CrackBerry Asks: Is there any reason you wouldn't want BlackBerry 10 devices to use a micro SIM?

By James Richardson on 8 Aug 2012 02:38 pm EDT
 BlackBerry micro SIM  

Judging by a couple of 'sources' we have, it would appear that RIM will be going down the micro SIM route with Blackberry 10. I have been thinking about a poll on this subject for some time now and was initially going to angle it from a 'should RIM use micro SIM?' perspective. We already know that the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook will use a micro SIM, however after Kevin and I put our heads together and came up with the same opinions, it makes sense to ask the CrackBerry Nation if there are any reasons why you wouldn't want a micro SIM?

Clearly our thoughts won't have any influence on the end product but it is always nice to reach out to the community and get your input.

As far as I can see there are both pro's and con's. With BB10 devices being top spec I would imagine that RIM needs every spare square millimeter they can get their hands on. Not just for battery (although that's a whole other topic) but there are plenty of other things that the small space can be used for.

For those of us that tend to switch devices on a regular basis, the transition to micro SIM may at first sound like not such as great idea. However, with SIM adapters being more widely used now I can't see it being a big stumbling block. We all know that Apple has been successful with the micro SIM in the iPhone 4/4S and Samsung have now followed suit, so It seems like a natural progression to me.

As Hamlet once said - "To micro SIM or not to micro SIM. That is the question." (or something like that)

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CrackBerry Asks: Is there any reason you wouldn't want BlackBerry 10 devices to use a micro SIM?


I travel overseas (Latin America & Caribbean mostly) I rather they keep the regular SIM cards (which are widely available in all countries) so I can use a local prepaid number on my unlocked 9900 instead of roaming in each country.

Also, I would at first keep my current 9900 and swap between the new BB10 phone and back at MY OWN convenience, you know... as backup.

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Sim is an ancient technology. I first used one in 2000 on my first FIDO phone. Micro sim is a new twist on this technology and Im all for it.
Playbook, the one and only

does it come with those annoying trays and do we have to carry around a pin just to get at it??

because I don't see that as beneficial or a space saver but it seems knocking 2 mm or so of plastic is significant.

Personally I dont mind but it will make it more of a hassle if I have to swap over a sim to a regular sim and have to fork out for an adapter and carry it around with me.

But it does seem redundant now that the new nano sims are going to supersede this even though I much prefer the compromise plans of RIM to include a notch as I pointed earlier my dislike for them.

Apple's enforcement and eventual win on this new standard doesn't bring any sort of innovation except a forced push to make our current phones obsolete with the sim standard and make it harder to swap phones/sims locally and overseas.
I still don't buy the more space argument when our phones are getting bigger again.

I was of the same mindset, until I saw how damn cheap adapters are. For example, Amazon has one for $0.40.

I bought one of these cheap adapters but it damaged my old BB! Then I found one listed on BestBuy's website, it wasn't cheap but worked really well. Highly recommended...

Just like the transition to MicroSD, it's bound to happen and it really doesn't matter one bit. In a year from now, every new phone will use MicroSIM (probably) and if you want to use an old phone, just get a 50 cent adapter.

Micro SIM is where its at..

I wonder if my BB10 Micro SIM will work in my PlayBook 2.0+/10? if so, that would be cool!

Why is this a post? I think the post should ask if blackberry should go micro or nano. Obviously they should at the least go micro sim. There's no reason not to.

Ok buddy excuse me..maybe blackberry should stick to the ancient sim while everyone else passes by? Yeah makes sense

-100. Nothing in that comment suggested a belief that Snip's opinion rules all. The extra point hit is for the extra-insulting tone of your comment.

The other question is will there really be a difference for those of us in the CDMA world? Hopefully someone can clarify for me whether LTE does require some type of SIM...

I want to be able to swap with my other devices and also, it means upto 24 hour loss of service for the transition to the new sim (at least it does in England.)

I've only had to replace one defective SIM about 10 years ago. The switch-over on O2 was almost immediate, from memory less than 5 minutes and everything was working. The only rational reason it might take 24h is the time to get a new SIM delivered by mail.

1. I haven't got a Micro-Sim

2. My SII, Galaxy Note, Xperia Play, Bold 9900 and every other phone I own use a normal sim. Its why I haven't bought an Xperia S or the new Motorola RAZR - because my sim won't work in them.

3. Some phones (like the SII) don't play nice with the micro sim adapters.

If it goes micro then you could swap it with your lte playbook, if you needed to... I guess you could also have one of those data share plans instead.

I'm really not that bothered but I do agree that it would be the natural progression of things. Most have already pointed out that adapters are dirt cheap, though I've had trouble with mine.

