CrackBerry Asks: What Are Your Unanswered BlackBerry PlayBook Questions?

BlackBerry PlayBook Questions
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Apr 2011 03:49 pm EDT

The subject line says it all. We've been covering the BlackBerry PlayBook like crazy (I know, some of you would wish we'd tone it down a bit) since it was announced back at DevCon in September 2010. Even if you're not that interested in the PlayBook itself, it's really an exciting device for RIM as the BlackBerry Tablet OS is our first experience with QNX on a BlackBerry and what will ultimately pave the way to the future operating system on BlackBerry Smartphones.

As we approach the April 19th North American BlackBerry PlayBook launch date, I want to know...  what lingering questions do you still have about the BlackBerry PlayBook? I've been trying to clarify some of the confusion that's out there, like why there's no native email at launch and the differences between Internet Tethering and the BlackBerry Bridge. Are there other pressing questions you're still waiting for answers for? Let me know what you want to know in the comments, and I'll be sure to tackle the issues with some passionate articles!

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CrackBerry Asks: What Are Your Unanswered BlackBerry PlayBook Questions?



My question is simply, can the PlayBook tether to my BlackBerry 9650 (unlimited data plan, Verizon) for free (no extra cost than I'm already paying)?

I asked CrackBerry here:!/SteveKopack/status/54410178786902016
CrackBerry says YES:!/crackberry/statuses/54410891432706048
I asked Verizon here:!/SteveKopack/status/55084135181582336
Verizon said NO:!/VZWSupport/statuses/55294969015054336

So, what's the answer? This is a huge part of me getting the PlayBook since I am a student and dont really have extra money each month for a data plan BUT really I really want a tablet.


it depends on your carrier, if Verizon saids no then unfortunately you cannot. (Also if Verizon is CDMA..... well CDMA is an issue)

Tether charges are "normally" up to the carrier (range from $3 - $20 usually)... However, if you currently use Tether for Blackberry (the app) I've heard that they are looking at creating a Tether app for Playbook... This means, no monthly charges!

Also, CDMA is only an issue if you need to use Bridge and Tether together (which most do)... Only on GSM can you use Bridge and Tethering together.

The issue is with Verizon - you cannot talk and use data at the same time on their network. So while in a call you will not have access to data on the Playbook.

Verizon charges extra for tethering. I use VZ. I called and asked. They said + $20/Mo. with a 2GB cap on the tethering data.

I had the exact same concerns. I called my carrier and based on my plan, I will not be charged for tethering my Bold 9780 to my (future) Playbook.

But even though if I did have to pay $10 per month, it wouldn't prevent me from acquiring the playbook since there's so much more upside to owning the playbook versus the other tablets.

It'll be a much more functional, practical tool that pairs better and more securely than other devices.

And with privacy issues and security becoming so important, I'm glad the playbook doesn't have native email and other apps that leaves my information on the device. I would prefer to have my info wiped from the device the second the tethered connection is disconnected. Besides, my wife has a Torch and she may decide to borrow my playbook for work purposes as well. I don't have to worry about her accessing or messing with my "stuff".

The iPad is a great device, but having owned a BB for just 2 years, I can appreciate the different roles each brand offers. Good luck in your decision.

What is the QNX OS going to be like? Will it be like the current java stuff where you can play around with files?(like using BBSAK to inject files or create hybrids)

Can you annotate pdfs on the playbook using some sort of pen (like for the ipad)? More on the business use of the device. Thanks.

I think so given that you have a capacitive stylus, I hope the adobe reader will allow you to take notes on it...

I think so given that you have a capacitive stylus, I hope the adobe reader will allow you to take notes on it...

For now you can't unless it's some sort of a BlueTooth flash drive, but the hardware supports the ability to use the USB port the same way you'd use the one on your computer. The software won't support it at launch, but I think they'll end up doing it.

How do you right click in the browser? I've seen several RPG style games where right-clicking is a requirement to play properly. Also, I've seen BBM go through the bridge, but what about BBM groups? Can I access BBM group lists on my PlayBook?

I'm not sure about the details of it, but two of my friends already have theirs who work at RIM. They got them this week.

Most important question for me. How do I transfer files to it like powerpoint and word without hooking it up to my pc? IF I email to myself can I download the file to the playbook or will the file be lost when the bridge is broken?

