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CrackBerry Asks: Are you happy the trackpad is making a return with the BlackBerry Q20?

By James Richardson on 25 Feb 2014 04:35 am EST

Although we don't have images of the forthcoming BlackBerry Q20 (or Classic), BlackBerry CEO John Chen has confirmed that the next flagship hardware keyboard device will see the return of the famous trackpad and function keys. 

As a hardcore Q10 user myself it's certainly going to feel a bit odd almost going back, but with a bigger screen on the Q20 (3.5 inch) the ability to navigate with the trackpad may well be be a godsend. 

We've not yet seen a BlackBerry 10 device with the traditional buttons and trackpad under the screen that were so iconic over the years, so it'll be interesting to see if the functionality is any different to on BlackBerry 7 handsets. 

For you hardware keyboard users is this a move you're excited about?

Reader comments

CrackBerry Asks: Are you happy the trackpad is making a return with the BlackBerry Q20?


Not sure how to use it with gestures. What will happen to the "ring" if there's a trackpad. But that can be good because they can remove the bottom bars for Q devices.

They can't remove the bottom bar on the Q10 or the Q5. There's no way to add a trackpad to all of those handsets. Going forward it looks like the various QWERTY models will have a different UI.

When the Q10 was first shown and the trackpad/nav buttons were confirmed to be gone, I was annoyed, but I've since learned to live without them. The Q20 would interest me, but the screen *cannot* be any smaller than the screen on the Q10, and the keys *cannot* be smaller, or I won't buy it. I'm used to the 30% bigger screen and 30% bigger keys, and I don't want a 9900/9930 clone. I'm rather happy with my Q10. Unless the Q20 has significantly more horsepower, I may just stick with what I have.

If you read the article, screen size will be 3.5", screen size now on Q is 3.1".

Posted with my Q10 running

Because: Text Selection and Editing on the "touch-only" is pure CR@P! I've had my Z30 almost 3 months now, and getting that cursor inserted between the exact 2 letters I need to edit is STILL an exercise in utter frustration and inefficiency. Depending on where I need to edit, it's sometimes faster to just delete a whole line of text than getting the cursor placed and the edit-bubble moved "just so."

I think for the hard keyboard devices, the tool-bar IS the right thing to have.
For touch-only models, that's not really an option, though the old all-touch Torch models AND several Android units did and do sport a button array at the bottom of the screen.

As the buyer it's up to YOU to decide "do I want and need it?" and "can I live with/out it?" ... and then decide accordingly. In the end, you'll get used to what you have. Doesn't make it "bad news" though.

Just my 2 cents worth from our penny-less country.

I couldn't agree more! I hate BB10 all-touch selection tool. Especially on smaller Q10 screen. I vote for trackpad! :)

The editing isn't crap it's fast. You haven't clued in that you don't need to perfectly insert the cursor. If you miss tap the edge of the circle left right up or down. Like holy shit, how are there those of you that haven't figured it out yet. Its accurate and fast. Do it right.


At first it was annoying but then I figured it out.

Still faster with the track pad though.

Posted via CB10

Yup. I was so irritated with it at first, then I realized, that circle is a fantastic D-PAD that is so awesome.

I admit I really missed it coming from the torch but now I'm used to it so it's fine. However, some of my friends who had the torch didn't like it and bought iphones instead so if it helps people to stay with BlackBerry it can only be a good thing - give people choice (iPhone doesn't)

Posted via CB10

Agreed! We appreciate the choice for our preference. Some of us are much faster editors with the trackpad and buttons! :)

I think you may not be using the circle properly. You just need to get the circle on the screen and you can then very easily move the circle cursor exactly where you want it to go by tapping the side of the circle corresponding with the direction that you want to move the cursor. Once you get the hang of it, I find it to be very fast and easy. Hope that helps!

Posted via CB10

I have spent way to many minutes in frustration trying to get the cursor over to the beginning of the line, especially if it's the top of the edit box. As long as you stay withing the middle somewhere, it's fine, but for taking notes and moving the top line down a couple of returns, it's very difficult. I also want the menu key so I can choose when to choose Copy or Paste and not just hope if I press the precise amount of time, the option will show up.
It's especially bad on the Playbook. I have a Q10, Z10 and Z30 and I am a power user. I know for casual users, it's fine.

That big circle that appears? Its a virtual trackpad. Tap the corners and the cursor will move 1 character / line in that direction.

"Because: Text Selection and Editing on the "touch-only" is pure CR@P!...."
Truer words were never spoken.
But with 10.2.1, the editing functions are greatly improved, although still frustrating and time consuming, but nothing near as worthless as on 10.1
I assume editing will continue to improve with each update until it works as good as iOS.

