CrackBerry Asks 'Revisited': Are you using BBM stickers?

BBM stickers
By James Richardson on 6 Aug 2014 12:53 pm EDT

It's not too often that we revisit polls here at CrackBerry but I thought that when it came to BBM Stickers it was worth asking the question once again. Back in April (2014) when we first ran the poll asking if you were using Stickers the results were a mixed bag.

  • 37.55% of voters said yes, they were using them.

  • 35.01% said they weren't.

  • 27.44% said they were still sitting on the fence.

Now that we are a few months down the line and the selection of BBM Stickers has grown I wanted to get the CrackBerry nations opinion once again. I suspect that many more of you are now using them, although I'm sad to say I'm not one of them. Sure, I throw the odd free one into a BBM conversation now and again, but for me the pricing is a little on the high side here in the UK where we are charged £1.50 per pack.

But that's just my opinion and yours may well be very different. So hit up the poll once again if you'd be so kind and let's see if views have changed since Stickers were introduced?

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CrackBerry Asks 'Revisited': Are you using BBM stickers?


I don't get to use them too. It's a pity.
You must be one of the few lucky ones to have friends on BBM.

Q10 \m/

Yes.. I was thinking about the same and also tweeted it to @BBM. I have bought a few sticker packs but some I don't like much anymore and want to delete them.

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I use them incessantly now, :-) I never thought I would use them as much as I have. Really great to express yourself without being too wordy :-)

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If your sticker packs disappear for any reason, just go into BBM Shop / hit over flow button (three dots in bottom right corner) / hit restore.


I agree. I use them a lot. But I only use the original bbm ones.. I always found the emoticons in BBM a little small.. realistically the stickers are a little big.. I'd stick to the emoticons if they were maybe 50% bigger, but since that isn't the case, and too big is better then too small I like the stickers... BUT I don't use any of the third party packs and I have one or two that I wish I could delete.

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Exactly, got a few people to download but no one has stuck with it, I don't think 'stickers' are a great selling point either!

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Yeah I used them all the time. The free ones that is. I'm not paying for stickers, and I use BBM all the time, and have for years. So that speaks something about how the sales are going as I think a lot of people are with me on this one.

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BlackBerry needs to focus on bringing video chat to ALL platforms. Until they do, the user base for BBM will continue to flat-line.

Should have been available from day 1. The android Skype causes my phone to burn up to dangerous levels.

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This! I've been waiting and wanting BBM video for so long now. Would love to connect between my BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android people. (did I leave WP out? I have no friends on that platform anyway.)
I have Skype, to the point that I'm just not using any video chat at all. When (if) BBM video comes, that will change.

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Use stickers? I only know one other person using a BB, and it's a BBOS 5 device. So it's pin messages.

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I was able to get a few friends thanks to showing them my bbm group called daily motivation and the bbm channel ladies of cosplay. I showed them how to use groups in order to stay in contact with family without the scare of Facebook and how to send large files without the need of email which caps at 7mb.. yeah now one has invited his whole immediate family and his girlfriend. I think they stopped using kick lol interesting...

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@jcarlos100 I feel your pain. I only have 3 contacts on BBM out of the 400+ contacts in my phone. That's even after sending an invite for everyone to join.

Not a big user of them despite buying the packages! However, I do like their bigger size so the recipient can actually see what you're trying to convey. Unlike with the text emojis.

I had always hoped that the emoj selection would display larger. But sadly those are called stickers now so not happening.

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Nope. Used one when it first came out and then forgot about it. I think its more for students, not professionals. At least, I wouldnt send one to a client unless of course, we are good friends as well.

Q10 with Telus on

I would, but it's too easy to send a sticker by mistake. Would be much more willing to use them if BlackBerry corrects that behavior.

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Agreed, I use them a fair bit, but I would like to be able to choose one and see it in the actual message, then press send. Sometimes, what I think the sticker is about is not correct, but it's already been sent when I choose it. One more step would be good

From my Neutrino Powered Z10


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Especially the smiling turd...

Never sent one of those by accident, but I guess it would be embarrassing.... :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I once sent a serious ish message and accidentally when into stickers and sent and poop smiley. Great

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Hadn't scrolled that far down to read your post yet, just posted about the same thing further above...


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I use stickers all the time I have bought quite a few packs. They really make your conversation come alive and also makes the convo fun and vibrant

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Agree I use them a lot. And they really make things interesting... especially when you're swiping through them and accidentally hit the wrong one and it sends automatically. They need to fix that shit. XD

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I would use them more if they didn't automatically send when selected. I've mistakenly sent the wrong sticker several times so I've stopped sending and now stopped buying the packs. Does anyone know of a way to stop the automatic sending?