I do think that carriers can play a part in making it easier to switch between microSIM and mini-SIM. Small U.K. network giffgaff do it quite well and I'm able to switch it up very easily and I didn't even have to cut out the SIM.

I have an awesome BB data plan (unlimited) so being able to swap a SIM card between phone and playbook will be good in the long run for me. So go with a small, I will be upgrading as soon as BB10 comes out.

Is it really a big f'ing deal? Call your carrier, tell them you need a new SIM for your spiffy new device, and for $0, you get your Micro SIM with your account switched over to it. I don't see what the kerfuffle is?

...or take a knife to it

The normal sim did well in the last 20 years, not preventing very small phones like the Panasonic A100, and I think multiple wrist phones, to be built.
Now they are telling us that they need to move to a smaller format, when every new phone is wider and taller, but slimmer than the previous generation, and the thickness of the sim card is always the same.

To me it's just a hassle with changing sims, buying and losing adapters, or giving up certain phones, because our new sims won't work with them.

Maybe the next sim format is going to be made in a way that no adapter will work, and carriers will issue only new sims, so we will be forced to upgrade our phones. Wouldn't be a surprise :)

I wish they just keep it the same size as I have in my 9930 so I can use both phones, one as a back up and the other as the new device to change the game up. I actually didn't even know anything about a sim card adapter so I understand they are very inexpensive but they are obviously very small and very easy to loose. I guess I could buy a dozen just in case one is lost or one gets broken or stops working.

BB10 either way micro sim or mini sim or nano sim or no sim at all is going to lift all eyes up from the sidewalk when it hits the streets!

If it's not broke then don't fix it, RIM has plenty of other fish to fry!

Switching back to my 9900! I don't want to have to use an adapter and potentially lose it which I probally would

Not if I use also another normal sized sim card in the bold!

The sake of the sim cards is one card fits all phones, move your plan indipedently from device to device, with NO hassle!

It would be my assumption that using multiple devices AND multiple SIMs puts you in a very very small minority of users. Anyways, how do you not loose the other SIM?

If you're in Canada, and you have a monthly contract/postpaid, You KNOW a SIM card is like the most prized possession of carriers. They guard them like the CIA, no joke :p, Try getting a SIM card from your carrier WITHOUT them activating it.

Also each time you want to change your SIM something that affects your monthly plan MAY go wrong. I use the word "may" because yes it will go wrong but if you get a reasonable representative all can be fixed before you walk out the door. It's really a hassle just to get a SIM card and keep your current plan especially here in Canada.

Personally I prefer that RIM uses standard sized SIM cards, you can get the phone from a third party like Futureshop or Best Buy and they don't require you to "activate". Just go "prepaid" they'll set everything up for you and you can throw away that prepaid SIM and put in your SIM and away you go, I'd like to see that kind of ease of use with BlackBerry 10 devices.

Most of the Smartphones are still using the regular SIM, as far as I know none of the carriers here in the Philippines offers micro SIM for prepaid. I don't want my regular sized, business, vanity number SIM to be cut to a micro SIM and have a 50% of damaging or making it useless.

Can some one explain the difference to me. I've only known one type of similar card. I us my 8520 and storm with it. Which one is that? Micro?

Micro SIM??? They should be putting the Nano SIM in there a la apple. They will put out their next gen device with a last gen SIM. Get with the program RIM!

I know it is easy to go from micro to full size using an adapter. But what about when you travel abroad and you unlock your phone so that you can buy a local sim to avoid the enormous roaming rates charged by US carriers (AT&T). I am not sure that at the moment prepaid sims can be bought in anything but normal sizes. For that reason I would prefer they stay the same but if I was to vote I would say "just give me the BB10 and I will live with what ever size "

For hardcore overseas prepaid users, it may be worthwhile to buy a sim cutter. I think they run about $50 so it would depend on whether or not you'd make up that amount of money by getting local sims

Don't know about this one. I'd voted No on this only because of availability when travelling outside the U.S. for buying a standard SIM locally to save money on calls. How often do I do this? Not very often but until the micro SIM becomes more available on the market it may pose an issue for heavy travellers. In the end though I agree with previous comments about size and allowing more space for battery upgrade etc.

if the phone will die, or the battery will die, with standard SIM you have the choice of most phones... with the small one, you can grab iwhatever and you are limited...

My cell provider is Simple Mobile and when you get their service, you buy either the regular SIM or the micro SIM card, whichever is the one that fits your phone (You bring your own GSM phone to their service.). So when BB10 devices come out and I buy one, if it has a micro SIM, I'll just have to buy a micro SIM and have my account switched over to that SIM.

Whatever happens, we'll adapt. "they " have been forcing us to adapt forever. Just be glad we don't have to replace everything with a pin connection . Hmmmm...seems like one particular company is all about forcing us to do it 'their ' way....

