CrackBerry Asks: What are you most looking forward to in BlackBerry 10?

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jun 2012 01:37 pm EDT

A lot of things became much more clear about BlackBerry 10 thanks to the preview at BlackBerry World last month, and I'm really happy about the direction RIM is taking with it. It's not losing focus of being a communication tool and productivity tool first, which is what has made BlackBerry so useful over the years (but of course it'll rock at media and games too).

I'm super excited for a touchscreen experience that features a user interface optimized for one-handed ease of use. I'm loving the BlackBerry "flow" experience that will allow me to seamlessly traverse between applications. And as much as I love physical keyboards, I'm digging the innovation in the new touchscreen keyboard, which looks like it will be both easy and addictive to use.

And of course I'm loving that BlackBery 10 is based on the rock solid QNX platform. It's easy to forget that with 78 million BlackBerry Smartphone owners in the world but only a couple mllion (I'm estimating...) PlayBook tablet owners, that the vast majority of BlackBerry users (and most people in the world for that matter) haven't experienced just how much different this new platform is. All of the little BlackBerry annoyances of the past (hour glassing, running low on app memory, etc.) are history. The QNX platform is POWERFUL.

Question of the Week: So on that note, CrackBerry Nation, I want to know... what are you looking forward to most in BlackBerry 10? Sound off in the comments to this post!

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CrackBerry Asks: What are you most looking forward to in BlackBerry 10?



I really look forward to BB10, however we have to be clear that there is a reason why we love our current BBs, all the unique functionalities which allows us to rely on it, i just hope QNX BB10 is able to keep most if not all these features and real time connectivity as BB7, instant notifications, bedside mode, bridge etc, combined with all the coolness, fluidity and multitasking power of QNX. Just amazing!!!

Rooting for RIM and BB10 all the way!!!!

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Took the words out of my head. I didn't see the full core integration with the PlayBook so I really hope to see this with bb 10!!

I have no doubt that QNX - os10 will rock with great capabilities and UI. However it will matter little if large scale corp users will have fled before the release. Rim must get in front of large scale users and begin informing and teasing them of the up coming updates before they switch to iOS or droid. I've seen many corps make these switches recently. My company is about to make a switch as well. Rim will have a much steeper hill to climb if they lose corporations while competing in the personal device market. VP of marketing or sales better get out and beat the bushes while they still have a job. If they continue to lose corp/gov users they will be dead sooner rather than later and that's a guarantee!

Looking to see the critics silenced. Sick of being asked why I bought a blackberry. No more spinning clocks no more battery pulls no more freezing up. Camera that goes back in time. Fluid movement. Memory management. Can't wait.

I just want it to do what it is supposed to do when I push a button! No lag! Smooth! Quick! I am talkin' BAM! In yo' face iphone and android type of s**t!

It arriving!

A new environment, and something that brings a new feel and style to BlackBerry. Quieting a lot of the critics, and really establishing a fun and new mobile OS.

1. All Common apps
But specially cross platform communication apps like Skype etc ). I stay away from all single platform apps like facetime BBM etc..

2. Nice, Full screen
keyboard can be soft or slide.

why are there so many problems w/ charging BB devices when you do not use blackberry's own charger. Its a standard micro USB connector, which should work when matched w/ correct amperage.

4. VPN should work - and work well!

5. Better Memory management

6. FREQUENT updates to keep platform relevant.
Put out an amazing product but continue to keep up via downloads. Primary reason many have moved away. Developers don't want to work on such a fractured platform with more than one screen resolutions, models, OS versions etc..

7. front facing camera for chat

Know what works and loose what does not.
Keep the ability for user-replace battery
Many like the physical keyboard, but w/o sacrificing any screen
Good work w/ browser displaying all websites.

Not sure what issues you've been having with using a non-BB charger. I'm currently charging my phone with a Nokia micro USB charger, and frequently use a Samsung Galaxy Nexus charger as well. How odd that you've had difficulty with that.

Definitely hope thats not an issue on next gen BB's for anyone!

Nice list... I also hope some of the devices have the "waterfall" effect like on my torch 9850. It would feel extremely smooth when using gestures.

I Agree. Stable OS and Fast! No limits on the memory space for Apps! That would be great! The Hardware need to stay as it is. Great quality and durable on any Berry i have used. :)

Seamless integration of a bridge functionality that allows me to transfer files and screen view from my BB10 phone to my BB10 tablet...

Remote device control
Integrated slick messaging
Lots of slick cascades apps
Me not having to explain that RIM is amid a transition
Oh, and BlackBerry 10 on my PlayBook :)

We might be waiting too long for that. But I'm with you, if there's no keyboard I'm holding out.

Same here. Without a physical keyboard, the device would have to absolutely blow me away to switch. There are many things I prefer about an iPhone to my 9930, but at the end of the day, the keyboard keeps pulling me back.

Before predetermining the first BB10 device and passing judgement on the lack of a hard keyboard, let's first see what the first BB10 device is. I'm sure RIM will blow us away with what they're doing. Certainly, some may still prefer a keyboard but we can also bluetooth a physical keyboard or wait for the next BB10 device with keyboard.

I'm ok with a full touchscreen. I don't like small screen. And I almost never use the physical on my 9800. I'm agree that the keybord on the 9900 is really smooth but I think the virtual keybord on my torch is faster.

As much as I am a fan of the physical keyboard, I think it would be a mistake by RIM produce physical keyboard phones. I love my Torch which gives me both touch and physical, but I think the way of the new phones is bigger screens. Even Apple is falling behind in this demand as manufacturers such as the world's largest seller of smart phones, Samsung, are producing large screen touch phones and they are becoming the rage. It's expected that Samsung will continue to outpace Apple in worldwide sales because of their large, flashy touch screen phones. While Apple really hasn't come out with anything new for a while and quite frankly the Iphone is starting to become a little boring too many who have owned it for awhile.

I'm looking forward to all the hotties that will be throwing themselves at me when they see I'm sporting a new BB10 phone.

LTE on Verizon WITH A BlackBerry. If my current BB had LTE, I would be the proverbial pig in shit. NFC will be nice to have as well.

From BlackBerry World, they added a kind of a timeline to a picture so we can modify an element in the picture from a few moments before the pic was taken to a few moments after in order to modify already taken pictures to remove closed eyes on a subject for example. Seems great!

FLOW BABY!!! Loving the glance features and gestures are GODLY when you get to use them...Picked up my old iPhone after months, and I use my PlayBook daily and I find it such a hassle to jump through apps on the iphone! MULTITASKING!!