And to fnguyen's question I'd add can you do this to powerpoint files as well. If so I can toss my laptop for short business trips.

once bridged your entire blackberry file system including the SD card is accessible via PB, other means of sharing files are sending it via email or use a online hosting solution such as drop box etc.

Sugar Sync? That's what I use. If drop box is free then ok. I guess sugar sync will make an app. Hey sugar sync make it available at launch please.

Oh, that brings up the question. Sugar Sync is available on BB phones now, can I download that for the playbook and have it work on day 1?

I also want to know if you can save and download files from emails or directly from a BB while bridged or other connection. (bluetooth file transfer etc.)

Wrong. Each app has to wrapped and signed using BB SDK so it can be on App world. Needless to say the offering will be skinny. Also RIM has made no mention of sideloading inhouse Android apps that a business doesn't want in any app store.

WHAT THE HECK DOES THE LOCK SCREEN LOOK LIKE?! That's a very critical part of any device like that. Is it word based, numbers, pattern, facial recognition?

There was not lock screen on the beta unit. Not sure about the retail one. In the beta unit, You press the (very small) power button briefly to put it to sleep, and press it again to turn it back on.

I was going to take a picture if there was one.

Thats what i wanna know too, when wil the Playbook be available in the Netherlands/Europe. I am just as curious as all you guys (and girls) in the US and Canada.

Documents to Go is very awkward on the blackberry, but that is understandable due to size, lack of drop down menus, and icons for quick work... But on the PlayBook, will Docs to Go be more like the actual PC version of Office? You know, with some primitive menus and icons for a more PC-like experience?

Documents2Go will be available at Launch. But Microsoft is building official Office 365 apps for the Playbook to be released later this year as well.

I know that I can bridge my BB phone to the playbook and get BBM, Mail, Contacts, Calendar. But what about my other apps like for example Poynt? Do I have to buy the app again? Can I buy once and run it on the BB phpone and or the playbook?

I didn't see apple listed and they use it don't they?

Taken off their site:

Today there are more than 200 million devices with Gorilla Glass being used by consumers around the world. Due to customer agreements, we cannot identify all devices that feature Gorilla Glass.

So yes its still a 50/50 chance its a yes to the PB having it

Yes it has been confirmed Playbook is using Corning's gorilla glass. The same thinner but stronger glass used in the iPad2. iPad1 had a thicker version of the glass. What we don't know is if it has the 'fingerprint resistant' coating on the glass.

So, my question: will the glass have the anti-fingerprint coating?

A long time ago, RIM patented a gesture which looks like the letter "Z". Could someone please try this to see what happens? Thanks.

How can I transfer files between the playbbok and a computer. I want to be able to view an excel spread sheet on the play book make a view adjustments and then transfer it back to the computer. Do I do that through the USB port or through a cloud sharing site?

Three questions:

1. Will the GPS work even on the wifi only model (I assume it will for the augmented reality apps and such) granted for maps and such we will need to be on wifi or tethered..... or create an app that stores the maps ;)

2. How can I look at the apps that are going to be available on the playbook in app world before launch? I keep hearing people saying this and that about apps they see in there but I cannot figure it out for the life of me! A good remote desktop/vnc app will be a huge plus.

3. Has anyone with a pre-release playbook tried loading the jeeoSuite page from their BB phone to see if it will transfer pics/music/videos through it like on a pc? I think this with an ad-hoc wifi connection may be a way to extend the storage capability of the playbook to the phones SD card.

to add on #1 since the PB has a GPS will it work without a internet connection? because usually when your driving, or lost, you don't have internet...

For #1, definitely the GPS will function fine without network connectivity. (And mapping apps will likely be tuned to do better caching than we've seen before.)

Will the Playbook Save Research In Motion. Since posting disaponting earnings on March 24 Shares of RIMM have drop from $64 a share to $54 a share in 10 days. Will RIMM disapear like PALM.

RIM reported record earnings, profits and shipment of BlackBerries, so it was not the earnings that disappointed. What the market reacted to was RIM being honest - they source parts from Japan and as such are uncertain as they can get enough parts to meet expectations in the next quarter.

Please, when trolling next time try to be a bit more factual.

Will it be possible to charge Playbook via the charging dock and watch video through a connected TV? Just by looking at the pictures, it looks like both the charging port for the dock and miniHDMI port are located of the same edge of the tablet.