My concern about going micro SIM is that they are not the 'standard' SIM card size in a lot of countries yet. (Perhaps not even the majority of countries use them?)

This becomes a problem when traveling, because whilst one can put a micro sim into an adapter to use in another phone, the opposite doesn't apply.

That is - you can't put a current larger styled SIM into a micro SIM slot (unless you cut it to size, with risk).

So going micro SIM does not provide ease of use when swapping SIMS amongst your own phones, or when traveling and trying to find a cheap pre-paid SIM for the couple of weeks (or whatever) that you many need to use it.

I agree with this concern.
I was visiting the UK earlier this year and they wanted to charge 10GBP for a microSIM, but a standard SIM was free. The staff at Orange suggested you can use sharp scissors to cut the plastic standard SIM down in size, as the actual electronic component section is the same size.

Also the microSIM is easier to lose when switching out SIMs from your phone.

It's a pain for somebody who travel so much... If you went to abroad regularly, you'll know how hard to buy a new prepaid micro SIM.

I've seen people here in Colombia just cutting regular SIM cards to fit in the Iphone 4, and they work just fine. So what's the big deal?

I didn't like the idea of micro sim when I got the 4s because it prevented me using my blackberries. I soon found adapters very cheap on amazon (2 pack for $1) now its not a big deal. I'm not too worried about the rumored micro micro sim in the new iPhone as adapters will be just as cheap.

I would like to have the opportunity to be able to use also other phones when I am traveling abroad (take my BB SIM cards out, put a local card in, and use my standard card in regular phoen just to be reachable): and different standards can make it impossible :(

If the carrier exchange the SIM for free why not. But here (Switzerland) the SIM is sometime more expensive than the phone. So not really happy about buying a new one.

Micro is great but i would either want one that works both micro and "normal" sim or have the variables available. The reason is simple: this has been emphatically pointed out to be a global launch by rim, meaning in some countries far far away in europe (where I live) you would have to wait from 6 months to 1,5 years to get the updated tech from rim reach our markets and in prices that are ridiculously higher than the equivalent proportional in north america. That said, not all carriers will adopt asap to microsim or actually make it work. So this might be exclusion of some people from the supposed global launch. No i do not want to cut my sim to fit it in the micro sim slot and yes if in bb10 i get excluded due to incompatibility between carrier and model or launch date, eventhough i have 2 bb phones and a playbook, i do not think i would stick around much longer.... I love my bb and wait for bb10... If that gets to be a bitter experience i may then jump ship.

I can't imagine they'd be launching on very many carriers that don't already have something in place for Apple products...

just need BB10. i am prepared to sacrifice all other comforts for it. i will buy an adapter or what ever it takes to adjust sims while travelling abroad. but, BB10 needs to be one solid apple killing, android kicking phone.

While I agree that the SIM technology has to progress in order to offer more space in the device and less waste, I'd like to see RIM offer the regular SIM on the BB10 devices, at least as an alternative, until they have distanced themselves from their OS 7 and OS 6 devices. I, personally, always keep my previous generation device as a back-up in case I lose my current device, have it stolen or accidentally give it a bath. My only objection would be flexibility.

I also, would prefer the option of the regular SIM or the MICRO. My situation, I have a 9780, and I have 2 phone numbers going into one SIM. ( 2 numbers in 2 different provinces for my clients ). GREAT FEATURE, that with the MICRO SIMS, you can not have this option. I am with ROGERS and all the new MICROS , I lose 1 line. ( I checked with the S3, and only 1 line )

I checked with Blackberry tech. support today, and someone at RIM as well, and they confirmed the BB10 will only have MICRO SIM. Which puts me out of luck.

I am going to have to look for another 9780, or the 9900, to have as an extra, as my BB wears out, so I can keep both phone lines in one SIM.

A great feature I want to keep!...MY opinion , for my circumstances.

Hoping the MICRO SIM either will be compatible for 2 lines, or the BB10 or any new variants can switch in current SIM to support this!

All the best...

For personal preference I'd prefer to keep to the regular SIM size, just because as people in earlier comments have said, it makes the transition to other phone (bar iPhone4[s]) fairly simple.

That being said however, if BlackBerry 10 devices live up to the hype, having a micro SIM card slot may persuade some iPhone4(s) users to convert to BlackBerrry, as the transition for them would be much easier.

It'd be fantastic to see an option in the new devices that allows for both, so then this argument would become moot. Or maybe if the devices don't use micro SIM cards that they come with an adapter inside the box as standard, as adapters can be bought fairly cheaply and would be a nice little gesture on RIM's part to say "no matter what device you were using, you can take your current SIM card and put it in this"