CrackBerry Asks: What do you think of the BlackBerry Passport name?

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2014 09:50 am EDT

On BlackBerry's Q1 2015 earnings call, CEO John Chen leaked out that the rumored phone we've all been referring to as "windermere" is ultimately going to launch as the BlackBerry Passport.

I think this name is freak'n BRILLIANT. By conventional smartphone standards, the BlackBerry Passport's dimensions are kind of whacky, with the phone being super wide. The dimensions literally are Passport-like (see our brilliant mockup above for visual proof). There's no phone on the market like this right now. Heck, even compared to traditional full qwerty BlackBerry device models, it stands out in a big way. Which is the other brilliant part of the Passport's name and design.

With a phone like the Q10 or even the upcoming BlackBerry Classic, at a glance the "average consumer" could easily think the device is an "old" BlackBerry. Trained eyes can spot that the Q10 has no "toolbelt" and the keyboard is straight which gives away that it's a BB10 phone and not an older BlackBerry. With the Classic bringing back the toolbelt, however, untrained eyes still could easily think it's an older BlackBerry vs. something new. With the Passport, there will be no misinterpretation. When people bust out their BlackBerry Passport in public, it's going to stick out and catch people's eyes. They'll KNOW it's the new BlackBerry. And with a name like BlackBerry Passport which so adequately describes what the phone looks like, it's going to be an easy name to remember as well. The BlackBerry Passport isn't just a new phone - it's a built-in advertising campaign for the company.

It's kind of weird to admit this (not sure what it says about me?!), but I like this phone way more now that it's called the BlackBerry Passport. To date I've just been thinking it's sort of strange - maybe a phone built for people with huge hands. Yes somehow calling it the BlackBerry Passport just makes the phone make more sense. It's for the business traveler who never leaves home without their Passport. I can't wait to get my hands on one this September... I want one!

Be sure to vote on the poll above and let us know what you think of the BlackBerry Passport name in the comments.



The best name for a phone yet! It just rolls of the tongue so nice.

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Agreed. Far nicer, by the way, than "Fire Phone."


Fire Phone from Amazon is the Kindle reader design just shrink the size.


I was going to say 'really love it' but that wasn't an option. So I'll just vote twice!

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However I do not like the design of it...

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But we are talking about the name. Lol

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While we may be talking about the name, a good name won't overcome an unappealing device. I'll wait for the next touch screen myself, and I don't care what it's called, so long as it meets my needs. For now I've got my Z10.

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Agreed. Good name. Shocking design. Hardly going to fit in my pocket with ease! Lol.

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Now seeing that size comparison with my beloved Q10 and a passport:

That thing is EXACTLY what I need.

Too much pinching and zooming on the Q10, and the Z10 sideways, meh....

I read a ton of PDFs, manuals and web how-tos every day, and a landscape phone never really cut it, because of vertical scrolling, never had enough space to get a good portion of the page on...

Docs, techs, engineers, lawyers and other folk are gonna love this, it's gonna be an awesome PDF reader in phone format with a never-been-here-before resolution / aspect ratio to get even the tiniest details of schematics and diagrams in super sharp quality.

Yet pocketable unlike a tablet...

Plus an new innovative keyboard...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Will need an around the shoulder (under the jacket) PI holster to sling this sucker.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.


Th BB Passport will go perfect with my WD My Passport harddrive



Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere


Lol. But the drive may be slightly smaller than the phone.

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I'm with Kevin that the name "Passport" kind of explains the weird shape of the phone.

We also coin a new term... (ready for this?)...

The Passport is not a Phablet...

It's a "Widelet"!

A "widelet" is a phone whose size sits between tablet and phone size (like a phablet), but in width (widelet) rather than height (phablet).

Oh yeah!

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The PlayBook also had a nice ring to it.....just saying

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Somehow the name just fits, even if the device itself doesn't quite fit in my pocket.


I agree. I think it's great and I'm also a fan of a name versus a number... although I do like impressing people when I say their BlackBerry model number ;)

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Yes, the days of carrying a phone in my pocket will be over once this one is released. I hope I can get a book-style leather case for it so that it really looks like a passport!

