CrackBerry asks: What do you use your BlackBerry PlayBook for?

By Michelle Haag on 27 Sep 2011 06:31 pm EDT
BlackBerry PlayBook

So it has been a whole year since the BlackBerry PlayBook was announced. In that time, a lot of you have picked one up, and though it has received a lot of mixed reviews, many of you are enjoying your tablet, in spite of its shortcomings.

What we want to know, from those of you that love your PlayBook and use it every day, what do you primarily use it for? Are you a gamer, hooked on Dead Space? Do you use it as a portable multimedia device, with movies and music with you everywhere you go? Have you integrated your PlayBook into your business or school day? Vote above, then jump on over to the forums at the link below for discussion.

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CrackBerry asks: What do you use your BlackBerry PlayBook for?


Besides having a great, fully functional web browser, Playbook gives a satisfying sound when used to bitch slap mindless trolls :) *SHABAM!*

Work, politics, play.... My PB goes everywhere... I make a lot of money and have a lot of success with it...

I wish it had Google Earth integration so that I can use my custom overlays...

A lot of folks recently are really starting to take a 2nd look at the PB since I carry it and use it often. My laptop is almost obsolete.

Same here, I use it equally for both. Probably the poll would be better if it were checkboxes instead of only picking a single option.

I use my PB daily for work and play : Sales tool, research, browsing, multimedia (on the go and mounted and hooked up in my car), bridge (which has been an invaluable tool with my 9930) and reading. I have to say that anyone that considers this tablet useless or a paper weight is completely foolish and probably doesn't need a tablet in the first place. This thing rocks and while i'm disappointed in the fact that it hasn't shown its full potential i've still found heavy usage with this easy to accomplish.

Taking notes at school - paired with a Bluetooth keyboard it beats my old netbook. Also gets a lot of use for eReading. Once there's native email I'll probably do more of that on there, too.

You get that there are only 200,000 of them out there right? I'll probably get one, but not until the price comes down and not until it actually gets e-mail, bbm, and runs Android apps like it was meant too.

I want RIM to succeed too (I bought a 9900) but you just said it on your site that the PlayBook was announced a year ago. It still isn't doing what it was announced it would do. If RIM doesn't hurry up they will lose another few thousand sales when HP dumps another sh-tload of TouchPads at half the price or less. HP has set the bar at $99 for a pad now. I think most people would easily part with $199 or $299. Myself personally, I find $400 to $600 would be better spent on a notebook.

I've had my Playbook since launch date. I take it everywhere with me. I take notes at work (I own it, it's not work issued). I surf the web, pay bills, read books via the ePub reader and Amazon's Cloud reader. Read technical magazines via the pdf viewer. Check Facebook, play games, listen to music (both mp3 and streaming radio) and more. There hasn't been a day I haven't used it since I bought it. I use Bridge when I am out and about and don't have access to wi-fi.

I have 4 laptops, 1 desktop and they are now barely used.

So much for the Playbook not being 'totally baked'.

I use mine for some documents and web browsing.
I'd use it more for work if Docs to Go had a usable spreadsheet program

How about " we dont have a playbook and dont intend on buying such a half baked crap!" that would sure get more votes than any of them and i would be among the voters

I am an engineer, but own a home inventory business on the side. My PlayBook allows me to photograph or video a client's property and upload the pics or vids to my online database. I tried to do the same thing with both an iPad an an Android tablet and neither of them could access the database.

I use it for any and everything related to entertainment. It's always with me. I read ebooks, surf the Internet, check email and communicate by IM and BBM since it's bridged to my berry, watch episodes of TV shows, look up info, shop online...I don't do anything work related because I hate typing on touchscreens for long periods, but it handles pretty much everything else.

Where's the option for pretty much everything? Out of all the tablets I own(PlayBook, Asus Transformer, DOUCHE-Pad, and even a Nook Color), my PB is the one I use on a daily basis.

I use my PB for so much more than surfing. I play games and draft docs and send emails using the bridge. I also stream shows from the web when needed so the 7“ form factor is perfect for me. I can't imagine tugging around anything larger. My PB is an extension of my body and I am rarely caught without it!

I found a great use for my PoopBook. The size is perfect as a cover for my kid's mini toy box. It looks like it belongs. Houses the Fisher-Price cell phone which oddly out-performs my Storm2. Oh, and I keep copies in the box of emails that I don't receive on the PB!

I wonder if the Trolls even own a PB... For some of the critical critiques, they never explain why... I guess they are iSheeple, followers of their Lord God, Jobs.

For the rest of us, the PB is work of art that keeps getting better.

Those that do own it got ripped for $500 bucks. I've defended the PB. Been told countless times by sales people at Best Buy that its not worth 2 cents of shit. I say it is!!!!

I had my Playbook since day 1.. Its goes everywhere with me and my girlfriend hates it lol. I use it for work, pay bills, type up email, listen to music and slacker radio via bridge now :). My favorite is managing my box cloud & evernote much more now than my bb. Cant wait for the 2.0 update...

It's sad to think some of these idiots have nothing more productive to do with their time than troll BlackBerry sites and post their negativity. They apparently feel threatened and not very confident in their own personal choice.

use it to watch, i do all my websurfing on it, reading daily news, and showing off my amateur photography on big screen tv, which looks great thanks to hdmi output. my 2 and 5 year old nieces love playing games on it and reading story books. this toy has almost payed for itself since i havent needed to pay for cable tv or home internet since i got it.

things i would like:
skype or google video chat (hurry this up already...main reason why i bought it)
more magazine apps (igizmo has the right idea, love the offline viewing)
a good music recording app (if iphone can handle it, im sure pb can)
a good photo editing program (photo studio currently on bb phones would be great)
and last i would like to use my bb keypad as a keyboard, touchscreen typing is just too slow.

*i use my pb for personal use. not complaining just stating what it lacks for a regular consumer, im sure its may already be great as a business tool. furthermore, why am writting this? does anyone other than trolls read this....?

The survey confirms, PlayBook is a $500 browser.

It would be an interesting comparison with the habits of other tablet owners on competing OSes.

While it is certainly true that 75% of my PlayBook usage is the browser, for me that includes doing my business invoicing using FreshBooks, remote administration of my client's servers and PCs with LogMeIn, monitoring servers, and trouble tickets via Spiceworks, and of course web browsing. All this often over Bridge.

The remainder of my PB time is bridge apps.

I'm not defending the missing elements or bashing the competition but, for me, the PB gets it done as a browsing device in a handy form factor

When I had one I used it primarily for web browsing, which is did pretty well. Since I wound up not using it very much, I sold it.

Sadly there wasn't an all of the above button. I use my playbook for everything: School. web browsing, something to do on the train. I even use it when I teach.

+1 need an all of the above button. Lots of web browsing but I also use it for work. Sharing, editing and sending files. Not much gaming but once in a while I'll play something to kill time at an airport or on a plane.

I use it for EVERYTHING.

Browser (never use laptop anymore), pictures (work and home), email (work and home) thru bridge, reading (kobo, kindle cloud), movies (when traveling), dead space, facebook, vevo (with hdmi, better to play videos during a party then just music).

Would like BBM music added, even if only through bridge.