South Park, Nusantars's kid and Duck Dynasty are all over all my chats. Annoying friends, one at a time. I honestly think I over do it with these stickers lol.

Frosty white Q10/

It's interesting, I just took the poll, and the numbers haven't changed... it's still the same percentages as the last time you asked the question. (at least at the time I took the poll)

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I would use them a lot more if they worked in group chats. The novelty would probably be more appreciated that way as well.

The stickers are stupid. They add nothing to a real conversation. But I did download the wrestler set when it was free, and I sometimes spam my brother to annoy him.

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If the themed stickers had more usefully emotional diversity, like the standard emoticons, I would find them much more useful and therefore purchase more.

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I only use the free ones, i dont have a lot of people on my bbm, but the 7 that i do have i use occasionally

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This is me to a tee my friend. I use the free ones and nothing else.

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I like them more than I did last time. They're just for fun, but I have been able to employ them that way to elicit an "lol" a few times (which we all know means probably a slight smile but no laughing). I actually find it annoying when people don't respond at all to them, though.

I would use BBM Stickers more if I can use them in bbm groups. I am rarely in active individual chats.

Totally agree with you. Just don't understand why it is not allowed in BBM Group Chat.

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How do you unistall a sticker pack. One of them I have is stupid as hell and I don't even want it as an option anymore

No, but it's worth keeping around for younger consumers as they start rediscovering the platform.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

wish there was a better break down, it's once in a long while between uses. To me it is interesting and neat? but I wish that all the time focused on creating them was put to better use. NFC payments, or something. Also it doesn't flow with BB means business party line they have been throwing out there recently.

I would like them more if they didn't automatically send as soon as i touched one. I have sent the wrong one several times on accident.

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I think if the stickers made sense to be used in conversation it would get to be used often. Such as "give me a break", "what's up". "We think alike " or "great minds think alike" etc, etc instead of pictures making no sense. Yes I purchased some but use only the original BBM

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the only sticker pack I bought was the Paul Frank one. I feel that the best stickers are those that convey a message rather than just being 'cute', which is where a lot of them fail.

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I would if I could get my contacts on BBM, but since they have to have BBM and they dont,then no I don't use them! Shame you can't put your contacts on a messaging app!!!

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I use my phone to communicate, not to socialize. A few standard emoticons fits the bill for myself and my contacts (personal and professional) on BBM. What would be interesting to me is a new set of "professional" stickers that would improve communication, such as "first to revision" or "need an answer before COB"

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I used them at first just because I thought they were ridiculous. Now I find that there actually are practical moments for them, especially the larger emoticons.

Nothing better than an exceptionally large, raised-eyebrow face when someone asks a silly question!

I gave up on them. Give me a way to delete unwanted/unused stickers and I'll get back into them.

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I use the stickers occasionally, but the emoticons that bbm has, are starting to get a lot better. But I would like to see some adult content stickers. For the next time my wife tells me to clean the house well she is out.

Posted using my Z10

Yeah, I'd go for those too. Great for sending to the missus!

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10

I would, if BBM for Windows Phone had them. They are being added though so that's good to know.

Nope. I have no friends who use BBM as their primary msging. Even my wife seems to love the new Facebook msging app better.

I am packing ZeeTen goodness...

I don't bother - I use the stock emoticons. Although, I just read an article in MacLean's about Gen Z and they use them a lot. In fact, there are apparently messaging platforms in either development or use (can't remember) that only use emojis.

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No, of course, these stickers are for young users. As a business user you can't use these be it, but for youngsters, hipsters, and ofcourse who likes it....

Proudly Z10 owner

I use em and would get more, but at 1 to 2 bucks a pack, I refuse to buy any more. They should be free like facebook stickers.

No because it's to freaking expensive... The Original BlackBerry sticker Smileys should be free since they are BlackBerrys. we need more FREE stickers

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I do use them on a regular basis but mostly stick to the "traditional" ones. I always check to see the new ones when they come out but I'd really like to see funny ones and more classic cartoon characters. The Disney was a nice collection. Bugs Bunny, Superheros would be nice to get at one point.

I think it is still early days in the evolution of the sticker market.

At this moment there still very little heavy hitters stepping up .

Sports can be that key driver in the sticker market.

