computers. Take the same specced machines and they are in the same price range. Mac OS is overall more stable, less prone to malware, and the OS is much more user friendly. Your comments are typical from one who has never used or learned about Macs.

erm.. i've used Macs before and i still stand by windows. I am not going to say Macs are useless because to be honest, they are pretty damn cool but the thing with Mac is that it is (based on the software it has) more prone or rather, more useful for media-related work than normal work. Windows is an all-rounder. Has been for years and it gets better and its at an affordable price.

which now makes me ask. why would someone spend close to a £1000 for a Mac when all they will use it to do is browse the internet and write word documents when they can just as well get a windows pc for waaay cheaper price?

Mac OS is not more stable than Windows 7. Macs and other Apple products are just as crash-prone if not more so in my experience. My two Win 7 PCs have been bullet proof and I do work with a lot of hardware prototypes at my job that can cause problems for the OS.

Plenty of malware on Mac OS, look at recent tech news.

My iOS device locks up more often than my blackberry OS device. Difference is, I can do a quick battery pull on the BB and be back and running in 5 minutes, but have to go through a half hour reset process with the iOS device tethered to a PC.

Apple just seems to be a trendy brand and people buy it because they think that they're supposed to buy it.

My 2 cents.

Because of work related computing needs I am all over the Mac OS, I still have a PC at my house, one for the kids and one for me, esp. to update my BB with OS updates and the like.
I find myself kind of in the middle of a war that may or may not be brewing, lots of developers update apps for iOS and leave out BB all together or it comes later and DM gets updated for Windows and may never see the Mac light of day (as Michelle said)
One day.......probably the waaaaaaaaay distant future I will only need and use one, which one, remains to be seen!

I read an article on Gizmodo the other day that said mobile graphics power would surpass the Xbox 360 soon (2014?). So Battlefield 3 may not be far off!

My primary OS is BlackBerry 6. It's extremely rare I turn on the tower, I just do everything I need to right here. I have a dual G4 tower running OS 9 and a P4 running Plan9.

I'm a huge Apple fan, but not of their mobile products. I would like to see more frequent support for Apple computers, but it's not too bad either.

My primary OS is Windows 7 Ultimate x64
My secondary OS is Mac OS X Lion
My third OS is iOS
My fourth OS company provided Blackberry 9360

Hmm, 90% of my time is spent on my 9900 and PlayBook, however I do keep an old Win7 laptop for Netflix and Hulu. Eventually, I'll get a Win8 UltraBook and dual boot Ubuntu. I also have an iMac and a MacBook Pri, so is there an "all of the above" option?

My primary OS is windows but I do us linux quit a bt and right now it is my primary since my windows drive went bad

Primary: Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) don't care for Lion or the current direction of OS X development (iOS.)

Secondary: BlackBerry PlayBook OS.

Tertiary: Windows 7.

Primary : Solaris (SPARC and X86), mostly for work. Also some Windows and Linux at work.
Home : Linux, Windows, Solaris and Playbook OS

I find that I now use the Playbook OS the most outside of work

I mostly use Windows 7 64.. but also have a Mac running Snow Leopard for some programs that only it can run. I can't stand the file system on Mac 's but generally don't mind what OS I'm using.

I find that I'm much pickier with my mobile OS than the one I use at home..

Completely agree about the file system on Macs. I can't stand how some things are done within the core OS but once I'm in a program I'm usually okay... until I try and save, export, etc.

I am mostly a Mac person and have tried the iphone but will not switch. There are a # of reasons:

1. If you put an iphone on silent, your alarm does not go off. You can set your profile on BB to get calls but not be alerted to emails, BBM or text messages and still get your alarm.

2. Different ring tones and email alerts for each person.

3. Separate email inboxes and when you reply if comes from the email address it came into.

4. If you put an iphone on vibrate and put it in your pocket, you have no idea it went off. When a BB goes off, you know it.

I just hope BB is able to hang on and keep people with BB 10.

I use windows 7 ultimate at work and have two laptops with windows 7. I also have a mac book air, and 2 macbook pros, but as soon as i wipe the hard drives I will happily place all under a bulldozer - back and forth back and forth...and again. Everytime I look at them I ask myself why oh why did I overpay for such utter crap.

You'd wipe your Macs and bull-doze them? I'll take them off your hands. I have an 11 year old G4 titanium PowerBook, an 8 year old G4 iBook and a 6 year old Aluminium G4 PowerBook. All running Linux MintPPC11. Love my Mac gear.

P.S. I'll take your windows laptops as well....Linux has its uses.

Windows 7 Pro for my work laptop, and Windows 7 Ultimate for my gaming PC. All other PCs at home are Windows 7 or XP. I don't use Linux as a desktop, but most of the servers at work are CentOS. I use my PlayBook more often than my PCs at home.

I did as well. I have my Bold 9930 and a Playbook. Don't really have any need for a traditional computer. And the way things are going neither will most average consumers...

Just because you don't have a need for a regular computer doesn't mean most average consumers don't have a need for them. I would take all the post-pc era articles with a grain of salt. Mobile devices are an extension, not a replacement for traditional computers.

Poll results should be a warning call to smartphone manufacturers who won't be making wp8. I know I for one am eager to see how well an OS that's tightly integrated between PC, phone and tablet performs.