Q10 user

MjM Lighting Design in Los Angeles
A Custom Electric - Electrician Los Angeles

Do you want to be better or do you want to be good?

Wait, WHAT!!?? I was kinda with you until your last line. Holy crap! (Pulls ripcord). Editing on BB10 keyboard or touch is so far ahead if anything on iOS that it's usually not worth even mentioning, unless someone says something like you just did.

Posted via CB10

The rabid anti iPhone rant from some Blackberry addicts is really comical and the constant branding of being an "iPhone fan boy" (not something that you did) is boring at the same time.
Both phones have features and advantages that the other one lacks.
I have both phones and text editing on iOS runs smoothly and efficiently.. perfectly actually compared to 10.2.1, which is still twitchy.
At times, I'm still tapping away and holding my finger down with either nothing happening or the wrong sensor cue engaging (as in the highlighting text balls appearing instead of the cursor insertion circle).
I've used both phones and the Q10 takes longer to edit with.. but it's not nearly the futile insanity that text editing with 10.1 is.
The iPhone has been around a lot longer than BB 10 and it's text editing should be perfected by now (which it was from the launch of the phone, actually) as I expect BB 10's text editing to be (on touch only phones) by this time next year. By then this should be a non issue.

Q10 user

MjM Lighting Design in Los Angeles
A Custom Electric - Electrician Los Angeles

Do you want to be better or do you want to be good?

"Because: Text Selection and Editing on the "touch-only" is pure CR@P!...."
Truer words were never spoken.
But with 10.2.1, the editing functions are greatly improved, although still frustrating and time consuming, but nothing near as worthless as on 10.1
I assume editing will continue to improve with each update until it works as good as iOS.
Track pads are so much faster for everything.. If I wanted to delete 100 pieces of spam (which I get everyday) , all I had to do was hold down on the shift key and highlight all of that mail by scrolling down and deleting.
With touch pad only, I have to sit there and tap on each individual email and then flick the screen to the next four (I'm on a Q10.. smaller screen).
Try doing that with 100+ pieces of spam every day.
But as far as the other functions, a track pad is more efficient, but not more than a second faster.
I've gotten used to the gesturing, but hanging up the phone while in another app window, is really a hassle.
It's lame to have to gesture out of the window, then bring up the phone window and hang up.
So the return of the buttons is a good move.

Do you want to be better or do you want to be good?

Q10 user

MjM Lighting Design in Los Angeles
A Custom Electric - Electrician Los Angeles

Agree. I would love to have current OS with the actual 9900 keyboard and buttons but up to date processor/RAM etc.

I like my Z10 for reading, but hate touch screen. Can't wait for this new phone. Will definitely buy.

Posted via CB10

Way to go blackberry. You managed to put the old outdated technology that no one wants anymore on your new phone. Very smart.

No, that is exactly the point
Lots of long time users in BlackBerry's core market like legal, accounting, etc. Have used those buttons and an track pad for years and want those buttons! I know guys who have gone back to their Bold's for the buttons.

Posted via CB10

As barney said, no one is buying the "new", "modern", trackpadless BB10 phones.

If they had released the Q20 in January 2013 (along with the Z10 and Q10), then we might not be in the dire situation we are in now.

Many people just wanted "a faster 9900", and were confused by BB10's gesture-based UI. BlackBerry ended up losing a huge chunk of legacy BlackBerry users who would have just blindly switched to bb10 if it had been easier/familiar for them to use.

(personally I love the gesture ui)

Posted via CB10

My wife has a 9900. I gave her a Q10. She tried it for 3 weeks and then went back to the 9900. I could fully understand. Editing was near to impossible if the cursor had to be positioned at the end of a line. Too easy to end up pressing the send button. It drove her insane. There is no way that all those busy bankers that are not particularly IT literate and are older individuals with big fingers will switch to the Q10. Trackpad and buttons are the only option for mass deployment to business users.

Posted via CB10

That nobody wants?! Read through the comments and watch the votes for the poll before coming up with such a reply, please.

It's all about choice. You don't like the tool belt and trackpad? OK no problem. But others do.

Posted via CB10

It really depends on the implementation. Haven't missed it, but look forward to seeing how they've done it.

Posted via CB10

even if at first i was discarting the idea of the belt coming back, i now tend to agree with you Feitalnc. it all depends on execution. the back button is useful when using Android Apps actually!

I'm in this boat. I can live without it but when I go hold a legacy device and use it a bit, I often think it would be nice having one. I would like to see what it looks like before deciding.

Posted via CB10

Wished for the announcement of a real modern powerhouse BlackBerry. Looks like they are looking at the past.

Hope it sells though!