We absolutely need NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB and MLS to step forward along with a lot of European Football top leagues as well as the Brazilian and Argentinian leagues.

If the NFL can get some team stickers out before the season starts this could be the catalyst that gets the ball rolling.

Remember that the demographic of the North America is changing.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!©

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I hate that stickers are so HUGE while emoticons are so small.

Also would be nice if could send stickers via SMS. Even if just sent as a pic.

Posted via CB10

I do however there should be more options and I think they are just a bit too large.

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I bought 12 packs. They should transfer with BBMID (meaning that if BBM becomes multi-device, they should be available in all of them).

I don't use stickers or emotions very often. When I do they are usually the same ones.

Posted from my new Z30

have used them but with so many iphone contacts leaving bbm due to issues that haven't been addressed and the fact that they cant be used in group chats has made them useless for me

I said this before but I'll say it again: when stickers were first announced I thought they were a GREAT idea. For teenagers. And i now have 7 packs installed.

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Personally I think they are amazing and really nice to use, just makes the conversation that little bit more interesting. But 99% of my contact list do not have sticker because they not willing to pay that high price for them.

Bring the price down, more people will buy :)

Posted via BlackBerry Classic SQC100-2

No, I don't use them, nor will I. I never have been a fan of emoticons, and if I want to convey a visual message it is much more effective to simply BBM Video or Skype chat someone. I've always only seen emoticons used by tweens and teens, and since I am neither I never really been all that drawn to them. Some of my friend's younger children on the other hand would likely love them, if only they could discover the joy of BBM.

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The only reason why im going to buy iphone is emoji, because i cant send them from my q10 but i reali love it

Posted via CB10

I had my girlfriend download BBM for android. I like the stickers because they're big and easy to see at a glance. A larger selection of free ones would be cool ;)

Posted via CB10

I just don't see the point of them, except to clutter and distract from the reason for communicating in the first place.

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I use them. But I would buy even more packs if I could selectively remove them when I am bored, and re-include them later. Without a "remove" functionality, I am unwilling to install stickers and keep scrolling through sticker packs to find the right one.

I don't know how other users think, but BlackBerry would certainly get more of my money if they included a way to remove sticker packs.

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This is a great idea, coz the current situation makes me think twice before buying new stickers.

I already have Frozen, Disney, toy story, popey, work, BBM things we do, nusantara kids & WWE

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I use smily,s on Yahoo messenger that are free so won't be paying one pound fifty in UK for BBM emotions. BMW I have recently come back to Blackberry from android BlackBerry 10 is AWESOME. BlackBerry need to do some serious sales ads to make people realise how much better than Android or its. Sorry for deviation from original question. Keep up the good work Mr Chen

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I use the free ones on occasion but I can't justify $2-3 just for a small # of bigger emoticons

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I have toy story, wrestlers and south park. When I found out how easy it was to spam I lost a few friends on BBM for an hour or so.. then they retaliated later the same day with frozen and coscat. things work out in the end. Stickers with no delays = annoyed friends and family

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I've got friends on Android who refuse to use them because they felt cheated by BBM. They said that BBM make the emoticons only approximately 30% the size of emoticons on WhatsApp to force them to purchase BBM stickers.

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We are still missing some East Asian or Oriental stickers & characters. Those are very popular in Line & Wechat. WhatsApp have some of them as default emoticons.

Posted via CB10

Like the idea and use Southpark and duck dynasty but I want sports teams or sports athletes

Posted via Z10/ CB10

I like them in principle but the inability to delete unwanted packs has turned me against them and I am unlike to use them until such time as the option is there to delete any unwanted packs.

Posted via CB10

I think it's good to have them to keep up with the competition.. nobody should complain about options. Everyone likes options. If u like stickers? Use them if u don't like stickers? Don't use them... oh the power of options. for professionals as ourselves no its not that great BUT this world is filled with more clowns then professionals so I'd say keep Em for the clowns. We don't necessarily have to use them if u don't want. I personally hate stickers BUT u will see me begging for more & more & that's only cause I want the clowns to be happy. If the clowns ain't happy there is a good chance BlackBerry would sink completely. U have to keep a balance & make everyone happy. I welcome more stickers even if I won't actually use them. My goal is for BlackBerry to succeed in the end.

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Hmm, to be honest no, just used it twice and I appreciate you guys updating us with new stickers but for me am aint using them:p

Posted via CB10

I don't like paying for stickers, I don't find them essential for communication. As the publisher wrote, I only throw the occasional sticker from the free pack but that's about it.