This would be the Illustrious BB Key you would be speaking about, right? Apple still doesn't get it!!! This key is MY WORLD. And speaking of "flow". This key helps me find all the crap I hide and move around effortlessly, and that iPeople cannot FATHOM. This is the singularly the only reason I stay with BB, nobody can touch them with this kind of ability. Pack it under the hood of the "10", and Watch Out!

@fgarat: YES!! That is such a PITA. And not to have to reconfigure every app on the phone after upgrading the OS. This is just crazy after all these years!

Welcome to QNX! If you have a PlayBook you would know the answer to this :) A QNX based BB10 OS will be:

* fast & smooth; no OS spinning clocks
* app hungry with no memory partitioning
* fully multitasking, multithreaded (depends on development environment)
* real-time capabilities with no latency, if RIM turns it on
* you can force-kill an app, unlike the current BlackBerry OS; although RIM is adding some limited app control to some flavors of 7.1
* no reboots after installing apps

All BlackBerry OS woes are gone. Things don't bog down because you run too many apps, but stuff won't run on BB10 if you don't have resources it needs. It's a much better model. I only hope we will be able to kill background processes that consume resources as we can with apps -- perhaps in a different way.

I'm looking forward to the PlayBook experience with installing and deleting apps. OS7 and previous versions are a pain... Slow app world downloads and updates, continuous need to reboot, half the apps are unavailable when upgrading to a newer device. With BlackBerry 10, I'm looking forward to a consistent app ecosystem, seamless app updates and fast downloads without the need to continuously reboot. When an app will work on every BlackBerry devices, it might appeal some more developpers.

I'm looking forward to more people having a blackberry... or at least having an easier time recommending a blackberry to people.

I know over all it will be a great experience, but I really hope I don't lose some of those minor yet important thingsthat made me love BB in the first place; namely, SureType keyboard layout, removeable battery, ability to customize fine details throughout the device, logical ease of use, ability to access all files that I have stored on my phone via USB, removeable storage, and so much more,

It seems with every upgrade in my life I lose features I was fond of in the device being replaced.

So many +1s there!

-Removable battery (I REALLY HOPE SO!!)
-Customizable details (Profiles) (Themes? one can hope!)
-USB storage style access

You think there is a couple MILLION playbook users?

IDK about that. Seems they have wrote down an extrodinary amount of PB inventory. Not to mention that yes BB may have SHIPPED a few million out, that certainly doesn't mean they sold thru those.

Not to rain on the BB parade or anything, but this site is turning more and more into, I love BB and I am going to ignore facts, and just say what I feel regardless of it being accurate information or not.

Regardless of your personal feelings on the Playbook, it is / was a catastrophic failure in terms of SALES. Which ultimately is the only number worth keeping track of.

They have announced 1.45 million sales as of last quarter. In that quarter they sold 500,000 units. Given that last quarter sales and that this quarter is almost up, 2 million isn't out of the question. And this is sales, not inventory numbers.

I don't understand what's up with these people who say things like "oh you people come here and forget about facts" or last week and prior the "stop drinking Kool aid" thing.

What facts though? The bullshit hear-say? Or the bullshit in the media? It's all garbage when it comes to RIM so pardon me for completely dismissing the crap "facts" out there.

First off, CrackBerry is a fan-site, so you're going to see opinion skewed towards BlackBerry. Can you find me a fan-site that isn't emotionally skewed towards its topic?

In March RIM claimed that there were over one million playbook users:

So it's very likely that you're correct, there probably aren't "Millions" of PlayBook users out there.

However, if you're going to say that we ignore "facts", and then not provide any proof of your own claims, you're either incredibly lazy or just another troll.

Just because Playbook got off to a bad start, mostly because of RIM not including some of their basic apps and the media beating them over it, does not mean that it is not (today) a great little tablet. It is slowly gaining market share and this will likely escalate with the launch of BB10. I have an IPAD and a PB. Both have their issues, but I can honestly say that purely on hardware and the OS's I do prefer the PB. And guess what? I only paid about half the cost of my IPAD for my PB. RIM needs to get the word out about the PB because it's a great little device with TRUE MULTITASKING. I can only see sales continuing to grow.

This figure is probably about right. Even though RIMM wrote off a significant portion of the PlayBook inventory, it doesn't mean they went to the landfill - they were just sold at a much lower price (thus the write-off).

Lower price allowed me to get a 2nd after making the mistake of getting a 16g pb. Was able to give my pb to my gf and get a 64g. Even persuaded my gf to get a 9900 last week because she was planning on jumping to the other platforms.

BB10 can wait, just need to get it right.

- all the great things of bb7
- above average bat life
- non of the negatives of bbos. Long app dl time, partitioned app memory, too many options for the average user.

Make it flow with with easy to use flashy ui, keep the same apps dl experience of the pb (as always make it faster).. Most importantly give me something to keep the i-s and driod owners off my back to switch. Be bold.

I'm pretty happy with my Bold 9900 and Playbook combination. But if I had to pick, I would say anything that this phone does that the others do not (ie. the keyboard and camera concepts were pretty cool), but fixes to some of the current irritations that many have already mentioned (slow boot up time, restarting the phone with a new app install, phone freezing, etc., would make me very happy. The cherry on top - I hope they pull out some more surprises that just blow me away and then they market it properly to boot.

A device made by RIM that will silence the criticism from the iOS and Android die-hards.
One that we can proudly display regardless of who we're with.
One that we can recommend to friends and loved-ones who we otherwise might have had to tell "you should probably get an iPhone".


LEAVING BLACKBERRY AGAIN. It failed me. First I left because of slow production, and a ridiculously over priced bold 9000, and now because the software on my blackberry 9700 has continually crashed, and now failed me. Unable to access my work email, I ended up going to the wrong office! F*** (ALL IN CAPS). It can't even do it's core functionality anymore. I needed to attend that meeting to assist one of my clients, so I can feed my f'n mouth. Fcuk blackberry.

Bye bye.

Perhaps you can't feed your "f'n mouth" because your clients are tired of your inept and unprofessional attitude.

I never said, I can't. I said so I can. You're inept, b/c you can't comprehend. :P. Blackberry is going down b/c the market says so. Real users of blackberries, realize that they don't work anymore.

I love how he's complaining about ancient devices. The 9700 is about three years old!!!! People always try to compare ancient BlackBerry devices to current competitor devices. Have a current BlackBery device, know how to use it, and you won't run into problems. I've had BlackBerry for about 8 years and not once did I ever have a problem.