Posted via CB10

From the Q&A part:
"Q: Are there any flagship devices to be announced this year?"
"A: Yes, we have some high-end devices that we are working on. But I'm not allowed to show or share with you right now"

I'm tired of all of these folks who use their Blackberry to play games and want stupid stickers in BBM dictating to those of us who are the true power users. Those of us who rely on our Blackberry for nothing but work, i.e., attorneys and other professionals, need the trackpad in order to easily copy and paste. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to copy and past from a case to an email on my Q10 and been frustrated with the process. It was never like that with my trackpad Blackberries. I'm glad that Chen realizes that the fringe are the folks here on Crackberry who play games and that the heart of the business is folks who could not care less about games, stickers, etc. /rant

Track pad, I say why not. It is useful and precise, but the rest of those buttons, I really do think they are unnecessary... power user or not.

The track pad should be the only button I say, other than the qwerty of course.

Posted via Me on my Z from CrackBerry

I prefer to push a button to answer my phone, I prefer the button for menus. To each his own. I can't wait for this.

Posted via CB10

While I'm with you to a point what's a power user? I'm all about using my device for work primarily but I like to waste some time with a game. I'd like a Skype that is more functional or the latest Waze or a better news app like Pulse..

Posted via CB10

Isn't it a shame then that there weren't enough of you "professionals" purchasing devices to keep BB in the game.

Hahaha, good one. It's these professionals that in fact have contributed to the decline of the company. They are not lime consumers. They don't change their devices annually or semiannualy. Some of them are still sporting 8000 series devices. Also, just as I predicted would be the case, look at the polls. This is ko Hail Mary from BlackBerry. This is an utter waste of time. Virtually nobody will buy this device.

Posted via CB10

Y'up! And they sincerely believe that if you're not emailing or answering phone calls you surely can't be doing any 'real' work.


Many of these professionals are hanging on to their old BBs for dear life because they know their companies, law firms, etc... will try to make them switch to iPhone or Android as soon as they try to trade up.

TOTALLY AGREE!!! The kids that make up these forums use smartphones mainly to chat, play games and watching porn. For them - take your thumb out from your mouth and get up and do something useful. For that kind of activities q20 is not a good choice. For people who actually still need to get a job done, this is the phone we are waiting for Mr. Chen. Why it took so long? There is a whole class of people who need to crunch email, reports, schedules, to do lists, project management, type spreadsheets and other tasks on the go. The Blackberry is uniquely position to own this market. 80 millions past users are the real testimony that this keyboard/track pad design works. ignore all the troll kids Blackberry and get back to your core market. stop running after slab type devices. take that isheeple.

OK Mr. Dinosaur. I crunch a lot of email, and a lot of spreadsheets, and I do a ton of writing, posting, editing. And I do it all on the Z30, and before that I did it all on the Q10, and before that I did it too on the Z10. I did not do a single edit in this post. Maybe because I can write?

Being that I do so much with my device daily, and the fact that I drain my entire Z30 battery in 14 hours I am a very heavy user. So...I don't need a track pad. I used it way back in the day, but I moved on. Why don't you?

Posted via CB10

I agree, I have written and edited quite a few documents on my Q10 with no complaints. When I am at work I find myself doing 75% of my correspondence on my BlackBerry instead of my perfectly good PC because it is quick, accurate and efficient

Posted in the Q10 because BlackBerry is Keyboards -[]-[]-/\-[]-[]-

Shock the world? More like become a laughingstock. You wait until the reviews rip BlackBerry a new one. This device is DOA, when it finally arrives that is.

Posted via CB10

"Blackberry should shock the world"

They don'tr have the creative talent. They never really did. They were in a fight that they'd lost before they even walked through the door.

Bla Bla bla. Can we ever get past this? I have been hearing this for over 3 years now.

You're on a BB fan site full of links that shows you the progress of BlackBerry. And still you comment like this?

Posted via CB10

That's blah blah blah.

And nothing you've said refutes anything I've actually said. When has BB ever "shocked the world"...?

Try not to take things personally. These are pieces of metal and plastic connected by glue and screws.

I'll decide when I see it. Who knows it might be awesome

Posted Via CB10 Running On Z10STL100-2 Using OS Version

I personally think the home and settings button are really useful so that BlackBerry uses the swiping up and down for more functions. It opens more opportunities and better perspectives. I'll wait and see what will happen. I am with, especially with the 3.5inch screen I guess it will b a heartbreaking device.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

They are right about the call answer button. But that could be implemented as a keyboard shortcut or combo.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Choice is great. At least we can stick with the Q5/10 or hop onto the 20. Or go full touch.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Easily said when you're not the one who has to spend/waste resources developing/marketing and trying to sell these devices.

I couldn't be happier. I've been dying to hear this news for a long time. This is one of the main reason I did not buy Q10. Thank you Mr Chen! You are the man. I can't wait to get my hand on this baby. For all haters, suck it up.

