CrackBerry Asks: Should BBM broadcast messages be removed from BlackBerry 10?

By Bla1ze on 19 Oct 2012 02:51 pm EDT
CrackBerry Asks: Should BBM broadcast messages be removed from BlackBerry 10?

Broadcast messages on BBM. Some people love them, some people hate them. Some people use them, some people abuse them.

Kevin spent some time switch his devices around and ended up using BBM on the BlackBerry Dev Alpha. Before he made the switch though, he sent out a broadcast BBM asking folks to reply if they wanted to remain on his BBM list.

That use case is great and acceptable but not everyone uses broadcast messages that way. Often times it's just another way to spam a ton of users or just annoy everyone on your BBM list. So alas, we have to ask. Keep them in BlackBerry 10 or drop them? Sound off.

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CrackBerry Asks: Should BBM broadcast messages be removed from BlackBerry 10?


I agree. In my experience, most people that move to another platform the first thing they say is that they finally got rid of the annoying BB broadcasts. BC = SPAM.

Personally, I've been telling to RIM's developer relations team for long time ago that they need to find a way to filter the broadcasts. Always the answer was that they will take a look on the issue.

I have no problem with them bexause non of my current BBM contacts abuse it. I did have a couple that did, but all I did was remove them from my contact list & problem solved ;)

The keywords is 'option button'.
Our sales group use it to BC any updates on sales or announcement to our group.
If someone spam on unrelated or useless gossip or info, just shoot straight to sender. Thst'll prevent repeat from them.

Personally I think they are ignorant and rude, and no better than getting a spam email. I hate them.

I think that you should be able to disable it and when someone sends a broadcast they should get an automated message from each person who disabled it saying something generic like

"this person has disabled broadcast messages and has not received your message"

Wow, its been so long since I've used BBM that I forgot about that annoyance lol. I agree with the previous poster, you should have the option to receive them or not.

Kids nowadays are so cruel. They grab your BB and then braodcast a rude/crude/indecent message from that person's phone. Happened to both my neices and I got the messages. Wanted to ring those little pukes necks :) Maybe there should be a lock for just this reason??

Maybe those kids are too young to have a Blackberry in the first place if they can't keep control of it.

In options there should be a list of your current contacts. Beside each contact a checkbox if you would like to receive broadcasts from this contact or not. It should not just be on or off for everyone because some people have legit broadcasts. A lot are garbage though. I used to have my PIN posted on my profile here but a lot of foreign people kept adding me and broadcasting stupid things at stupid hours. Had to take my pin down because of this

I think u have the best suggestion. (Be able to Select who u don't want to receive Broadcasts from)

People abuse it. Not only should we be able to choose if we want them like iSin has said we should be able to.block specific people from their broadcast messages.

I do know some people have their business on their phones and update people on prices through broadcasts.

If someone continually spams you, then delete them. We don't need nannies to protect us from our "friends'. Just like Facebook, you can just delete;)

Its a useful feature but most people abuse/use it for absolute crap most of the time. There should be a feature where you can choose to block them if you want.

Why didn't kevin just backup / restore his BBM contacts to his new phone? That way your contacts don't have to worry about readding you ect. Or was he doing this so he could prune old inactive contacts?

Pruning old inactive contacts. I always backup/restore. Which was kind of the problem... it accumulated a lot of people over time, so needed a prune.

they can be truly annoying, especially those ones telling you to pass on a message so that your emoticons will be automatically added to bbm...stupidity at its finest...

BlackBerry CANNOT afford to remove functionality, they just need to be adding some-give the user the power to choose to receive them, filter them, or block them. If they remove functionality from their OS they're going to find that their users are going to be very upset. BlackBerry users like their BlackBerry phones for a reason and have stuck with them or a reason (not because "its the newest coolest thing"), don't mess with that. That and it will give 'antiBerry' folks fuel to further discredit BlackBerry.

Loss of functionality is the last thing we need now.

Hm I never had any serious problems with broadcast messages, couole of times that people switched their phones. A few spammers. But if they are really spammers, why not delete them just permanently? I say, keep the feature and maybe give a optional blocking feature.

I luv the broadcast message feature so keep it but give more control like being able to block Broadcast messages from certain contacts or shut them off totally, etc

I think there should more functionality in how BBM broadcasts are handled. It could mean the user can select his/her friends to receive broadcasts from with a checklist, or have a do-not-disturb feature which will hold all broadcasts till it's switched off. I have a few friends who are in real estate and broadcast any new/old property for rent/sale. I once had a friend broadcast a message cuz his bike had a flat tire.

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A "mute" function is needed, not only for broadcasts, but also for individual people. Some of my business contacts are very "chatty" after work ours - and my BBM barks like a frog all the time,.. and most of these "barks" are not even meant for me - but from multi.person chats or broadcasts..

I need a way to "mute" those chatters after-hours

no no - balance/BES is not solution - not used here...

my vote goes to a timed mute function on user-level and group-level. "Mute OFF" at 7am, and ON at 5pm ...

I accidentally voted yes because I misread the question. Although I've never ever used it because I've never had anything to say that applied to EVERYbody on my list, since my friends are all different groups (church vs school vs work etc)

Ofcourse you know your broadcasts do not go to EVERYone on your list, u get a checklist of all your contacts, you can select the exact people u want to broadcast to, you can even send a broadcast to a single contact.

i automatically remove anyone from my bbm list who insists on spam broadcast messages. its the same for those of my friends who send me mass emails or mass txts.

I don't know how you guys use BBM but ive ever added anyone who i don't personally know already, so my BBM contact list only has friends and family, in that context the broadcasts are never annoying or spam.

In case of blocking, as most people have suggested, i think a better option would be to have a menu choice to Block Broadcast Messages from a Select Number of Contacts. this way u can still get the real ones and block out the habitual spammers

Listen! people I am from Saudi Arabia, Blackberry is like A MUST HAVE. A very high percentage of us use blackberry. BBM is what making us use the phone pretty much. If Blackberry removes Broadcast Messages, A lot of of people will swith to another phone. + I get 10+ more broadcasts everyday!

Why don't you just delete the person(s)? Removing or giving the option to block that feature, is stupid. JUST REMOVE THEM FROM YOUR LIST!!!

You know what. Its very very common for indonesian blackberry users to use broadcast to advertise what they are selling. And they broadcasts us hell every single day with that. Can you imagine how annoying is that??

What makes things worse is that the person we are referring to was our real life friends, we just simply not be able to delete them off our contact lists when this broadcasters amount to like 30s+ people in our list!

Told them not to bc to me, but they really are lazy to filter and select who receive and who do not. And this is VERY COMMON.

Second thing, indonesian stupid blackberry users also like to broadcast "test contact". That is really f***in annoying!! And very idiot.

It would be great of rim could put on option to block bc, and inform sender that their bc does not arrive on this specific person. Secondly, ability to filter bc by words.