First question: Is there any word on netflix coming to the playbook. Second: how many years is this tablet going to be good for. Is RIM planning a playbook2 next year or are they planning to offer updates to make this last 3 or 4 years (maybe too early to anwser the second question)

This is my question too. Apple has trained electronics consumers not to buy the first hardware release of ANYTHING unless you are made of money, because a newer, much better and more feature-packed version will come out in the next two to six months and you will be kicking yourself for not waiting.

And yes, I love Netflix!

When connected to PB with the Bridge connection via bluetooth, will I still be able to use my headset or car bluetooth audio? Really important, as I now input data on bberry while on phone all the time.

Hi @drnknlsr,

Alex from RIM here. As @sf49ers noted, there are different Bluetooth profiles at play in your scenario. While connected to PlayBook via BlackBerry Bridge technology you will also be able to pair to your Bluetooth-enabled headset or car audio system, due to Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) support. And you can rest easy because PlayBook also ensures maximum data security through its advanced AES-256 encrypted Bluetooth connection.

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Could someone try visiting a flash website where key are required, such as:
flexiblefactory (search it on google)
Visit the site and then call up the virtual keyboard (and keep it open) and see if you can play Spectrum games with this keyboard running? The Samsung tablet (Android) can't keep the keyboard open unless you're in a text field.

In other words, can you bring out the virtual keyboard, keep it out and then play flash games which need keyboard for navigation?

This would open up the world of gaming to another level altogether, and would allow all the emulators of yesterday's gaming platforms to come to life! We're talking 100,000 titles here, just think about all the computers ever made.

hmm good question. It would be good if you can make your own compact custom keyboard, with only the keys you need to play the game popping up.

I think they were saying they'd add custom keyboards in the future?

That or you can use a bluetooth keyboard :P Maybe even your bridged blackberry. :D

So, if we make a resume, what programs we can use inmediatly we take the PB out of the box?

Also, I use my cell phone as modem to my laptop, but connecting the usb cable and via desktop manager ( my laptop doesnt has bluetooth). It is probably that I can thether to the playbook we my cell phone?

It is there a chart we the new specifications or feature?


Is there any security that would stop a potentially malicious android/playbook app from accessing/deleting etc. data from a bridged BB?

My question is basically the same, but I'm more concerned with heavy hitters. Are you able to confirm any apps like Netflix streaming, Evernote, or ESPN ScoreCenter? I've seen lots of apps. Some look very interesting, but nothing special asidevfrom what has been shown offat the various conferences (I.e. NFS, Docs to Go). Can anyone confirm anything other apps of this stature?

keep it open. Playbook multi-tasks, cool how apple turns their failures into marketing pluses. :) But anyway I'm sure any big-name apps will be on playbook, why not?

Don't get me wrong. I think Apple has bamboozled the world into thinking you need an "app for that" and it's simply not true if you have an adequate browsing experience. However, it's equally iresponsoble for RIM and it's followers to claim there's no need for apps at all. Sure, not everyone thinks this, but many are trying to push this and attack any post that suggests a desire for an app. Many things on a tablet can be accessed from the web, but I'd like to think somewhere in the middle of "there's an app for that" and "there's a browser for that" there is a usefulness for apps that can only add to the user experience. The browser on my iPad 2 can fully take advantage of the ESPN website. That has absolutely nothing to do with the customization and features the ScoreCenter app brings to the table. So, I use the app for those functions and I browse the web when I want, but I have a choice at that. I can't wait for the PB to drop and get a chance to see how powerful it's browser can be, but you're mistaken if you think a browser alone will give you the best experience. That's just my opinion.

I've seen many of them. In fact I if you look up PlayBook Daily, they publish a blog and have been keeping track of many apps once they are submitted/published to App World. However, most what I've seen are small time apps like converters and the like. Not heavy hitters.

Hand-writing conversion to text...Will there be any pre-installed applications for hand-writing recognition and conversion to text? Will that application allow for easy synchronization with my PC so I can take notes in a meeting, but file them with the project on my laptop?

I'd love to throw away all my antiquated pads of paper and replace them with one Playbook and a capacitive stylus. This is the 21st century after all....

I'm not going to save a lot of movie and music but will install a lot of application, game. What would be the recommended storage? Will 16Gb be enough? How does the data transfer work? Can I connect playbook to my PC for data exchange via mass storage mode? Can I plug external usb to playbook and read data from usb?will playbook be able to access via remote access program i.e team viewer, logmein from my pc and vise versa? Can we install additional font? Do we need to jailbreak? This is so far what I've in my mind. Hope these will be same question for other!