Only haters there are those from other platforms. Some people just don't want changes to happen (which I think is why Chen bought back the trackpad). Others take what's offered and enjoy it. I rather BlackBerry have the trackpad than to see Apple or Google use it.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, definitely undecided at this point. The thing is, it all depends on how it's implemented. If they just make a Q10 with a slightly larger screen and add the "tool belt", I'll be disappointed. The problem here is the 1:1 ratio for the screen. They need to drop that quickly. Make it a 3.5 inch rectangle screen so it can have the same resolution as the Z10 and make development easier for devs. Also it would allow easier use of apps; too many apps for the Q10 lack proper usability and it's just a really "cramped" experience.

Yes. Honestly, stop making 1:1 screens.. What are you (bb) thinking? If the Q10 successor has a 1:1 screen, I will absolutely not get it.

Personally I am against the idea of going for a track pad as I think it is backwards. However, from the article, it seems that the track pad is only coming to keyboard devices only. I know it was rumored the Ontario device has been canceled.

But I'm hoping that BlackBerry does release a high end all touch device in the future. And the all touch device should NOT have a track pad. If it does turn our like this, I'd be ok with them having the track pad again because I'm an all touch guy now. The Z10 has converted me.

Posted via CB10

No. It was the one thing that failed on my 9900. I really don't think it's needed. How can a company move forward if it uses old technology. In one foul swoop they have really increased the failure rate and the production cost!

Posted via CB10

No point exactly! This kept failing on my legacy device! Don't create the same problems for the next generation handsets! Leave it in the past Q10 works so well without what's the point!

Posted via CB10

Personally the trackpad on my bold 9700, 9900 hasn't failed once at all. If they use a capacitive trackpad over the optical variety, it will last much longer. Most laptops use them, in fact, ALL laptops use them.

Posted via CB10

still sporting a 9900 which is a little over 2 years old. trackpad getting wonky and at times not that responsive moving vertical.

The optical trackpad was failing due to it being a SUPER TINY CAMERA, much like some OPTICAL mice failed too. It isn't just blackberry that had that one issue ya know.

It could be another trackpad design like in LAPTOPS. Think about it now.

Posted via CB10

They also have to consider people's perception of a brand. While they will keep a minority happy, they will never win the masses with tech that it considered old or outdated. Blackberry have made these devices before and it did nothing to change the declining sales. Fresh modern hardware is what's needed to make people take notice and really showcase blackberry's best features. A qwerty model for a new age yes........ with trackpad and hardware keys No. People just think it's old!

Posted via CB10

It will cost more to produce. Please justify that in a cash strapped market when your already almost at the bottom. Z3 has got it right but the Q20 has it wrong

Posted via CB10

They already tried the 'fresh modern' approach. New users didnt come, and some old users were not happy. I dont think public perception should be their number one priority (tho it is very important).. I would say BB is better off catering to the legacy users (ie their customers) wishes versus omitting features that might been see as 'old' to people that are not customers and probably never will be.

This makes no sense. "Legacy users" have abandoned the platform in by the double digit millions. The bleeding began BECAUSE of these old devices not in spite of them.

Nope. The legacy devices is why they chose BlackBerry in the first place.. hence why they owned the legacy devices.. right?

They left due to competitive products; BlackBerry wasn't giving them what they want. Which is what BlackBerry is trying to rectify now.

What??? They chose BlackBerry for the same reason they left BlackBerry? That's exactly what you just wrote.

I'm excited about this. I lost some efficiency when I lost the belt 9900->q10. They could call it grandma's underpants and I'll be first in line.

In my family we've owned over 10 BlackBerry devices with track pads... narry a hitch or a glich. Track ball was wonderful when it was clean, but it was so tough to keep it there.. I'm glad that is staying in the past. I'm open minded about a capacitive version but surely optical has advantages...

I'll bet it would be easy to implement fingerprint scanning in an optical trackpad!

The combination of the awesome bb10 ui and the hardware belt has me truly excited. Please Mr. Chen, make sure we can use our old keyboard/trackpad shortcuts for selecting and copying text!

It's not as clean looking nor as versatile as a full-touch phone but, that's the point! It's a full on, no compromises communications device using the best interface we can muster.

I've severely missed it and elated that the "tool belt" is coming back. I HATE having to stare at the screen for every action (starting/ending phone calls) and the most frustrating issue - editing/selecting text. Tactile feedback is king for me, and with my previous Bold 9900 I could fly through everything so much faster.

Give us a choice. That's all we have asked. And now we have.

I'm happy. Very happy.

No I'm not happy because it will come at the expense of a tall screen. A big step backwards.

Posted via CB10

Q20 could have much more without the trackpad....... or had you not thought of that maybe!