Posted via CB10

All my BBM friends had it for a week and stopped using and it's obsolete again sorry BlackBerry just being honest.

Posted via CB10

I barely use them tbh.
I find emoticons easier. Plus, they're all paid and find them less worthy.

Via CB10 on Z10STL100-2/

Bbm characters, expressions, things you do , and popeye, have bought those stickers. Other than that I don't like the style of expression on the other stickers.

Posted via CB10

Only duck dynasty. Why isn't Duck Dynasty and BlackBerry advertising the stickers during the show, that's how you get ppl to switch over to bbm.

Posted via CB10

Of course, I didn't pay for them to just sit around :)

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

Everyone I talk to thinks BBM and blackberry is a joke. They like my z10 but don't really care about it. I convinced a few people to download BBM but that was short lived. Now I have a couple BBM contacts that deleted the app and profile. I love my phone but...

"Our emotions are in the water we drink"

I bought two packs buy they're to expensive to invest any more into them. Drop the price to $0.99 and I might buy more. Plus I will never pay for enlarged native emoticons, that's ridiculous.


I think they are a good idea, need to be a wee bit cheaper. Also lots of free ones to entice BBM users on other platforms, hard enough to get them to download BBM sometimes, so free stuff would help. Another thing maybe premier league sticker pack with your fav team, hockey, American football, sport packs in general, not forgetting extreme sports btw. Adult themed stickers a bonus too :) but more freebies please :)

Weapon of choice Z30 til the passport is here :)

One other thing just to recap what a lot of people have said, a way to delete unwanted packs, a way to choose before sending and oh did I say more freebies :)

Weapon of choice Z30 til the passport is here :)

I know will sound weird but we ceased to use BBM. The messages are not going through enough fast and is not as visually appealing as Whatsapp for example.
Features wise is more complete than other messengers. I think somehow the user experience is not great for BBM or I may say not so attractive.

Posted via CB10

I'm the only person I know w/ a blackberry. I haven't used BBM since my sis & I both had Storms. I like a good bumper sticker, though.

Posted via CB10

They just suck the stickers they should be free or next to nothing, we need Metallica ones or beer ones or punisher, lord of the rings zombies, create your own ones would be awesome too.......and the guy that sent the poop message cracked me up

Love my z10

Posted via CB10

+2 more on the ability to delete some packages. I buy them on a whim, seriously I must be the only one who pisses away 2 bucks and doesn't get excited about it.

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. Run while you still can

Like James said £1.50 is a bit pricey for what they are. Maybe I would use them if they were cheaper.

Sent from my beast Z30

I think they should fix voice calls onto cross platforms and bring video calling and ditch these stickers thing

Posted via CB10

Once again, way too big, and it's pointless....not really getting what the end goal was suppose to be...just my 2 cents

Posted via CB10

I will use them if they are free! Or else I see no purpose of buying them. And if I buy a new BlackBerry, the stickers will be gone :(

Posted via CB10

I use the free ones. The paid ones aren't even cute. They're like actual pictures more than emojis

Posted via CB10

I'll use them when a new sticker pack comes out but not on a regular basis. I've purchased all packs but I've grown tired of the $1.99 a pack selling price and most likely won't be buying for a while be cause of the fact I hardly use them.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

I personally don't

The problem is just the sticker pack simply has too few stickers that can't convey my feelings in my favorite characters. If they have a sticker pack of my favorite characters with quite a lot of stickers to convey almost all feelings (of course it can't be everything, but should cover the majority) then i'd buy it and use it

Z10 STL100-1/

I would use them more if they worked in groups chats, I mostly chat in groups so even I would use them more I can't.

Posted via CB10

I use Viber stickers cause they have loads of awesome free stickers with fun emotions. BBM stickers are just some cartoon characters and are not free. I won't mind paying but even the BlackBerry's own stickers are charged? they are just 2X re-sized version of emoticons.

Sorry to say not using BBM for 2 years. Went over to Line to be able to connect with family members who switched to iPhones while I was still on my Torch. Line had a decent BBOS Client, and they still update it. I use the Android Line app on my Z10 now and like it, even if it's a bit slow. I still use the Torch for notifications.

Pity BBM won't work on BBOS over WiFi or non-BIS mobile data. Line does both, and is decently secure.

I got my family to try the first BBM version on iPhone but the battery drain was too high, so we went back to Line. We don't use stickers on that, either.

Posted via CB10

Other than the free ones, I only use the Pink Panther one. There is something about the layout.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z10.