And, if you really think about it. They really do suck. The built a 9700 which continually crashes. A torch, which numerous ppl have told me crashes. Tried to do two different things at the same time, multimedia and productivity phone. Then they continued and did the same thing with the bold 9900, by taking away what blackberry is famous for- battery life. Way to kill your brand. Unless blackberry 10 fixes this, they're fcuked. Any real user who needs a blackberry will admit this. If you can't access email, really why is it still around. All facts, no bs. You can't deny. And, like I said i owned 8 blackberries, so I'm not being unfair, especially since I own, and use one now. From a user, who needs a work phone, it sucks.

Clearly not a Bold 9900 owner, right? Since 7.1 the battery on the 9930 is SOLID! The first iteration of the OS was a battery drainer, but it was about on par with the competition. Since 7.1, it far exceeds the competition when it comes to battery life.

Using the battery argument on a Bold is like saying the iPhone sucks because it can't multitask. (Bad example, because it can barely multitask....)

Where you going - Apple? lol. I was golfing last night with my buddy and he normally keeps score on his Iphone, but alas none of his Apps would load. I talked to him today and he's tried everything but can't get any apps to load. I can tell you many more stories about other phone reliability issues. You can curse at BB all you want but if you think there are no technical issues with other smart phones you're sadly mistaken. My BB Torch has worked flawlessly for a year and a half now. The BB Curve from work, dropped more than I care to remember, worked flawlessly for over three years. My Iphone, which I had for about a year sits in my desk drawer because it won't boot. I wish you luck in your search for a phone that works for you.

I think you may be having a case of USER ERROR here. I've had my 9700 since it was their flagship device 2 years ago, upgraded to OS6 as soon as it was leaked and am now running on it. I have ZERO problems with any of the functionality on it and now that I am using the playbook for most of my media consumption, my 9700 has become almost purely a communications device. I am on day 27 since my last boot up and I'm only down 15MB of memory on it.

I am always bridged to my PB and get an ENTIRE TWO DAYS of battery life on it. I think there may be a problem with you...not the device...

That's why the stock is less than 10 bucks a share eh? Real users of a work phone, don't get playbooks. Ppl who get playbooks, want to be cool. I can't think of any practical use of one, or an iPad. I use my phone, with an unlimited voice plan, b/c I USE my phone. I don't have a case on it, and flash my phone to display my status, as a business wannabe. Comments like yours, give blackberry a false sense of security. They read your posts, and misidentify who the REAL target market is. And now, because of wannabe's in denial like you, who fail to voice, that it does suck, RIM listening to their customers- wannabe cool be's like you, have assisted in RIM's failure. Thanks, from the people who need a reliable email phone.

That's why the stock is less than 10 bucks a share eh? Real users of a work phone, don't get playbooks. Ppl who get playbooks, want to be cool. I can't think of any practical use of one, or an iPad. I use my phone, with an unlimited voice plan, b/c I USE my phone. I don't have a case on it, and flash my phone to display my status, as a business wannabe. Comments like yours, give blackberry a false sense of security. They read your posts, and misidentify who the REAL target market is. And now, because of wannabe's in denial like you, who fail to voice, that it does suck, RIM listening to their customers- wannabe cool be's like you, have assisted in RIM's failure. Thanks, from the people who need a reliable email phone.

That's why the stock is less than 10 bucks a share eh? Real users of a work phone, don't get playbooks. Ppl who get playbooks, want to be cool. I can't think of any practical use of one, or an iPad. I use my phone, with an unlimited voice plan, b/c I USE my phone. I don't have a case on it, and flash my phone to display my status, as a business wannabe. Comments like yours, give blackberry a false sense of security. They read your posts, and misidentify who the REAL target market is. And now, because of wannabe's in denial like you, who fail to voice, that it does suck, RIM listening to their customers- wannabe cool be's like you, have assisted in RIM's failure. Thanks, from the people who need a reliable email phone.

This is not meant to be a trolling post but I just look forward to an alternative from the iPhone and multitude of Android devices out there for everyone not just Blackberry fans.

My friends and family want to see what RIM has to offer. And for consumers, in general, this is going to be something new, different, and better then what's out there currently.

I agree>>> unlimited data to use with playbook!!! Would be great if the bridge function allowed more functionality ie streaming movies, video calls, etc... But im def lokoing forward to getting the upgrade!!!

By the way, I hope they die now. I had 7 blackberries, 1 iphone, and a blackberry again. I hope really hope they die. What goes around comes around. You get what you deserve in the end! Shit like this just doesn't happen to a blue chip company b/c of hate. It's b/c you simply suck now.

wow, it must really suck to be you.
or rather, it must REALLY suck to be anyone who has to deal with you on a daily basis.

Wow haven't posted here in 5 years, and the OP's here are real butt hurt. I never realized how sensitive they were to a PHONE. Sorry to butt hurt all you loyal blackberry users. A phone is a phone, what's this world coming to.

You joined CB les than 4 years ago and have never posted in a thread, lol. (Not hard to find out)
No one here is hurt, just amused.

...finally not having people touching my screen (currently 9700 soon to be 9320 before going BBX) thinking its a touch screen. I swear I'm the last person I know to be using a touchless screen.

Will the BB finally get full Gmail integration and syncing both ways like iOS and ANdroid users have had for years?

Yes, dear god! And calendars too, please...geez.

This and to rarely see the damn clock (instead of every time I get a friggin' TEXT MESSAGE) are what I'm most looking forward to.

You're kidding, right? Stability and battery life is best in market. Speed you need to talk to your carrier about that.

Besides an awesome, market leading physical QWERTY, security, push and short-cut features, give us strong multi-media abilities that rival iOS and Android. I also would like to see them use the 9900's form factor but maximize it's real estate with a larger screen with higher resolution and DPI. I won't mind if it's a bit thicker than the 9900 for a larger battery please.

Last but not least, I want a troll-blocking app.

Im looking forward to what we dont know about the platform.
what is Rim holding onto until launch that is going to make people drop the iphone and say omfg!! i want that new blackberry phone! <<<

Looking forward to:

-Computing power and multitasking abilities of QNX
-FLOW/Cascade UI and implementation within the CORE experience and Quality Apps
-First BlackBerry SUPERPHONE experience
-HD video recording, and heck the whole camera
-Using the device and providing as much quality feedback as I can (I love testing new hardware/software)
-Bridge for BB10
-Silencing the haters (one can only hope)

Hoping that the competition doesn't pass us while we wait again. BB fans are always waiting for that next phone, and by the time it hits it outdated, or your expectations were too high and it could not deliver.
All that is a thing of the past, thats what I am waiting for the most.