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Allwyn John

Or a passport holder

Black Z30 STA100-2 (early bird), Android convert



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I am pretty sure they thought of a size that would fit in perfectly inside the inside pocket of a suit. Hold on, let me take my Passport and take not of that. ;)

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Had exactly the same idea. Made for a suit...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


The name is fine.
I'm just worried about how comfortable it will be to use.
I'll have to have one in my hands to know for sure.

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It looks ergonomically uncomfortable to me.


It isn't going to be optimal to use it with one hand only, but let's be realistic here, 5" phones are borderline in that area too and it only gets worse once you get onto 5.5" and above phablets.

This phone is going to be just fine to use two-thumbed and you'll get by okay one-handed.


If the price is right will sure BlackBerry passport will hit the market :-)

Powered by Q10 Philippines :-)


It's a high end phone. This isn't going to be marketed toward the price conscious consumer so it doesn't really matter what the price is as long as its in line with other phones in its category.


Will see how competitive it is.. just don't forget to advertise before they release because advertisement will help to boost sales.

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That's right it will be a high end phone, but wait what category is it going to fall under because there is no phone like it on the market

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I hope they put some unique features on that phone that no one will have.. :-)

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The phone alone is the feature...

Or enough of a feature to make it unique. Then add BB10.3.x and Amazon/Android support

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


I was thinking is it worth it? I have q10 and I'm gonna buy another qwerty like passport? Or just wait another high end device with full touch screen? Just saying :-)

Powered by Q10 Philippines :-)

z10 rocks

Where can I order, want it now, retiring z10, bring the passport, cool name

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You know....i hate to admit it, but looking at it like that (in that awesome mockup) it actually looks cool....kind of a differentiator
It might set BlackBerry appart from the crowd

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+1 That design definitely stands out and appeals!!!

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I LOVE the name!

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Oddly enough, like Kevin, I find the phone as a whole more attractive with the "Passport" name...

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I think it's a really "catchy" name.



It fits the BlackBerry line. It's always been a business focused phone. This is one of the phones that will be your staple in the corporate world.

I love it.

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Great name... I'm getting tired of the s5, 5s, g3 and a likes. They are all starting to sound the same.


1+ Kevin :-)

Powered by Q10 Philippines :-)


Posted without reading other comments. Really?? People like this name? I concede that it's better than z10 etc. But what a dull object to attach a phone to. I get sleepy by the time I get to the second syllable.


Ha. I suspect you are probably right as nearly everyone seems to like the name.


Tell that to Samsung and Sprint, they came out some time ago with the "Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch".

Now that's out of line.

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And samsung universe....oh that doesn't exist yet.

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I'm neutral about the name. Did not vote because of lack of choice. Didn’t Honda make a car called that? Wasn't a very successful model.


The Honda Passport's poor sales reflected the fact that it wasn't a Honda; it was a rebadged Isuzu Rodeo that Honda sold to get their foot in the door of the newly burgeoning SUV market while they embarked belatedly down the path to designing their own SUVs. When Honda customers found out it wasn't a Honda, they weren't interested.


That's fine for you, GreenBerry, but understand that you are outside the marketing norm; the vast majority of people have an attention span that is NOT smaller than that of a hummingbird watching music videos while snorting coke and chain-drinking Jolt.


Looks more like a pop tart.

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Boom panes :-)

Powered by Q10 Philippines :-)

Kevin Michaluk

No, the Bold 9000 was nicknamed the pop tart!


Pwnd by CBK!

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Tha name is is like being the gateway to everything in your daily routine which a BlackBerry is...very apt name...

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Name is good, though a vast majority don't care about names when buying a phone, unless it's really bad like "Blackberry Vomit" or "Blackberry Diarrhea", LOL


Oh...that explains when the phone belonging to the person you're talking to rings, they say "oooh, sorry, gotta run"


With a name like Painful Rectal Itch, you gotta bet that it's a really great phone!

(Why do I make parochial cultural references that are 40 years old on an international forum full of 20-somethings?)


I'm pretty sure they "borrowed" the name idea from some of the earlier CB threads on the Windermere, which explicitly compared/described the device dimensions to "a passport."