I voted yes as I do use them, but I only use the free ones.
I can't justify paying for them, especially when there's so many bills etc...
And a full featured app costs the same as a few stickers.

If they were all free, or if we could pay a once off small fee and then get any we want, I would use more

Posted via CB10

BBM far behind in:
-group chats compared to whatsapp; not in competition with whatsapp/hike apps; group chats are so easier to use in these apps
-Sticker packs compared to Hike, line, wechat
-Free sticker packs compared to above apps
-Very few use BBM :(

BBM will not fly again!!!

Posted via CB10

They could be used more if i could convince more people to use bbm. I cant convince people when the cross platform performance still sucks.

- Chat loading of msg history is way to slow i wait almost 2-3 seconds sometimes for conversation to load before i can type a bbm message or send a sticker on numerous different Android devices tested.
- Not enough free stickers. All the standard smiley emoticons stickers should be free at least to entice more use.
- The paid stickers are over priced. Compare this to the stickers on Facebook Messenger when they are all free.
- Missing too may features that other platforms have been doing for years. Group chat features, larger sized files transfers, images, files. We don't want Low Quality images sent in a word of high resolution images.
- Enable free video chat to make yourself stand out from competitors
- BBM still uses too much RAM compared to competing products

I use them, but they are vastly overpriced (20 stickers for $1.99? Third party apps offer many dozens for the same price). More significantly, the stickers often don't appear designed to communicate a specific message (images of cartoon characters not obviously engaged in any special activity). Finally, it is odd how the sticker is sent. As soon as it is selected rather than waiting for the user to hit 'send'. As to BBM as a whole, I use it with friends on an international level; free high quality messaging and calling to Russia or Brazil is a great benefit. I would like to see cross platform video, and a desktop version. This would be a Skype / WhatsApp killer. Wish crackberry would do a story on the technical and other challenges to accomplishing these ends.

Posted via CB10

I think the stickers would be more fun and justifiable for purchase if they had some animation to them. That really doesn't fit with the term Sticker, but maybe a holographic sticker, LOL

I buy them just to support BlackBerry but I don't use them a lot. Would use them more often if words will be added next to the icons.

I purchased the south park one but when I did am OS upgrade lost it. I tried to reinstall but was told I had to repurchase. So no I don't use them.

Posted via CB10

In my opinion I there are two main things holding BBM stickers back. 1-the price I think for the number of stickers you get for 1.99 is high . 12 Stickers the publisher gives aren't various enough for emotions. 2- the genre of stickers. Most of the packs available don't fit the market of people using BlackBerry 10 users. BlackBerry needs to capitalize on the fanboy population with comic book and video games related sticker packs. No more packs that looks like someone drew them with crayons.

Posted via CB10

I think the real question here is "How Many People are actually using BBM?"

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

Sounds like a lot of people don't even use bbm (myself included). Curious to know which platform is most used by bb-users, whatsapp or bbm, and which platform by iphone/android-users.

Posted via CB10

The issue for me is that while I would use them (and I do for a couple of people running 10.2), most of the other people that I know either use an older BB OS and have never updated (those that would be lucky if can even pull up BBM without help) or are on another one of those OS's with fruit or green cartoon characters in the name or logo and don't have active notifications (I have to text them to let them know I've sent a BBM - sad really).

Not using bbm. Only two contacts of my 6000 use the bbm. Have kept this service running because one is my bro and the other is my wife. We have in the family decided to continue to use bbm, just to know that messages are important and from family so we can respond immediately.


I'm using the free pack. Won't purchase any stickers

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I use the free ones I haven't bought any as I heard they will not transfer to your new phone. Maybe once I find out if Passport is coming to Verizon or even the US for that matter, i'll buy some.

Posted via CB10

I stay mostly in BBM Groups and they don't work there. I have bought a couple of packs, but not going to get anymore until they can be used in BBM and BBM Groups.

Nope, simply because its not free, while in wechat, viber etc.. there are lots of free stickers..

Z10 STL100-2 | Official OS ver.

The poll has too little options.
For my case, been using the free ones.

Posted via CB10 from Q10

pls add on more sticker on bbm... could u compare with watsapps, wechat. they've a plenty of icon

Posted via CB10

I use the free stickers and never bought the paid ones. It's sad that only one set is free and the rest are paid. They should make more free ones.

Posted via CB10

I still wish there was a way to create your own, either just to use between friends, or to be able to sell in BlackBerry world. I have posted this in several places but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.