CrackBerry Asks: What color choices do you think need to be available for BlackBerry 10 phones at launch?

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Aug 2012 05:16 pm EDT
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Last week our friends at iMore ran a poll pondering whether Apple should extend beyond white and black for color choices and give users multiple color options for the upcoming release of the iPhone 5. It got me thinking about BlackBerry 10 phones and what colors we'll see at launch. And also, what color our readers would like their first BlackBerry 10 phone to be.

Unlike Apple with the iPhone, over the years BlackBerry has experimented with color quite a bit, especially with the Pearl and Curve lines. In addtion to the tradtional black and white (and silver like the Torch), we have seen them pick from the rainbow and try a bunch of colors - crimson red, sunset orange, royal purple, blue, pink, etc.. Despite the color selection, historically black is the top seller by far, with white being the most popular other.

In addition to the default black option, I hope white is also available at launch (no waiting four months to have it then become available in white). When I bumped into BlackBerry's CEO Thorsten Heins at BlackBerry World this May, I personally made the request to please make sure BB10 is available in white at launch. But beyond the basic colors, I'm not sure what we'll see. Even if it's a minority of people that buy the more brightly colored devices, I still think it's great to have the option out there for consumers and it's a benefit to have all that color to work with in advertising.

Question of the Week: But let's put it to CrackBerry Nation... What color choices do you think need to be there for the launch of BlackBerry 10 phones? Vote above and sound off in the comments!  

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Asks: What color choices do you think need to be available for BlackBerry 10 phones at launch?


Silly question IMO. People like choice. I'll personally buy a BB10 no matter what but most people are not like that. More color choices available more people that are attracted to the product and more satisfied customers.
More the marrier.


Like.. if it's only black at launch, are they losing sales because a person wants white? What's the requirement vs. what's ideal (lots of choice)?

I like the idea of modding. I would like them to go the Zune route where you can customise it on there site and then have it built.

Yes I think they would lose sales if they only had black. I am sad to say that I know girls that would pick one phone over another because it comes in pink.

I think white and black have become the standard for selection today. Any other colors would be a bonus and would attract more eyes but the headache for stores to stock several colors and control inventory may not be worth the extra sale every now and then for the retailer.


Personally, I only need the colour black on my BB10 device. However, I believe the masses prefer a little bit of choice. Perhaps two or three colours max. I think perhaps themed colours could also gain traction? Like what Telus did with their Pink line in support of Breast Cancer.

They need multiple colors. It would differentiate them from Droid and Apple smart phones.

The only pink and purple phone out there? How many 14 year old girls would want it?

I'd personally want white just so I can respond with, "no, it's a blackberry"

Of course black is erquired also. But how about a dark brown for boys?

I'd prefer the Black and/or White. It's upto RIM to go the iPhone way (B&W) or the Nokia way (Flashy Colors).
BTW: Congrats Kevin. For a sec I thought it's Jennifer Aniston. Well, that's a compliment for Mrs. Crackberry if she's not too much against being compared.

I'd love to have a red phone. By the time the colour phones are released I already have one. I wish they were available on launch.

I'll buy one either way, but I've always wanted a white one (and never gotten one because I'm too early of an adopter and they always launch later).

I want a black phone with a black BB seed icon. It would be like having black chrome rims on your car. I know I say this often but until I get it ......

Another colour they could offer besides white could be a nice transparent looking blue with white seeds that would be killer also! IMO

Black and white are musts.
But white does not always suit all form factors. So inplace of white a custom color that works with whatever form factor they choose to run with will be okay.
Pink in limted amounts may find buyers too.

1 boy-ish color (like blue).
1 girl-ish color (like pink)
gives consumers choice without it being too overbearing.
btw how much trouble are you going to get for posting that pic sans permission?
lol if we don't hear from you the next few days we'll know what happened...