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Mutual pollination / fertilitization, symbiosis CB BB

One can't live without the other, LOL :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


I love the name. And I like the concept. And I want this Passport.

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Great for people who are always on the go! With it's BALANCE feature. Portability/mobility/functionality/durability/productivity great to hear all these great news!


Hopefully it has a super battery life with a removable battery so as to woo the people on the move... and the name is good...

Thanks Kevin for the comparison of the Q10 with a real passport...I'm loving the BB Passport already! :)

P.S.: I don't have a passport :(

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Previous leaks have listed a battery in the 3xxx mah range (might have been 3400 but i don't remember), so it be just fine in that area.


Name is awesome and interesting. Phone is odd. Reminds me of that Nissan Cube or Kia 3 cylinder weirdness.

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You mean the Kia Soul?

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Yes, thanks!

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5star Z30

Damn that phone is ugly!

100% BlackBerry


BlackBerry may be going after a Giffen Good concept. :-)

Don Diego endorses the Zed.


I agree that it's hideous, but since appearance is not a criterion by which I evaluate a phone, that doesn't hurt it, IMO.


I really don't understand the name.. and the device is hideous in my opinion from what I've seen so far of it..


Hate it. Sounds a bit stupid in my opinion.

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Like the name. Not the size. Does it come with a shoulder strap or little wheels with retractable handle. JK - but it does look too large for my liking.


LOVE IT!!!!!!

JC is the man

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Really, you gave it the lowest vote? j/k

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


pressed by mistake!!!

love it love it love it love it :-)

how do you know what i pressed anyway?


Love the name. Still not sure about the form factor, but I'm sure I'll love it when I use it.

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Another full QWERTY physical keyboard phone...nope...

The name is alright, at least stands out more than before.

I hope it goes well for BlackBerry, and that this phone sells like hotcakes, but for me personally this phablet holds no interest for me.

I want to see the Z10/Z30 replacement devices!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!


"Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!"

Not in the episode from which your avatar comes. Not even once.


Name is good and makes for some potential marketing ideas to help sell this (are you listening BlackBerry ... Marketing themes). Some quick ideas....
Send out mock passport applications (short form please) pre-release.
Create the (fake) country of BlackBerry (or maybe even CrackBerry) with passport required for entry to get the BB (again pre-release).
Start a social media campaign about getting a new passport with the issue date the release date in each country.
Some may sound a little corny, but the ideas are endless. Any other ideas/suggestions to share with BlackBerry marketing?

Rowan M

I like the idea!

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3 to last sentence should said "It's for the business traveler who never* (not ever) leaves home without their Passport."


LOVE the name too though!


If you're gonna blue-pencil, don't snooze on the job; you missed the misspelling of "wacky" in paragraph 2.


I think due to the obviously shared name with your real passport, it will be known as your "BB Passport" so as not to be confused with your real passport or your second fake passport if you are a spy or something...


Passport, It is a classic name good . I like Z10,z3,q10,q5, z30, very much easier for consumers to recognize.

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I'll get one.

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I want one. I like the name.

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Wonder how easy it will be for one-handed use. All phones, including BlackBerry (ok, except maybe Samsung Notes), can be used almost perfectly with one hand and thumb. This one will probably be too large to hold comfortably with one hand, let alone use with one thumb.

Still, can't wait to see it. I just hope some carriers will have it, so I can try and make up my mind before buying.

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Do people really use their phones one-handed? I hear about this all the time, but I've probably only been tempted to do it twice in my life.


Throw in dual sim and make it a real travelers phone!

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^ that would be great but alas unlikely from the leak info thus far!

From my z30


It's a decent name. It could have the greatest name in the world and it wouldn't mean a damn if the product doesn't deliver though.


I like the name! Looking forward to when it's released.

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You should put as

Easier to catch the eyes of people.


I am highly offended.

I voted for "LOVE IT" and now you're changing it to "LOVE LOVE IT"?

I demand that Adam Zeis be fired over this.


Great name. Don't know about the phone though. Too big for me.

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Name is cool but size is whacked.


will see how it rolls in the market please do a good unboxing of it

ps : don't slip it in your hands kevin lol

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Can't wait for September to come. Better start saving, that might be the most expensive passport I will ever buy!