Here is my wishlist:

0. Keep the hardware keyboard (bold 9900) and keyboard shortcuts as they are.

1. Ability to install real VOIP/SIP applications and Skype

3. Amazon Kindle App. I don't know what's going on with RIM and Amazon - but sort it out - let me have my kindle app! And I also want some DLNA app (media renderer, and media player, media streamer profile. Both. I should be able to play DLNA media on my BB too).

3. Get rid of this "PIN" locking nonsense. Unlocked BlackBerry should work with any sim-card and data plan. When I travel abroad, I insert a locla sim card of the country. Voice calls/phone function works fine. But data does NOT work. Your existing carieer needs to remove (release) your PIN! Really, what kind of nonsense is that. Get rid of this bullshit PIN locking crap.

4. Much faster boot times. I am okay with upto 1 minute boot time. But no more.

5. More RAM/Memory. I am sick of running on low reosurces simply because I have few apps open. Adding few hundred megs of RAM won't increase the cost drastically!

6. When I configure 10 email accounts (using BIS) allow me to assign a label/color for each account. I like to use unified-inbox. But I want to be able to differentiate which email came from which account simply by looking. So, if an email comes from , let me assign a small label/flag/dot/color to it.
(Right now, PIN messages appear in "red" color. So, it's easy to tel you've received a PIN message. Let us have colors for different email accounts too).

7. At least, Penta Band - true world phone (one phone that works on T-Mobile as well as ATT networks. 850/900/1700/1800).


I’m looking forward in BB10 blowing the competition out of the water or at least being above pair with everyone else. I really hope what is brought to the table is enough to say to everyone we are still in this! There use to be a day when everyone noticed if you had a BB and they thought you were cool, let’s make that happen again!

1.) The new BB10 device should have killer looks, something that makes u wanna buy it regardless of the features or price.

2.) I'm Hoping they come out with a device with a Landscape Sliding Qwerty keyboard (like HTC Desire Z or the Nokia E7).

3.) The New device MUST NOT LOSE any of the features we have come to take for granted in a Blackberry device, (Bedside Mode, Auto Text, Magnetic Holster, Convenience Keys, Notifications, Profiles, Dedicated Camera Key etc.)

4.) SKYPE, Kindle, Google Maps ( i heard there is no google maps app for playbook)

WHAT I AM REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO is not having to carry around an android device for Apps and Camera,

I'll be happy if it can do everything my PB can, but with a mobile carrier of course.
Skype and Netflix would be cool. I don't use Netflix but I wouldn't hesitate to use Skype, plus it will get a bunch of naysayers off RIM's back. Either way, these apps are up to someone else, not RIM.

First of all, good battery. At least two days of medium to heavy usage, three days will be like in heaven.
Good camera (8MP), quad band, Gorilla glass, 8 and 16GB for storage memory plus micro SD cards up to 64 GB.
Nice pouch will be nice to find in box.

I've been a defender of the almighty Bold 9900 keyboard, but after seeing the demo I may go touchscreen again with BB10. The whole one-handed experience, keyboard and otherwise, is going to be pretty amazing.

I am looking forward to a return to the days when I see something I want to do, whether it's Skype, or the MLB at Bat video anything and everything that comes out that you might want to do on a smart phone - that I see "works on BB10" everywhere I see "works on iOS and works on Android".

And maybe one or two cool things that BB has all to itself because BB10 kicks so much ass the others can't keep up.

1. Seamlessly integrated notifications, fully customizable
2. Full sync of Exchange
3. Full sync of Gmail
4. COMPLETE IMAP implementation
5. Quick access to new messages (the sideways peek thing looks killer)
6. Fast task switching
7. Best in class email client, calendar, contacts, memos, tasks. Basically what I've come to expect with 7.1, and then add some.
8. Customizable LED (like BeBuzz)
9. Hardware keyboard (bold style permanent keyboard my favorite, torch-style slide out keyboard a distant second)
10. Timeout to screen blank + keyguard (configurable)
11. All the apps I have come to use on BB7.1
12. Interface designed for one-handed use
13. FULL DAY battery life (7 AM to midnight, at the very least) -- make the device thicker if you have to, but GIVE US BATTERY LIFE
14. LTE
15. Dual or quad core S4
16. Bluetooth 4
17. A proper camera, good enough to complete with GS III and 1X
18. Leather pouch with magnet that behaves just like the 9900 holstered.
19. SMS bridge
19. More full-featured bridge of task manager
20. microSD slot
22. 2 GB onboard RAM
24. 16, 32, 64 GB onboard storage options
25. 720p AMOLED display. Please no Pentile.

That's just the first few things I can think of.

"The first few"?

Gosh, I'd hate to see your full list. By October, the people at RIM will just be finished reading it! Lol.

These were just a few things I could think of, off the top of my head, that the next BlackBerry must have if it is to have a hope in hell oof surviving.

Hey, the man knows what he wants. That is typical BlackBerry user.

As for me the Bold is awesome. I love it. I know it will have all the Playbook goodies and then some but I pray it has an awesome camera.

This is the one feature that I'm not sure they are going to lock in. I don't mean a gimmicky 12megapixel piece of junk but a real, useful, awesome flash, great AF camera that leaves one feeling completely satisfied with each and every picture at all ranges.

Heinz said the camera matters and he is right. BlackBerry is awesome at secure, push and all that good stuff. In fact, we know they are the best but they need a world class camera that just rocks!

I'm lookin forward to 3 things....#1 The naysayers swallowing there tongues.#LTE with BB efficiencies. #3 CASCADES!!!!! I love a comeback story^

BBM VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes and make it connected with skype so we can talk with our skype contact through BBM video.
And make some kind of pluggin to connect BBM with cross plateform IM service's so we can chat with our cross plateform's friend directly into BBM without having to switch from facbook to whtsapp everytimes. Crossplateform company will not have to support an app anymore and we will have access to everything in one place.

Imagine a group chat with friend from ios, android and normal cellphone connected together with their own crossplateform app and or SMS at the same time. All this possible because you have a BlackBerry. And if you leave, that all stop.

Popular, mainstream apps!! It's pretty much the reason RIM is no longer popular in the US. . .most consumers could really care less about "flow" and productivity. . .I mean I sure as hell do and that's who I have a 9900. . .but it would be nice on my down time to do a little words with friends, skype a little, netflixs, etc. . .