Posted via CB10

There will be another Q series device coming out in 2014 that will be high end, likely more screen size.

Posted with my Q10 running

I agree with you but we've yet to see if this is going to be a 3.5 inch square screen with a 1:1 ratio or a rectangle screen with a 4:3 ratio, similar to the Z10 & Z30. If it's the former, it will be horrible.

Z10 is 15:9, Z30 is 16:9 ...

Agreed on the 1:1 being a terrible aspect ratio tho, they better not have a 1:1 on the next Q.

Honestly think trackpad is an hardware liability I had 4 legacy BBOS7 bold because he trackpad kept failing. Knowing blackberry I reckon this will happen again, if they want to bring it back have to make sure that this is tested aggressively and it doesn't fail after a 10 months.

Posted via CB10

After the z10 and q10 were announced last year I haven't felt the need for them. There's no use for them with a touch screen

Posted via CB10

I absolutely loved my Bold 9900. It was a very beautiful device. However, having both the Q10 and Z10 now, I would never give up screen real estate for an outdated trackpad! BlackBerry needs to go forward, not backwards. The need to focus on ONE Qwerty product, seeing how that market is dying and make it the best it could be. Even the q10s screen is very weak at 3.1". I want to see at least 3.7-4".

'Men's Fashion & Lifestyle' C001214D9

I can't believe BlackBerry I'd going back to totally disappointed to about this news..its like we are taking a couple steps back..please don't don't it..please dont!

Posted via CB10

Then don't flacking buy the next one. Aren't you satisfied with your present blackberry or phone, whichever it is? I know I am.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. Dont like it, dont use it. End of story.

As well, why does there have to be a trade off between screen real estate and this 'belt'... just make the damn phone taller and be done with it.

This is a step backwards. Track pads are for the devices of yesteryear. I don't see track pads on Samsung or Apple phones and they are working / selling just fine. The track pad is something ppl are claiming will help sell devices when in reality it's just a gimmicky unnecessary extra cost, now.
I'm up for new phone in about 12 months and will NOT buy a track pad device. Why step backwards when should be stepping forward???

Posted via CB10

How are trackpad obsolete/outdated when every single laptop and now most apple computers use them, dubbed the "magic pad"? It's not even old. Just because it has one, doesn't mean it's stepping back.

Posted via CB10

No, gimmicky is a finger print scanner. Also the comparison of Sammy and Apple not having trackpads doesnt hold water here. Neither of those companies has current physical keyboard phones either, should BB stop making those too? (They should not.)

If people wanted a Samsung or an iPhone they would buy that. I use a Sony experia and a q10 and I the copy pasting is horrible. I want to pull my hair out anytime I want to copy paste anything.

Um, what? The Q series is for people who want real QWERTY keyboards. The all-touch phones are the Zs: Z10, Z30, and now Z3. (Personally, I would have released the new handset as the Z5 or something else. Z3 is too similar to Z30).

I guess I won't be giving up my z30 anytime soon..and I was so excited to learn what would be blackberry next flagship device...totally disappointed..i may quicker buy the low end Z3

Posted via CB10

The Z30 is a high-end phone, Twisted. It is the flagship BB10 device and that's not changing due to this low-cost model targeted for emerging markets. Not sure why you'd trade it in for a Z3. Don't think that just because something is newer that it's better.

I'd think that you were joking if it weren't for the fact that most of you track pad whiners have 5+ year old devices.

Posted via CB10

The trackpad will be nice even though I've gotten used to the current iteration of text editing in 10.2.1. The menu button might be superfluous. For me the real highlight will be the Send/End buttons.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

If BlackBerry brings back the trackpad then it has to be thinner.

Screen real estate should not be sacrificed for the sake of tradition.

The Q20 has to have a bigger screen.

Posted via CB10

Yeahh!! I like the Q20 project!
The POLL is OK, but here on CB are mainly Z Customers. The Q's are in their offices and making money :P

Bahahahaha, this is the weakest excuse I ever heard. "Oh, the stats don't support must be the stats are wrong."

Posted via CB10

I seriously doubt this will draw any new converts and only snag a majority of the current diehard BBOS users.

Can't wait to hear the griping of redundancies across the OS and the "huge learning curve" from this next wave of legacy users.

Posted from my TARDIS!

I don't mind too much, the only thing is, it will take some valuable potential screen space.
I would rather have the screen space.

Posted on CB10 with the Q10

exactly not backward again…. more screen we need not trackpad ….
Trackpad was last year……we need new futures and high specs…

I'm waiting for this Q20. But I hope I has a better specs than that of Q10. -Q10 user here and still lovin it

Posted via CB10

I'm just about to get my hands on a Q10 this week. I like the tool belt on my 9900 but I'm really not sure how it work with the gestures associated with BB10

I have a Q10 but I will gladly upgrade to a Q20. Miss the tool belt as it makes it much easier for one hand operation.