I think that phone will be the laughing stock of all phones out there.

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If you're a fanboi or phandroid...

We will have the last laugh... we'll get stuff done while they're still looking where to toggle bluetooth or how to attach a file...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


I'm the same way in suddenly wanting one with the new one. The Classic is probably going to be better for my use cases (mostly home and nearby office, rarely travel), but seeing the name has made me consider making this my next phone instead.


I actually welcome the size as I've been using a Sony Z Ultra without any problems in terms of pocketability and general use. I actually find other phones pathetically small now. This is the best size for the Passport! Can't wait until it hits the market... Just don't forget the European/Swedish market Blackberry!

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Whatever the name / function , the main focus is whether the device can continue the blackberry road to recovery.. hope it can help the target of achieving 10mil phone a year to ensure profit


Yeah, nice name. Much better than Classic.

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so crow

Epic name for a phone has to go down in my books as best smartphone name ever in history of smartphone names beast name for I'm sure will be a beast device go on blackberry keep moving on and up.

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absolutely farkin' LOVE the name...!!!!

(that keyboard better have a caps key and shift key as a minimum, I don't wanna hold down buttons for two seconds to select upper case or symbols, that would just wanna make me throw the passport out the window I swear)

from an australian Z10...

Prem WatsApp

Any news or more info about gesture-enabled or capacitive touch on the kb?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


If they could redo the keyboard to something that's not straight from a basic slider phone from 2010 that would be great...


I really love the name "BlackBerry Passport" very unique and sounds professional.
Maybe this is the first gen of BlackBerry Passport for this year 2014,
BlackBerry Passport 2 - Year 2015/16
BlackBerry Passport 3 - Year 2016/17
Blackberry Passport 4 - Year 2018/19 and so on.
Same with the other smartphone makers out there like Apple's iPhone1-6, Samsung Galaxy1-5, LG G1-2, Sony Xepria Z-Z2 etc. I think smartphone makers became successful with this (for me). Godvbless Sir Chen and long live BlackBerry! ;)


I love it.. Walk up to the customs officer, they ask "Passport please" I hand them my phone lol.


I like the name. And I like going back to real names vs. letters.


I like the idea as long as the phone is as thin as a Passport. : D

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Your passport to SUCCESS

Posted from my Black Beast Q10



Besides, the article clearly states, "EVER leave home without" it. :p

Via my simply amazing  Q10


Seems so cheesy, I would have preferred windermere or Q30.

Posted via a potato


I want one :)

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Absolutely brilliant from a marketing standpoint!. " Hey don't forget your passport"....LOL! .Love it!!!

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Buying this phone without a doubt!

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Like it.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30


Good name better than letters and numbers.

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Rigged vote for a fuggly phone. Should have been called the BlackBerry Quirk to reflect what it is!

Careful! Z10 in action!


Or, to reflect BlackBerry's love of everything Android now we should name it the BlackDroid! ; )

Careful! Z10 in action!

Prem WatsApp

Wait for the Manitoba, or buy a Z30 in the meantime.

Let us qwerty guys have some fun with a competitively sized screen! :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Looks quirky but in a good way

My Z10 Whiteout

Prem WatsApp

Looks qwerty to me! ;-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Can't find the 'Dislike' option in the Poll. Should be called the 'BlackBerry Square'

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I think the lettered phones were a good way to differentiate between old and new. Now that that difference is known the names can start again. Passport, Classic, and what comes after them.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers


Very good name :)

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The name works, I just wish BlackBerry had kept names for other devices too.

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I think your mockup looks a little too big. I think the phone will be very close to the passport size.

If they had the same passport USA emblem on the back it would sell like hotcakes down there.

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Eh, the phone is definitely growing on me. If it is priced right and sold unlocked direct I'll pick one up. I would like to see it in person too though. The determining factor for me will be usable screen real estate. I don't want to have such a nice large screen and then have everything scaled so big that I still don't have more usable screen space. With the rumoured 1440x1440 resolution in expecting double the usable screen space vertically. Another awesome thing would be to be able to run two applications side by side considering that we now have room for two 1280x720 screens side by side.