Might be why the economy is in the toilet everyone is so consumed with angry birds and thousands of useless apps instead of being productive. Funny how Apple comes along and the more popular they become the worse the economy got....maybe a coincidence, maybe not just sayin

I'm totally curious to use the new fancy keyboard. And the "one thumb" navigation is totally blowing my mind. those two things highlight my excitement then what everyone else is saying. :)

The biggest issue I have with the BB handsets right now is memory management. 512MB or applications and 6.5G for the device, and apps cant use the device memory? Really? Come on, how about making it all the same and leting the device use it as it needs.

The playbook shares device and app memory fyi so bb10 should be the same and although I would really like to see 2gigs of ram in the new handsets, 1gig seems adequate on the pb and from what 2.1 beta threads have shown it looks like memory management is getting better with every update. Users are reporting over 600megs free on boot

Ahhhh theres so much to look forward to!!!

1. Better quality apps - finally having a level playing field for developers to code for
2. No more reboots on installing apps!
3. A sexy keyboard designed for full touchscreen
4. The time machine camera
5. Super sexy TAT/cascades UI!!!
6. Having a full touchscreen with great notifications
7. Video chat
8. Easy multitasking
9. Best browser
10. NFC with better quality apps? YES! Hopefully payments and other fun P2P stuff
11. New BBM
12. Great battery life - 1 day easily I hope
13. Sexy hardware
14. LTE
15. Best messaging experience still
16. Great games/multimedia
17. Integration with other systems? Cars/medical?
18. The LED
19. Cloud/security
20. RIM taking back whats theirs!

And more! didn't leave much out!
I would add : best in world signal reception for radio and wifi...

Pentaband HSPA and less dependence on BIS for consumers would be good.

If we could get a choice of using BIS or traditional activesync/imap/etc. then we wouldn't be completely stranded if BIS goes down like it did last year. Likewise, when I travel to places that have prepaid data but no prepaid BIS, I need to resort to using a non-BB phone, which doesn't allow me to use a single unlocked phone worldwide, unless I leave BB.

While I do like BIS as I believe that it helps conserve battery life, there are times in which it gets in the way.

I'm hope there will be a front facing camera with video chat like the Playbook. Also have my fingers crossed that all carriers will get it at the same time!

Blagging rights! I want the greatest phone available, with a beautiful BlackBerry symbol on it. I want to show all my friends and colleagues just what I've been banging on about for months: that a BB10 phone is the best phone EVER!!!


- A better looking, much more attractive interface
-Not having random reboots, not having to reboot
-Not having a sluggish phone (9900) with an ACTUAL full featured browser
-Not having the phone freeze and give me the clock
-Not waiting 10+mins for my phone to boot up
-A front facing cam- hopefully we FINALLY get Yahoo Messenger, OoVoo, MSN Messenger (I'm not holding my breath for Skype)
-Cool games with awesome graphics
-Apps that we drool over and wish we had on Android and Apple

Just three things, the BEST looking phone out there, the kind you must own.

The next feature would be a removeable battery, no one has that.

An hdmi mini port with standard 16 gig removal card!


Apps that other device platforms have
New UI
BB 10 for my PlayBook
BBM Video Chat/Front Facing Camera
4G Capability
"Perfect Picture" Camera
Screen Sharing
Fully Integrated Social Networking
8/16/32/64+ OnBoard Storage
Insane Battery Life
GSM/CDMA "World Phone"
Media Consumption/Sharing that rivals iOS/Droid
Better Designed BB Desktop Software
Better Podcast Integration/Library
Premium look and feel (none of those ugly buttons/cheap plastic feel like the all-touch Torch line, think 9900/9930, good weight, nice steel or carbon fiber/glass accents)

I really hope RIM get's these phones right. I love my BlackBerry as a communication device. While I get the vibe most of you can care less about media consumption, I absolutely must have this new BB at LEAST be on par with the iPhone in this regard. Please RIM, get this right!

If I had to name one, I would say:

The ultra smooth, ultra efficient transitioning between applications and the operating system!

:D Can't wait!

10-12mp camera from Sony
4-4.2inch screen display
capacitive touch buttons
front camera of a minimum 3mp-5mp 1080 hd camera
skype or a video chat integrated into bbm
a LED backlit display with great color
1800-2200 mAh battery
snappy browser
4G LTE ready

a flipping BB10 QNX device. im due for an upgrade and patiently waiting for a phone.

dear kevin...stop asking us what we want...if its a slow day for crackberry nation then dont post this.

No doubt! Keep posting this. You should want anyone and everyone to know what we all want in BB10! The folks at Crackberry are connected with RIM. They might just be taking all the best requests from us and deliver a list to them.

P.S. Using the word "snappy" when describing the browser should be banned.

Kevin nailed the key areas that BB10 will excel and win. It's really worth hearing your opinions, and I must say it is nice that BB10 will meet all your concerns, except for the physical keyboard for now. It will come, I'm sure.

I'm pleased to see that BlackBerry pride will return in full force with BB10 :)

I'm looking forward to the bridging experience between the phone and the playbook with the amount of email and messaging I do I think it will be taken to the next level with BB10

I hope they improve what matter first, more application memory (not internal memory) to be able to do more multitasking, and longer battery life.

After that anything goes ^^

There's only way too much that I'm looking forward to. But, from a humorous side, I'm looking forward to never having to see the cursed, hated, annoying as heck, make-me-want-to-kill-the-world, RIM Hourglass of Evil again!

And someone cynically, I'm also looking forward to Blackberry finally releasing, after so many years, an actual product that can compete with other phones on the market; a product that doesn't feel like it was obsolete before it was even manufactured; and a product that, when shown to non Blackberry users, they respond with "wait a minute, you did that on a Blackberry! I thought they only were good for texting and nothing more".

Basically, I am looking forward to being able to say, "Hah! My Blackberry can do what your phone does - pause dramatically for effect - but only better!"

How about this?
Finally, a better alternative to iphone and android!
Which is to say, the first real progress in phones in 10 years!

I am expecting a fast, reliable device. I don't want to have to reboot to install apps. I want a great browser. I want a large, beautiful screen. I want a beautiful device.

I AM a BB fan, though I gre tired of waiting and switched to the HTC EVO4G (the new one) on Sprint. Sadly, with the exception of multiple e-mail accounts ( I don't need that anyways) I can already do all of these things, and my phone is in my hand. IF the BB10 provides all this In October isn't that already behind the compitition?