In purchasing apps inblackberry app world,
what are the different option for paying the purchased apps?
I don't have credit card,
apple fanboys can purchase apps using their itune account loaded with credits from itune card they purchased in mall, how about blackberry?

BB App world is a step ahead of Apple's App Store in-terms of payment options. It accepts Credit/Debit,Paypal and has Carrier billing options too.

I don't use credit card, and since playbook wifi only don't have carrier, is there another option? this will be my biggest problem soon when I already have my playbook. Hope I can buy a card like itune card, then i just load it to my blackberry account, so that everytime i will be buying apps, the blackberry will just deduct the charge to my account, because I really don't want to use credit card.

any other option for just like me who don't use credit card?

correct a prepaid visa card works just as well as an itunes card and is more flexible. Once again apples marketing sucks people in, gotta admire them for that.

What about a Visa Debit Card through your bank or credit union? If you are worried about spending money you don't have you could use that option. If you don't use a credit union or a bank why not? Don't you trust them?

when will sprint come out with the playbook is my question ??? im starting to get pissed off that everyone can pre-order at staples , best buy , etc. what about sprint ? does anyone know cause if they don't do it soon i might have to get the ipad 2 ...

Why do you need to get it from Sprint? It isn't cellular capable yet so why not just go to Best Buy and get one? Or am I missing something? (very possible)

Sprint will come with 4G PB, perhaps in june or july... Thats what I have read somewhere, including, I believe, here at crackberry.


Douglas from RIM here. Our first BlackBerry PlayBook is a Wi-Fi model – it’s currently available for pre-order at Best Buy online ( or in-person at a Best Buy store near you. Three additional 4G PlayBook models will make their debut later this year:

- BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi + WiMax: this summer via Sprint
- BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi + LTE: second half of 2011
- BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi + HSPA+: second half of 2011

Douglas, RIM Social Media Team

SMS/MMS. why doesn't rim let TAT make a bloody app for blackberry bridge SMS/MMS. they show off these 'demo apps'....what does the TAT team do???

the playbook UI looks the same as day 1 and OS6.1 looks a lot like 0S6!!!

rim should hire more bodies....everything seems to be taking them forever.

What's wrong with OS6? No really, I mean look at the layout on the iPhone, it's about as bad as you can get. If that was on a RIM product everyone would be saying it's Fugly

DLNA Client support? I saw in the forums a rumour of yes but couldn't find anything official. If so, what file formats can it play? Would also be pretty happy with Windows Media Extender support.

If you find you don't have enough memory can the Playbook be upgraded?

Can you use an external memory device connected to the mini usb?

What is the gray line next to the microUSB, is the first thing at the bottom from the right to the center.

In the FCC it showed as Micro-Laser Etched Serial Number...

How "persistent" is the PB's memory of a bridged blackberry? Would the PB be easily shared between two blackberry users, or is it a pain to get the PB to "forget" a previously bridged blackberry?

I am planning to use the PB plus BB 9700 as a fill in for my laptop on some types of business trips. i.e. can I download certain folders from my pc onto it and use MS Word (I own a resume writing business) and receive documents to edit, then send to the client and sync up to my laptop via USB when I return. Laptop is so HEAVY hence wanting to travel lighter. Help! Best Buy EEs don't seem to think so.

Couple of things are possible in your case. 1) Playbook out of the box ships with a Micro Office compatible software called Docs-to-go which RIM acquired. You will be able to create, edit and view MS office documents created using either Micro office product suite or any other MS Office compatible software. Secondly Playbook is supposed to have a Citrix application that can mirror your desktop/laptop remotely on your playbook via internet connection. Basically using Citrix you will be able to edit the documents saved on your desktop via Playbook. For the second option you will have to install the Citrix software on your desktop and the client application on the Playbook.

Great- so it sounds like 'yes'. what is the approx price on the Citrix app and also can I hook to the 3G streaming through my BB Bold to power the Internet conxn to the PB?

Last, how much memory do I need on this thing? Should I order the most mem possible (64?)

My only concern regarding the playbook is... battery life. How much will the battery last when connected via blackberry bridge to my phone and while using the tablet to surf on the web, watch videos, play games, word processing, and IM'ing? Also how much sleep time can we expect with wi-fi on/off and bluetooth on/off? Basically what I am asking is, will the battery die on me in the middle of the day or can I trust it to last me for a full day like my blackberry smartphone?