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It wouldn't surprise me if running apps side by side (or one above the other which would be ideal for emails while watching a w/s video) is something that came later as they will get the attention from the new form factor to start out and then you have multiple apps as a headline addition in the first update.

Prem WatsApp

Would like to see an iPhone 4s next to it.

I can imagine you could nearly fit two of those screens in there...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Don't like it, it is boring.

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I'm glad they've changed the way they name devices.


Like AMEX. You don't leave home without it.....

"Passport" great name. Follows the motto of "keep moving", "Getting s*** done".

Drive On Airborne.


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Brilliant! I want this......A BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Z30, perfect Combination.

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I meant, I don't like the name. I absolutely love the design of the phone and the rumoured specs!

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Too wide, I'm qwerty lover maybe taller than Q10 yes, no way to take this in my pocket. Too big.

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Yeah, I'd love a QWERTY phone with a more portrait-aspect screen. The main problem I have with the Q10 is that it doesn't have enough vertical screen space. This phone tries to make up for that by just having a huge(er) screen with higher resolution, but doesn't change the aspect ratio.


The name Passport is very fitting after thinking about it



It looks like a fat BOLD 9000. I honestly will consider buying this. It closes the gaps I have on the Q10 vs. Z30.


I have been saying from since this device was mentioned that it is "Bold and Audacious"!!!!! Yes, BlackBerry take my money already!!!!


Very glad they are moving away from the "X#" naming scheme.

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I want one. The last time I was really looking forward to a phone like for the Passport was when HTC released the HD2. I bought it on day one when it was released (had to import it from UK).

The HD2 was a real beast: first it ran with Windows Mobile 6.5 and pretty soon I ran it with Android 2.3. It was used in my family for almost 4 years - which is 3 1/2 years longer than my phones usually are used. I expect the Passport to be a legitimate successor for my HD2.

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Should be called the flop

Iggy City

Haha you're so witty and funny.


Lol. Agreed!

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Prem WatsApp

We'll see...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Good name, but good got please round those edges

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The name fits the dimensions but the phone looks like a 1st grader designed it with a straight edge (ruler) and a pencil or maybe someone found it on the drawing board and did not realize that it was incomplete and just started manufacturing the thing. It seems that after the 9900 and 9860 era, Blackberry as a company feel down and hit it's head and forgot what it was doing.
Come on people! Just whip out the Classic and get back to making solid and attractive devices that are current (with the times).

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I don't want to kill the mood, but I don't like it, I do like the idea of names, Classic, passport, get rid of the letter +10 names. That being said, to me the Passport is the BlackBerry Style of this generation of phones, probably won't sell many and will end up being a novelty. I jumped on BB10 early, getting the Z10 on release day in the US. I was sad to give up the physical keyboard from my 9810, but I dived right in, I love using my Z10 one handed and don't want to go back to a qwerty, and I also don't want a 5 inch phone I hope they update the Z10 from factor.

Via Z10


Given the specs, I would very much doubt that this is expected to be a serious volume product for them, it is more about showing they can produce something different and attracting attention.

In that 10m a year figure for hardware from Chen, I bet they are probably only looking for about 10% of them to be passports, at least for this first one anyway.


Like the name. I see the phone being way to big.

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I'm going to be truthful here. How can anyone like the design. This is not in any way practical. Those dimensions are not beautiful if that's the real look. Putting that massive square in your pocket with a keyboard on it is also just silliness. Why are people praising this, it sounds bad, another device only BlackBerry loyalist will love.

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Prem WatsApp

BlackBerry "loyalists" have use cases.

This is an awesome PDF reader for techs, docs, engineers, lawyers, etc. Use an all-touch phone in landscape mode, always lack of vertical space, this fixes it...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


The name is cool, but the phone is not.

We saw lot of blackberry phones concepts in crackberry which were very cool, I don't know why blackberry still making bad designs.

They should work on there design department and see some good concepts phones.

They had this problem from before and they didn't work on it till now, (except a few devices)

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Just churning out yet another large display all-touch would be pointless regardless of what twirly bits a bored amateur designer happened to put on it, the market already has dozens of new ones of those already.