If the rumored specs of the phone are accurate, we are looking at a dual-core 1.5 processor, and probably 1 gig of ram. Nothing to sneeze at BUT that is the STANDARD for just about every droid on the market right now. And when the S3 drops, that is packing 2gb of ram. And the quad core processors are right behind that and on the way. Isn't anyone concerned that although the new BB10s appear to be in line with whats on the market RIGHT NOW. With BB10 being their new bread and butter it seems somewhat unlikely that they will be making another model within 6 months that is upgraded to 2gb of ram or a quad processor. Their new phone MAY already be old news when it launches.

Quad core is mainly a gimmick...the benchmarks I've seen on the rumored chipset places it fastest on the market. Marry that to QNX microkernal and that's all she wrote.
Don't know what the RAM will be,
Yes,there will be a new phone within 6 months -once BB X releases, everything gets faster.

I'm looking forward to having a whole new BB Playbook for the 3rd time on the same device:
The day I bought it
The day they released OS 2.0
The day they release BB 10 for Playbook

Oh, and finally having some friends on Android/iPhone be envious of a BlackBerry.


I hate that we have to wait an extra 6 months, watching the media bashing and the stock going down the tube is painful.

Seriously, just blow me away RIM. I pray the wait will be worth it.

I want to have great connectivity when making phone calls, like I do now. No antenna-gate problems. I still want that great push through of my messages and BBM. I would really like it to be "face-time" capable (which is a whole lot better than Skype for picture quality). Thankfully all apps will actually close the same due to the QNX based more apps running in the background when you thought you closed them but didn't (Lord, save us from some apps "exit" to close and some "escape key" to close.

I want NFC and an AF camera. Love what I have seen of the unique touchscreen keyboard and am looking forward to the qwerty BB10.

Very simple things:

- Skype - The reason for this is many people use it worldwide and its a great business tool also. Blackberry is all about business, isn't it?

-Battery Life should be great. Samsumg S III claims 11 hours talk time!

-Customizing, I want to be able to fully control the processes and also block certain things from being opened. Sometimes this makes for unwanted battery usage and slowed performance.

I'm sure they will cover the rest easily.

With OS10 tative, I'm looking foward to a device that actually works without a bug or glitch for at least a day. Also, java script null exception popup notifications should not out number elmails. I should not have enough time to bake a cake while this thing is re-booting. Lastly, the OS should out live the life expectancy of OS7 before it becomes obsolete and irrelevant....

HD volume control would be nice to up the volume on speakerphone.

I have the Torch 9850 and ever since the 7.1 update my speaker phone volume has decreased dramatically. Meaning its purpose for use is useless. I have posted on CB forum and Blackberry forums regarding this issue. (I am not the only one with this complaint.)

No update has been mentioned and I doubt as busy as RIM are for there launch against the IPhone5, I don't see it happening anytime soon.

So please RIM/Blackberry please make all your new cell in the future to have a very loud speakerphone volume. Please!

I purchased my first Blackberry (Curve 8130) a bunch of years ago, and I've been a "smartphone" consumer ever since. There wasn't much competition back in the day. Next for me came the Storm 1, and 2, and now the Bold 9930. All the while, smartphones have evolved along with the data services and applications that utilize them, however, Blackberry kept missing the target because they haven't given us the complete package of hardware, software, stability, and wow-factor. Its no surprise we're all nervous about the future. Blackberry 10 may turn out to be the greatest mobile package to come along, but it still may not be enough to secure RIM's future. So it seems. In any case, I look forward to the future with or without my beloved Blackberry. I just have a hard time waiting to find out which future it will be.

It would be nice to NOT have a Blackberry loading bar and some way to not have to pull out the battery whenever bug/glitches/screen freeze etc. The loading bar for the Blackberry is way to slow. Either get rid of it or speed the darn thing up...if an emergency is awaiting. It would be a huge problem.

They must maintain the basics on hardware and user experience with few extras. * removable battery is a must * micro sd memory slot a must also, without this I may not buy it ** usb interface to usb flash memory ** micro hdmi ** Other than that they shoud stick to 2 devices only, one full touch screen, the other same size touch screen with slider keyboard, I don't mind the extra bulk for the keyboard, just maintain the same screen size, this keeps programming and updates less complicated.

for Verizon users..I would like to be able to use the internet browser while being able to speak to someone on the line simultaneously.

Unfortunately this issue has to do with the cdma technology that verizon and sprint utilize and not with blackberry phone hardware or software.

If I were to go with a BB again, I want a smooth UI experience, with tons of apps to choose from, a full fledged e-mail and calendar experience and top notch audio and video capabilities. 8Mp camera with flash and HD 1080p video capture and playback.

The screen res has to be on par if not better that the iPhone 4s retina display and at least 4inch.
It has to support quick app switching and easy access to all essential features, not locked down.
Dual or quad core CPU with at least 1GB ram and a minimum of 16GB of storage, upgradable via Micro SD

i don't want it to leak memory, I don't want to pull the battery every day to reboot because the phone locked up. I want the best browsing experience.

That's all :-)

Agree with most posts here that talk about improving existing BB features WRT Mail & Calendar tools. As an hyper-aggressive user - as is the case with all BB users; I'd expect some plain software functions and then some software/hardware combo functions -

1. Improved battery life over 7.1 devices. I'm on calls multiple times a day - I love my Bold 9900; but it cant hold a candle to the current record holder on talktime - The Motorola Razr MAXX. If Motorola can do it; this is a VERY EASILY do-able for RIM. So PLEASE make it happen.

2. Make sure the device supports Bluetooth 4.0. All or 99.8% of my calls are taken over bluetooth and I've seen the battery drain significantly when the Bluetooth is powered on. Bluetooth 4.0 comes with aggressive power management features (Bluetooth Low Energy) and will do oodles to help conserve battery power.

3. Improved call management features - No one is doing much here...imagine if a drag and drop feature were available just to add a person to a call... or if your accelerometer worked with your GPS to let you tell your client how far away you are from his location on the top right corner (or wherever) during a call.... the ideas are endless

4. SOFTWARE/HARDWAREWhy doesn't RIM have a feature like Google Wallet? RIM are the kings of security - Im sure they can come up with tie-ups with Visa, MasterCard and AMEX faster than Google.... It makes it so much easier for BB users who travel extensively and keep living out of a suitcase - just tap and pay with your BB - among other things...and my wallet is that much lighter

5. SOFTWARE/HARDWARE - An option where the BB10 can draw power from the Playbook or Vice Versa as a contingency measure. Think about it - The Playbook will be my juice pack too !!!

6. HARDWARE - Agree with the comments on 32,64GB options - Lets never have a BB device again that has a shortage in storage or Memory please - it'll be stupid to launch it with meager specs in this market. Or MAKE SURE you throw in a Micro SD card of atleast 32GB - and I want to store and run apps of it. YES - I WANT I WANT I WANT.