The tool belt is the reason you can one hand operate, it is a fantastic feature for getting things done!

The trackpad and buttons should be virtual on screen OR like those buttons on bezel of Samsung Galaxy phones. No way it can be the same old style like we had till Torches, it's 2014 people!

Die hard BlackBerry users who have embraced the BB10 Devices with swipe gestures would find it hard to want a trackpad on their devices. However John Chen has listened to what the customers want those who will spend money and buy BlackBerry smartphones and put the company up there where it belongs. Not everyone that I've come across like the swipe gestures and that left them out. The back button on the Samsung and iPhone is old but look at how they still sell. Trackpad is needed on BB10 to cater for that market even if it might no longer be for me or you.

Posted via CB10

Comes at the price of production cost. It will be the most expensive blackberry for the minority.

Posted via CB10

I'm one of those people who doesn't care for the gestures. Overall, I love my Q10, but as a leftie, I can't operate it with one hand. The gestures are designed to follow the right hand's range of motion. When I do attempt to use just my left, its uncomfortable, and I also end up opening apps and menus inadvertently, having to close them out, and try again. Also, I have poor circulation leading to cold hands, which also means a less than responsive touchscreen experience if it is the slightest bit chilly out. I'm all for the return of the trackpad, and a call button. Can't tell you how many calls I missed because my hands were cold and the screen didn't recognize my frantic swipes.

Posted via CB10

If it has good implementation like the bb7 phones then it could be good. Can't say that I'm bothered either way, but will look to upgrade to it from my Q10 if done well

Posted with my Q10

Wanna see it first before I say something. But I kinda like the Q10 with just keys and the touch screen.

Posted via CB10

I like the fact that they are bringing the tool belt buttons back. Honestly, it's good. I might even trade in this Q10 for the Q20 once I got the chance to get my hands on it, then i'll be rocking the best of both worlds... my bold 9900 and the Q20. I need to get my hands on it first, but i'm not that desperate either. I move slow like corporations do. ;)

Posted via CB10

Pathetic...still not enough for you to move on eh? I guess I appreciate the honesty. You do move like corporations. Slow and lumbering. Mostly just slow, like a sloth ;)

Posted via CB10

Man, I've finally gotten used to operating without trackpad, now BlackBerry is telling me I have to get used to it again?
On the other hand, having a trackpad would seem like backwards to us BlackBerry users. For those who's been using ios or android this might just be the the attraction BlackBerry needs to win some of them over. I don't know only time will tell on that one.
Having a trackpad would make highlighting words and phrases, copy/past more easily. That's about it, the rest of the functions used to be useful with a trackpad has now been replaced by touchscreen for me. So I'd trade the trackpad/buttons for a larger screen.
So maybe Q30 in the near future? I have a feeling John Chen will offer users both the options of having a trackpad or not with the Q20 and Q30.

God yes, I will finally be able to migrate some of BBOS users happily onto BB10. I've got no idea why some of the fanbois here hate it so much.

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Seems like a step backwards to me.

OTOH, if it makes converting over from OS7 to BB10 easier for the older folk then so be it.

It's all about market penetration now.

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I may have been a little hasty here. Thinking about this for the last couple of days, to me the success of the "new" track pad devices depends on the actual implementation. (Unfortunately, I was mentally hung-up on the tracking systems going back to the side roller.)

If, as suggested by others, the buttons are software implementation (that is "glass" buttons), so that one could turn them on or off as needed then I could buy in. Especially nice if the removal gave more screen space.

The concept of a multifunctional glass track pad could be very interesting. (I use "glass" as in the analogy of a "glass cockpit".)

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I was so surprise to see so many voted as 'don't need it any more'~r u using ur BlackBerry phone as ur main phone?

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So long as the full touch models remains buttonless, I am okay with this option being out there.

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Why is everybody going on about this being such a horrible idea or that it's backwards thinking? The screen is already going to be bigger then the q10. If you really hate it that much just don't use it. The touch gestures are still going to work just like on the q10. I miss the call and back buttons.

BB has to focus on the future and aim for even more gestures and swipes, IMO those four bezels have to be used as much as possible, and even the unconsistent virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen should be avoided and abandoned in 10.3. We BB10 users laughed at the "back" buttons of Android, WP8 and iPhone... and now we're back in the same league !

As I said before, the trackpad allows for more accurate selection with the cursor than my fingers allow with only the touch screen.