I voted for a white and a black at launch. I agree that both colours should be available at launch because I probably won't wait till the white one becomes available later, so I'll just get the black one right away. Not sure how important it is to have a third or fourth, etc. colour at launch. Those could come later as a way to push sales. Maybe a blue colour, like the one in the RIM logo, would be cool. Would be a great way to showcase RIM's comeback! And maybe a pink one for breast cancer, too.

Not sure if its meaningless but I like where you're coming from! Too much emphases on colour, the material is also important

Black BB to go with the color of my car. White is also nice, but the other color choices seem too much. I guess, stick with two basic and that should be enough. The rest of the colors can be done with the various 3rd party cases and covers.

Congrats Kevin, for a minute there I thought it was Jennifer Carpenter. (Y)

Black and white to start. At some point, you may want to consider a color of either silver or gray combination (think charcoal). Options are always a plus.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

It definitely should be black and white. Not a fan of grey coloured phones as they show any scratches easily, Torch 9810 and Galaxy Nexus come to mind. With accessories now, you can easily customize the look of your phone.

Congrats kevin on getting engaged i wish you a long and successful marriage.
I hope you enjoy your time with your wife to be. Also hurry up and spit out a child so that we can add BABYBERRY to the crack family.

how about make it any colour as long as it's black, and have custom paint choices available as special order direct from rim (in partnership with colorware?)

Black, Red, Blue or Silver. Not white because it's hard to see the keys when typing for a physical keyboard. If they go Black and White, I hope there are Multi-colored CASES to go with. I'm all for different colors.

I just made a topic like this two weeks ago..........

And again, part of the problem with RIM is RIM, the other part of it, is the user base. Like this poll (and the poll I made 2 weeks ago) shows you, people are resistant for change even when it won't hurt them. I don't know how having color would annoy someone, you can always get the black would just appeal to a broader range of people, something rim needs to do. it is akin to gay marriage. just because two gay people are married, it doesn't demean yours in anyway shape or form.

In fact, just this week a southern church decided to not marry 2 black really its 2012 and we still have racism in the forefront

I personally would buy it regardless of the color but my wife is all about color options, which I'm sure she isn't alone in the idea. For that reason I would say to have black, white, and at least one other like blue or red available at launch. Wasn't it also stated that we would definitely see new colors?

Only really need Black, but I like what Nokia has done with the crazy colours.

Actually I would love to see RIM bring back the Red/Black color scheme that they had for the Pearl 91xx series...

Make the colour doodoo brown for all I care. Make the form nice and give me the best OS and apps, then make it thin and I'll be happy

Black and white is all we need. And like you said, no more of this waiting 4 months for a white version. Keep it simple guys. Too many colours could mean lots of stock sitting on shelves.

I agree with keeping it simple with just black and white, but I understand the idea of multiple colors. That idea would have the phones appealing to a younger audience. Classic black or white for business and multiple colors for the masses to choose from.
But I fall back on the idea that they need to keep it simple and just get them launched.

White: For girls, gays, and curious

Black: For Bussiness men & womens, and wanna be's...

Blue: For Creeps..

Red: For Blood, wassup! Orale ese...

Violet /
Burgundy : For Sucker Moms & Dads

Choose @ your own risks, hehehehe...and wisely...

Its Blackberry 10, it should, the Colors that Represents..

At release date


If BB10 is as good as we hope

Hot Pink
Digital Camouflage

Congratulations fellow crackberry!

If I were selecting color - I'd visit the local BMWer dealership and match the favorite car colors! Teale looks great - without ignoring the required Black (of course).

Additionally - when it comes to exteriors - it would be great to have the backside of the new units rubberized to increase friction and reduce their tendency to slide across the car seats (when not in the holster).

You need your black, and white
Then red for aids awareness and pink for breast cancer research
And then silver and a blue

The only problem with more colors is the unpopular will just sit there and collect dust.

Congrats Kevin and damn homie the Mrs is gorgeous, good for you