7. I've written this before - but there needs to be a feature than turns on/off antennas based on location. e.g. Wifi off when it detects im leaving from home; on when I get back. Turn on GPS every hour or at scheduled times to know where I am and then manage antennas accordingly. Think of the power saving you'd get just automating this. Makes more sense for the data conscious when they can use their Wifi at home...... heres another one - Turn off GPS automatically at the end of Navigation - i hope they're working with TomTom on this.

8. HARDWARE/SOFTWARE - PLS maintain or IMPROVE the readability of devices in bright sunlight. Im very happy with my 9900 - but I know that there are better screens out there equipped to handle this situation.

9. BBM Video-Conference capabilities over Wifi...Yes, we know the carriers wont allow it on 3g/4G... but imagine if I could pull up a quick conference call with my fellow managers while Im in the airport - same concept - drag and drop - WHAM - conference call is ON!!!

10. Design a HYPER-efficient Lock screen and Agenda screen - 1 glance is ALL it should take to let me know what my day is like.

- Skype
- Netflix
- BIG Touch Screen
- Quad-Core processor with lots of RAM
- SD Card
- Competitively Priced

First of all, I'm only going to get a BlackBerry 10 phone if they come with a physical keyboard! So I will be looking to see how they configure that into the phone. And also QNX. How is that OS any better than the one we already have?..

Qnx is better than our current java based devices in a vast variety of ways. I prolly don't know half of them, but for starters better integration into an already large and quick growing os ecosystem in cars, boats, routers, home automation, the list goes on. It offers much better support for web and display standsrds, look at the html 5 and overall browser testing scores on the playbook. Lastly there is amazing support for developers, air, html5, flash, etc. There are many more advantages if you look around crackberry and google.

I would like to see the new keyboard available on the Playbook now so those that have one and prefer a physical keyboard can at least play with it and decide whether the physical one is still the best option. As for the phone - the picture alteration feature, front camera, new apps, beefed up hardware and the slick gesture interface. I read an article today about Windows over taking Apple to sit 2nd behind Android in market share by 2016 - seriously how do they come up with such crap.

I am hoping that BB10 Will show us a whole refresh of the OS maybe the new BBM is offering new features, that has the ability to include/ works with Skype...I am already frothing at the mouth at the potential RIM has with BB10...:-D

...fear me, I've killed hundreds of time lords!

Fear me, I've killed all of them!

Its funny but just today I was standing next to someone whom had a crack screen of their HTC and another one whom Iphone screen was crack.. So I proceeded to drop my 9930 (no case at all) and pick it up and say mmmmm would you look at this not even a mark. One said well I didnt have a case that's why mines looks like this and I pointed out I dont have case either. The durablity of the blackberry is something I look forward to hopefully such durablity is carried over to BB10 as well as a powerful kick ass QNX system.

I worry about the compliants of the camara being that most camaras have a higer pixel rate than bb, I can see other platforms using this again bb but I curious about the camara the most next to the QNX.

Social media tools, wide support for MS office documents, the sexy stylish look of an awesome OS...

Fast processor without hanging.....browser better than apple iPhone.
Pls no hour glass.
Loads and loads of apps.

For me, it's not about bragging rights. I just want something that makes my day--every day! xD It doesn't have to be the fastest or the sexiest. If it happens to be, then great. At the end of the day, if it does everything I need it to do, then that's good enough for me. Everything else is just gravy. But, of course, who doesn't like gravy!?

I'm definitely looking forward to the new virtual keyboard. As much as I love the 9900's keypad, I think the new one will blow my face off. Definitely need a front-facing camera. That tilt-your-phone-forward to go from 2D to 3D for lists and maps is an awesome feature, which I'm sure will be in BB10. I'm all for going with the "flow". Having to reboot after an install? No, thanks! Boot-up time more than a minute? Pass! Clock of Despair? Begone!

Seriously, all this teasing must come to an end at some point! BB10 FTW!

Perfect web browsing jsute like on my computer. (the double tap option to resize the text is primordial)

A bunch of managing and customizing app and some games. GOOGLE MAPS or better if there is

I'm looking forward to everything! I can't wait!

What'll be most satisfying is pulling out my BB10 device in front of my iPhone-using friends (many of which said BlackBerry was done) and having them stare in awe of how awesome BB10 is and realize that that amazing device did not come from some large company in Cupertino, but a modest company in Waterloo that is ready to take its place at the top again.

A smoother os, less freezing, less battery pulls etc. And a good camera experience. I'm about to go to vegas for vacation with my bold 9900 and I'm asking around for a camera to borrow. Cause my phone sucks. That will be the deciding factor for my next phone. Iphone 5 or bb10. Oh and whichever one is smaller. I'm not following this whole I can make a bigger phone then you can craze. Bold 9900 and and iphone 4s are as big as a cell phone should get. Want more get a playbook

I want to be able to transfer everything to and from the payubook via bluetooth, especially contacts. I want to be able to edit photos without having to download a separate application. I want to be able to change my notification tones for every function and i want bluetooth to be improved in terms of call quality while paired to the playbook at the same time. Currently, we have been testing this with different phones and bluetooth headsets and have had the same problem in having bad "choppy" call quality while paired with the playbook. I'll think of the rest later.

I'm looking forward to a release date so I can countdown until Blackberry 10. I can't wait to show off my new BB10 to all my co-workers who have tried to convert me over to IPHONE.

The Attack of the Black(berry) is coming back!

BlackBerry 10, that is all.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I'm looking forward to wi-fi mobile hotshot. It broke my heart to see garbage phones like the Samsung Gio have that capability while BB only just got around to it with OS 7.1 on their OS 7 devices. So that feature from jump is what I most look forward to. I have a 9780 & will not be upgrading to an OS 7 device - I'll wait.

I'm also looking forward to a better mobile web browsing experience. Trying to view a full website on OS 6 is a real pain in the ass.

Although I like my full keyboard and I like the way the 9810 looks and would enjoy a BB10 slider device, I'd be willing to try a touch only BB10 phone. From what has been previewed, the typing on. BB10 with the virtual keyboard seems easy enough.

1. Seamless integration over wifi between paired/bridged devices. Not just between an individual's phone and tablet, but between phones, tablets and local blackberry servers.

Example: A family of Blackberry users can pair their phones with a QNX-based telephone server plugged into their landline. Calls arrive via landline and each phone within wifi radius acts as a reciever, providing complete caller ID information. Automated directory and message service should also be included.