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Then you need to use the cursor right. I never miss by more than one space up,down,left or right. Guess what you do if you miss...... tap the edge of the cursor the direction you need it to go. bam What! Omg how frickin easy is that. How are so called BlackBerry Power users not acquainted with a critical feature of editing.
Also, the addition of the belt doesn't alter the BlackBerry 10 experience, but allows greater flexibility. How the FU*K is that backward?!? The gestures don't change.

As long as they can improve the screen real estate from the q10 I think it'll be good. I use a Windows 8 touchscreen laptop, and some things you use the touch pad, some things you use the trackpad.

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Exactly. I have a ms surface with a keyboard/touchpad attachment. I use the touchpad as much as the touchscreen. Same idea with the touchscreen + trackpad combo on a phone.

The laptop is a great example. Show me a touchscreen laptop without a touchpad/trackpad/mouse whatever. People like precision.

To this day most people I know that use a laptop, carry a mouse along with it, for when they need to get some work done, shows the importance of convenient / precise pointer navigation.

Seriously, BlackBerry has to move from the past. If this was one of 4 phones being released this year, I wouldn't care as much that they want to please a small group. The trackpad and function keys consume more space and is redundant. They could have had a 4 inch screen on this baby.

This is great news! Now I can use Blackberry again! I like the new BBOS but never used the new phones becuase there was no trackpad/nav buttons. Good move from Blackberry now some old users can move on and use the new Blackberry.

I just don't get it, how is adding this option (trackpad) a step back? It complements the portfolio and increases the options. Those who don't like it are either more or less happy with their Q10, or are all touch anyway. Clearly screen size shouldn't get smaller (it won't, trust me) and other performance features shouldn't be compromised, but that too isn't gonna happen with a Q30 (30!!) I'm sure. I personally just think the name Classic doesn't do it justice, that sounds like low balling the status and capabilities of this phone.

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The 1:1 ratio is a factor , hope they do not use physical buttons they get dirty and never work so use virtual keys placed on the screen, but we cannot sacrifice the screen size. The Q10 screen at 3.1 inch which is way to small the reported 3.5 inch seems small. I would suggest 3.75 inch to 3.85 inch minimum heck... if Q20 means 20% bigger thats a 3.72 inch screen Go Q20 Go !!

I got a Z10 and the only thing that would make me change it is another Z*. Personnaly I like the touch screen and the touch keyboard. I like the Z30 but as I use this phone mainly for work, I don't want to have a 5+ inches phone in my left pocket... So I guess whatever happens with this new physical keyboard devices won't affect me much.

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If it was there, I'd vote for the option of don't want it, but happy for them to offer it if it helps to move people off bbos and onto bb10.

I've learned to live without the trackpad but if it brings people back to the BlackBerry brand it's a good thing.

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For me it's a big: Wait and see.
I miss my 9900 trackpad, but I don't want to loose in confort/screen size/gesture control

To give a choice is always a decent way.

Now, I've got a lot of friends waiting for a slider big screen (like the old Nokia E7 or HTC Desire Z) but with BB10 inside. I don't know if we'll see the return of sliders in Waterloo...

The trackpad will welcome news to those who missed it and those moving from legacy devices. For those out there that think that this will be the latest and greatest think again, the Z30 is the best for now but BlackBerry has plans for some serious horsepower in the next iteration of the Z30 so I'm holding out for that. In the meantime my Z30 rocks and unlike the latest Samsung product my Z30 doesn't feel like a block of plastic.

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The fact that they're bringing back the trackpad + belt shows they don't want to innovate! This is a backwards A** step by BlackBerry and I'm extremely disappointed! CLEARLY people care more about screen size these days than how they navigate. Look at the touchscreen navigation of Android and iPhone in comparison to BB10 devices (touch or qwerty). SO much easier on a BB10, YET they decide to bring the belt back. This is definitely a step backwards in my opinion and for me, the device is DOA if it keeps the 1:1 ratio and is below 4inches.

It will add to the list of features, rather than replace one for the other. How's that a step backward?

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There was a bit of a learning curve for the  BlackBerry10 devices but as soon as you get use to them, you'd notice track pad and the other four buttons are not necessary.

Q10 the best.

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What happened to all the talk months ago when people were saying that the BBW10 UI was built for touchscreens, and that the UI wouldn't function as intended with additional physical buttons (belt buttons) and a track pad? Have these issues been resolved, or were they really non-issues to begin with?

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All that talk, just like all this talk, was had among the various armchair CEOs on cb. IE, it was about 99% opinion and 1% fact.

Hey JoJo, you were right! I woke up like a kid on Christmas morning today, with all this 'seemingly' good  news!