Kevin, you owe me a Passport!...Hmmm it has a nice ring to it. I like it!

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did you say this september?!?! damn! still hope they update the design a bit..


Wow, "great" survey.

How about, "HATE IT! ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!!!" It is a hideous phone, a ridiculous name, and will be the next big Blackberry flop.

Prem WatsApp

... and BlackBerry was said to be bankrupt and *berried* by now.
Check today's stock price. Check the earnings report...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Like you said Kevin in your article.

Many people think that the Q10 is the just the same old BlackBerry.

You HAVE to put a 10 on the back cover and the start up sequence.

BlackBerry symbol to the power of 10.

This will be the best solution to differentiate the new from the old .

Furthermore it wouldn't cost that much money to do.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!! ©

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Kresimir Peradinovic

Why a U.S. Passport pic when company is Canadian?


Reminds me of my first kindle.

Posted via CB10



Poetry in Motion


I love it. Bring back real product names and for that matter, I am still waiting for the Torch.

Will get a Passport in the meantime.

It will be interesting not to have to turn the phone sideways to see different aspects ratios. Something appealing about that. Hope standard android apps work well, say with black bars down the right and left.

Posted via CB10


Depends on the app really, some stuff is probably just going to be happy to use the extra space e.g. text-heavy apps like the kindle one that is going to be in that pre-loaded amazon appstore that comes out at the same time as this device.


Love the name,...not sure about the device.

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Feeling optimist

Posted via CB10


Only thing I like better than the name is that sweet @ss mock up in that picture!


Why no hate it choice?!??

The fix is in.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!


Da vote was rigged!

Careful! BlackDroid in action!

Prem WatsApp

Wasn't a real poll to take serious in the first place, if you haven't noticed.

Someone was just expressing their enthusiasm about the phone and the name by putting the poll up... and let others join in...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "



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Just realized what it looks like. All along on all these windermere pics I've been thinking how familiar it looks. It reminds me of those giant desktop solar calculators, or a small, battery operated adding machine. Not EXACTLY, but a quick glance at the Q10 / Passport / passport photo made me realize.

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Name is not the greatest, but the look of the phone isn't much better.

Posted via CB10


BBRY knocked it out of the park with this name and if the keyboard technology is unique this device might actually do well despite it's appearance!


Kevin, will these devices also have regular names? Like the Q20 Classic and the Q30 Passport. Like how Chen refers to the Z3 as the Jakarta but it's still the Z3?

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30


Passport is a catchy marketing buzzword !

Get secure access anywhere & everywhere.


I like the name. It matches the size, and speaks to the business traveler, who is an obvious target for this device. They could even have the documentation that comes with it sized and looking like a real passport. Very marketable.


best name for a phone that i've heard. inspired. much better than the boring alphanumeric names that everyone (including BlackBerry, but no longer) tends to use.

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Couldn't agree with you more, Kevin.
The moment it was named passport, I was sure I will buy it the day it is launched.


Name is good but the phone is ugly.

BB Proud


I have a bad feeling about this phone. It's like a hugely over sized Q10. Worse still, it does not have the "belt". Looks rather awkward. Anyway, I'm all for a full touch device. Waiting for the Z30 upgrade device, so I can upgrade from my Z10.

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I think Passport has broader appeal than Windemere (too "Downtown Abbey") or say PlayBook or even Z10/Q10/Z30.

Posted via CB from "Z" best


I love it! Its my passport to a new world!

Posted via CB10


I'm not sure about this...
Hard to google for help at example or for a place to buy it. Just search for Passport, what will you get?

Prem WatsApp

Try BlackBerry Passport... quite a few results already, of course no shopping link yet...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


The name is fine... the design... not so much.

Can't go wrong with the Classic though.

It sucks that BlackBerry's most innovative feature yet will be on some ugly piece of hardware that has alienated even their most diehard fans.

It's a decision that old management would have made... I expected more from Mr. Chen.

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LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! A smartphone with a professional name for professionals!


Can't wait! Can't wait!


Good name, ugly phone.
It looks like they forgot businessman's like beautiful things as well as useful things.
BlackBerry please pay more attention to design!