You don't need to jailbreak a Playbook because RIM doesn't restrict functionality. The only reason to jailbreak a iPhone/iPad is to use functions that Apple feels you don't want to.

we still have yet to see a video of someone typing in both portrait and landscape modes. how conducive is the playbook to typing in the two modes?

by this i don't mean typing in a website address, but actually sitting down and typing a lengthy email, or sitting in a meeting and taking notes. is this not the device for such tasks?

1. Do ring tones and alerts play through the headset?

2. Will e-mail that is truncated on a handheld, still be truncated on PB when tethered?

3. A) Is BB maps on PB? B) Is it updated to include turn by turn voice navigation?

I wonder if emails will be truncated when Bridged not tethered. If I am tethering I would think that means I am going straight to the internet through my BB to gmail or hotmail etc. If we are going to a website I am sure they won't be. But if we are viewing the email directly on the BB through bridging I do wonder if they will be truncated still. Since Kevin says the bridge is a window then my guess is that they will be truncated... but I really hope not.

What will be any major differences between the upcoming WIFI only version and the 3G/4G models beside them having 3G/4G chips in the?

I Don't want to buy the wrong one now and regret it later.......

Will BlackBerry release a compatible external keyboard dock for the PlayBook in time for the Wi-Fi version? I know we have saw hinted screen shots for a summer release date. I do not want to buy a rapid charging dock then have one with keyboard version come out shortly afterwards.

Okay, with the Playbook supporting flash and flash-based games .. how do we control these games? especially ones which require a keyboard and mouse movement?

Will there be an Adobe Editor application or ability? I want to be able to edit .pdf files coming in to my email and signing them and returning the email. ??

Will users be able to take "handwritten" notes on the Playbook with a stylus? Or, is it going to be only through a keyboard? I realize this means a special app, but does the Playbook screen and touch capabilities allow for the use of a stylus as a pen?

Condidering the front-facing camera, will Skype be available as an app? Will the Android 2.3 (or Skype designed for QNX) Skype app allow video-calling to those on computers?

Also, we're all familiar with the quoted supported video formats and codec support but can you speculate if it will be able to play the run-of-the-mill series/movies encoded in .avi?

Phew! We've come a long way from the 7290! ;)

I want the playbook now, but should I wait for the 3/4G playbook? What is the difference and why was T-moible not listed on the RIM announcement about carriers receiving the playbook.

Honestly, all I want in any of my Blackberry devices is the ability to play digital copies of movies I purchase. Whenever I buy a blu-ray, it has the option of installing a digital copy of the movie to my computer to play back either on the computer or a portable device with Blackberry not being one of the compatible devices. I've heard of hacks to convert the video to something Blackberrys will recognize, but it'd be nice to just install the movie and then easily just throw it onto a Playbook or phone 1-1. Any word on if Playbook will be able to play digital copies of movies?

Thanks for this opportunity,

My 2 Questions are about:

1) Online streaming of videos and some tv channels that use WMV and Microsoft SilverLight software, how capable is Playbook in handling those stuff and can we add some plugins if needed for that, I know that playbook plays WMV but I am not sure about online streaming and plugins.?
That can be a really ipad killer, I have had iphone since the first generation but i held on for this moment to pick between ipad and playbook.

And the last question
2) Do we have copy paste in this device?

Thanks already for your attention.

Absolutely, there is copy/paste. There are earlier aspects of it in the simulator, and we saw it demonstrated on the pre-release units at the Toronto Dev Day.

Can and/or will the BlackBerry PlayBook benefit me as a college student less, just as much, or even better than a laptop would? Computer access is obviously essential to me and my laptop has been out of commission since the dawn of 2011. The PlayBook is so appealing to me for how portable, professional, and innovative it is, but (with all the amazing BlackBerry and QNX features aside) would it give me more of a limited college-work (i.e. Word documents, printing, etc.) experience compared to a laptop? I'm also primarily interested in the WiFi only 16GB version. Please and thank you for any help.

well it's better than iPad2, so on April 19th I hope you'll say "come on Steve what's taking you so long to put out a decent tablet."

Is there a way to print from the Playbook? Will there be some printer drivers that will work, possibly even over wi-fi or bluetooth?

Can the devince be bridged with more then one device? Differences in use/experience when bridged b/w BIS and BES? Any customization by user/profile?