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@ZayDub...Amazing,premarket low is higher than yesterdays closing price,this thing got wings.right now $10.38,oops $10.43HAHA OOPS $10.45 OOPS $10.48

Hello, I know this isnt the right place to post this, but how come blackberry never made a phone where you can clear the data easily without reinstalling it? My fb data is reaching 300mb of data and I cant do anything about it except reinstalling, and I have ton of apps that needs to be cleared with -_-

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Good one! Haven't found that option either. Made starting over on my former S3 with games etc so much easier than having to delete and reinstall.

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Blackberry 10 is built around the touch screen and the gestures. What's the point of a trackpad now?

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Older upper echelon business types liked the type of control these buttons gave, kept the mistakes down.. precision counts

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No. Waste of resources. Let's hope people who told Chen are putting money where their mouth is and have pre-ordered enough to make it worth while.

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Getting extra buttons isn't necessarily a bad thing. My gripe is only gaining roughly 1/2 inch more of screen size over my Q10 (I also have the Z10, so I really know the pain). I just hope it's enough to get a 720 by 1280 resolution so videos can be viewed wide-screen landscape mode. If that is fixed, I'm in. I'm not sold just on extra buttons but they would be a welcome bonus to the mandatory screen resolution.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

SMH Saddened... After reading the press release, this is basically a niche device made for sub niche group in an already niche market. Our beloved company needs to attract new users to gain popularity again and this wont do it. This is just going to split up your already secured base of Q10 users into smaller groups... smh

Blackberry must do everything they can to please loyalists and future new customers . Everyone know that the 5 buttons belt was outstanding fast to do everything we want on our device... then bring it back ! But the most thing customers would like is a bigger screen. A mix between the 9900 and the Q10 with a wider touchscreen will be the true Blackberry smartphone.

Why are blackberry taking a step backwards? They need new innovative devices that make people buy them not returning back to a 10 year old design that everyone remembers as a crap phone. Do blackberry have any idea of what the general public say about there phones? Obviously not! What I want is a new Z10, otherwise I probably will switch to android which will be a really big shame.

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My thoughts are that blackberry 10 is a gesture orientated OS, compared to other operating systems bb10 is new, for RIM to move back to the trackpad they are moving backwards and are going to have to change bb10 and lets be honest they have only just got bb10 ironed out, if its not broke dont try to fix it, I think like others have said id be happy to stick with my Q10 until a full touch Q30 is released :)

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I don't need the trackpad anymore... its like extra but almost useless for me... Q10 touchscreen and keypad is enuf for me...

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The z10 has broke the chain when it comes to using a trackpad and function keys. I thought I would never break from it. However I wouldn't be opposed to using a keyboard again.

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Sorry to say but the trackpad was a nightmare and they did justice by not adding it. The BlackBerry os is practically flawless I don't ever think about the trackpad anymore. I don't miss it breaking or jamming, I feel secure on my bb10, kinda dissapointed that there's no news on the z50 and Q30, that's what I'm really looking for. But it's all love for BlackBerry there making a comeback and I'm still loyal :)

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My question is how is going to work with BB10? It requires a rewrite of many parts of Cascades.

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BlackBerry devices should all be about physical keyboards, buttons and scrolling mechanism. This is what the professionals who use BlackBerry want and this group is what BlackBerry should be targeting. What I really miss from my older BlackBerry devices is the scroll wheel on the right side of the device. I could do 5 actions (scroll up, down, select, go back and go forward) from one little wheel. It made it possible to use the device single handed while reading. Gestures are fine, but for real work, I want real buttons and keys.

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I am happy that they are bringing back the "tool belt" with the trackpad but only if the trackpad will work well. I've had 2 BlackBerry Curve models in the past and had to switch to a new BlackBerry because the trackball or the trackpad died. I have a Q10 (my 4th Blackberry in 5 years) and I love it so far; am used to the touchscreen in place of a trackpad but would prefer the trackpad for cut/paste and other oft-used functions.

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I use my phone for typing, editing and sharing information quite a bit and the text selection on the Q10 can be a bit frustrating, so I started using some of the old legacy devices and really just appreciated the trackpad so much, especially for one handed use, you hardly need to look at those phone to get jobs done!

So I'm glad there's now an option!

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I think is a smart move, many legacy devices owners has stick to their devices due to habit of use the track pad and the bottoms are part of their fingers memory, I know it is easy to make the change but many of them don't even try. I got a colleague of mine who returned a Q10 and got back his Bold from AT&T Due to the icons moved too fast when sweeping around. This people are loyal costumers of BlackBerry thy will stick to legacy BB because is natural to them, by offering a device with BB10 and the bottoms it will make the transition easier for them. BTW my Torch made me easier to change from a qwerty to a full touch BlackBerry. BlackBerry needs to offer both type of devices to maintain there existing costumers and recover lost ones.

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The fact that qwerty phones already have buttons it might be a good thing. But I wouldn't be happy it it was on an all touch screen. Just MHO.

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