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Ah! So I was right when I first compared it to a passport format with my shy try on a paper cut mockup :)
Can't wait to buy my next Blackberry, Free your mind, travel light with BlackBerry Passport!

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Did Chen unilaterally choose this name too? Brilliant!

Aman Shah Alladin

Thks shoul hv motion censor and thumb print?

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I will have to get my hands on this phone first to see how it really is, then I might consider buying it


I really love the name Passport, but I don't really like the boxy type of design. If round up the edge a little bit, it might look nicer. This is just me...


Love it

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zelmar hernandez

I'm still waiting for the classic

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Ah I pressed love it love it love it by mistake



Shut up and take my money! I love the differentiated design.

With some fancy interpretation: the fall release of the Classic and the Passport can assure us of a real evolution of BlackBerry from the hardware and management of the old la Chen & Co.!

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Kevin Michaluk

Lol... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY... Love it.

Prem WatsApp

Love it, Love it, Love it!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


In a market full of alphanumeric naming convention (z10, q10, z3, q5, z30, 5s, s5, 5c, m8, z, 1+1) to name a few. It's refreshing to hear this name. I dig it.

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I agree I hated the looks of the device but now I like it!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 


I want a Porches design Passport

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Prem WatsApp

That comment is really killing it!

Prem it on, or Chen it on!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


I got attached to the name Windermere, lol :( I think I prefer cool-sounding names that have no real meaning

I'm also still not totally sold on the sharp corners of the device. I'll have to hold it to know if it jabs into my palms

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A passport doesn't have keys

Prem WatsApp

But can unlock worlds...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


BlackBerry Sweden let's do this! Let's sell some Passports :D

It's a Z10 Post


i sound so so to me only.


Looks like my passport. Cool name for the world traveler

Vtecberry Z10

ian hall2

Not too keen on the name

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It's good but a little dry. I think I would call it the blackberry "Bull". For me they need to round the corners. Otherwise the phone will certainly standout. But is it portable? Not on a holster for sure. I hope they think the packaging through.

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tripple dunk

When has BlackBerry been known for thinking things through?

White Z10


BlackBerry Bull? That's the worst name ever for a BB!

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Yes the name is a fantastic name! I wonder how much they had to pay the ad company who came up with it! It is a brilliant name as it is quite unique and piques interest!

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tripple dunk

Fugly ass phone!!!

White Z10


I LOVE IT!! Passports (the original ones) are all unique and EVERYONE has to have one so calling this new phone a passport is a wicked idea!!!

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Huey Newton

If we can only see a commercial like the old master card commercials...... blackberry passport I never leave home without it

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Solar 77

I get how passport relates with the brand but any official explanation as to why the company named it like that?

Funny how people are suddenly raving about the device.

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Sayumi Whisp

Nice but a stupid poll ;)

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)


You'll need to present your passport as you travel through BlackBerry's "Customs and Imagination" Good name, not so sure about the design.


Love the name, but the form not so much.


Brilliant, BRILLIANT name!

rizztazz torch

Yeah, I agree, strange but true, I kinda like it more with the catchy new name. So much so, to choose it over the new classic.

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.


I don't like it. When I think "Passport" the first thing that comes to mind is...well, a US Passport. Sure it's the same shape as a Passport, but can I present it the airport to board a plane?
Will the boarding gate attendant take my phone, flip it over and stamp the battery door? Where do I take my phone to renew my passport and update my picture?

There's nothing "Passport" about Passport...unless I super glue my US Passport to the battery door.

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Passport is such a pants dropping name. Like I can see a girl eyeing me just for it and when she asks what's that phone I'll look straight to her in the eyes and say, "it's the passport babe." Damn she ve so wet.

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ROFL.... dang you had me rolling. Visions of her saying...."is that a passport in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

Don Diego endorses the Zed.


Couldn't vote, since I don't love it.

Name is Meh, but the phone is seriously ugly. That is one phone I won't be buying.

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Those ugly square Mercedes Benz do have their own niche...hmmmm

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Chiraag Jain

Good, as it could be a passport to a bright future of blackberry ...

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So Blackberry is back naming phones again i hope, z3,z10,z30q5q10... it is getting really confusing sometimes