I use Win 7 for both work and home, as well as CentOS/RHEL. Of course, BB OS6/7. Don't care for Mac OS or any idevices. The only time I ever use Mac OS is when I have had to help a few friends and family who are on it to resolve issues and help them get things done in that environment.

Glad to see Windows in the lead by a long shot, it only reaffirms reality when you block out the Apple hype. In my own personal experience (as well as from hearing feedback by a surprising number of Mac users) I find the Mac OS interface and filing system to be somewhat confusing, and certainly not superior to Windows. The only people who I see using Mac OS rightly so, are web/mobile developers and other media professionals (ie. musicians) who need to rely on this platform (ie. specialized softwares/hardwares for producing music for example tweaked for Mac OS X). That's not to say you couldn't do any of this on Windows, but I can appreciate the fact that Mac has had a trend for these sorts of uses. Most of the remaining Mac user base are the followers who like the bling, fashion and status it brings them. These people are incredibly susceptible to the power of Apple's hype and marketing machine, and will usually say things like "it just works."

With the popularity of tablets, I'm actually surprised that there aren't more people NOT using desktop/ laptop computers. I just got a new desktop with Windows 7 64bit, it's seriously better than Vista.

Windows mainly, but on a more serious note, RIM should be embarrassed with the difference between its offerings for Win vs iOS. I mean mac is sitting on what 2 something, and pc is on 6.1 ??? I'll work with you, but you gotta at least try. I know plenty of young professionals who use mac lap and desktops AND have their berrys by their sides day and night. If you could present something as functional and streamlined as 6.1 for mac users I'm sure you'd see a surprising change in those "market watch charts" or whatever those cute lil pictures are people pull out of their ass in arguments.

point of rant: I'm one of those musicians @terminatorx was mentioning, and if there is one thing I've noticed around studios is, all the artist use iOS and iphones, all the people who cut the checks use blackberrys. I'm just sayin

I am not at all surprised that Windows is at the top of the poll here. Not only is it super popular, but also I would think most BB users would stick to PC... Just makes sense.

First of all I am using BB since the Brick Model right up till OS7.

I use PC because its cheaper ... but Mac is really built to lasts.

Am not bias I never like iphone , but Mac OS is just different . Compared to how many times windows out with a blue screen and hang .

I been running windows 7 for 2 years yet to experience a blue screen. But to be fair this is a custom built desktop. So can't say for sure on laptops though.

As for the PC itself. it has been 4 years, and went through 2 OS upgrades. Started off with Win XP upgraded to Vista and then To 7. Same hardware that just last and lasts.

So it boils down to who you buy it from and still cheaper than a Mac too. So those BSOD's is not windows fault, especially with 7. BSOD's is mostly caused by buggy third party programs if you have a branded Laptop or Desktop.

This should be copied and pasted on every "should I get a mac or windows" question on the internet. If you spend as much money on a Windows machine as you would on a Mac you shouldn't have any problems hardware wise.

On the PC side I don't think its the cost that makes quite a difference. Its of matter of good quality for your buck. Apple has a strict control how they manufacture their hardware therefore they can charge whatever they please and people will still buy.

I think its more of a Apple tax thing then what the hardware really is. In other words, you can get good quality built hardware without breaking your bank account.

Since i mostly build desktops I have seen good quality hardware for less. I am sure the savings could be past down to laptops and especially with Apple since they have "Intel inside"

Here is the thing. Its not that PC's are cheaper. People seem to forget that, unlike smartphones and tablets. PC's and even Macs are full blown OS's without walls. Meaning if i cancel my plan with a carrier and want to use wifi I shouldn't be getting messages or unable to use certain apps due to not having a wireless carrier. Most importantly you can't really backup the Apps. While A PC you can pretty much install programs, full access to system files, etc.

Here are couple of rude wake up calls when cancelling a wireless carrier and want to use WiFi only.

Can you use BBM wifi only? Nope.

Can you use google maps just to look up a location using wifi only??.. NOPE.

Can you use AT&T wifi without a sim card??... Simply put it. Lose that sim card and you can kiss Good bye to AT&T public hotspots. So that's a NOPE

This part that i think is the reason why traditional computing will not die out.

Can you downgrade an app easily due to the new update being buggy instead You have to wait till the next update. That's a NOPE

Can you close a app that froze, rendering the app useless until you do a battery pull.. or left alt right shift and delete...NOPE

Is a tablet a PC replacement?? NOPE...NOPE... NOPE And NOPE Especially when RIM has recently announced of removing Side loading for the blackberry playbook. And That my friend puts a definite NOPE they are not PC's.

My 2 cents

Linux here. Haven't used windows n about 9 months and happier for it.
I've had to accept not having much interaction pc-to-berry due to the lack of support from RIM. But I think this question would be better posed on a Linux forums site to see there are more Linux-Blackberry users, just not all may visit this site.
Fortunately, Linux is more of a community than just an operating system, so there always comes to be a way for someone(s) to find a way to make it work and share it w/ the rest of the Linux community... Kinda like this site, but way larger community, and way more powerfulm
If only ppl knew about linux more and tried a modern distribution, there's not much reason ppl wouldn't use it more, thus making the pole have higher #s.
Free and open is WAY better than proprietory. I'd run linux on my berry if it was possible and plausible.