Forget specs for a minute, how does the PlayBook compare with the Xoom or iPad2, for example, from a useability perspective. Cut & paste, pinch to zoom & other gestures, flexibility regarding external devices and cables such as HDMI, touch & feel, solid feel of casing, effectiveness of external buttons, quality & quantity of built-in apps, professionalism, etc.

I think some might benefit from this discussion. I know I would since I can't get my hands on a PlayBook to answer those questions.

I had the chance to handle the Playbook at a Rogers/RIM event in Calgary today. Web navigation is smooth as you would expect from a high powered tablet, runs Flash 10.1. Pinch to zoom is smooth and responsive. I did not see a lock screen, but these were still beta software units, so as mentioned above I don't believe this feature was available on these models. The RIM representative stated that he was aware there was no official announcement for battery life but mentioned he is experiencing/was told to expect a "full working day out of it, much like other Blackberry devices". To my surprise, there were quite a few soft shell gel/hard shell gel with soft gel lining, leather envelope style pouches and magnet style pouches available on display; I inquired about the availability of all of these at launch, which was confirmed. Price range for these was $49-59. There will be no other color PB available other than black. Retail package will include Blackberry Playbook, soft gel style pouch in grey with power cord/supply that will charge the Playbook in half the time it currently takes a Blackberry phone. Further more, you can opt to purchase the magnetic dock, which cuts the charge time of the above mentioned time in half AGAIN; basically charging it 4 times faster than a current generation Blackberry smartphone. The standard power cable/supply that comes with the PB will be backwards compatible with current Blackberries, while still providing the accelerated charge. I read all the comments you guys left on here and off the top of my head I think I answered most of them.. if you have any other questions let me know and I will try to help out.
- Alex

Thanks Alex, it seems like everyone who has touched a playbook i very happy with it. I know i'll like it, now i just want the ad campaign to begin.

what video file formats and codecs will it play? xvid, divx, avy, wmv, mov, etc? ac3 audio, mpeg, etc?. will we need to upgrade Dekstop Manager or is it not needed at all?

Has anyone seen the video chat work? Or BBM video?

Can you video with users at a computer or Playbook only?

What about video chatting through Gmail chat?

My question is are they going to update the blackberry 6.0 theme builder studio. So we can customize the themes on the Blackberry Playbook and other future blackberry products.

I want to know if the Bridge program will be availabe to those outside Nth America (say Australia!!). Also is there a lock screen, cut and paste functions, is the Docs to Go software complete or will you need to upgrade to edit documents, does it come with a pdf viewer???? How fast will the tethering connection be when surfing the web??

Lots of questions just no answers yet!! Bring on 19th already!!

Well, I would like to hear more about the notification system.
- Will the PlayBook be good for multimedia?
-Will I be able to send bluetooth content(songs, videos, pictures) to other bluetooth capable tablets or phones?
Will there be good apps at launch?
-Beatmaker app?
-Is the build quality of the PlayBook good?
-And, last but not least, is this tablet worth the buy? Right now, I have a limited amount of money that I want to spend. Should I save the money and wait for the PlayBook?

When can we expect the 3G version and for the Playbook to be available globally? Particularly in Singapore...

When USB host support arrives, will it be powered?

Also, will I be able to charge the playbook through its micro usb port.

Someone mentioned that Citrix remote desktop access software will be available for the PlayBook. I've been using their GoToMyPC software since 2009, connecting my laptop to my work computer and directly accessing files, programs, and printing on the work computer. It's great! They have 24/7 technical support that knows what they're doing. I called them two months ago and sent email since asking about BlackBerry support; they already support iPad. They told me they had no plans to support BlackBerry. I just found Citrix Receiver in the BlackBerry AppWorld. I downloaded it and it appears to be for Enterprise users only (I'm not BES). I've sent a message to their Customer Support asking their plans for the PlayBook.

I will be very happy if someone can confirm that Citrix will support remote access from PlayBook for non-BES users. If not, is there another possibility out there?

Thank you for this opportunity, I know that you can link the blackberry phone to the playbook to access BBM and other features. However would it be possible to use BBM without bridging my phone? Can I access it through the WiFi connection or would it have to be a data plan and if so, is there a possible 3G version soon? Thanks a lot!


the questions of Skype was beeing asked 3 times, but it seems nobody has an answer for that.
Can anybody say weather Skype will be available or not for the PB?