When making a private call, a 'Line in Use' message is displayed to other paired users which can only be overridden by administrative/parental controls. When making an open call, each handset can join in on the group conversation.

Paired devices should also be able to communicated via wifi bridge if within range of each other, but not necessairly the registered telephone server. A sort of short range walkie talkie with a 200 foot range. This also opens up the door for wifi only mobile computers that lack cellular capabilities for in-home or personal use only.

Now repeat the above, but replace family with company and home with office.

2. Active Device awareness. A phone and tablet combo should know the state of the other device.

Example: If you're working away from your tablet, you should be able to check the state of your phone from the tablet and vice versa. Information like battery levels and charging status (charging/charged) should be shared between devices and available at a glance.

This also applies to activities like video chats. When the request arrives, the activation of the motion sensors in the device thats picked up first determines which device activates and completes the connection.

If using the tablet in a work environment, the tablet displays a notification of the incoming call and presents the user with the option of connecting the call via the tablet's internal microphone and speakers or an attached or paired headset. The phone itself could be plugged into a charger 100 feet away, but use wifi to bridge to the tablet that a bluetooth headset is paired with. Or if the tablet was a company-wide device, they could all be paired with a local telephone server as discussed in the first suggestion.

I've got a few more, but this will do for now.

Conductive charging - where you don't need a charging cable to plug into your phone. Just a mat or magnetic stand for charging.

Palm used it with their "Pre"......loved it!

I am very simple person, we can even say dull person! Now I am having BB 9700, in nowadays it very bad smart phone, I mean If we look on those crazy dynamics of smart phone and mobile devices development it is almost impossible to keep in pace in this dynamics! Yesterday we had Android 2.2 today we see already Android 4.0 and so on! You see! RIM need to be aware of fact that now they are not only ones in the world who is caring about messaging, emailing etc. I have one very small story about my personal experience I have (maybe it could sound boring or what ever! I am not here to please somebody, I am here to help to RIM to understand...):
Almost 2 years ago I used Nokia and I heard about BB very seldom! I had one very good friend of mine and still I am having him. He also was very passionate Nokia user! (Of course for somebody it may sound very strangely, that I never heard about BB before, by the way I am coming from Country called Latvia, small Country, we are member of EU also.) Then my friend got his touch screen Nokia broken and he already was determined to take another Nokia with its stupid Simbian OS, when shop assistant stopped him and said "do you really want to keep endlessly fighting with these Nokia OS Simbian problems!? Why do you want to choose Nokia!?" After this simple sentence friend of mine was shocked - is there any other normal phone on the market also!? Shop assistant said "yes! And it is Google's powered Android OS based smart phone HTC!" He tried it and now he had already third HTC and he is saying - I will not change it never! In the same time (2 years ago) I looked also for new phone and I decided to go also for Smart phone, (I actually hated these crazy touch screen phones) I took BB 9700 bold at this moment it was the best RIM had! I was very happy! Time passed and I started to realize very interesting things, that my friend, when we are together on our business trips can do much more than I can without taking out his laptop! And he once stated - the real handheld device should provide you with the ability to travel without any computer and I agree with him! IF RIM HAS ears - do pick up this concept - to provide people with very functional devices, which integrates in itself PC, play book, great web experience (including flash player), easy to type on, able to edit any document, file what ever on device (not only to see it as picture on RIM sever) etc. Main point is for RIM "read from lips" - help us to be connected with the world, do not provide us only with our e-mail! This time it is very little! The times when to have e-mail in phone is over! Now is time to have you PC and office in you phone!

Gintsb_359, you will be an extremely proud and happy BB10 user for years to come. BB10 is more advanced and powerful OS that will let you do more than other platforms can today. Something to be thrilled about. If you have used a PlayBook then you get a taste of BB10.

Gintsb_359, you will be an extremely proud and happy BB10 user for years to come. BB10 is more advanced and powerful OS that will let you do more than other platforms can today. Something to be thrilled about. If you have used a PlayBook then you get a taste of BB10.

I kinda miss the app security controls in BB5. If i don't want an app to have camera, Bluetooth, or GPS access, I should be able to block that. Hope RIM can bring that feature back.

I want to see BB get some respect. I understand it has to be earned. I love my 9930, and I would recommend it to friends. (if I had any) I'm easy, if the 9930 had 4G capabilities I'm satisfied even more. Looking at BB10, release it earlier than the holiday season.
No more battery pulls, same screen as the IP4/4S with a physical keyboard. I think the current design of the 9930 is hawt! Can't say I would watch Netflix/Xfinity on my BB, that's what the IP4 is used for on Wi-Fi.
I hope RIM succeeds, and not make the same mistakes. I don't want a replica of the IP4, SGSIII, SGSII or any HTC device. It's a BB device first, stay true to the foundation. Heck, at the rate Apple is going, consumers will be forced to buy BB10, because there will be more patent suits come the holiday season.

Basically I'm after my computer in the palm of my hand. I want to run everything from it. I want to dock my phone @ home and have it displayed on a larger screen and use a bluetooth keyboard to type on it. Then pick it up continue to work on the bus, get to work, plug it into another dock and continue. If I have a program that I like to use, then my phone needs to be able to run it and run it well. I want to sync my computer to my phone, not the other way around. Everything needs to be loaded on my phone. Not enough memory? Then make it compatible with an external harddrive I can carry in my backpack. Let me get stuff done where I want to get it done, no compromise.

Yes! This is it right here. I believe ultimately BB10 will be able to make this vision a reality more than any of the other OS's. Well stated sir.
Sent from my BlackBerry Neutrino powered Playbook.

Yes, QNX is powerful.
It just needs APPS.
By APPS I mean major names like Skype with video call, Instagram, Games (draw something, fruit ninja...)...

I most look forward to the envy of all the people on their apples and androids that don't have a BlackBerry..because you know they will want one

The newness and to tell everyone who thinks BlackBerry is going out of business to, .. Oops, caught myself there, ahum; they're wrong.

•Am looking forward to having a front camera. All popular apps + manymore! (I can imagine how killler instagram for Blackberry can be with BBM connectivity)
•OTA OS upgrading
•id reaLly like to have a physical keyboard
• Pssssh okaay just role out BB10 already.. I can't wait!! How many months to go???

I'd like to see an end to the multitude of flavors. One full touchscreen and one with keyboard. That's it. A solid platform to build on moving forward. I'm one of many that prefers a keyboard for my communication device. As noted in another post, when I want to play games and media, the Playbook is here for me. I would expect the best available camera (not like on the 9930!) I would also like to see a major push for NFC and QR in stores, etc.