I want to know the UK launch date. The "3" date of June is too late, and anyway I cannot believe such a marginal network would get it first. I have PlayBook money burning an iPad2 shaped hole in my pocket right now. Announce a date for the UK, RIM. Do it, or lose sales to the iPad.

So there is lots about the BB tethering application for the PB but what about 3rd party apps like Tether. I use Tether with my BB and laptop; will the same be possible for my Playbook? Is Tether going to be available.

HDMI out is wonderful BUT what if I want to connect to an old school digital projector? Is there a cable for that? Is it even possible?

Of course they would. How Else would Jill record Jack when he falls down and breaks his crown so she can laugh at him later... To bad she come's tumbling after. Karma's a bitch.

Will the playbook support bluetooth devices like keyboards as well? What about working in MS word or PowerPoint?

I think my questions would be about Docs to Go, now are we going to have the "regular" version or are they going to put the Premium version on this sweet machine? I just think for all the power & advancements that have gone into the Playbook that the Premium edition would have been a nice surprise & added even more production power to the Playbook.

Since Docs to go is now owned by RIM, they will focus on offering the premium version to all Blackberry platforms, including the Playbook.

I'm not sure if this question has been addressed, but I would like to know if the Playbook will display videos in different formats and how will you be able to up load your own videos to the Playbook.


My question(s) is/are.

Will people finally know how to use the Playbook forum?
Will they perform a SEARCH BEFORE asking the same question in a new thread.

I understand that sometimes searches do not return favored results but multiple threads about your staples order might prove otherwise.

Sorry i had to get that off my chest.

Battery and is their a 'file explorer' like program/feature

Hi and thank you in advance for researching this question. Like many I have reserved a Playbook but, I'm concerned because I take online classes and the website requires a verisign certificate. Do you know if I would be able to purchase this type of certificate to have access to my classes on the Playbook? I already know that the IPad is not compatible because the website utilizes flash and real player videos for recorded classes and buffering.

Again thank you


You will have no issues utilizing all features of the web, including certification such as the one you described above.

Can you transfer files directly from a bb to the pb and vice versa through the bb bridge like .doc .pdf sheets or even .mp3 .mp4 without the use of a pc , if you can't can you do it by regular bluetooth transfer or via cable data ?

rumors and speculation. There has been no details around a Playbook 2 as of yet and there won't be for quite some time. The next version of Playbook will most likely come in different sizes but the internals will be relatively the same knowing RIM's updating procedures. I would expect news regarding this sometime next year.

All pretty much business related:
1. Can IT set these up for users without their BlackBerry ID or BlackBerry Phone?
2. On BlackBerry Bridge, what exactly is the Intranet? Just the webpage? Or does it include the network drives?
3. Can IT remotely wipe the PlayBook? Granted, email, contacts and things available through bridge are safe, but what if a sales guy loads it up with presentations, sales data, etc., and then forgets it in a cab, airport, customer site, or it gets stolen?
4. Is there an application for remote troubleshooting?
5. If connected to the company wifi network, and not bridged to the phone, do they still have access to company resources?
6. Can it print to a network printer?
7. Can batteries be replaced by the end user/IT department, or will the PlayBook need to be shipped to RIM?
8. Are there adapters to convert the HDMI out to say DVI, VGA, or composite video?
9. How Shiney is it? Execs like shiney and new.

8. These adapters are already available through Staples, Best Buy, etc.

9. The back is not. The material is similar to the rubber like material found on the good Verizon (motorola) cable box remotes, if that helps.

1. I am almost certain you need to sign up for a BBID to use the playbook

3. No data from your blackberry is stored on the playbook. Fire you sale guy. This is a very good question considering Blackberry protect would be able to pick up where the lost/stolen playbook is if it is turned on and within a GPS signal. This is something we will have to wait and see if they implement BB Protect functionality. My guess is they will for the 3g/4g model.

5. does your company have secure wifi login? If so, access should be granted.

7. Playbook is not meant to be opened by the end user. Battery replacement would most likely be done by RIM technicians.

What about Printing from the Playbook? Will I be able to print a document or web page on my network printer?

Brigding is free but does not allow Internet access. To access the Internet you will have to Tether a phone to your PB. Carrier fees may apply. VZW charges 20 to tether(Share) your data plan with other devices. And there is a limit on usage.

I don't have Verizon but I have to say charging for tethering just kills me. You're going to charge us AGAIN for something we're already paying for??? I mean, I have unlimited data with my carrier so that's really what I expect UNLIMITED but no if I want to use MY data that I'm already being charged for with something else they expect me to pay more for it. The rich get richer I guess. Just a rant, sorry had to get that off my chest.

Hi, my main question has only been semi-answered. I'd like to know if VPN AND Remote Desktop will be available?

I need to create a secure VPN connection then remote desktop to get into my work network/computer. I know others have listed that BES is available instead of VPN (but I'm on BIS, not BES, mainly because my phone, etc is 90% personal use and I don't want my company having access to my personal stuff, so BES is NOT an option for me). I'm sick of having to carry my netbook around when I travel to get into my work computer (I only bought the netbook because the iPad couldn't do some features that the PB can and to use while waiting for the PB to be released), but I'll end up having to carry both if the PB can't do this!

My other, much more minor question is whether the themes I've bought for my BB (torch) will "work" on the PB or if anyone knows if the theme developers will be extending them to work on both (or will I have to buy again)? I have one theme I really love and would love to have it on my PB as well.

Does anyone think emails will still be truncated once we finally get native email on the PB? And a real biggy how about being able to download more than one attachment at a time. Man that kills me when i get 15+ attachments in 1 email.

Can the PB be used with two different BlackBerry phones? That is, if I buy the PB and connect via Bridge, and then my gf wants to use the PB the next day, will the PB automatically connect to her BB via Bridge as well (after the initial setup, of course)? What if I let a friend use it for a bit, can he connect as well? What if both BB devices that previously connected are in proximity to the PB, will they both try to connect?

And, simultaneously, could one BB (or Android, etc.) be connected to provide tethering while a different BB in connected via Bridge?

Has anyone seen the video chat work? Or BBM video?

Can you video with users at a computer or Playbook only?

What about video chatting through Gmail chat?

Does anyone recall seeing a Microphone on the PB? All this talk of Facetime like apps, and I don't ever recall seeing a microphone? Will the PB have a video chat app at launch? I saw a pic with a BBM Video named Icon, but that was for OS 6.1 or 7.

will the playbook be able to use network proxy for wifi connections that need proxy servers? like in the university or in the office? thanks

Will Netflix stream on it?
What will the hdmi cable let you display on TV? Like if I rip a DVD movie to a avi file will it display it on a TV.
What are video formats it will play?

RIM really needs to market this thing right. It's the right product for RIM but people now have all kinds of pre-determined expectations on what a tablet is and should do. we'll see what happens!

One of the beauties of my Android devices is being able to download nearly any file type of any size OTA from the browser or dropbox. Will the Playbook be able to do this? I like dling cd's that are in a .zip or .rar format and then using an extraction program to extract them. Best feature on my Xoom and HTC Thunderbolt!!

1) Will I be able to view/participate in webinars, podcasts, etc.?
2) Can I connect to the internet using a Tether app?
3) will i be able to view, edit and create MS office documents via MS Office App?
4) Will the Playbook have the ability to do what the iPad2 can do?
5) Will the Playbook have the ability
6) Can I do on the Playbook what I can do on my laptop?

1. Will the built in media player play flv files, or will an app need to be developed for that?

2. What are all of the video formats supported by the built in media player?

Will the PlayBook have an expandable memory port (micro SD), in case I decide to go for the 16GB version? And though I see it will have a micro HDMI output, will the PlayBook ship with this connecting cable, and if not, will CrackBerry be selling this? Guess that is all for now.

Here is my question. Why wait for 3g/4g?
My service is ATT so I can use the bridge to connect to Playbook. When I go to the web I hope I can use my unlimited data plan. In other words no additional charge.
Hopefully Skype will be allowed on ATT. It is not allowed now.

I want to use the Playbook on the road and be able to work in Word, Excel and show video of my products.

Would like to here comments on the main question. Why wait for 3g/4g?

Thanks, Dan

Of interest for those who don't see so well - Is reverse color (white text on black) theme available? What zoom/magnification is available for documents and e-mail?

I just called Verizon about tethering my Storm 1 with blackberry playbook.I was told i won't be able to tether the two devices thru blutooth as my BB does not have hotspot capability.
I have mobile broadband package on my account which i use for my laptop with cable.
Is there anyway of tethering thru blutooth,since i have seperate package for mobile broadband on my account ?